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What Avengers: Endgame could be (Spoilers)

This is a thread on what direction I think Avengers: Endgame will go.

Some time in the future, perhaps 5 years, Captain Marvel will use some of her ability to actually use time travel or some force to bring the heroes back. They will be back and gather up. They lure Thanos back to Earth and get the time stone. Using the stone, at the cost of its existence, to revert time back and restore everything. This will result into one final showdown in which Thanos is defeated. This causes a showdown at a huge cost: many of the original avengers team will have sacrificed their life for the greater good in which the Pre-Snap timeline resumes. Everything between the vents of Infinity War and Endgame are discarded. A huge galactic funeral is held for the fallen heroes.

The fallen heroes would be Iron Man and Captain America. Those two I am certain about. Other fallen heroes would include War Machine, and maybe Black Widow.

Anyways, that is my thoughts. What do you think would happen?

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Runaways Season 2

So, can we assume by Nico eyes (similar to kaecilius eyes in Doctor Strange) that she is now conected to the Dark Dimension?
Also when she made the Strike Team disapear in the mansion, did she cast them there?
Share your thoughts!!

P.s. alex refering Wakanda, it was awesome
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Peter Parker

Thanks to the brand Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser trailer we now know he was born on the 10th of August, and from the evidence we already had he was born on the 10th of August 2001. Here is a list of his age throughout the MCU;

Iron Man: 7/8 (Feb-Nov 2009)

Iron Man 2: 8 (May-June 2010)

The Incredible Hulk: 8 (May-July 2010)

Thor: 8 (May-June 2010)

Captain America: The First Avenger: 10 (Oct 2011)

The Avengers: 10 (May 2012)

Iron Man 3: 11 (Dec 2012)

Thor: The Dark World: 12 (Nov 2013)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 12 (Jan 2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy: 12 (July 2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: 13 (Oct 2014)

Avengers: Age of Ultron: 13 (April-May 2015)

Ant-Man: 13/14 (July-Dec 2015)*

Doctor Strange: 14/15 (Feb 2016-Jan 2017)

Captain America: Civil War: 14 (May-June 2016)

Black Panther: 14 (June-July 2016)

Spider-Man: Homecoming: 15 (Sep 2016)

Thor: Ragnarok: 16 (Nov 2017)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: 16 (March 2018)

Avengers: Infinity War: 16 (March 2018)

Avengers: Endgame: 16 (Early 2018)

Spider-Man: Far From Home: 16 (Early Summer 2018)

*This would mean that he was 14, not 15, when he was bit by the spider on the 1st of December 2015, became Spider-Man on the 10th of December, and his reference by the woman talking to Sam on the 14th of December rather than 15 when he was bit by the spider and became Spider-Man in the comics.

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will iron man die

  • yes
  • no
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Thor movies

Does anyone thing that asgard will be rebuilt again like it does after ragnaroks completed and cycle starts again i hope it does as some point in time because then all of the surviving asgardians could go back home and live in peace
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Iron Man Dead

So when I was watching the Spider-Man far from home trailer I was realising that tony was not in the trailer at all. He is kind of the mentor of peter. On top of that happy is in the trailer, an sidekick of tony.

I know that there are already many speculations about this, but could this be mean or even be proof that Iron Man/ Tony dies in Avengers Endgame?
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My post 'revelation of Mysterio's illusions on ffh' was taken down.

What did i do this time? I only wanted to know what does everyone think about this.
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Is Spiderman: Far From Home set before or after Infinity War and Endgame?

I know, I'm the last person anyone wants to hear from either due to my unusual preferences or my concerns for the future of MCU, and this will probably get deleted on principle just like my last post, but I have nowhere else to go for confirmation on this so I have to at least try it.

Where they previously said Spiderman: Far From Home is set AFTER Infinity War and Endgame, I heard that the trailer implies it will be set BEFORE them.

Meaning, we can't trust anything they say about Guardians 3, and it also means there's no guarantee that the Snap deaths will be revived. And further making my theory about time travel possible, which I've heard several rumors of even though there's no proof they're true yet. I won't go into that, I'm sure people are tired of hearing that.

Is it true? Is Spiderman: Far From Home going to be set before Infinity War and Endgame instead of after?

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Who do you think the Elementals are?

Hydro Man- Water
Molten Man- Fire
Sandman- Earth
?- Air

On here it says
Hydron, Hellfire and Mangum

What are everyone's thoughts?
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Tony Stark and his childhood

Guys,As you know,peggy was very good friend of Howard stark.after the death of Howard,peggu never visit his son,Tony.Do you think, directors forgot to put that moment??
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Spiderman: Far From Home Trailer

Trailer is DOPE!!! Drop your trailer ratings guys....out of 10!!
Spider-Man: Far From Home | Teaser Trailer
Spider-Man: Far From Home | Teaser Trailer YouTube
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Disney+ Series Rumors

Most of us are interested in all the Marvel shows arriving on Disney+ for the next couple of years, and they will mostly be about the second-tier characters who won't have a large role to play in Phase Four and beyond, so this would be a better alternative at storytelling.

