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"Earth has wizards now?"
Thor to Doctor Strange[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2017.




  • Alphonso Mackenzie has a long awaited dinner date with Elena Rodriguez. He calls her Elena for the last time for the next three months.[1][2][3]
  • He and Coulson return to the Zephyr, as is routine, to renew their pursuit of Quake, following a new lead from her incident in Atlanta. They continue tracking her whereabouts, and hoping to bring her in.[2][3]


  • Stephen Strange begins to write an email to Christine Palmer, but decides not to send it.[4][5]
  • Strange goes to the Kamar-Taj Library in order to obtain more books. However, when he calls for Wong, he does not show up. Strange goes to the Ancient One's private collection and starts to read the Book of Cagliostro.[4][5]
  • He finds instructions on how to use the Eye of Agamotto: a magical item kept only a few meters away, and experiments with its power.[4][5]
  • Benedict-cumberbatch-doctor-strange-movie

    Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto for the first time

    Strange begins to manipulate time for the apple he has been eating, turning it back in its time to regrow, and forward until it rots. Strange uses this power to recover the lost pages stolen by Kaecilius in the book, and comes to realize the Eye's powers of control over the time of objects. He is caught by Wong and Karl Mordo, who both angrily warn Strange not to disturb the natural law, noting that misuse of items of such incredible power could cause Strange to become trapped in a time loop forever.[4][5]
  • Wong and Mordo take Strange to the Sanctum Chamber and reveal the real purpose of the Masters of the Mystic Arts: for keeping Dormammu and other mystical evil entities away from Earth.[4][5]
  • KMordo-MastersExplaination

    Mordo explains the true role of the Masters

    They also tell him about the three Sanctums across the globe in New York City, London, and Hong Kong, as locations from which the sorcerers can protect the Earth.[4][5]
  • Destruction of the London Sanctum:
  • Stunned from the explosion, Strange starts looking for help, walking through the New York Sanctum. He soon discovers the Rotunda of Gateways, as well as the Cloak of Levitation.[5] He encounters Master Daniel Drumm, who hears commotion downstairs, heading down to face the Zealots attacking the Sanctum, instructing Strange to stay put. Strange, however, chooses to follow.[4][6]
  • Battle at the New York Sanctum:
    • DS Sanctum Battle whip

      Strange uses the Cloak of Levitation to fight Kaecilius

      Strange witnesses Kaecilius murdering Drumm. He reveals his presence, forcing the Zealots to attack him, and despite the fact that they had trained for years, Strange manages to fight them with little problem, conjuring eldritch whips and shield mandalas of light to protect himself.[4][5]
    • During the fight, Strange discovers that, due to Dormammu's influence, they are capable to alter the real world outside the Mirror Dimension.[4][5]
    • He decides to use the Rotunda of Gateways to his advantage, trapping one of Kaecilius' disciples in the desert and the other, Lucian, in the jungle, leaving only himself and Kaecilius to continue fighting through the New York Sanctum.[4][5]
    • DS Featurette - Magical Objects 1

      Strange confronts Kaecilius

      Strange attempts to intimidate Kaecilius with the Brazier of Bom'Galiath, but he does not use how to use it. Kaecilius throws him into the Cloak of Levitation's glass case, but the cloak wraps itself around Strange's shoulders and helps him in the fight. The cloak guides Strange to the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, allowing him to trap Kaecilius and end the fight.[4][5]
    • Strange tries to interrogate Kaecilius, but he tells Strange only that time and death are insults, and that the Ancient One extracts powers from the Dark Dimension herself, to obtain extended life.[4][5]
    • DStrange-StabbedByLucian

      Strange is stabbed in the chest by Lucian

      Soon, Kaecilius notes that Strange's Sling Ring is missing, as Lucian makes it back into the Sanctum and stabs Strange with a Space Shard, almost killing him. The Cloak of Levitation protects Strange by attacking Lucian and removing the Sling Ring from his hand.[4][5]
  • Strange uses the Sling Ring to transport himself to Metro-General Hospital, where he calls out Christine Palmer so she can tend to his wounds secretly. Surprised to see Strange again, appearing out of nowhere wearing unusual clothes, and after all this time, Palmer soon begins to tend his wounds as they talk about what was he has been doing during all the time he has been gone.[4][5]
  • StrangePalmer-MidOperation-Projection

