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"An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? That's dead... forever."
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This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2016.





Kaecilius confronts the Ancient One

  • Kaecilius is tough in his training of students at Kamar-Taj. Karl Mordo tells him that he has done enough training for one day.[1]
  • Kaecilius starts to feel that the Ancient One has failed in her promise to help him find meaning in his wife and son's tragic deaths, or found a way to bring them back to be together again. He becomes angry and frustrated.[1]
  • He confronts the Ancient One, accusing her of failing him. She encourages him to remain steadfast, but he becomes disillusioned with her.[1]


  • Tired of waiting, Kaecilius searches for his own answers in the Kamar-Taj library. All the books lead him back to the name "Cagliostro".[1]



Phil Coulson interrogates Daisy Johnson

  • Coulson interrogates each of the members of his original team on their personal connections with Ward, so as to learn anything he can about Ward's personality, motives, and weaknesses. The team, however, begin to worry that Coulson's fury and drive for vengeance is blinding him and making him reckless.[2]
  • Ward returns to the HYDRA Castle to report back to Gideon Malick about successfully killing Rosalind Price.[2]



Banks in his final moments

  • Coulson appoints Mackenzie as the stand-in director of S.H.I.E.L.D., knowing that the moves he is about to make are not acceptable for a director.[2]
  • Ambush at the Distant Star Facility: On arriving at the facility, Fitz, Simmons, and Banks are suddenly ambushed by Giyera and HYDRA agents. Giyera uses his metal manipulation powers to take Banks' gun and shoot him dead, along with all the other agents protecting them, and take Fitz and Simmons as hostages.[2]
  • While Phil Coulson flies with Morse and Hunter to secretly find Ward's remaining brother as a bargain chip against him, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are flown to Gloucestershire and brought before Ward and Malick.
    Closure Coulson and Hunter

    Coulson and Hunter discuss what to do next

    The two of them together are resilient, but Ward, knowing them well, suggests to split them up.[2][2]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie lets Coulson know that Fitz and Simmons have gone missing, making him realize that it is now vital his plan to take Thomas Ward works.[2]
  • Kidnapping of Thomas Ward:
    • Coulson, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter stage a robbery together to break into the jewelry store where Thomas Ward works and kidnap him.[2]
    • While Ward tortures Fitz, Coulson calls him from Price's phone, only to show him that he is holding his brother hostage, before hanging up prematurely to anger Ward.[2]
    • Thomas Ward

      Thomas Ward

      Thomas explains, to the trio's surprise, that he hates his older brother and believes he is a bad man. When Grant calls back, Thomas tells him that he has tried to stay away from him all these years. As Grant is distracted by the conversation with his brother, Coulson starts to trace the call. When they track the source to the HYDRA Castle, Coulson takes back the cellphone from Thomas and tells Grant Ward that he is going to kill him. They drop Thomas back home and set off to fly to England.[2]


  • Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie decide together to help Coulson take on HYDRA with the help of Daisy Johnson's team of Inhumans with Joey Gutierrez and Lincoln Campbell.[2]
  • Gideon Malick convinces Ward to lead the soldiers on the planet, as Leo Fitz agrees to help HYDRA, to prevent them from killing Jemma Simmons.

    HYDRA prepares to enter the Monolith

    Malick then uses his collected fragments of the Monolith to reopen the portal. Ward, Fitz, and several HYDRA agents proceed to go through. As Coulson flies in above, he realizes that he has run out of time, so he dives from the Quinjet into the castle, falling through the portal from above just before it closes. He crashes onto the ground of Maveth and is knocked out on impact.[2]
  • A physical rehabilitation instructor from Metro-General Hospital, who had worked with Jonathan Pangborn a couple of years prior, encounters Pangborn walking on the streets. The instructor is shocked impressed to see him walk, due to his previous seemingly incurable paralysis.[4]
Maveth HYDRA statue 2

HYDRA statue on Maveth

  • Leo Fitz attempts to steal Grant Ward's gun, but Ward stops him. The other HYDRA soldiers then discover a giant statue resembling the HYDRA logo.[5]
  • Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse reunite with the Zephyr One and inform Mackenzie of Coulson's actions. Johnson discovers that HYDRA are unloading captive Inhumans at the HYDRA Castle. They split into two teams: one to save Fitz or Simmons and the other to secure the portal.[5]
  • Fitz discovers the hatch entrance to Will Daniels' hideaway, and drops down into the cavern despite Ward's protests, finding Daniels asleep there.[5]
  • Coulson wakes from a dream of Rosalind Price. He resolves to keep going and gets up to follow the HYDRA group's trail to hunt down Ward.[5]
  • Grant Ward threatens to kill Daniels, but Fitz convinces him to let him live and come with them so that he can get them to the exit point on time, due to his knowledge of Maveth.[5]
  • Attack on the HYDRA Castle:
    • LincolnCampbell-comforts-Joey

      Campbell comforts Gutierrez before the assault on the HYDRA Castle

      May, Johnson, Campbell, and Gutierrez slip into nearby drainage tunnels and approach the HYDRA Castle. Campbell takes out the lighting while the team slip inside.[5]
    • Meanwhile, Simmons escapes and runs around the compound. She discovers the Inhuman storage units and finds Andrew Garner's pod. He convinces her to set him free so he can help her to escape HYDRA, and transforms into Lash, saving her and escaping.[5][6]
    • In order to escape from HYDRA together, Daniels reveals to Fitz that he has led the group to the No Fly Zone, as a sandstorm brews.[5]
    • Morse, Mackenzie, and Hunter secure and enter the portal chamber.[5]
    • Maveth Suspension Gel 1

      May discovers Lash's victims

      Elsewhere, Daisy Johnson is ambushed by Giyera with gunfire, but Joey Gutierrez melts the bullets, saving her. Melinda May finds Jemma Simmons in time to save her from a HYDRA soldier, and Simmons tells her of Garner's whereabouts. Once May makes sure Simmons is safe, she goes to find Garner.[5]
    • As Leo Fitz and Will Daniels successfully kill and escape the HYDRA Soldiers, Grant Ward is distracted and shot by the approaching Phil Coulson. At gunpoint, Coulson orders him to lead the way to Fitz and the exit point.[5]
    • Coulson's Team reunite and break into the portal room. May finds the bodies of HYDRA agents, as well as the captive Inhumans. She returns and informs the team of Lash's massacre, and Simmons feels guilty.[5]
    • Maveth 9

      Mackenzie orders the team to leave during the Attack on the HYDRA Castle

      Mackenzie orders the team to leave, but Johnson remains with him to help. The others prepare on Zephyr One to collect any of their team who make it out, and Mackenzie and Johnson ready themselves for the portal to open.[5]
    • Coulson and Ward eventually spot Daniels and Fitz and hurry to reach them in time. As they walk, Daniels tells him of an ancient civilization on Maveth. Fitz realizes that it is not Will Daniels but It, who has taken over Daniels' dead body.[5]
    • The Zephyr One hovers above the HYDRA castle, ready to bomb the HYDRA Castle as soon as the portal closes. Johnson collapses.[5]
  • Battle on Maveth:
    • Maveth Ward's death

      Coulson kills Ward

      A fight ensues between Fitz and It. When Coulson notices, he shoots It to help Fitz escape, but Ward takes the opportunity to attack Coulson. Fitz shoots It repeatedly again and brings him down before he can reach the portal. Coulson manages to beat Ward down due to his bound hands. Fitz grabs a flare gun and shoots It, burning Daniels' body. Despite Fitz's advice to leave, Coulson uses his bionic hand to crush Ward's chest, killing him and finally enacting his revenge. Coulson drops the hand, leaving it behind to signify leaving his actions on the planet.[5][7][3]
    • Coulson and Fitz make it through the portal and onto a Containment Module with Mackenzie and Johnson,

      The HYDRA Castle is destroyed

      and Mackenzie orders May to bomb the castle. They fly up to the Zephyr as the castle is destroyed around them. The team is reunited and Simmons finds out that Daniels is dead.[5][3]
  • Driving to the airport, Gideon Malick's car is stopped in the road by the reanimated corpse of Grant Ward holding Coulson's hand. He realizes that It has returned, inhabiting Ward's body.[5]



  • While training with Daniel Drumm, Kaecilius questions whether he is bothered by how closed off the Ancient One is in sharing her knowledge.[1]

Daniel Drumm training alongside Kaecilius

  • As Kaecilius sleeps, he dreams of his wife and son. The dream turns into a horrible nightmare of their disfigured skeletons, driving him to further action against the Ancient One.[1]
  • On waking, Kaecilius visits the Kamar-Taj library and looks in the Book of Cagliostro from the Ancient One’s private collection. He comes to realize that he needs others to help him perform the rituals found inside.[1]
  • Claiming that the Ancient One hides knowledge from them, Kaecilius gathers his students to form the Zealots and rebel against the other masters, aiming to find their own meaning.[1]




Bouncing Back 14

Ellis meets Director Coulson

Giyera Hive

It in a weak state


Rodriguez explains to the team that she was trying to do the right thing

  • It eats meat to gain strength. He tells a doubting Giyera that he will prove his legitimacy soon.[8]
  • Rodriguez explains to the group that the police are corrupt, and she was taking action to make things better. They believe her, and Johnson calls Hunter and Morse to tell them Francisco is not a criminal and to beware the police.[8]
  • Hunter and Morse confront Francisco Rodriguez, when a team of the National Police of Colombia arrive. They bring out an Inhuman called Lucio who uses paralysis powers from his eyes to capture Morse and Hunter, and they kill Rodriguez.[8]
  • When the team tell Elena about her cousin's murder, she agrees to help the team to rescue their friends and get revenge for her cousin's death.[8]
BB Attack on the Police Station

Johnson uses her powers

  • Rescue in the Colombian Police Station: Rodriguez helps the team successfully enter the Police Station and fight the corrupt Colombian police. The team defeat the police force and rescue their friends as Johnson and Gutierrez use their powers to capture Lucio. However, when they start to leave the station, a HYDRA QuadCopter arrives from overhead and uses an Extraction Claw to capture him and take him away.[8][10]
  • Meanwhile, Coulson uses his information from von Strucker and goes to Malick's warehouse. He uses the phone von Strucker used there to call Malick, but when he picks up, Coulson only delivers a warning to him that he is tracking all of his phones, and it will cost him millions to shut down all the offices it has tracked to.[8]


It Ward

It infects Giyera

  • Coulson watches the news about how Malick has shut down several offices in the night. The team say goodbye to Rodriguez, who decides to stay in Colombia, but they give her a device to keep in contact.[8]
  • Giyera informs Malick that Lucio is currently being treated by the doctors. It decides he is ready to show Giyera his power, and uses his powers to infect him.[8]


  • Matthew Ellis calls Coulson and tells him that he has made Glenn Talbot the new leader of the ATCU.[8]
  • When he finds out Talbot is the new head of the organization, Malick sends agents to kidnap his son George Talbot
    Talbot Ellis

    Glenn Talbot is named head of the ATCU

    and put him in Suspension Gel, so as to blackmail Talbot to give Malick influence over the ATCU and betray Coulson.[11][10]
  • Malick makes a deal with Felix Blake, the head of the alien hate group the Watchdogs. The organization has until now been only posting hate online, but HYDRA offers them the resources to become active in attacking the Inhumans and the agencies protecting them, claiming to have common interest. The Watchdogs become more militarized and radicalized, and begin planning attacks with Malick fueling their actions.[12][10]



Lucio is brought before It by Giyera

  • Having now recovered, Lucio is brought before It as Malick assures him he has been making moves this week to help their cause. It proceeds to infect Lucio the same way he infected Giyera.[11][10]
  • Coulson meets with Glenn Talbot to discuss their new working partnership. His wife Carla is disapproving after the kidnap of her son. Lincoln Campbell watches on as he continues to learn to be an agent, and he notices a sinister man trailing Talbot.[11]
  • As the man closes in, Melinda May recognizes him as Carl Creel, and she and Campbell close in to protect Talbot and Coulson.[11]
  • Just as Coulson wishes Talbot goodnight, Creel arrives and a fight ensues.

    Campbell ambushes Creel

    Campbell and May bring him down, only to be surprised when Talbot says that Creel was not attacking, but protecting him.[11]
  • Talbot explains that they broke Creel's conditioning and have trained him to be a good and loyal bodyguard. Jemma Simmons asks Creel in his Containment Module about how he managed to survive the effects of the Diviner. They wonder whether his DNA could hold the answer to a cure for Terrigenesis.[11]


  • Coulson's Team, with Talbot and Creel, set off in the morning to fly to Taipei, Taiwan for a symposium of various world ambassadors. They believe that Malick has an inside man or woman working for him at the meeting,
    The Inside Man 23

    Talbot and Coulson arrive at the Symposiun

    and plan how to infiltrate the officials' rooms to find out who.[11]
  • Talbot and Coulson arrive at the symposium. They begin to talk to attendees Anton Petrov, Xiao Chen. and Ellen King in an attempt to work out who is secretly working for Malick.[11]
  • At the Playground, Daisy Johnson gives Lincoln Campbell fight training for his upcoming test. The two end up intimate, but are interrupted by Simmons, asking for Campbell's help looking at Creel's blood.[11]
  • Symposium on Alien Contagion:
    • Coulson, pretending to be "Dr. Sean Lundwall", teaches the officials about the Inhumans, and the attendees all debate and discuss the contagion, trying to come to an agreement on how to act,

      Symposium on Alien Contagion

      while Coulson's agents investigate their rooms. Petrov suggests a home for Inhumans in Russia.[11]
    • While investigating, Hunter spots Creel leaving his post and goes to stop him. He finds a truck, containing the Suspension Gel chamber of George Talbot. As he attempts to warn his team that something is wrong, Creel surprises him and knocks him out. At the symposium, Talbot suddenly, to Coulson's shock and horror, betrays him by announcing that Coulson is a traitor in their midst. Gideon Malick enters, declaring him "Phil Coulson, the head of HYDRA," and has him taken away.[11]
  • Campbell watches Simmons demonstrate that Creel's blood reverses the effects of Terrigenesis. Johnson arrives and the two end up arguing over the need for the "cure";
    TIM Bobbi's Batons