Unfortunately that also leaves everything up to rumors, and this new MCUCosmic blog, derived from a "source" on 4chan, has premises for all the rumored shows (save for Rockey & Groot and Nick Fury)

First off; none of this is reliable, and should be taken with a grain of salt, while most of these shows are rumors or in early stages of development and will change over time.

*The Vision and Scarlet Witch will focus on them trying to settle down, but when Wanda tries to give Vision a soul, everything seems to go haywire. I personally don't like this as the basis for a show since it makes both characters feel redundent and I feel like Scarlet Witch has been made to mess up enough in the MCU. This gives word that Agatha Harkness might be the villain for the series, but I would rather prefer the Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), although making him separate from Simon Williams' connection to Vision from the comics, unless he's involved in the "creation a soul" part.

*Loki will focus on the young mischief maker during his upbringing on Asgard alongside a younger Odin and younger Thor. Tom Hiddelston will narrate the series instead of portraying the title character, though if this is true, then I would much prefer Loki's narration being physically seen and interacting with objects but not being part of the main story. The villains rumored for this show would be Karnilla and Ulik, so I guess a storyline involving the Norn Stones and the Nine Realms is what they're going for, but we all know what happened the last time Loki intervened in someone's quest to collect a set of stones - Snap!

*Hawkeye; this series has no confirmation from any noteworthy source as it was first rumored by Jeremy Conrad (MCUCosmic) himself, and the premise only follows suite in his own rumors of Kate Bishop playing a role, whom Conrad insisted was being played by Katherine Langford in Endgame, but that is also heavily unreliable. Trickshot is said to be the villain, but that seems to one-dimensional for the show and I would much rather prefer Taskmaster as a worthy antagonist who would really be able to challenge Clint, especially if he keeps his Ronin monikor after Endgame.

*Falcon/Winter Soldier; this one is referred to as Bucky & Falcon, so unreliable title to start off with, and will focus on Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson teaming up with Sharon Carter and Nick Fury to take down a secret crime organization. Rumors fluttered earlier about the Serpent Society title tease for The Winter Soldier coming back as the new villains, but I had preferred this to be the case before that rumor went all over, and giving Fury and Carter more storylines after Endgame (especially how Sharon is being left out) would be the right move putting them in with Bucky and Sam.

*Lady Sif was rumored to be in development earlier last week by DiscussionFilm and will focus during her time banished from Asgard where she will team up with Beta Ray Bill (who will preferrably of left Sakaar by now) in their efforts to defeat Amora the Enchantress, the sister of Loreli who Sif fought back on Earth during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. A nice direction for the show would be to bring back Loreli and the premise also teases that Amora will have other villains by her side, but Skurge probably isn't one of them.

Now, none of these shows are confirmed and all of these storylines are simply rumors and speculation, but I thought it was noteworthy of getting them out there and my opinions as well. Overall, I think a majority of these sound interesting and I will be looking forward to whatever Disney+ offers for my favorite heroes. I'd like to know what any of you think about these rumors and you're opinions and speculation on the potential of these shows.

A Whole Bunch of Disney+ Series Rumors - MCU Cosmic
A Whole Bunch of Disney+ Series Rumors - MCU Cosmic MCU Cosmic
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Iron Man mark 48/49

So I know that the nano armor is the mark 50 and the hulkbuster 2.0 is either the mark 48/49, but still leaves one unaccounted for. What are your thoughts?
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Next Major MCU Villain

Theories for the MCU’s next BIG bad after Thanos? Who do you think they’ll build up to within the next few phases?
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S1 of Jessica Jones has a Spiderman popsicle in the background

Can this be explained away or is it just an error? And can it go on the WIKI page as a reference?

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What's your favourite title sequence?

One of my favourite things about the Marvel Netflix television shows are the opening title sequences. Their always visually intriguing, but the music as well, for the most part, is awesome!

So I wanna ask, what is your favourite opening title sequence?

I would say Daredevil. I think it's possibly the most unique of all six of them. The theme is also one of my favourite television themes ever. I get it stuck in my head all the time, and I'd love to learn it myself on the piano.

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Avengers HQ

Which of the two Avengers HQ’s is your personal favourite?

Which Avengers HQ is your favourite?
  • Avengers Tower (The Avengers - Spider-Man: Homecoming)
  • New Avengers Facility (Avengers: Age of Ultron - Avengers: Endgame)
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Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson reprised his role as Nick Fury in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fury pilots the Helicarrier rebuilt by Coulson, and rescues the people from a floating Sokovia. At the end of the movie, we see Fury and a group of agents moving into the new Avengers Facility. From what it looks like, Fury commands a small number of ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the facility. However, by the end of Civil War and Homecoming, Fury and the seeming number of agents are gone. We know that Fury went back on the run with Hill, which brings up another question. Hill was working for the Avengers, so did Fury. So, why did they seeming leave? It’s probably a simple answer that I overlooked, but where did the agents go?
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