    Strange begs Christine Palmer to save him

    Strange apologizes to her for having treated her poorly the last time they saw each other.[4][5]
  • Duel on the Astral Plane:
    • While Palmer operates on him, Strange projects his astral form and uses it to guide her surgery, leaving her bewildered. Lucian uses his astral form to escape from the Cloak of Levitation, and uses the portal Strange left open so as to follow to Metro-General.[4][5]
    • Strange discovers Lucian in the hospital and a battle ensues between the two of them, disturbing several objects in the physical world as Palmer continues performing the surgery.[4][5]
    • DStrange-PowerUp-FightingLucian

      Strange overloads and destroys Lucian

      Palmer eventually shocks Strange twice with a defibrillator, which charges up his astral form enough to kill Lucian.[4][5]
  • Strange returns to his body as Palmer finishes her work on his wound. Strange explains that he went to Kamar-Taj in order to heal his wounds, but instead ended up learning magic.[4][5]
  • Now sufficiently better, Strange decides to return to the New York Sanctum and continue his fight against the Zealots. He shows Palmer the portal he made with his Sling Ring, confirming what he was saying to be completely true.[4][5]
  • DS Spot 19 - 3

    Strange and Mordo talk with the Ancient One

    Strange arrives at the New York Sanctum where he meets with the Ancient One and Karl Mordo, discovering that Kaecilius escaped from the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Impressed by his actions, the Ancient One names him the new protector of the New York Sanctum. However, Strange confronts her about drawing power from the Dark Dimension, causing her to leave abruptly.[4][5]
  • Battle of the Mirror Dimension:
    • Mordo and Strange argue about the Ancient One, but they are interrupted as Kaecilius and his Zealots return to destroy the Sanctum.[4][5]
    • Mirror Dimension Battle

      The Zealots chase the duo in the Mirror Dimension

      Strange drags all of them into the Mirror Dimension so Kaecilius is unable to destroy the Sanctum, and steals his Sling Ring so he cannot escape. Mordo and Strange proceed to run away so they can escape, locking Kaecilius and his Zealots in the Mirror Dimension forever, but Kaecilius and his group start to chase them.[4][5]
    • Kaecilius distorts the terrain around them so Strange and Mordo cannot reach their portals to escape.[4][5]
    • The Zealots chase and warp nearby buildings and skyscrapers, causing Strange and Mordo to plummet down the twisting New York City landscape. Kaecilius and the Zealots eventually manage to separate the two before cornering Strange.[4][5]
    • The Ancient One arrives in time to rescue Strange and Mordo by warping the dimension herself to move them away to safety.[4][5]
    • DS Promo Clip - 5 Days 2

      The Ancient One fights the Zealots

      In doing so, she unintentionally confirms the fact that she draws power from the Dark Dimension as the dimension's symbol appears on her forehead. A battle ensues between her and the Zealots, led by Kaecilius, resulting in her old student stabbing her through one of his Zealots, and pushing her out of the Mirror Dimension and back into the Earth Plane with a Sling Ring, where she falls to a harsh impact on the streets of New York. Strange and Mordo follow through the portal to help her.[4][5]
  • Strange rushes the Ancient One to Metro-General Hospital where they are received by Christine Palmer, who proceeds to help her in the surgery room along with other members of the hospital.[4][5]


  • Astral Form Snow

    Strange talks with the Ancient One before she passes away

    A few hours after the surgery began, at 2:42AM, the Ancient One leaves her physical form and goes out onto a balcony, prompting Doctor Strange to astrally project and follow her, realizing what she is doing. The two talk, and she tells him about the Dark Dimension and why she had drawn her power from there, claiming that it was necessary to help protect others. Strange warns that Mordo will not be so understanding of her. The Ancient One also reveals that she has seen the future, and she knows that this is her final moment. She warns Strange of Dormammu's powers, and holds Strange's hand as she watches snow fall over a nighttime New York City, before her form vanishes, signifying her death.[4][5]
  • In the very early hours of the morning, stunned by the death of his mentor, Stephen Strange washes his hands. He says goodbye to Christine Palmer, before leaving again to fight the Zealots.[4][5]
Wand of Watoomb

Wong prepares to fight the Zealots

  • Kaecilius and his Zealots arrive at the Hong Kong Sanctum where Wong, along with other Masters of the Mystic Arts, is preparing to make a stand. A battle ensues, resulting in the defeat of the Masters and the death of Wong. Kaecilius destroys the Sanctum and prepares to summon Dormammu, who begins to fuse Earth with the Dark Dimension, starting above the remains of the Hong Kong Sanctum.[4][5]
  • Meanwhile, Strange reunites with Mordo at the New York Sanctum, and they decide to stop Kaecilius and his Zealots together.[4][5]
  • Battle at the Hong Kong Sanctum:
    • The duo arrive only to find the Sanctum already destroyed, and the Masters who decided to protect it already dead.[4][5]
    • Doctor Strange EW Screencap 01