    Morse fights the HYDRA agents

    whether Terrigenesis is an Inhuman birth right or an earned privilege.[11]
  • Hunter wakes and distracts his assailants as Morse and May attack them from behind. The three then proceed to try to help Coulson and defeat the HYDRA agents.[11]
  • When Malick turns his back on his deal with Talbot, Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot are lined up to be shot by HYDRA soldiers. However, before they can fire, the duo are rescued by Carl Creel. They go to reunite with May, Hunter, and Morse. Together, they defeat the HYDRA agents, but Malick gets away to drive to the airport. Coulson sends Hunter and Morse to follow him.[11]

Johnson and Campbell talk in private

  • Daisy Johnson visits Lincoln Campbell in his room to apologize. The two make up and sleep together for the first time.[11]
  • Hunter lets Coulson know that he and Morse are hiding in the hold of Malick's private plane, as Malick is flying with Anton Petrov to Russia. Petrov expresses his gratefulness for Malick's offer to help Russia deal with Inhumans.[11]
  • Disagreeing with the plan for an Inhuman reservation, the Russian prime minister Dimitri Olshenko sends his attaché Yuri Krupin to shut down the operation. However, Krupin is killed by an Inhuman working for Petrov, Androvich, the Minister of Defense and a former KGB assassin.[13]



Malick talks to Petrov

  • Malick's plane lands in Moscow and he starts moving trucks to a Russian facility in Siberia. Morse and Hunter exit the hold and hide, watching the trucks and reporting back to Coulson's Team, flying over on the Zephyr One. They follow the trucks and soon they get to the Russian Facility.[13]
  • Hunter and Morse spy on the Russian Facility from the nearby woods. They notice a tied up Inhuman being taken into the compound. They are caught by four soldiers, who they resort to taking out in combat.[13][14]
  • Hunter and Morse rendezvous with the rest of the team on the Zephyr, having now landed nearby, and discuss plans to infiltrate the Russian Facility.[13]

The team analyzes the situation

  • Melinda May and Lance Hunter hide from a patrol as they move in on the base. They discover the dead body of Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko's attaché Yuri Krupin.[13]
  • Bobbi Morse, Daisy Johnson, and Alphonso Mackenzie break into the security room of the facility. Morse takes the clothes of the guard she knocked out to use as an undercover disguise, and leaves to find Gideon Malick and Anton Petrov.[13]
  • Morse infiltrates a meeting, while Coulson's Team listen in from Morse's comms. They hear as Malick tells Petrov and FSO agents about Olshenko's disapproval of an Inhuman reservation, and Petrov informs them of Androvich having killed Olshenko's attaché. Malick tells the group that they need allegiance with the Inhumans, but that the prime minister cannot lead them.
    Parting Shot 1

    Morse follows Malick's group

    He suggests releasing Androvich to eliminate those against the idea; Coulson realizes he is staging a coup.[13]
  • Morse follows Malick's group, but loses them when she is forced to stop and take down an agent who notices she is missing her tie. Johnson attempts to hack the door to Androvich's cell so Morse can enter, as Androvich is already being cut loose.[13]
  • Simmons reports on the cause of Krupin's death, saying that it seems he was strangled, but there is no external evidence of physical harm, suggesting Androvich's power is psychic. Hunter is confused when he sees Malick leaving. Androvich escapes before Morse can stop him.[13]
  • Coulson notices helicopters arriving, and realizes the prime minister and his detail are traveling to the compound,
    PS Darkforce

    Androvich using the Darkforce

    and that Malick is planning for Androvich, now on the loose, to kill him. He instructs his team to ignore Malick and protect the prime minister.[13]
  • Attack on the Russian Facility:
    • Prime Minister Olshenko arrives and finds out about Yuri Krupin's death. He declares the soldiers to be traitors and a fight ensues, where Hunter manages to guide Olshenko to safety and Morse takes the general the other way, with Johnson and Mackenzie following behind.[13]
    • Androvich uses his abilities of Darkforce manifestation to manipulate his shadow's density and turn on the trio to attack. They cannot retaliate, as he is intangible.[13]
    • Parting Shot 19

      Morse and Mackenzie during the Attack on the Russian Facility

      Meanwhile, Anton Petrov is killed by Lance Hunter when he attempts to kill Olshenko. Simmons realizes the team have to kill Androvich himself to prevent any more manifestations. The general's shadow takes out Agent Johnson, then goes after the prime minister, but Morse runs ahead and shoots Androvich first, amidst his guards. She and Hunter are taken in by the general's guard for the murder, and the deaths of Petrov and Krupin.[13]
  • Phil Coulson contacts President Ellis to get involved and save the lives of Morse and Hunter.[13]



Duval interrogates Morse and Hunter

  • Morse and Hunter are put through polygraph lie detector tests, but avoid answering the questions. However, when Morse denies that she was the one to kill Petrov, the interrogator, Duval, plays this is as a confession that it was Hunter, and Hunter is dragged away from his interrogation. Bobbi Morse is informed by Duval that if she wishes to save Hunter from being executed by the firing squad, she must reveal she is from S.H.I.E.L.D.[13][15]
  • Dr. Holden Radcliffe is forced to leave the GT Agrochemical Facility due to his transhumanist experiments, which are considered unethical.[16][17]
  • Hunter is taken from the firing squad when President Matthew Ellis arrives and intervenes. Morse and Hunter reunite and discuss how to act next.[13][15]
  • Ellis tells Olshenko there was a coup attempt on his life, and he should be appreciative. Coulson also arrives, introduced as a high up member of the ATCU. He informs the prime minister that Androvich was trying to kill him.[13][15]
  • Coulson enters the room to speak to Morse and Hunter. He pretends not to know them, then uses his prosthetic hand to subtly turn off the camera signal for 90 seconds,

    Ellis arrives at Interpol

    and tells them the risky extraction plan the team have made. However, the duo refuse, saying that they are willing to take the hit so as to protect S.H.I.E.L.D. Seeing their determined resolve, Coulson sadly agrees that he will let them go.[13][15]
  • Maintaining the pretense of not knowing the duo, Coulson negotiates Morse and Hunter's release from Interpol. However, they know they will always now be tailed by agents, and so can never interact with S.H.I.E.L.D. or their friends ever again.[13][15]
  • Coulson returns to the Zephyr One and explains downheartedly to the team why their friends can never come back. This upsets them, especially Alphonso Mackenzie, who becomes very emotional.[13][15]


PS Bobbi and Hunter goodbye

A "Spy's Goodbye"

  • In a pub in the United States of America, Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse discuss what they can do next. They notice a conspicuous man nearby, who they realize is spying on them. Unbeknownst to them, their friends are also in the pub, ordering shots for them in order to pay their last respects from afar: a "Spy's Goodbye". The team begin to slowly exit the pub, but Mackenzie stays a little longer, tearing up because of having to leave his close friends. Morse and Hunter become very emotional, and hold hands, knowing they at least have each other for support.[13]



Stephanie Malick spends some time with her father

  • Gideon Malick returns home and reunites with his daughter Stephanie Malick. The two of them shoot birds together and discuss It, and how he seems to be biding his time before taking any action. Stephanie says she knows he will change the world.[13]




  • After a few weeks of preparation, Lincoln Campbell has his S.H.I.E.L.D. assessment. While he believes it went alright, the results show that there are issues over his commitment to the cause, and with his reckless and unruly behavior.[12]
ATCU Attack

The Watchdogs raid the ATCU Facility

  • Alphonso Mackenzie begins a week off at home to take a break after losing Hunter and Morse, and spend some time with his brother Ruben. The two plan a relaxing time together.[12]
  • Attack on the ATCU Headquarters: Malick's men raid the ATCU facility in Indiana and steal a nuclear warhead, as a squad of Watchdogs led by Watchdog Alpha then move in to attack the facility and cover up the raid. The group film themselves as they declare that the government is keeping secrets on the aliens, and demanding the information to be released. Alpha fires several rounds of Nitramene onto the building, and the facility is destroyed in a giant implosion.[12]
  • The Mackenzie brothers watch the destruction of the ATCU facility on WZTM News.[12]
ATCU Attack 2

The newscast about the Attack on the ATCU Headquarters, with the ticker reporting a gang war in Hell's Kitchen

  • The ticker of the channel informs "L.A. Dodger Brady Kelly closing in on MLB record for most hits. Current record is held by Pete Rose", "Philadelphia DA to hold press conference to discuss shooting of local law professor", and "Gang war rages in Hell's Kitchen. Authorities searching for solution".[12]
  • Phil Coulson calls and assigns Mackenzie to investigate the destruction of the facility before the police pick it clean. Mackenzie reluctantly tells his brother that he has to go.[12]
  • At the Playground, Daisy Johnson tells Coulson that the Watchdogs' active behavior is unusual. Lincoln Campbell arrives back from his agent assessment reasonably positive, but Coulson hints that the results of the evaluation report were not completely satisfactory.

    Mackenzie and Leo Fitz investigate the crime scene

    He sends Johnson and Leo Fitz to the site of the destroyed facility to join Mackenzie.[12]
  • Fitz discovers Nitramene in the residue from the bombs that the Watchdogs used, and Johnson reports this back to Coulson. He tells her that Felix Blake used to be fixated on improving the Nitramene formula created by Howard Stark in the 1940s, and deduces that the renegade ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is the head of the hate organization.[12][18]
  • Johnson reveals to Fitz and Mackenzie that she has been tracking some of the Watchdogs, and decides to use her powers to stop and threaten one to find out information. Mackenzie disapproves, saying that it is sidestepping civil liberties, and despite how badly the organization acts,

    Coulson and Campbell go to find Blake

    S.H.I.E.L.D. should respond better. However, Johnson goes ahead.[12]
  • Coulson and Campbell begin the mission to find Blake.[12]
  • Returning home, Alphonso Mackenzie has a discussion with Ruben about the fact that he is never around to help him and their family.[12]


  • Jemma Simmons decides to help Melinda May to find Andrew Garner.[12]
  • Daisy Johnson stops Dallas Wyatt, a Watchdog she has been tracking, as he is driving. She gets in his car and shatters his windows to scare him. Fitz reluctantly holds a gun to Wyatt's head at the broken window,
    Dallas wyatt

    Dallas Wyatt is confronted by Johnson

    and from the threat, Johnson manages to get the information that the Watchdogs meet at Easterling Farms.[12]
  • Attack on the Watchdogs:
    • Johnson contacts Mackenzie to inform him of the Watchdogs' location. He reunites with Fitz and Johnson. They incapacitate two guards and send in one of Fitz's new cloaked D.W.A.R.F.s to spy in the farm. The device picks up audio of Blake, and Johnson sends a message to Coulson to let him know.[12]
    • Ruben Mackenzie arrives to show Alphonso that he has fixed his motorcycle, but when he sees his brother fighting, he decides to leave. Alphonso incapacitates three agents and Johnson quakes another, however two more Watchdogs assume that Mackenzie is the one who has powers. Alphonso goes after Ruben as he drives away.[12]
    • Coulson and Campbell enter the basement of Blake's Atlanta safe house as Daisy Johnson moves in on attacking Blake, but as she gets closer, she sees no sign of him there.[12]
    • Watchdogs Episode

      The Watchdogs at the farm

      Simultaneously, Coulson is surprised to find Blake in the basement of the safe house. At the farm, Watchdog Oscar shoots a projectile of Nitramene onto Fitz's neck. Johnson quakes him and runs back to inject sodium hydrogen acetate into the implosive, but instead of neutralizing it like it should, it only slows the implosion, because of Blake's modifications to the formula. She takes him back to a Containment Module with Oscar.[12]
    • Coulson comes to realize that Felix Blake is likely not really there, but simply a holographic projection. As he wants to test Lincoln Campbell on following orders, he orders Campbell to kill Blake, and after initially disagreeing, he fires electricity at Blake, proving he is only a hologram. He congratulates Campbell for following orders.[12]
WD Fitz and Daisy Nitramene

Johnson and Fitz discuss what to do

  • Using liquid nitrogen from the outside of the module, the Nitramene is disarmed, saving Fitz's life.[12]
  • Oscar reveals to Johnson that Blake promised them they could actually kill an Inhuman, but they had assumed it was Mackenzie, not her, and laughs that several of their men are going after Mackenzie now.[12]
  • Ambush on Mackenzie Residence:
    • While the brothers discuss, a group of Watchdogs arrive at the Mackenzie Residence, breaking into the home to kill the Mackenzies. A fight ensues between the Mackenzies and the Watchdogs.[12]
    • Using a homemade shotgun-axe, the brothers successfully defeat their assailants,
      Mack's Shotgun-Axe

      Mackenzie's shotgun-axe

      but Alphonso receives a bullet to the shoulder; he passes out due to the loss of blood.[12]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. arrive to take Mackenzie to a nearby facility for medical treatment. Daisy Johnson tells Ruben Mackenzie that Damage Control will clean up, and assures him that Alphonso will be fine. She tells him they might call one day if they need help with mechanics, and drives him to the facility where his brother is being treated.[12]
  • Analyzing footage from the Attack on the ATCU Headquarters, Johnson realizes that the bombing was a cover-up and distraction from HYDRA as they stole something from the facility. They realize Malick is funding the Watchdogs and feeding them intel.[12]
Blake revealed

Blake talks to Giyera

  • Giyera meets with Felix Blake, who tells him that he kept his part of the deal, and wants weapons in return to hunt down the Inhumans. Giyera assures him that if the plan continues to go well, their common enemies will die, and Blake will have armed soldiers.[12]



  • The Miami Marathon is held, resulting in a record-breaking time.[19]
    WHiH Twitter - 22-04-2016

    The WHiH Newsfront Twitter account announces a new video on April 22, 2016

  • Thaddeus Ross announces his retirement from the army.[19]
  • Top musicians meet in Nashville to discuss music streaming services.[19]
  • Rumors of layoffs at Pym Technologies begin to circulate.[22]
  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video. Everhart questions who should account for the devastation from superhero incidents. She introduces political correspondent Will Adams, who states that discoveries still being found in the Black Widow leak. He defends superheroes, stating that their actions have saved many lives, but Everhart states that here they are not talking about that, but about the collateral damage. The question is posed to the audience of whether there should be oversight on superheroes. They post on Twitter announcing "WHiH Newsfront returns with a special report: The Avengers have saved our world… but at what cost?"[19][20][21]
AVENGERS IMPACT A WHIH Newsfront Special Report02:23

