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The Chitauri

Are the Chitauri the soldiers of Loki or the Other?

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MCU Movie Villains

Rate the MCU Movie Villains in order 1 being the best and 19 being the worst

Iron Monger
Red Skull
Aldrich Killian
Alexander Pierce
Ronan The Accuser
Helmut Zemo
Ego The Living Planet
Erik Killmonger
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The Name of HYDRA

It always bothered me that the Nazis would just create a department known as “HYDRA” because typically, of any department in any government, the name describes its function.

Recently, I had a random thought pop in my head. What if the last three letters stood for “Deutsches Reich Abteilung”? Literally translated from German: “German Empire Department”.

That leaves the first two letters “HY”... Anyone who knows German have any thoughts? Keep in mind the name should describe the organization’s role to some extent.

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Story Line Suggestion for Avengers 4

My storyline suggestion to Marvel's "Avengers 4" &, possibly, their comics:

Run a company-wide story line in which the One-Above-All, who is the Creator/God of the Marvel Universe, enters every single comic line to end/pause that world/realm/universe (temporarily, of course). This would all take place before Avengers 4 is released. Then, have OAA show up at the end of A4 to end/restore that specific film franchise. (This would take place after the Avengers destroy Thanos, so they get the credit for completing that momentous task.) The reveal would be Stan Lee's final cameo (digitally, of course), in which he turns out to be the OAA. This would explain all of his cameos, even the non-MCU movies, & it would be the greatest homage for him (this is what Marvel did for Kirby). This concept would also allow Marvel to revamp any storyline they wanted to, start afresh, or even continue on just as it was before OAA hit pause.

What do you think?

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Do you think...

Do you think that Netdlix Shows will get a reboot so they can appear in the movies? That is actually one of my minor fears for this Cinematic Universe and every comment I read is more negative about the possibility of having Charlie Cox and the others in the Marvel Movies even more when those shows have been said to be in the same universe.

I am not thinking about that every day but when I do I get kind of sad and worried.

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Daredevil Season Three

When does season three take place?

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New Iron Man armor

There won't be a new armor of Iron Man because he's stuck in space and doesn't have time to create it, what do you think?

just my thought
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Will Thanos Survive after End Game?

Do you think Margel will kill off the Mad Titan or save him for future installments in the franchise?
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Congratulations to the SAG Award nominees!

Black Panther: Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

Avengers: Infinity War: Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

Marvel's Daredevil: Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series

Not gonna lie, that last one hurt a little.

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Avengers: Endgame -> Will Adam Warlock appear? How about Silver Surfer

A couple of thoughts here. Im hoping that Marvel has decided to run the movies based off of the Infinity Gauntlet comic series.

If so, I think the appearances of Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, and the Celestials are prevalent in this film.

The Avengers we have come to know over the past few films will be resurrected, and Adam Warlock will send them (Avengers) unknowingly to create a diversion against Thanos while Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock unite the Celestials to come and finish Thanos off.

However when both the Avengers and the Celestials fail, it is Nebula who stabs Thanos in the back and steals the Infinity Gauntlet for herself.

Now Thanos has to unite with the Avengers and Warlock to take back the Guantlet and dismantle it.

Next thought.... Will Hela (Goddess of Death) reappear as Thanos' long time love interest???

Thoughts on this??
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Punisher Season 2

Guess it’s coming in January according to the very end of this video

Then it will get canceled a few weeks later...
New to Netflix US | January | Netflix
New to Netflix US | January | Netflix YouTube
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Who are the best partners?

  • Iron Man / War Machine
  • Black Widow / Hawkeye
  • Captain America / Winter Soldier
  • Rocket Raccoon / Groot
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Ronin or Hawkeye

When Avengers Endgame is released do you think Hawkeyes name will be changed to Ronin on this wiki?

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This is really well done

Did the legit trailer tug at your heartstrings? You've seen nothing yet:

Avengers: Endgame - (Logan Style)
Avengers: Endgame - (Logan Style) YouTube
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Ronin or Black Widow Solo Movie?

After watching just that 5 second clip of Clint as Ronin, I really want a solo movie for Ronin suddenly. Clint Barton fighting the Yakuza in Japan just sounds good. I want it more than the Black Widow solo movie now. So lets put it to a vote!

What would you pay money for to see on the big screen?
  • Ronin
  • Black Widow
  • Ronin and the Black Widow (team up movie)
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Agent venom

If they bring venom then,Can they bring agent venom into MCU?
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What if Endgame is the last Avengers film?

I have been starting to think, especially with the title of the fourth Avengers film, that it actually might be the last "Avengers" film. What if the Avengers films aren't just the big event in the MCU that feature every character, what if it was just the story of the original 6 characters?

It's hard to describe, but I feel that Endgame will be the conclusion of the Avengers films (maybe not the Avengers themselves), but just their story. I originally thought that the Avengers films were just going to occur in every phase, but what if they didn't? If Marvel wanted to move forward in other areas of the MCU (such as the cosmic), they wouldn't just keep making Avengers films. But maybe they don't keep making those films because it wasn't juts a film, it was a continuous story about 6 characters that has an end.

Even though they brought in new characters and some original members left, they were all still pretty active throughout the films (with the exception of Hawkeye in Infinity War, but he still got a mention, I guess?).

I mean, the first film was the assembling of the team. The second film we saw them together fully, only to depart from each other at the end. Then in the third one, they were all separated and failed. And now, in the fourth one they need to come together once again to save the world.

It's the perfect story that spread across multiple films, that would make total sense to conclude after this next one. I don't know whether the Avengers team would continue after this, but I believe that they won't to any other Avengers films. And if they ever do a big MCU event again, I think it just might be it's own thing, it won't be AVENGERS: Annihilation or AVENGERS: Kang Dynasty, it would just be those sub-titles by themselves.

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