AVENGERS IMPACT A WHIH Newsfront Special Report



Edwin Abbott

Edwin Abbott

May Training-Spacetime

May starts training

  • Coulson's Team deliberate over how to act on Johnson's vision. Leo Fitz explains how time cannot be altered due to the concept of four dimensions. Despite this, Phil Coulson decides they can ensure it does not occur, so long as May goes on the mission and Johnson stays in the base.[23]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter reporting "Captain America exhibit will begin touring the country starting next week."[20][21]
  • Coulson discovers that the homeless man is Charles Hinton, and sends agents to find his family, who he walked out on in July 2015.[23]
  • Malick, It, Giyera, and Hinton arrive at the Transia Corporation Building.[23]
  • Polly Hinton, Charles' wife, is brought to the Playground for questioning.
    Hive Arrives-Spacetime

    Hive and Giyera arrive at the Transia Corporation Building

    She explains to Daisy Johnson the nature of her husband's powers and how he had eventually left them in order to protect his daughter.[23]
  • Malick holds a board meeting with the Transia Corporation where he tells the CEO that he wants to acquire their new exoskeleton, as well as wanting to buy the whole company. However, the CEO, Rowan Hamilton, calls this request ridiculous, so It has Hinton touch the man, to show him what will happen due to his lack of compliance. Scared by the vision of his death, Hamilton agrees. However, It proceeds to massacre the board members anyway, excluding Hamilton.[23]
  • May goes to Johnson to get her help in preparing for the fight Johnson saw in her vision. The team use resources in the base to recreate the scene of the fight, and have other agents
    Daisy and May-Spacetime

    May trains along with Johnson

    play the soldiers who will be in the office. May practices the attack, but is not fast enough to save Hinton if this were the real fight.[23]
  • Using the exoskeleton in order to fully realize his desire to feel power, Malick kills Rowan Hamilton himself.[23][24]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reminding "Watch the latest WHiH Newsfront update on the financial implications of saving the world."[20][21]
  • After more rehearsal, May manages to get fast enough to save Hinton. At that moment, an agent informs them that they have found the building from the vision where Hinton will be located. But as Melinda May prepares to leave, she is informed that Andrew Garner has arrived.[23]

Andrew Garner surrenders

  • Garner tells May that he is about to turn into Lash for the last time, and wanted to speak with her again before turning, as well as have Lash under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s control.[23]
  • May decides to leave on the mission, but Coulson insists that she must speak with Garner. He reluctantly sends Johnson instead.[23]
  • Using the security cameras in the Transia Corporation Building, the team discovers that Grant Ward is seemingly alive. But when Fitz deduces that "that" is not Ward himself, but It, Coulson urgently heads to the building.[23]
  • Meanwhile, Garner and May discuss recent events together. Soon, Garner's final transformation begins, and he gets himself into the Containment Module. He and May put their palms together either side of the glass. Garner finishes his transition, becoming Lash permanently.[23]
  • Battle at the Transia Corporation Building:
    Spacetime Hive

    Hive during the Battle at the Transia Corporation Building

    • Agent Johnson breaks into the security office and takes down the HYDRA soldiers as planned. With the help of Coulson, Johnson manages to move up to the roof to pursue the agents escaping with Hinton, as the S.H.I.E.L.D. team arrive outside.[23]
    • She is ambushed by Gideon Malick with the exoskeleton, brutally attacking her and beating her into the ground, wanting to kill her. However, Hinton touches him, giving him a vision of a death, and shocking him out of the attack.[23]
    • The billboard above Johnson explodes, causing Hinton to fall over, and he realizes he is dying.

      Malick manages to defeat Johnson

      As he he talks with Johnson, she promises him that she will look after his family. He asks her to give his daughter the robin he carved for her, and she agrees. Johnson touches him and is given another glimpse of the future: the death of someone on the team. The horrifying vision ends, and Hinton finally dies from his injuries.[23]
  • Malick escapes the building in his helicopter. He calls Giyera to ask where he is and why he is not protecting him. Under It's sway, he replies that he is where he is supposed to be. He tells It, who is with him, that Malick sounded afraid.[23]


Coulson Explains Hive-Paradise Lost

Coulson and the team analyze the situation

  • He and his team depart in the Zephyr One to investigate the compound, and send Lincoln Campbell and Daisy Johnson to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota to find a potential Inhuman Campbell knew from Afterlife, who was never transformed, and always used to rant about the "second coming" of an Inhuman who could "raise the dead".[25]
  • Malick talks to his daughter about his vision, and that he is fairly certain that his murderer was It, and that it will happen tonight. Stephanie, however, reassures him that they can trust It.[25]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Annual science conference draws an international crowd in Bern, Switzerland."[20][21]
    WHiH Sciense conference

    Annual science conference draws an international crowd in Bern, Switzerland

  • At National Zoo, a panda called Ling Ling is born.[22]
  • Campbell and Johnson walk up to JT James' hut, but he warns them not to come closer because they are standing on a landmine. Johnson uses her powers to detonate the remaining mines as Campbell knocks out James with his electrical powers.[25]
  • The HYDRA inner circle arrive at Malick Mansion. It reveals himself to them, and to silence his doubters, he unveils his true form.[25]
  • Coulson's Team break into GT Agrochemical Facility, and after a lengthy fight with Giyera in the base, they manage to capture him.[25][17]
James ParadiseLost

JT James

  • James refuses to help Campbell or Johnson. However, Campbell says that he knows James wants to get his powers, and offers him a Terrigen Crystal in return for information. James reveals that he found a mysterious Kree Orb which he will trade. He explains that he learned stories of "Alveus", an Inhuman designed to lead the Inhuman army, but became too powerful and was banished by Inhumans and Humans together. Campbell takes the orb but refuses to give the crystal, telling James he does not deserve powers. Campbell and Johnson leave. [25]
  • After the meeting with the inner circle, Stephanie Malick shows her father that Alveus gave her the gift of the book Paradise Lost. Gideon understands the true significance of the book and its old trick, used by both him and his father, which had resulted in his brother Nathaniel's sacrifice.[25]
  • Alveus takes Stephanie with him as he confronts Gideon about the ritual of February 1970. After exposing the truth to his daughter, Alveus proceeds to kill her in front of Malick.[25]
  • After an emotional moment, Johnson confesses to Campbell that she had another glimpse from Charles Hinton, of a member of their team dying in the near future.[25]
  • Hijacking of Zephyr One: Giyera manages to force open the doors of his Containment Module with his powers. He tilts the jet's controls downward to force the Zephyr into Schoonebeek Oil Field. HYDRA soldiers invade and take the plane from S.H.I.E.L.D., with many agents unconscious or injured.[25]
  • Giyera-HijacksPlane

    Giyera hijacks Zephyr One

    Melinda May contacts Daisy Johnson to tell her of the Hijacking of Zephyr One. Johnson and Campbell decide that they should not be scared of the vision, and it is time to call in the Secret Warriors to help take back the plane and save their friends.[25]
  • Christine Everhart and Will Adams record the next day's installment of WHiH Newsfront.[22][20]
  • Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell pick up Joey Gutierrez from a night with his boyfriend in Miami, before flying to Bogotá to pick up Elena Rodriguez.[26]
  • Johnson explains the situation to the Secret Warriors as they fly to the Schoonebeek Oil Field.[26]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter announcing "Tomorrow on Newsfront we ask our viewers: who should pay for the damage caused by superheroes? Stay tuned."[20][21]

The Secret Warriors are informed about the situation

  • Alveus, with Malick, still shocked by the death of his daughter, arrive at the oil field base after a flight.[26]
  • Coulson's Team barricade themselves in a room on the Zephyr One after several hours of defending the plane. They attempt to administer medical aid to Agent May's injuries.[26]
  • Retaking of Zephyr One:
    • The Secret Warriors enter the facility and fight the HYDRA Soldiers, capturing Gideon Malick in the process.[26]
    • Unbeknownst to anyone else, Alveus ambushes Johnson and infects her. He orders her to bring him the Kree Orb and the Terrigen Crystals, while pretending to the team that nothing happened, so as to plant her as a secret insider.[26]
    • SecretWarriorsCaptureGideonMalick

      The Secret Warriors capture Malick

      Johnson hacks into the oil field base and opens the roof of the hangar. During the fight, Lucio is killed by Gutierrez. The team successfully rescue the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and take them back to the Playground.[26]
  • Alveus reassures Giyera that they now have someone on the inside: the swayed Agent Johnson.[26]


  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video. Everhart and Adams ask who should be financially responsible for Avengers incidents. They show a series of interviews with people on the streets about the subject, who give a mixed response, with some thinking it's right that they pay higher taxes, and some thinking the Avengers should pay.
    WHIH Newsfront The Cost of Saving the World-101:41

    WHIH Newsfront The Cost of Saving the World-1

    They post on Twitter announcing "WHiH Newsfront asked viewers: "Where should the financial responsibility lie when superheroes are involved?""[22][20][21]
  • The ticker of the video informs "Production begins on new TV movie "Man or Mandarin: The Trevor Slattery Story"", "Rare albino panda, Ling Ling, born at National Zoo", "Expected start date for Pym Technologies to resume stock trading pushed back in wake of layoff rumors", and "FDA cautions against new "all gluten" diet fad".[22][21]
  • At the Playground, the interrogation of Gideon Malick begins. Coulson speaks with Malick about "Hive", and comments on the fitting nature of the name, considering his parasitic swarm-like living.[26]
  • TheTeam1

    Phil Coulson proceeds to interrogate Gideon Malick

    Malick states that Hive can make Inhumans change loyalty and join him, and warns that he may have turned any member of the Secret Warriors.[26]
  • Walking out of interrogation, Coulson asks Agent Mackenzie to quietly lock down the base, scared to trust any of the Inhumans.[26]
  • Coulson asks Fitz and Simmons to find a way to determine who has been swayed. They hope to find answers from Lucio's body.[26]
  • Returning to Malick, he and Phil Coulson discuss revenge for their dead loved ones, with Coulson urging Malick to channel his anger and help them take down Hive. Malick agrees to help and tell him all he knows.[26]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie watches the security feeds of the four Inhumans, but looks so closely that he begins to see seemingly suspicious behavior in all their actions.[26]

Malick's corpse

  • Under Hive's influence, Johnson steals a grenade from the weapons room and causes a power cut, using the distraction to walk into Malick's empty interrogation room and kill him before he can reveal any more information on Hive to S.H.I.E.L.D. She brutally murders him by quaking him from both sides, as his head is crushed and bleeds, like he saw in his vision, having assumed his killer to have been Hive. She leaves the grenade next to Malick's body to explode and thus cover up the murder.[26]
  • Mackenzie finds that there is a grenade missing as Fitz and Simmons, on their way to Coulson to discuss their findings, notice the light of the grenade from inside Malick's room. They look around and see his dead body, just before the blast goes off.[26]

Johnson and Campbell prepare to escape from the S.H.I.E.L.D. assault team

  • Knowing a swayed Secret Warrior must have been behind the murder, Coulson leads his agents to gather the Inhumans, to explain the situation and incapacitate them until they can determine who it is. However, the Inhumans escape together.[26]
  • After discussing who could be the traitor, Johnson promises the team that she will help them to escape, but secretly agrees with Coulson to lead all four of them out of the base to safety by a secret passage, sending a message to him to meet them at the Containment Module bay to hand over to S.H.I.E.L.D.[26]
  • While searching the Inhumans' locker room, Mackenzie finds the Kree Orb in Campbell's locker,
    The Team Warriors arguing

    Johnson tries to calm down the Secret Warriors

    and believes it to be proof that Campbell is the swayed Inhuman, and he came back to retrieve the orb for Hive.[26]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "WHiH Newsfront opinion poll: Who should pay for the damage when superheroes are involved?" The results eventually turned out as 76% "The government", 24% "The heroes".[20][21]
  • Johnson tricks the team as she leads them into the quarantine bay where they find Coulson, who confronts Campbell, ousting him as the infected one. Angered that they are falsely accusing him and will not listen, Campbell attacks Coulson, but Johnson knocks him out.[26]
  • Coulson tells Johnson that he has to disband the Secret Warriors, and they cannot be allowed to encounter Hive in the meantime. However, Rodriguez and Gutierrez leave the base in anger.[26]
    The Team Daisy turned

    Daisy Johnson betrays the team

  • Sacking of the Playground:
    • Johnson reveals to an angered Campbell that she is in fact the swayed Inhuman, and offers him to come with her, but he refuses.[26]
    • Johnson steals several Terrigen Crystals and the Kree Orb, proceeding to break into the Playground's hangar. She unleashes her abilities and shakes the whole base in an earthquake, wreaking havoc and destruction. Johnson then escapes through the broken roof of the hangar, while trapping the rest of the team in the base with the falling debris.[26]



The team investigates Holden Radcliffe


Lincoln Campbell fights Alisha Whitley

  • Coulson deduces that Hive is building an army, and Alisha Whitley would be an asset for him. Lincoln Campbell is sent to apprehend her before Hive can reach her. However, the agents soon realize that Whitley has already been visited by Hive, when she tries to use a clone to kill Campbell. Coulson saves Campbell by killing Whitley's clone.[16]
  • In Bucharest, Fitz and Simmons go to a bar and meet a woman called Anon, who says she will take them to Radcliffe.[16]
  • Thaddeus Ross meets with Matthew Ellis in the Oval Office to privately discuss potentially appointing Ross as the new Secretary of State.[20]
WHiH Taxpayers or Heroes

Link to the previous day's video

  • WHiH posts on Twitter saying "We asked you: "Who should bear the financial burden caused by superhero altercations?" See the full report here:"[20][21]
  • JT James is visited by Hive and Daisy Johnson. James refuses to reveal the location of the companion piece to the Kree Orb, so Hive smashes a crystal to put James through Terrigenesis, so that he can sway him to take them to it. Hive reveals that the orb pieces are the only thing that can destroy him.[16]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter saying "Group of college students decide to spend their spring break volunteering in Sokovia. All this & more on Newsfront"[20][21]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "Who should cover the costs when superheroes are involved?"[20][21]
    Holden Radcliffe Singularity 10

    Fitz and Simmons meet Holden Radcliffe

  • Meanwhile, Anon tells Fitz and Simmons that to earn her trust and prove the worth of the eye technology they offer to Radcliffe, they must perform an optic surgery on a living human, giving him the cybernetic eyes. Simmons calls them out, realizing that it is a ruse, and they earn an audience with the scientist.[16]
  • In order to prevent Hive from controlling James, May and Coulson go to his residence in South Dakota, but it explodes when they arrive. Coulson uses a force field shield in his prosthetic hand to protect them from the blast.[16]
  • Kidnapping of Holden Radcliffe:
    Holden Radcliffe Singularity 18

    Kidnapping of Holden Radcliffe

    Hive and Johnson go to Bucharest and confront Fitz and Simmons, wanting to take Radcliffe for their own purposes. Hive uses the memories of Will Daniels to try to entice Simmons as he talks to her. Johnson uses her powers on Fitz, and tells him that she has no desire to be saved by S.H.I.E.L.D.; that if she sees one of them again, she will kill them. Simmons manages to escape from Hive, shooting him, but he simply heals himself. Johnson and Hive capture Radcliffe.[16]
  • Destruction of HYDRA:


Whih 2

Ellis congratulates the citizens of Washington, D.C.

  • Transia Corporation announces a new interim-CEO after the death of their last one.[27][24]
  • President Ellis releases a statement congratulating the citizens of Washington, D.C. on the clean-up effort.[20]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter quoting "Pres. Ellis: "Today is a day that demonstrates the true colors of the people of Washington, D.C.""[20][21]
  • Thaddeus Ross follows up Ellis' statement with his own, recognizing the people of D.C.'s endeavors.[20]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Thaddeus Ross gives statement commending the people of Washington, D.C. on efforts to rebuild the nation's capital."[20][21]
  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video.
    WHIH Newsfront The Avengers and The White House03:12

    WHIH Newsfront The Avengers and The White House

    Christine Everhart and Will Adams mention that the financial cost of clean-up efforts from Avengers incidents have crossed $1 trillion, and Everhart says politicians are wondering if there is a more strategic plan for better managing potential future events. Adams states that the White House has no official viewpoint, but that Ellis has commended Avengers' heroic past deeds. The video shows that the Ellis Administration have also announced that HYDRA is eradicated, as Adams goes on to express his view that he believes the Avengers are heroes who should be commended.[27][20][24][21]
  • WHiH Twitter - 29-04-2016 (2)

    Reports on Thaddeus Ross meeting with the president

    Everhart then states that there are reports of the president meeting with Thaddeus Ross about a potential appointment. Adams says the Avengers are effective, but Everhart replies that she thinks Ellis is feeling pressured, then insists agencies worldwide should step up and figure out a means to work with the heroes. WHiH post on Twitter announcing "'Watch: Newsfront debates the role of the White House & the Avengers + rumors of Thaddeus Ross moving to politics."[27]
  • The ticker of the video informs "Myth or new discovery? Reports of "massive ant-like insect" sightings continue to pour in from San Francisco suburbs", "Transia Corporation announces interim-CEO", "Local New York business owner commissions famously incognito street artist to create Avengers mural on the wall of his booming shawarma restaurant",
    WHiH Lottery no winner

    No winners in the national lottery

    "Schools in Minnesota introduce elective classes focusing on the recent history in the making: the age of superheroes", "Airline adds themed flights for cult classic TV shows and films", and "Reality show star releases new fashion line designed primarily from burlap".[27][24][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Sources: Thaddeus Ross has privately met with President Ellis at the Oval Office. For more:"[20][21]
  • The national lottery is drawn, but there are no winners.[20]


WHiH Hulk M.I.A

"Where is the Hulk?"

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter saying "'In the wake of the Battle of Sokovia, many international governments are asking "Where is the Hulk?""[20][21]
  • Pym Technologies reopens business after its headquarters imploded a year before, albeit with huge lay-offs.[20]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter reporting "No winners in last night’s national lottery draw! The next drawing takes place Monday night for record amount."[20][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter asking "WHiH wants to know! What would you do if you won tonight’s grand national lottery?"
    WHiH Twitter - 29-04-2016 (5.5)

    Poll made by WHiH Newsfront on April 29th

    The results eventually turned out as 21% "Purchase an island", 58% "Build an Iron Man suit", 12% "Start your own charity", 9% "Buy a sports team".[20][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter questioning "The Vision. Human? Alien? Something else? Does it matter? WHiH investigates."[20][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Pym Technologies announces massive lay-offs as business begins again."[20][21]
  • The Roxxon Oil Corporation is revealed to be illegally drilling in the Arctic.[20]


WHiH Comic Captain America

Captain America comic

Whih nations

April 30th post concerning oversight



Whih polls

WHiH Newsfront May 1st post about increased support for superhero legislation

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter questioning "Does Tony Stark really own the Iron Man suit, or should the government claim control?"[20][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter saying "Ultimate showdown looms as teams battle for hockey championships."[20][21]
  • A concert called "Sing for Sokovia" is held to raise money for the people affected by the Battle of Sokovia.[31]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Polls indicate increased support for legislation regulating superpowered heroes."[20][21]


Grafitti Hydra

HYDRA graffiti is found on local cities

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter saying "Sighting of apparent HYDRA-related graffiti in local city underscores the lingering threat of HYDRA."[20][21]
  • New fossils are discovered in South America.[31]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "NYC's top surgeons are pioneering new life-saving techniques. We discuss with Dr. Stephen Strange only on WHiH."[20][32][21]
  • The introductory 36 seconds of the next WHiH Newsfront instalment is recorded ahead of time, and the ticker is prepared.[20][31]
  • The national lottery is drawn again, for a record amount, due to there being no winner in the previous draw four days prior.[20]
WHiH Twitter Strange

WHiH May 2nd post about neurosurgeon Dr. Strange


  • Captain America and Falcon get a lead on an ex-HYDRA agent in Lagos, who they believe might be the Winter Soldier.[33]
  • Bringing Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, Captain America and Falcon leave the New Avengers Facility and fly to Lagos to apprehend the man they believe may be Barnes.[33]
  • Spider-Man stops a car from crashing into a bus before going to school, then leaves the scene.
    SMHP Car

    Spider-Man prevents a car accident

    However, his heroic action is recorded and uploaded onto YouTube.[34][35][36]
  • Ross accepts an offer from President Ellis to be Secretary of State, after a meeting six days earlier.[20]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter reporting "BREAKING: President Ellis will nominate Lt. Gen. Thaddeus Ross as Secretary of State. More to come..."[20][21]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "Is Thaddeus Ross the best choice for Secretary of State?" The results eventually turned out as 13% "Yes", 45% "No", 42% "Time will tell".[20][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter quoting "Statement from Pres. Ellis: "Thaddeus Ross is a skilled leader who can navigate the unique challenges we currently face on the world stage.""[20][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter quoting "Lt. Gen. Ross: "Today I accepted President Ellis' offer to serve as Secretary of State. I look forward to making our planet a safer place.""[20][21]
    Lagos Comic

    Captain America and Falcon approach Lagos

  • As they approach Lagos, Falcon receives further information on the ex-HYDRA agent, and find out that it is not Barnes, but rather Brock Rumlow.[33]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter announcing "BREAKING: President Ellis will join Newsfront to discuss this surprise move to make Thaddeus Ross the new Secretary of State. Stay tuned."[20][21]
  • A WHiH World News interview with President Ellis is recorded to complete the next instalment of WHiH Newsfront just before it is released, concerning his appointment of Ross.[20]
  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video. Adams and Everhart discuss a series of catastrophes in which heroes were involved. They go live, to mention how Ellis has just appointed Ross, and go to an interview with him. Ellis says that he recognizes the fear and concern over heroes, but also recognizes the heroes' help.
    WHIH Newsfront Exclusive President Ellis Discusses the Avengers03:15

    WHIH Newsfront Exclusive President Ellis Discusses the Avengers

    He states that he wants to build an official relationship with the Avengers, with the help of Ross, who has experience such as the crises at Culver University and Harlem. Everhart and Adams both end saying that they would love to hear from the heroes themselves. They post on Twitter announcing "BREAKING: President Ellis discusses his nomination of Thaddeus Ross for Secretary of State! Watch live."[31][20][21]
  • The ticker of the video informs "ATCU continues investigation into militant organization that destroyed their facility", "New fossils found in South America may uncover untold answers about our past", "Top NYC surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange reveals new life-saving techniques in exclusive WHiH interview",
    WHiH Twitter - 03-05-2016 (6)

    WHiH link to the previous video

    "Competing second TV movie announced following the alleged Mandarin actor: "10 Rings to Rule Them All: The Trevor Slattery Story"", "Culver University announces state-of-the-art library will reopen after extensive renovation", "Still no winner as National Lottery grows to $1 billion", "VistaCorp indicted on charges of secret surcharges for cable TV customers", "Star-studded benefit concert "Sing for Sokovia" pulls $300 million for charity", "Unseen documents belonging to Dr. Abraham Erskine discovered in New Jersey", "Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk, reportedly still missing".[31][32][21]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter announcing "BREAKING: Pres. Ellis tells Newsfront he nominated Thaddeus Ross as Sec. of State based on his experience with superpowered individuals."[20][21]
  • WHiH Twitter - 03-05-2016 (7)

    Matthew Ellis reveals why he chose Thaddeus Ross as Secretary of State

    WHiH posts on Twitter reminding "This morning's breaking news: Thaddeus Ross named Secretary of State. WHiH Newsfront Exclusive: President Ellis Discusses the Avengers"[20][21]
  • Attack on the IFID Headquarters:
    • Brock Rumlow, now "Crossbones", plans to steal a biological weapon from the Institute for Infectious Diseases in Lagos, Nigeria. Captain America hears about the planned attack and, with the other Avengers, starts to search for Rumlow.[35]
      Captain America Civil War still 1

      Captain America confronts Rumlow

    • Crossbones' mercenaries successfully enter the IFID Headquarters, stealing the bioweapon. The Avengers pursue Crossbones' men, taking out several of his mercenaries.[35]
    • Crossbones escapes, but not before entrusting the bioweapon to one of his men.[35]
    • While Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow set out to find the bioweapon, Captain America confronts Crossbones.[35]
    • When Rogers unmasks Rumlow, Rumlow begins to blame him for his injuries. He then mentions Bucky Barnes so as to distract Rogers, then activates a suicide bomb intending to kill them both.
      Captain America Civil War 89

      Maximoff sees the damage she has caused

      Scarlet Witch manages to contain the explosion around Rumlow and tries to move the blast away, but she accidentally moves the explosion too close to a nearby building, before letting it go and inadvertently destroying part of the building, accidentally killing numerous civilians and several relief aid workers from Wakanda.[35][34][37][36]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter reporting "WHiH revisits: Former felon Scott Lang vindicated as VistaCorp indicted on overcharging customers."[20][21]
  • Tony Stark gives a speech at MIT,
    September Foundation

    Stark giving a speech at MIT

    using a virtual reality creation of his to show the students how he wished his last moments spent with his parents in 1991 had gone. He then funds all of their projects, but cuts the speech a little early when the teleprompter tells him to introduce Pepper Potts, causing Stark to get upset about the recent break-up he went through with Potts.[35][34] [36]
  • Backstage after the speech, Tony Stark is confronted by a grieving mother, Miriam Sharpe, whose son, Charlie Spencer, was killed in the Avengers' battle with Ultron in Sokovia. She places the photo of her son on his chest, and tells him that she blames him for her son's death.[35][34][36]
WHIH Breaking News Attack in Lagos03:07

WHIH Breaking News Attack in Lagos

  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video live. It's been several hours since the incident in Lagos. Everhart hands over to reporter Jackson Norris, live from Lagos, who speaks about the Avengers and Brock Rumlow's involvement. They are interrupted as they go live to President Ellis delivering a speech on the incident, promising support to Lagos, and to work with the UN to find who is accountable. Adams and Everhart then disagree on the meaning of Ellis' words, and Adams questions if actually, the Avengers prevented a worse outcome. They post on Twitter announcing "BREAKING: Newsfront is live on the scene in Lagos after a devastating incident. Watch now."[38][20][35][39][21]
WHiH Twitter - 03-05-2016 (10)

WHiH Newsfront's Twitter posts a link to their previous video

WHiH Twitter - 03-05-2016 (11)

WHiH Newsfront reports on the Sokovia Accords


WHiH SoKovia Accords 3

Stark signs the Sokovia Accords

WHiH Twitter - 05-05-2016 (5)

WHiH reports on Stark signing the Accords


  • Stephen Strange realizes that a patient has been prematurely pronounced dead, and rushes the man to an operating theatre.[4]
    DS Spot 20 - 1

    Strange performs the surgery

  • With the help of colleague Christine Palmer, and his talent for precision and focus, he extracts a bullet from the patient's head and saves their life.[4]
  • Strange invites Palmer to come with him to a talk he is giving at a dinner that evening, but she turns it down, a little annoyed by his constant work and love of fame and reputation.[4]
  • Strange drives from his apartment to attend the dinner. As he drives, his colleague Billy calls him to notify him of potential patients to operate on.
    Doctor Strange 26

    Strange suffers a car accident

    When Billy mentions a young woman with an electrical implant to control schizophrenia, who has been struck by lightning, it peaks Strange's interest. He looks down at his phone to see the x-rays and loses his control of his car. It swerves and crashes, falling off the road and tumbling into the river below. He is severely injured; his hands are shattered on the dashboard glass, and he passes out.[4][32]
  • After a little while, the Metro-General Hospital air ambulance finds Strange in the river and rushes him to hospital for medical attention.[4]


Doctor Strange Teaser 5

Strange is rushed to the hospital

  • After eleven hours on the operating table, Strange is laid in bed, still unconscious, to rest. They have put stainless steel pins in his hands, stitches all over his body and face, and several casts; his arms held in place to heal.[4][40]
  • Strange finally wakes up and is greeted by Christine Palmer. He learns from Palmer that both of his hands, which were crushed by the dashboard of his car, have been subjected to severe nerve damage and rendered inoperable. He becomes upset and deeply concerned over what has happened to his hands, and the repercussions that may have on his life, career, and talent.
    Doctor Strange Teaser 12

    Strange wakes up after the crash

    Seeing this, Palmer reassures him that no one could have done better. He simply replies, "I could have done better."[4][40]



  • Palmer helps Strange shave in bed and tries to make him feel better, but her efforts are unsuccessful.[4]


Vulture Exo-Suit (SMH)

The Vulture: "Business is good"




  • The pins are removed from Strange's hands, but he is highly disappointed to find his hand is still not working well. He snaps bitterly at the doctor.[4]


  • Strange has a third procedure for his injuries.[4]




T'Chaka talks about the incident in Lagos

  • In an interview the month after the incident in Lagos, the king of Wakanda, T'Chaka, says that he and his nation support the Sokovia Accords.[35][37]
  • As Steve Rogers consoles Wanda Maximoff, saying that what happened in Lagos was not her fault, Vision informs them that Tony Stark and the Secretary of State are waiting in the board room of the facility.[35]
  • Thaddeus Ross speaks to the Avengers, while he shows them footage from New York, Washington, D.C., Sokovia, and Lagos. He tells them that the United Nations has decided that the Avengers can no longer be allowed to operate privately,
    Civil War meeting EW

    The Avengers listen to Ross

    so they have created the Sokovia Accords, believing it to be the best balance between the Avengers' desire to secure world peace, and the world governments' concerns over the destructive repercussions of their interference. Ross tells them that they have three days to make up their minds before the signing of the Accords in Vienna. Before leaving the facility, Ross says that refusing to sign will be seen as an act of resignation.[35][43]
  • Meanwhile in Cleveland, Helmut Zemo ambushes retired HYDRA general Vasily Karpov.[35]
    • ZemoKillsKarpov

      Zemo leaves the defiant Karpov to drown

      Zemo hangs him upside down over a sink, slowly filling it up to torture him into giving him the information he needs about the mission of December 16, 1991 as he finds the Winter Soldier Book, which contains the words used to trigger the Winter Soldier's conditioning.[35]
    • When Karpov persistently refuses to give him information, Zemo leaves him to drown.[35]
  • The Avengers team is divided over the act.[35]
    • CW Still 1

      The Avengers argue about the Accords

      Stark supports government oversight because he feels that they need to be held responsible, whereas Rogers worries that the Avengers may be compromised if they come under the control of the United Nations.[35]
    • Vision realizes that there must be a causality between the increase in heroes and the increase in disasters, and so supports the Accords, along with Natasha Romanoff and James Rhodes. However, Sam Wilson and Wanda Maximoff disagree. During their debate about the Accords, Rogers receives a message informing him of the death of Peggy Carter.[35][44]


Hydra Followers Failed Experiments

Holden Radcliffe performs his experiment

  • In Union City, Holden Radcliffe performs his experiment to change the three HYDRA leaders, but they die tragically, instead of becoming Inhumans. Radcliffe tells Hive that he failed because he does not have the DNA of a living Kree. Hive decides to spare his life.[45]
  • While a team is sent to Union City to kill Hive, Coulson tells Simmons, Fitz, and Campbell that the antitoxin experimentation will not be continued.[45]
  • In the city, May pretends to be a HYDRA agent, and flirts with Hellfire. He reveals that Hive wants to change all humanity into Inhumans. She knocks him out.[45]
  • In order to get the DNA of a living Kree, Hive uses the Kree Orb to lure them to Earth. Two Kree Reapers arrive.[45]
  • Battle of Union City:
    • Kree Reapers

      Kree Reapers

      A fight ensues between the three sides, resulting in several deaths, including Alisha Whitley. Johnson attacks one of the Kree and breaks his bones, but when she proceeds to drain him, Mackenzie arrives and offers her to return to S.H.I.E.L.D.; she refuses.[45]
    • Mackenzie destroys the Kree's body with a Splinter Bomb, angering Johnson, and she attacks him relentlessly. Meanwhile, May and the Task Force witness an intense fight between the other Kree and Hive. Hive overpowers him suddenly, and kills the Kree. The team attacks Hive, but their weapons cannot do anything against him, and Coulson orders to evacuate. They gather an injured Mackenzie with them and escape.[45]

Campbell learns that the antidote failed

  • Campbell is informed that the experimental antidote is a failed experiment.[45]


  • In the morning, Hive reprimands Johnson for allowing her former friends to stop his progress. However, Johnson reveals that she has Kree blood inside her, and she is willing to let him have it by draining her.[45]


  • Peggy Carter's funeral takes place in London. During the funeral, to Rogers' surprise, Sharon Carter delivers a eulogy, in which she reveals that Peggy Carter was her aunt.[35]
Captain America Civil War 158

Rogers at Carter's funeral

  • After the funeral, Natasha Romanoff hugs Rogers to console him and keep him company. They discuss the issues over the Accords, and Romanoff speaks about how it is important that despite their differences, the Avengers need to stay together.[35]
  • Romanoff then leaves to get on the flight to Vienna for the signing.[35]
  • Bombing of the Vienna International Centre:
    • Captain America Civil War 10

      Bombing of the Vienna International Centre

      Arriving at the Vienna International Centre for the signing of the Accords, Romanoff meets T'Challa, son of T'Chaka and prince of Wakanda, who appreciates her signing the Accords.[35][43][37]
    • As the meeting is about to begin, a terrorist bomb hidden in a news van by Helmut Zemo goes off, destroying the building and killing King T'Chaka. Zemo then travels to Berlin.[35][43][37]
    • Jeffrey Mace, who is present at the Vienna International Centre, tries to reach a safe place, stumbling upon a fellow victim of the attack.
      Mace TV 2

      Jeffrey Mace, the "hero" of Vienna

      He is caught on camera, appearing to be helping the victim in a heroic manner, and is believed to have helped free several survivors who were trapped under rubble, despite his attempts to scale down the episode. Ultimately, he starts to be considered a hero by both the public and the American government.[46][47]
  • Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter discuss Peggy on the way back from the wake after the funeral. They are interrupted by Sam Wilson, who informs them about the Vienna bombing.[35]
  • When facial scans from security footage seemingly reveal the culprit to be James Barnes, T'Challa vows revenge on Barnes for his father, telling Romanoff that he will kill him.[35]
May Worried

May Parker sees the news about the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre

  • Meanwhile at the Parker Residence, Peter Parker prepares to leave as May Parker sees the news about the bombing of Vienna, very worried to see that it was the Winter Soldier, and that King T'Chaka of Wakanda has died. Peter sees his Aunt May worried, and tells her to relax.[34]
  • Rogers then calls Romanoff; she tells him not to get involved, or he will be arrested for ignoring the Accords.[35]
  • Secretly trying to help Rogers and Wilson, Carter hands them a file she has found from her work about the potential location of the Winter Soldier in Bucharest. Rogers and Wilson go after Barnes, hoping to bring him in before the government do.[35]


Captain America Civil War still 10

Barnes in Bucharest

  • In Bucharest, Barnes discovers that the news are blaming him for the bombing of the United Nations in Vienna, but knows that someone has framed him.[35]
  • Capture of Winter Soldier:
    • Captain America locates Barnes in his hideout apartment in Bucharest. As they talk, Falcon informs Rogers that the police are entering the building. Barnes prepares to make his escape, but the police arrive, so he and Rogers are forced to fight their way down the stairwell of the building.[35]
    • Barnes escapes from the building, but is suddenly attacked by a mysterious man in a black panther-like suit. The two fight on the roof, before Barnes manages to make his way out to the streets.[35]
    • The chase continues, now with Rogers trying to catch up with Black Panther as he pursues Barnes.
      CA CW - TV spot 3 - 1

      War Machine captures Captain America, Black Panther, and Bucky Barnes

      The pursuit is interrupted by War Machine, who has arrived to arrest the three of them. The Black Panther unmasks himself, revealing himself to be T'Challa, to Rogers and Rhodes' surprise. They are then flown to Berlin in custody.[35][34]
  • At the New Avengers Facility, Vision cooks paprikash to try to lift Wanda Maximoff's spirits. When Maximoff tries to leave for ingredients, Vision moves to block her, revealing that Tony Stark has told him to stop her from leaving the compound.[35]
  • Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and T'Challa arrive at the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre.[35][34]
  • At the center, Barnes is taken to be seen by interrogator Theo Broussard,
    Tony Steve EW

    Tony Stark talks to Steve Rogers

    as Stark sits down to speak with Rogers. During the conversation, Stark explains about what went wrong with his relationship with Pepper Potts, and Rogers sympathizes. Stark explains that he wants Rogers to sign, and he reluctantly accepts, but when Stark reveals that he is keeping Maximoff at the New Avengers Facility, the conversation gets heated briefly, and Rogers leaves.[35]
  • Escape from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre:
    • Barnes' interrogation begins, but instead of being seen by Broussard, Helmut Zemo has got into the center pretending to the psychiatrist, who he killed. Using the EMP that he has built, Zemo cuts off the electricity supply in the center, leaving him able to speak to Barnes in private. Zemo brings out the Winter Soldier Book. He uses the key words to trigger Barnes' Winter Soldier conditioning again.[35][34]

Helmut Zemo triggers Bucky Barnes' conditioning

    • Zemo forces Barnes to reveal the mission report of December 16, 1991 and details of the HYDRA Siberian Facility, before ordering Barnes to rip himself out of his bindings and break out of his cage, going on a rampage throughout the center. When Wilson and Rogers arrive, they manage to confront Zemo, but Barnes attacks them. Barnes throws Rogers down an elevator shaft as Wilson pursues Zemo.[35][34]
    • Rogers attempts to climb back up while Stark leads the fight against Barnes, but is defeated. Barnes also defeats Sharon Carter and Natasha Romanoff, then is forced to fight T'Challa.
      Captain America Civil War 71

      Rogers prevents Barnes from escaping

      He gets away, and leaves to the helipad on top of the building.[35]
    • Rogers arrives to catch the helicopter, stopping him from leaving. The Winter Soldier crashes the helicopter in an attempt to kill him, but he fails, and the two fall into the water below, where Barnes is knocked unconscious. Rogers then brings him to the surface.[35][34]
  • Steve Rogers traps Bucky Barnes' metal arm in a vice in a local abandoned garage, so as to stop him from escaping if he is still conditioned when he wakes.[35]
  • Helmut Zemo escapes from Wilson and moves forward with his plan, boarding a flight to Moscow.[35]
Captain America Civil War 01

Captain America and Falcon approach Bucky Barnes cautiously

  • When Barnes awakes, he proves to Rogers that he is free of the conditioning by recounting small details about their childhood to him. Rogers asks what Zemo wanted, so Barnes reveals the existence of another five Winter Soldiers that HYDRA created after he retrieved a super soldier serum in 1991. He says that they had got out of HYDRA's control, and had been put back into cryogenic freeze. Barnes tells them that he thinks Zemo will be looking to reactivate them. Rogers and Wilson discuss what they should do next. While Rogers thinks they are out of luck, Wilson tells him that he might know someone who can help.[35][48]

Tony Stark talks to Romanoff

  • After convincing Ross to leave the job of capturing Rogers to him, Stark and Romanoff decide to recruit T'Challa and Rhodes, but Stark reveals to her that he also has someone else in mind.[34]
  • Stark flies to Queens, hoping to get the help of the relatively new spider-like vigilante who Stark is sure is secretly teenager Peter Parker.[35]
  • Rogers contacts Clint Barton and asks him to help rescue Maximoff and arrange to pick up Scott Lang. Barton accepts.[35]
  • Peter Parker arrives home, only to find Tony Stark in his apartment, already talking to his aunt.

    Parker is recruited by Stark

    Stark tells him that he has won the grant he applied for, subtly letting him know that he should go along with what Stark says, despite not knowing what he is talking about. Stark then goes to Parker's room to discuss things further with him.[35][34]
  • He explains that he knows Parker is the new vigilante of New York, but when Parker denies this, Stark finds his hidden costume. Parker explains his powers, saying that he has the responsibility to protect people. Stark informs him that he needs his help, and they have to go to Germany. He eventually agrees, as Stark promises to make him a completely new costume.[35][34][49][50]
SMH A Film by Peter Parker 7

Peter Parker in Berlin

  • Accompanied by Happy Hogan, Parker films as he is driven past Flushing Meadows, and is flown to Germany in a self-piloting jet.[41]
  • Rescue of Wanda Maximoff:
    • Clint Barton causes an explosion outside the New Avengers Facility, forcing Vision to briefly leave the compound so he can get away with Scarlet Witch.[35]
    • However, Maximoff initially refuses to leave, giving Vision time to arrive and fight Barton.[35]
    • Because of his far superior abilities, Vision defeats Barton.[35]
    • Maximoff then decides to use her own powers to restrain the synthetic being and increase his weight,
      Vision vs Scarlet Witch

      Wanda Maximoff attacks Vision

      plummeting him through many floors, deep underground, allowing them plenty of time to escape. Barton then informs her that they have one more stop to make first.[35]
  • Hawkeye then picks up Scott Lang, and the trio fly to Germany to meet with Rogers, Wilson, and Barnes.[35]


  • Peter Parker arrives in Germany early in the morning by local time, and gets to briefly sightsee before getting to his hotel, where he is staying in the room next to Happy Hogan. Hogan tells him to "suit up".[41]
SMH Trailer Sneak Peek 6

Parker is amazed by his new Spider-Man Suit

  • Hogan and Parker prepare to leave, when Hogan realizes Parker has not noticed the case left by Stark. He shows Parker the extra room with the case, and the note, "A minor upgrade - TS". Parker opens it to find his new Spider-Man suit, left by Stark, and films his own ecstatic reaction to the improvement.[41]
  • Sharon Carter drives Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes to the Flughafen Leipzig-Halle, giving them Rogers' shield and Wilson's suit. Rogers thanks Carter for all her help, and the two share a kiss before she leaves. [35]
  • Barton then arrives with Maximoff and Lang, and Lang agrees to help them.
    CW Ant-Man 2

    Confrontation at the airport

    Suddenly, the group hear that Stark and his team have arrived and shut down the airport, so Rogers tells his team to prepare for a fight.[35]
  • Clash of the Avengers:
    • Stark and his team, now with Spider-Man, using a new suit made by Stark, confront Captain America and his team at the airport.[35] Peter Parker, meanwhile, films from a hiding spot behind a truck, pointing out all the heroes he is finally getting to meet. When Stark calls him in, he puts down his phone to film as he flips into the confrontation and steals Captain America's shield.[41]
    • SMHP Clash

      Clash of the Avengers

      After a short skirmish, the six heroes on each side begin to run at each other, clashing in an attempt to subdue and take down the other. A grand battle unfolds, resulting in the destruction of much of the airport. Rogers and Barnes know that they have to go to Siberia so as to stop Zemo from reactivating the five Winter Soldiers. They notice Stark's Quinjet parked in a section of the airport, and realize that they are going to need a distraction so as to escape in the jet.[35]
    • In order to distract Iron Man's team, Ant-Man uses his suit to grow into Giant-Man, taking Stark's team by surprise.[35][34] Meanwhile, Parker picks up his phone to film, talking about what a great time he is having, just as Ant-Man grows, making him realize he has to drop the phone and continue fighting.[41]
    • CW Ant-Man 24

      Giant-Man tries to defeat Spider-Man

      Stark's team work on taking down Giant-Man, forgetting about Rogers and Barnes. However, Vision notices the trick and causes a tower to fall to stop the duo from reaching the Quinjet. With Scarlet Witch's help, supporting the tower with her abilities, they make it into the jet's hangar.[35][34]
    • They are stopped by Black Widow, but she decides to allow them to escape in the Quinjet, subduing Black Panther. Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Giant-Man are defeated by Stark's team. As the Quinjet flies away, War Machine and Iron Man fly in pursuit, and Falcon flies after them to help his friends escape.[35]
    • Captain America Civil War 76

      Stark worries about Rhodes

      War Machine orders Vision to shoot Falcon's wings to stop him from catching them, but Vision fails, catching War Machine's arc reactor instead, and causing Rhodes to fall uncontrollably from the sky. He crashes to the ground before Iron Man or Falcon can catch him. Rhodes survives the fall, but is severely injured. The Quinjet flies away as Iron Man takes out Falcon in rage. The authorities soon arrive to arrest Captain America's team. Parker soon returns home.[35][28][34]
  • Theo Broussard's body is found in the hotel room where Zemo was staying. The hotel reports the discovery to local authorities, and it soon reaches the news.[35]
Captain America Civil War 129

Stark argues with Romanoff

  • James Rhodes has another MRI scan in hospital. Stark has a conversation with Natasha Romanoff about her disloyalty, and informs her that Rhodes may have some sort of paralysis. She states that the authorities will be after her, but Romanoff instead warns him to watch his own back. Stark is then alerted by F.R.I.D.A.Y. about the discovery of Broussard's body, and that along with the body were facial mask disguises of the Winter Soldier. Stark realizes Zemo's plan and his own mistake.[35]
  • On returning to his hotel room, Parker films on his phone again to talk about what a great time he had. Hogan knocks on the door, complaining that he is too loud,

    Zemo discovers the remaining Winter Soldiers

    as there are thin walls in the hotel.[41]
  • Helmut Zemo arrives at the HYDRA Siberian Facility and uses the Winter Soldier Book to enter and navigate the compound. Zemo eventually finds the five other frozen Winter Soldiers.[35]
  • Stark is greeted by Thaddeus Ross at the Raft, and is shocked when he sees the conditions that Rogers' team are being kept in: locked up and kept like insane and dangerous people. He goes to speak to the team and is insulted by both Clint Barton and Scott Lang, before speaking to Sam Wilson.[35]
  • Hawkeye Civil War04

    Barton confronts Stark

    Stark uses a device to temporarily disable the audio in the prison so that he can speak to Wilson secretly, explaining that he found out about Zemo's framing. Wilson explains that Rogers and Barnes are heading to Siberia, making Stark promise to go as a friend, to which he agrees. Stark then reactivates the audio and leaves.[35]
  • Pretending that he learned nothing from the team, and directing the helicopter back to America, Stark leaves Ross and the Raft.[35]
Mark XLVI trailer 2

Stark goes to Siberia

  • However, as the helicopter heads off, Stark gets into his armor and flies in the opposite direction, toward Siberia, so as to help the duo. Meanwhile, T'Challa secretly shadows him in a jet, so as to get his revenge on the Winter Soldier.[35]
  • Captain America and the Winter Soldier find the HYDRA Siberian Facility and prepare arms, then cautiously enter the base, noticing that Zemo has already been there. Iron Man arrives to reunite with them, and Stark explains that he has come to help. The trio reconcile and stand together as they then proceed to explore the facility. While they explore the facility, T'Challa stealthily follows behind at a safe distance.[35]

    Black Panther realizes his mistake

  • The trio suddenly discover that the five Winter Soldiers have been killed by Zemo, who reveals that he is from Sokovia, and wants to punish the Avengers for the death of his family during Ultron's attack. He says that for over a year he has planned a way to tear the Avengers apart. Black Panther watches on and understands that Barnes was framed by Zemo, then walks away so as to contemplate what to do next.[35]
  • Zemo shows Stark the security video he has finally acquired from the death of his parents, showing that they were murdered by Barnes in order to steal samples of the Super Soldier Serum from their car.[35][44]
  • Battle at the HYDRA Siberian Facility:
    Cap Tony Civil War Empire

    Rogers is confronted by Stark

    • Shocked by the discovery, Stark questions Rogers if he knew that Barnes was responsible. When Rogers reveals that he did somewhat know, Stark attacks the duo, trying to kill Barnes. A chase ensues through the compound, and the trio end up falling into an open part of the facility.[35]
    • Rogers attempts to tell Iron Man that Barnes was not responsible for his actions, but Stark refuses to listen, so Rogers and Barnes are forced to fight him to save themselves and take him down. During the battle, the Winter Soldier loses his metal arm, and Iron Man blasts Captain America in the stomach.[35]

      Black Panther confronts Zemo

    • Meanwhile, Zemo is confronted by T'Challa. Zemo explains that he understands that he could not kill the Avengers himself, but realized that if he could make the Avengers kill each other, he could bring them down to human level and break them apart in front of the world.[35]
    • Zemo apologizes for T'Chaka's death. T'Challa decides that he will no longer let his desire for revenge consume him, and prevents Zemo from committing suicide, in order to send him to prison.[35]
    • AwKRc1Kj-3-

      Captain America fights Iron Man

      Inside the compound, Stark analyzes Captain America's fight pattern and seemingly defeats him, but Rogers picks himself up to continue the fight, and Iron Man cannot keep up with his flurry of attacks. Rogers finally knocks him to the ground and uses his shield to break Stark's arc reactor, and thus disable his armor, leaving him injured on the floor.[35]
    • Rogers helps Barnes stand and begins to depart, but as he leaves, Stark reminds him that his father was the one who made Rogers' shield, and that he does not deserve it.

      Iron Man is defeated

      Realizing this to be somewhat true after the actions he just committed, and needing time to reconsider, as well as to show respect to Stark, Rogers decides to leave the shield behind. He drops it on the floor, without looking back.[35]
  • T'Challa takes Rogers and Barnes on his jet, with Zemo held captive, as they fly to Berlin so T'Challa can deliver Helmut Zemo to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. [35]
  • The trio then fly on to Wakanda.[35]
  • Zemo CW

    Zemo is incarcerated

    Zemo is locked away, and Everett Ross teases him in his incarceration, but Zemo hints that while he may be imprisoned, that does not mean his plans have failed.[35]



Radcliffe creates his Primitives

  • Radcliffe's experiment transforms the group of Watchdogs into horrifically mutated primitive Inhumans. Hive reveals to Radcliffe that he wishes to proceed with his ultimate plan to use a warhead, which was stolen from the ATCU, to spread Radcliffe's new pathogen around the world and transform all humans into these primitives.[51]
  • Campbell contacts Johnson and tells her that is time to proceed. Hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s systems as her blood is drained, Johnson helps him escape to get to a Quinjet, fighting Alphonso Mackenzie in the process.[51]
  • Attack on Hive:
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s plan works, with Lash arriving at Hive's location instead of Campbell.[51]
    • Lash Emancipation 4

      Lash attacks Hive

      Lash attempts to kill Hive, but is stopped by a group of Primitives. Lash kills two of them, and uses his abilities to free Johnson from Hive's sway. He is then caught by surprise and killed by Hellfire, as Johnson escapes back to S.H.I.E.L.D.[51]
  • After reuniting with her friends, Johnson is sent to the Containment Module for recovery.[53]
  • After spending the remainder of Saturday and some of Sunday in Germany, Peter Parker flies home with Tony Stark and Happy Hogan before he has to return to school the next day.[41]


  • Peter Parker is returned home to Queens by Tony Stark in the early hours. He and Stark film an alibi video for where Stark had taken him for the weekend, to give to May.[41]
    • SMH Fan's Guide 69

      Parker is allowed to keep the suit.

      Parker is delighted when Stark says he can keep his new suit, and then Stark and Hogan drive off, leaving Parker with his case to return to his normal life.[41][54]
  • Rogers and Barnes are being sheltered in Wakanda, courtesy of King T'Challa. Barnes chooses to be frozen again until his brainwashing can be completely removed, scared of how easy it was to trigger his conditioning.[35]
    • Rogers and T'Challa discuss how the authorities will attack Wakanda if the world finds out about Barnes,but T'Challa states that he does not mind, as he wants to help Barnes because he is another victim of Zemo's schemes,

      T'Challa promises Rogers that he will protect Bucky Barnes

      just like his father. He and Rogers gaze at a giant statue of a black panther.[35]
  • Peter tells his aunt May Parker of how he got into another fight, covering up for his secret identity as Spider-Man, and his aunt goes along with his story, despite suspecting he is not telling the truth. Peter discovers a portable holographic computer that Stark has programmed into his new Web-Shooters.[35]


Daisy speaks with mack

Johnson in the Containment Module

  • Daisy Johnson awakes from a dream where she and Phil Coulson are trapped in a Containment Module on desolate planet, desperately hoping to escape.[53]
  • Jemma Simmons approaches Johnson in the Containment Module, in order to obtain more information about Hive and his plans.[53]
  • Melinda May uses the Quinjet with Alphonso Mackenzie, Lincoln Campbell, and Elena Rodriguez on board to successfully travel underwater and infiltrate the missile silo.[53]
  • Battle of the Missile Silo:
    • The team infiltrate Hive's location and, using the nuclear codes that Glenn Talbot obtained from General Andaz, they stop the missile's launch. Hive swears to show S.H.I.E.L.D.
      Absolution Hive Captured

      Hive is captured

      his rage as he commands Holden Radcliffe to take two Primitives with him to reset the launch. Hive is lured by Campbell into Mackenzie's trap: a giant Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine to pull forward all the different personalities in that the dark Inhuman has absorbed over the millennia.[53]
    • Hive, trying to get his mind under control, orders Giyera and Hellfire to disconnect the warhead, since there is no hope of launching the missile now. May, seeking the warhead, frees Radcliffe from the Primitives, while Rodriguez frees the hostages from the conquered missile silo. However, Giyera takes the warhead and flees. When the team attempt to escape, they are confronted by Hive; however, they capture him in a Containment Module full of Suspension Gel.[53]
      Absolution Virus

      The virus is released

  • Mackenzie informs Johnson that they have captured Hive.[53]
  • While he is assuring the base is sealed off, Fitz realizes what "Absolution" is: the releasing of the Absolution Virus in the Playground. Hellfire activates the trap, turning several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into Primitives.[53]
  • Battle of the Playground:
    • The Primitives free Hive from captivity. He wants to use the Quinjets' high altitude capabilities to launch the warhead in space, to turn all Humans into primitive Inhumans.[53]
    • Ascension Daisy vs Hive

      Johnson fights Hive

      Johnson escapes from the Containment Module and goes to confront Hive. She begs him to sway her again, but he cannot, due to Lash's powers.[53] In anger, Johnson attacks her old master. A fight ensues, resulting in Hive knocking out Johnson. Johnson is incarcerated on the Zephyr One. Fitz and May secretly enter the plane to stop Hive from using the warhead. They find Johnson, but they are ambushed by Giyera. Fitz, however, manages to use a Cloaked Gun to kill the Inhuman.[55]
    • Meanwhile, in the Playground, Elena Rodriguez takes a bullet for Alphonso Mackenzie when the Primitives attack, leaving her severely injured.[55]
    • HRadcliffe-RunningFromPrimitives

      Radcliffe discovers the Primitives' weakness

      Mackenzie takes Rodriguez with Campbell, Coulson, and Radcliffe, and they manage to cauterize her open wound. Simmons soon discovers that the Primitives cannot see under a high temperature, so she increases the heating in the base. Coulson decides to use one of their Quinjets to approach the Zephyr and help May, Fitz, and Johnson.[55]
    • The Quinjet arrives at the Zephyr, with Campbell, Mackenzie, and May on board. Coulson uses a hologram of himself to distract Hive, but soon Hive discovers the trick, destroying the hologram machine. He then proceeds to search for the team.[55]
    • Third Season Finale 2

      Agent Johnson during the Battle of the Playground

      Campbell is attacked by Hellfire, but defeats him. Hellfire leaves a bomb next to Campbell, badly wounding him. Johnson reunites with Campbell and tells him that her destiny is to kill Hive using the Quinjet, as she saw in her vision.[55]
    • As the team defeat the Primitives on the Zephyr, Johnson goes to put the warhead into the Quinjet, attracting Hive's attention. Hive enters the Quinjet as Johnson intends to fly away. However, she is pushed away by Campbell, who takes Hive with him on the jet. The team reunite with a distraught Johnson to watch as the Quinjet explodes, killing both Hive and Campbell in the process, but stopping the virus.[55][9][56]



  • Tony Stark arrives back at the New Avengers Facility.[35]
  • Stark-SRogersMessage-CACW

    Stark reads Rogers' letter

    Rhodes begins physical therapy, learning to use an exosuit that will help him walk again after he broke his back. While helping him, Stark receives a package containing a phone and a letter from Rogers.[35]
  • In the letter, Rogers apologizes for everything that happened between them, expressing regret for not telling him the truth about his parents, as well as noting sadness that he simply could not accept the Accords. He tells him that he knows the day will come when the team will need to come together and act as one, and that when that day arrives, Rogers and his friends will be just a phone call away.[35]
  • Escape2

    Steve Rogers helping his friends break out

    Escape from the Raft: Meanwhile, Steve Rogers breaks into the Raft and frees all his imprisoned teammates. Thaddeus Ross informs Stark about the break-in, but Stark simply enjoys irritating him by putting him on hold.[35]



  • Believing that it is the best course of action to protect those she loves, Daisy Johnson leaves S.H.I.E.L.D. to become the rogue vigilante later known as "Quake". She flies to California to pursue leads on the Watchdogs.[55][57]


Ascension Newspapers

Johnson's vigilante activities as Quake





Christine-Strange Shaving

Palmer helps Strange shave


  • Strange undergoes a fifth procedure.[4]






Strange at his lowest


  • Peter Parker quits the school band a few weeks before term starts, knowing he is too busy being Spider-Man to still do extra-curricular activities.[58][41]



  • Quake is involved in an incident in Bismarck, North Dakota.[55][57]



Jonathan Pangborn, the man whose legs healed miraculously

  • Strange does finger strength exercises with an expert instructor on physical rehabilitation from Metro-General Hospital. Strange gets angry at his lack of improvement. However, to his surprise, the instructor says that he knew a paraplegic man who miraculously regained the ability to walk.[4]
  • Impressed by this impossible event, Strange asks for the man's files. The instructor tells him that he will find them from the archive.[4]


  • Stephen Strange tries to shave himself, but due to his trembling hand, he gives up trying.[4]


  • Quake is involved in an incident near Phillipsburg, Kansas.[55][57]



  • Quake is involved in an incident near San Angelo, Texas.[55][57]


Cal's formula 3

Calvin Zabo's Formula





Doctor Strange 27

Christine Palmer taking care of Stephen Strange

  • Strange has a seventh and final procedure.[4]


  • Peter Parker returns to school following his summer holidays, beginning his sophomore year. On the train to school, he texts Happy Hogan to say that he is available for any missions he is needed for. Hogan continues not to reply, as he has done all summer.[62][63][41]
  • Flash Thompson is rude to Parker as he arrives at Midtown School of Science and Technology. His best friend, Ned Leeds, however, approaches him, revealing he has recently acquired a LEGO Death Star they can build together.
    SMH Trailer 19

    Parker in Mrs. Warren's class

    Parker tells him he looks forward to making it.[62][63][41]
  • Peter Parker watches videos of his actions as Spider-Man in Mrs. Warren's class. When she asks him a question, however, he still manages to answer correctly, angering Thompson, who got it wrong.[62][63][41]
  • In science class, Parker makes more web fluid instead of doing the classwork.[62][63][41]
  • Leeds and Parker admire Liz Toomes wistfully during lunchtime as she puts up banner for the upcoming homecoming dance.[62][63][41]
SMH Trailer 13

Michelle Jones mocks Leeds and Parker

SMH Stay In School 3

Parker talks with Mr. Delmar

  • After school, Parker visits Mr. Delmar at his delicatessen to buy sandwiches.[62][63][41]
  • He then changes into the Spider-Man suit in an alleyway, and goes out to help the neighborhood as Spider-Man. He stops a bike thief, but is unable to find the real owner. He performs a flip for onlookers, and gives directions to an old lady. He then tries to stop a man from stealing a car, incorrectly believing he is a thief, and the ruckus caused from the mishap disturbs the neighbors, including the Watcher Informant, posing as a man called Gary.[62][63][41]
  • Robbery at Queens Community Bank:
    • SMH Trailer2 12

      Parker as Spider-Man

      Parker returns to his balcony and reports on his activities in a voicemail left for Happy Hogan. He then spots four criminals in the Queens Community Bank attempting to rob the building, and puts his mask back on to go and stop them.[62][63][41]
    • Spider-Man arrives at the scene and finds the robbers are each wearing masks of Avengers: Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America.[62][63][41]
    • He successfully stops the robbery, but is surprised to find the criminals using very advanced weaponry.[62][63][41]
    • SMH Fan's Guide 24

      Spider-Man fights the criminals

      A stray blast from one of the weapons hits Delmar's Sandwiches across the street, and Spider-Man goes to save Delmar and his cat, Murphy, from the resulting fire.[62][63][41]
  • Parker calls Happy Hogan, who picks up the phone this time, to report about the dangerous weapons he has encountered. Hogan informs him that he is helping box up items from Avengers Tower, as Stark has sold the building, and they have to pack everything up by next week before moving day in a fortnight, when they will relocate fully to the New Avengers Facility in upstate New York.[62][63][41]
  • SMH Trailer 24

    Leeds discovers Parker is Spider-Man

    Once Parker returns home, he finds his friend Ned Leeds already in his room, and unintentionally reveals that he is Spider-Man. Leeds is very excited to find this out, and Parker promises to explain everything the next day.[62][63][41]
  • May Parker takes Peter out to a larb dinner, and tries to get him to talk about what is going on in his life. They see the news about the Robbery at Queens Community Bank earlier that evening, and May tells him to run away if he ever encounters similar events.[62][63][41]



Jeffrey Mace

  • Mace begins training for the role of director, which he is set to assume in a little over two weeks' time.[47][61]
  • In gym class, Coach Wilson shows Parker and the other students the Captain America's Fitness Challenge video which Captain America filmed in 2012. The class then perform the exercise routine. When Parker and Leeds overhear Liz Toomes hinting to Betty Brant that she has somewhat of a crush on Spider-Man, Leeds blurts out that Parker knows Spider-Man. They discover that Toomes is hosting a party that evening and they can come, though Flash Thompson, doubting Parker's honesty, tells him to get Spider-Man to appear and say himself that he knows Parker.[62][63][41]
  • The instructor from Metro-General Hospital sends Strange the files on the paraplegic who started walking again: Jonathan Pangborn.[4]
  • Parker practices how he will enter as Spider-Man at Liz Toomes' party that evening in the mirror. He gets carried away, doing an impression of Thor as well, for his own amusement. He does not know that his suit has an A.I. recording him the whole time because of the "Baby Monitor Protocol" Stark programmed in.[62][63][41]

Palmer is insulted by Stephen Strange

  • Christine Palmer visits Strange in his apartment and tries to convince him to stop wasting money trying to fix his hands. She tells him that there are other things that can give meaning to his life. Strange does not want to move on, but instead focus on finding other ways of healing his hands. Palmer turns to leave Strange, deciding she cannot watch him suffer anymore, when Strange starts shouting at her, saying that she is only pitying him because she loves a sob story. Hurt by his words, Palmer leaves for good, deciding to stay out of his life.[4][40]
  • Strange sees the files on Pangborn and decides to track him down.[4]
SMH Lame Party 4

Parker and Ned Leeds attend Liz Toomes' party

  • May Parker drives her nephew and Ned Leeds to Liz's home. Peter is wearing the Spider-Man suit under his clothes, ready to change and make a brief appearance at the party.[62][63][41]
  • Skirmish in Queens:
    • Parker changes into his Spider-Man suit, but before he can return to the party, he sees flashes similar to the weaponry from the previous day. He leaves to investigate, and finds an arms deal in progress.[62][63][41]
    • When his phone rings, Spider-Man's presence is revealed, leading to a confrontation with the arms dealers, Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz. The potential buyer, Aaron Davis, watches on as the dealers use their weaponry to fight Spider-Man.[62][63][41]
      SMH Brice x Spidey

      Spider-Man fights Jackson Brice

    • Eventually, their boss, the Vulture, swoops in to end the fight, taking Spider-Man with him.[62][63][41]
    • The parachute in the Spider-Man suit is engaged and pulls him away from the Vulture, but does not deploy well enough to allow him a gentle landing, and Parker falls into the Hudson River. He is saved from drowning by a remotely-controlled Iron Man armor.[62][63][41]
  • Iron Man explains that he put a tracker in Parker's suit, as well as a heater, allowing him to dry off. He reveals that he is controlling the suit remotely as he is actually in India, and tells Parker to let other people handle the weapons situation, to "stay close to the ground," and to simply be a "friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man," for his own safety.[62][63][41]
SMH Lame Party 3

Flash Thompson DJs at Liz Toomes' house party

  • Ned Leeds calls Parker again, revealing that it is no longer a good idea for him to visit the party, as in his absence, Flash Thompson has got the other attendees to start a chant, mocking him.[62][63][41]
  • Following the confrontation, Adrian Toomes scolds Jackson Brice for being reckless with the weaponry. Brice threatens to leave the gang, so Toomes reaches for the Anti-Gravity Gun to threaten him. However, he picks the wrong weapon and proceeds to disintegrate Brice completely. Despite his mistake, he shows no remorse for Brice's death, and gives Brice's "Shocker" gauntlet to Schultz to take over the mantle.[62][63][41]


DS Spot 25 - 1

Jonathan Pangborn meets Stephen Strange

  • Stephen Strange visits Jonathan Pangborn while he plays basketball, enquiring how he managed to walk again. Pangborn initially refuses to help, but when Strange reveals his damaged hands, he agrees. Pangborn reveals to Strange that he discovered a place known as Kamar-Taj, and this is where Strange should go to seek different treatment and understanding. He warns Strange that once he is there, he will have to open his mind.[4]



SMH Class BtS

Parker and Leeds investigate the artifact from Toomes' crew

  • During a technology class, Parker and Leeds remove the energy core, of Chitauri origin, from the destroyed weapon. As they are analyzing it, two of Toomes' goons arrive at the school, having traced its energy signature. Parker puts a tracking device on the show of one of the men.[62][63][41]
  • Strange arrives in Kathmandu and starts to ask people if they know the location of Kamar-Taj.[4]
  • Late at night, the tracking device stops moving, revealing the criminals are set up in Maryland. To get closer, Parker decides to rejoin the Academic Decathlon team, who are going to attend the national tournament in Washington, D.C.[62][63][41]
  • After hours of trying, Karl Mordo hears Strange's enquiries and follows him to an alley. Strange bandages the broken leg of a dog he finds.[67]

Mordo introduces himself to Stephen Strange

  • Mordo then walks into the alley and witnesses Strange being attacked by three muggers who wants to steal his watch. Mordo defeats the muggers and tells Strange to follow him.[4]
  • Mordo leads Strange to Kamar-Taj, but warns him not to be disrespectful and to forget everything that he thinks he knows. He introduces Strange to the Ancient One.[4]
  • At first, Strange believes they are researching cellular regeneration, but while he listens to the Ancient One's comments, he quickly becomes skeptical of her methods and mocks her, claiming that he sees through her facade.[4]
  • DS 078

    Strange travels through the Multiverse

    She suddenly pushes Strange's astral form out of his body, impressing and shocking him. Once she has restored his soul to his body, the Ancient One then sends Strange on a mental journey, flinging him through various realities and dimensions, before dragging him back to his body in the temple. Barely recovering from the revelations just shown to him, Strange begs her to teach him. She refuses, scared that what happened to Kaecilius might happen again. He is cast out for his previous disrespect.[4]


  • After pleading at the door of Kamar-Taj for the following five hours, Strange is allowed back in when Karl Mordo convinces the Ancient One to give him a chance. Mordo shows Strange to a bedroom where he can stay.[4]
SMH Fan's Guide 46

Parker rejoins the decathlon team

  • Peter Parker arrives at the decathlon team bus before it leaves for Washington, D.C., and asks to rejoin the team. While Flash Thompson insists he should not be able to just rejoin, Mr. Harrington welcomes him back. The team travel to the capital, and on the bus, Parker gets a call from Happy Hogan, asking why he is leaving New York. However, he lets him off, deeming it to be "no big deal".[62][63][41]
  • Meeting with the Ancient One in the morning, local time, Strange is told that he will need to study, and gives him his first four books.[4][68]
SMH Trailer 35

Parker and Leeds discuss the restrictions Stark put in the suit

  • Parker removes the tracking device from the Spider-Man suit while Leeds shuts off the Training Wheels Protocol that had been cutting off access to various capabilities of the suit.[62][63][41]
  • Liz Toomes tries to convince Parker to be rebellious and go swimming with her and her friends. Parker reluctantly realizes he cannot join them, and has to leave to find the criminals' base of operations as Spider-Man.[62][63][41]
  • Spider-Man sets off to find the criminals in Maryland. It transpires that in overriding the Training Wheels Protocol, he has also activated the suit's A.I., who Parker later comes to nickname "Karen". He struggles to get a handle on all the suit's capabilities as he tries to follow the criminals.[62][63][41]
FullSizeRender - Copy (10)

Vulture hijacks the Damage Control truck

  • Hijacking of the D.O.D.C. Truck: Spider-Man intervenes as the Vulture attempts to hijack a Department of Damage Control truck. While Spider-Man stops him, in the following fight, he gets trapped and left unconscious inside the truck. He eventually awakens inside the container, having arrived at the truck's destination: a secure D.O.D.C. storage vault.[62][63][41]
  • Spider-Man tries to entertain himself and test several new suit capabilities in the facility while he waits until morning, when the facility will likely next be unlocked. However, when Karen, the suit's A.I., informs him that the Chitauri object he found is explosive, he realizes he has to escape as soon as possible to warn Ned Leeds.[62][63][41]

    Spider-Man trapped in Damage Control's vault

  • Parker wires his calculator into the security panel and systematically works through all the possible combinations, hoping to find the one which will unlock the facility as fast as possible.[62][63][41]


  • Peter Parker finally breaks out of the storage facility, too late to participate in the decathlon. Meanwhile, the Midtown School of Science and Technology team manage to win the championship, as Parker rushes back to Washington, D.C. to save Ned Leeds if the object explodes.[62][63][41]
  • Rescue at the Washington Monument:
    • SMH Reflecting Pool

      Spider-Man arrives at the Washington Monument

      As the victorious Academic Decathlon team visits the Washington Monument, the energy core in Leeds' backpack explodes while they are in the elevator.[62][63][41]
    • Spider-Man arrives just in time to save his friends, but begins to get scared as he reaches the top of the Monument, having never climbed that high before. He releases a Spider-Drone to assess the best way into the landmark, and Karen informs him that he has to break the window with a good amount of force.[62][63][41]
    • A helicopter arrives, telling Spider-Man to back away. Instead, he deploys the "Web-Wings" to jump and glide over the vehicle, before shooting a web onto the bottom of the helicopter and using the momentum to swing at, and break, the window.[62][63][41]
      SMH Mentor 5

      Parker saves his friends

    • Spider-Man shoots webbing to catch the elevator as it falls, saving his friends and teacher. As they leave the elevator, it breaks, and Liz Toomes falls. Spider-Man catches her with a web, and checks everyone is alright, before his web snaps and he drops down the elevator shaft, catching himself with another web before he can injure himself, but then escaping the scene.[62][63][41]



DS Featurette - Characters 1

Strange is introduced to the librarian, Wong

  • Stephen Strange goes to the Kamar-Taj library to return the books. He meets Wong, who gives him a short tour of the library. Strange notices the Book of Cagliostro in the Ancient One's personal collection, and Wong gives him another book to read.[4]
  • Peter Parker is given detention.[41][62][63]
  • He and the other detained students are made to watch another video from Captain America about the importance of learning from your bad behavior. However, Parker sneaks out early.[62][63][41]
    SMH Detention 4

    Parker at detention

  • Parker talks to Karen, asking her to review the footage from the past Friday, before the Washington incident, the night of Liz Toomes' party, hoping to find out who the potential buyer was at the deal he interrupted. Karen identifies him as Aaron Davis.[62][63][41]


  • While he should be in school, Spider-Man instead finds Aaron Davis and webs him to his car. He attempts to scare Davis into giving him information by using "Intimidation Mode" - unnaturally making his voice sound a lot deeper.[62][63][41]
Donald Glover (SMH Trailer 3)

Davis talks to Spider-Man

  • Davis calls him out on his fake voice, unfazed, but gives Spider-Man the information he has, saying that he does not want the weapons in Queens, as he has a nephew who lives in the neighborhood. He informs Spider-Man that there is a Staten Island ferry leaving at 11 AM on which a deal will be going down.[62][63][41]
  • Skirmish on the Staten Island Ferry:
    • Following the information from Aaron Davis, Spider-Man intercepts a delivery of arms to Mac Gargan on a Staten Island ferry. The Vulture then intervenes, however, and the resulting confrontation causes a blast which splits the boat.[62][63][41]
    • SMH Trailer 51

      Skirmish on the Staten Island Ferry

      Spider-Man desperately webs the two halves together as fast as possible in an attempt to hold it together, but the webs soon begin to break. He holds webs attached to either side, trying as hard as he can to hold the boat together, when Iron Man arrives with technology to push the boat back together and seal it, saving the ferry.[62][63][41]
  • Afterwards, Stark takes the Spider-Man suit from Parker, disappointed in his lack of responsibility, and hoping he will learn to be better.[62][63][41]


TP Project Patriot

Project Patriot

  • Principal Morita talks to Peter Parker in his office about his recent truancy. When Parker leaves the office, Ned Leeds is waiting outside, expecting him to be expelled. Parker explains that he only has a set of detentions, but reluctantly resolves to not try to be Spider-Man for the time being, and simply work hard in school.[62][63][41]
  • Jeffrey Mace goes through Project Patriot, which successfully gives him super strength, so long as he routinely takes the serum. He is ordered to pretend that he went through Terrigenesis during the Inhuman Outbreak, so as to improve public acceptance of the Inhuman race.[47][61]


Spider-Man Homecoming still 4

Parker invites Liz Toomes to be his date to the homecoming dance


  • When Parker goes to Toomes' house to pick up Liz Toomes for the ball, her father greets him at the door, and Parker is shocked when he recognizes the man as the Vulture.[62][63][41]
  • Adrian Toomes drives Parker and his daughter to the ball. On the way to Midtown School of Science and Technology, he recognizes Parker's voice, and deduces from Parker's conversations with Liz that he is Spider-Man. When Liz enters the ball, Adrian requests that Parker stay, so he can give him "the dad talk".[62][63][41]
  • SMH Trailer 43

    Adrian Toomes threatens Parker

    He confronts Parker about his true identity, and says that he will let Parker go, as he saved Liz's life, but that if Parker ever interferes with his business again, he will kill him, and everyone he loves.[62][63][41]
  • Peter Parker enters the homecoming dance, dazed from his encounter with Adrian Toomes. He approaches Liz, but realizes he cannot just ignore the crimes her father will be committing that evening, and runs out of the building, picking up his old homemade suit as he leaves.[62][63][41]
  • Duel at Midtown School Bus Yard:
  • Spider-Man accosts Flash Thompson and tells him he needs his car and his phone. Thompson, scared, gives them over, and Spider-Man drives off in the car, albeit with very little skill. He calls Leeds with Thompson's phone, who tells him that Toomes is at Avengers Tower. Parker realizes it is moving day, and Toomes is going to steal from the plane carrying Avengers weaponry.[62][63][41]
Vulture - Heist (Homecoming)

Vulture hijacks the Stark Cargo Plane

  • Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane: The automated plane that left Avengers Tower headed for the Avengers upstate headquarters is hijacked by the Vulture, using a high altitude seal. Unbeknownst to him, Spider-Man attached a web to his back to follow him up to the plane. He breaks the seal, intervening with Vulture's hijacking, but the plane begins to veer off course.[62][63][41]
  • As the plane heads towards a catastrophic crash, Spider-Man uses his webs to pull on the wings and redirect it to crash away from citizens and towards Coney Island.[62][63][41]
SMH Trailer2 53

Duel at Coney Island

  • Duel at Coney Island: The plane crashes, and Vulture continues to fight Spider-Man. Beaten down, Parker watches as the Vulture attempts to escape, but he realizes that Toomes' wings are malfunctioning and are going to explode. He calls out to try to save him, to no avail, and at the last second, he manages to use his webs and save Toomes' life, removing him from the winged suit just before it explodes. He leaves Toomes webbed to the plane wreckage, which is eventually retrieved by Happy Hogan and the Stark Industries crew.[62][63][41]



SMH Promo Still 3

Leeds and Parker see that Liz Toomes is saying goodbye to Betty Brant

  • Peter Parker comes into school following the incidents on Friday evening. He finds Liz Toomes crying at her father's arrest, and approaches her to apologize for leaving her at the homecoming ball. She accepts the apology, and explains that she is moving school. She tells Parker that she hopes he resolves whatever issues he seems to have going on in his life, and the two part ways.[62][63][41]
  • Following Liz Toomes' departure, the decathlon team have a meeting, where Mr. Harrington appoints a new team leader, Michelle Jones - although she notes that her friends do not call her "Michelle", but rather "M.J." Parker then gets a text from an unknown number, telling him to meet the sender in the bathroom, and he excuses himself from the meeting.[62][63][41]
  • In the bathroom, Parker finds Happy Hogan, who congratulates him on his success with the Vulture.
    SMH Trailer3 2

    Happy Hogan takes Peter Parker to the New Avengers Facility

    After an awkward encounter with another student in the bathroom, who is confused by what is going on, Hogan then explains that Tony Stark is awaiting Parker at the New Avengers Facility.[62][63][41]
  • When Parker arrives at the upstate facility, Stark greets him and praises him for his work, jokingly taking all the credit, saying that taking his suit back was the exact life lesson Parker needed. Stark then offers Parker an apartment at the facility, in the room next to Vision, as well as a new Spider-Man suit with gold and black lining. He explains that on the other side of the door is a room of press, waiting for Stark to step out and announce the newest member of the Avengers, "Spider-Man".[62][63][41]
SMH Trailer 34

Stark invites Parker to join the Avengers

  • However, to Stark's surprise, Parker turns down the offers, choosing to return to Queens and simply be the local hero. As he leaves, he notes that he believes he has seen through Stark's roose, that there is not really any press, and it was all just a test to see what he had learned. Stark lets him go, knowing that this was not actually his intention. Pepper Potts comes through the door to ask Stark what they are going to do to please the press waiting for them, and he asks Happy Hogan if he still has the engagement ring on him, which he confirms, saying he has held onto it since 2008. Potts insists she will think of something better than this rushed engagement, but Stark has Hogan toss him the ring anyway, just in case. The newly rekindled couple kiss, before heading through the door to address the media.[62][63][41]
    SMH Trailer 53

    Parker before being discovered by his aunt

  • Peter Parker wears his red Stark-made suit from June again, back in his room in Queens. He pulls off the mask, not realizing that his aunt May is standing behind him in his doorway. She exclaims her shock at discovering her nephew's secret identity.[62][63][41]
  • In prison, Adrian Toomes is approached by Mac Gargan, who says he has heard a rumor that Toomes knows Spider-Man's secret identity. Protecting Parker's secret, since Parker saved both him and his daughter's lives, Toomes lies and says that he does not know.[62][63][41]
  • Quake is involved in an incident in Oswego, New York.[55][57]
    Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.37.14 PM

    Quake's illegal activities are reported


  • The New York Bulletin publishes an article about Quake, questioning whether she is a hero or a rogue.[55]


  • Kaecilius enters a church and speaks to the priest. He insists that the idea of an afterlife is a contradiction, and that he can "prove it", proceeding to kill the man.[67] Then, Kaecilius and his Zealots decipher the ritual to contact Dormammu from the Book of Cagliostro, and successfully connect with him, causing symbols of the Dark Dimension to appear on their foreheads. One Zealot is nervous and unable to contact the entity, so Kaecilius murders him.[67]
  • Collapse of the Edison Bridge: Quake is involved in the collapse of the Edison Bridge while pursuing the Watchdogs. She saves several citizens' lives during the incident.[55][57]
Doctor Strange Teaser 31

Kaecilius and the Zealots contact Dormammu

  • Kaecilius and his Zealots set up in the church, performing another ritual for Dormammu, and the evil entity gives them more power, such as the ability to alter reality even outside of the Mirror Dimension.[4]
  • Meanwhile, having now been involved in many noted incidents, S.H.I.E.L.D. decide to pursue Daisy Johnson. Now that Phil Coulson is no longer director, he and Agent Alphonso Mackenzie are selected to board the Zephyr One and take long journeys to follow her tracks and try to apprehend her. Mace also wishes to keep Coulson's Team apart as much as possible.[60][61]


Mace Rodriguez signing

Yo-Yo Rodriguez signs the Sokovia Accords

  • Rodriguez meets with Jeffrey Mace and signs the Sokovia Accords. Afterwards, she asks permission to find Victor Ramon, who killed her cousin, but Mace says she has to go through the United Nations first. On her way out, she steals his clearance card to receive access to Ramon's location.[70]
  • She begins scanning for Ramon's location when Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons notice her and stop her to upgrade her watch. As they do so, she distracts them from seeing what she is up to by knocking things over, and suggesting the two get an apartment together.[71]

Rodriguez is confronted by Melinda May

Deal Breaker Quake

Quake helps Yo-Yo Rodriguez

  • The two battle the Watchdogs, and Rodriguez eventually holds Ramon at gunpoint. Although she decides to spare him, a Watchdog accidentally kills him with the 0-8-4 when she dodges the blast, which was intended for her. After all the Watchdogs are taken out, Rodriguez and Johnson say their goodbyes.[73][74][57]




  • Stephen Strange begins training alongside other students who prove to have control of the energy that surrounds them. Strange tries hard, but manages nothing.[4]


Coulson and Mack-4x01

Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie on one of their long Zephyr One flights

  • Having lost track of Quake, Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie return to the Playground for another short while, to restock and catch up with their teammates. They continue to keep track of Johnson's reported sightings on a map.[60][55][61]


  • Coulson and Mackenzie embark again on the Zephyr One to try to bring in Quake. They only ever touch down in the Quinjet, with the Zephyr remaining airborne for the whole span of their trips.[60][61]


DS Hamir Magic

Hamir demonstrating his magic to Stephen Strange

  • Stephen Strange starts to train with the Sling Ring along with other students, but again he is unable to achieve their level of competency.[4]
  • The Ancient One explains to him that the fact he cannot master the Sling Ring is not due to the damage to his hands.[4]
  • To prove this, she calls Master Hamir, who is missing an arm, but can perfectly master the Sling Ring.[4]
  • In order to push him to learn, the Ancient One takes Strange through a portal to Mount Everest and abandons him, forcing him to use all his efforts to master the Sling Ring and get back to Kamar-Taj.[4]
  • Doctor Strange 35

    Strange is taken to Everest

    After a few minutes, Strange manages to create a portal back to the courtyard, impressing Mordo and the Ancient One.[4]



  • Quake is involved in an incident near Marshalltown, Iowa.[55][57]


  • Coulson and Mackenzie return to the Playground to refuel after losing track of Quake again after Marshalltown.[60][61]


  • Mackenzie and Coulson set off for their third long trip in pursuit of Quake.[60][61]


Doctor Strange 49

Stephen Strange after shaving himself

  • Strange shaves himself and cuts his hair. He then continues his training over the next few months with more vigor.[4]



  • With no luck on tracking Quake again, Coulson and Mackenzie return to the Playground to restock and see the team again. Coulson's Team are now seeing very little of each other due to the constant pursuit of Daisy Johnson. [61]



Quake on the run





  • Dr. Holden Radcliffe has his last day of hearings. His name is cleared of a few stipulations.[55]
  • Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie intend to capture Quake again. Coulson is confident that today will be the day she shows up.[55]
  • Ascension Coulson and Mack

    Mackenzie and Coulson pursue Johnson

    Johnson, keeping the promise she made to Charles Hinton several months earlier, meets with Polly and Robin Hinton in the square, and gives Robin the wooden robin figure her father carved for her. Polly thanks her for all her help.[55][56]
  • Chase of Quake: Coulson and Mackenzie notice Johnson and run to chase her. Johnson realizes that S.H.I.E.L.D. has found her and walks away to evade them, using her vibrational powers to lift herself off the ground in a very high jump onto a nearby roof, escaping successfully. The duo board a Quinjet to return to the Zephyr One.[55]
  • Radcliffe talks to his artificial intelligence Aida.[55]


  • After letting Quake slip through their fingers yet again, Mackenzie and Coulson return to base for another restock and catch-up, and to celebrate New Year. They are starting to push the boundaries of the Zephyr One, coming reasonably close to its longest recorded stay in the air.[60][47][61]


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  29. In BOOM, Radcliffe tells the Superior, "Pure Terrigen crystals. I picked up some samples last year when I was working for a previous benefactor. His goals were, well, the complete opposite of yours." He is referring to Hive, and his plan to increase the number of Inhumans, rather than kill them. He says this on April 27, 2017, referring to April-June 2016, which fits the statement of "last year".
  30. Scott Derrickson says that Doctor Strange spans one year. While he goes on to explain that he thinks the film spans from one year's fall to the next year's fall, this does not work with other timeline evidence, not lining up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 4 at all, and not particularly working with WHiH either. Derrickson goes on to say, "Don't hold me to this, because I haven't thought about this in a long time," allowing for leniency to make the timeline work. To fit with WHiH and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., while also working with the depicted weather (see other references), the film spans 10 months - close to a year, but from May 2016 to March 2017.
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  50. In Captain America: Civil War, Parker is coming home from school when he encounters Stark. When he returns home 48 hours later in Homecoming, Stark says he has been gone for the "weekend". His encounter with Stark is dated as June 24th, a Friday, with his return being the very early hours of Monday June 27th.
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  58. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, on the reasoned date of September 20, 2016, Tony Stark mentions that Parker quit band "6 weeks ago". Exactly 6 weeks prior would be August 9th, while the middle of that week (taking into consideration a general "weeks ago" statement) would be August 11th. Overall, it is reasoned as August 10th.
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