      Doctor Strange reverses time using the Eye of Agamotto

      Knowing that they have no other option, Strange decides to use the Eye of Agamotto, breaking the Natural Laws of Time, to turn back time for the city and reverse what has happened. He frees both himself and Mordo from the time reversal, and the reversal returns Wong and many others from the dead, despite Mordo's protests. However, Kaecilius breaks free of the time reversal as well and a battle breaks out in the rebuilding city. Kaecilius stops Strange from completing the spell, freezing time for the city around them and ensuring that the Dark Dimension will still arrive despite Strange's best efforts. Kaecilius says that Dormammu's arrival could not be stopped anymore, saying that his dimension is "beyond time".[4][5]
  • Skirmish in the Dark Dimension:
    Dormammu 3

    Dormammu is confronted by Strange

    • Upon hearing Kaecilius' words, Strange figures out a way to defeat Dormammu, and heads to the Dark Dimension, where time is irrelevant. Strange arrives at the Dark Dimension and before he confronts Dormammu, he uses the Eye of Agamotto to create an unending loop.[4][5]
    • He tells Dormammu he wants to bargain, but the evil entity refuses, killing him many times before Strange reveals that the loop he created has put them in a endless cycle for the whole of eternity; the only trap Dormammu could not escape from, since the Dark Dimension was a place beyond time, and therefore Dormammu has no power over it.[4][5]
    • Dormammu-doctor-strange-2016

      Dormammu fights Strange

      Eventually, Dormammu begins begging Doctor Strange to end the time loop, which he does, on the condition that Dormammu banishes himself and the Zealots from Earth forever.[4][5]
    • Dormammu does this, turning the Zealots and Kaecilius into Mindless Ones and dragging them into the Dark Dimension forever, sealing the portal between the dimensions.[4][5]
  • Strange returns to Wong and Karl Mordo on Earth.[4][5]
  • Doctor Strange Teaser 32

    Mordo walks away from the Mystic Arts

    Mordo leaves the Masters of the Mystic Arts, disillusioned by their dishonest, questionable, and dangerous uses of magic, after having witnessed both Strange and the Ancient One's rash actions be pardoned.[4][5]
  • Doctor Strange returns to Kamar-Taj with Wong. He replaces the Eye of Agamotto, saying that he is not yet worthy of wielding it; Wong tells him that this is wise, revealing the Eye's true nature as holding an Infinity Stone, a term Strange does not understand.[4][5]
  • Strange embraces his position as the new protector of the New York Sanctum.[4][5]
Sorcerer Supreme

Strange arrives at the New York Sanctum



Ghost Rider Murders

Ghost Rider's previous victims from early 2017

  • Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie come back to the Playground for a restock. Having been in the air for nearly five weeks, they have almost broken the Zephyr One's record.[2][3]


  • Mackenzie and Coulson take off for their longest flight yet, globetrotting on the Zephyr One for meetings, while keeping track of Johnson.[2][3]


  • In Walnut Park, Los Angeles, a burned body is found, being the signal of a "murder epidemic".[7][8]



  • An unidentified body is found by the West Covina police.[7][8]


Ghost Rider Found Cell Phone Footage - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Ghost Rider Found Cell Phone Footage - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ghost Rider drives away with the Hell Charger


  • The councilman Roger Perez visits a construction site in Boyle Heights. However, Perez is suddenly ambushed by the Ghost Rider, who brutally murders him, after founding him guilty for his actions.[7][8]


  • Perez's corpse is found by the construction workers on the site.[7][8]


  • Thomas Wright, a teacher at San Gabriel Valley High School, is tracked down to his house in Alhambra by the demonic vigilante Ghost Rider, who discovered that he was a pedophile. Ghost Rider kills him and burns down the residence.[7][8]


  • GhostRider-Graffiti

    Graffiti of the Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider sightings are becoming more frequent. He becomes considered as some kind of vigilante by the people of Los Angeles.[8][7]



  • Melinda May sends a request out for the Zephyr One to return to the Playground.[11][7]
  • Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie return as May is training a new team of specialist agents. She reveals the details of the Ghost Rider incident to them, and in private, tells them Quake was there. She also reveals the officials are tracking Johnson with the intention of killing her.[11][7]
  • AryanScott-Death

    Scott is visited by Johnson

    Johnson breaks into M. Scott's hospital room to question him about the crate and Ghost Rider. However, before he can say much, Scott dies after warning her of Ghost Rider's terrifying nature. Johnson then escapes from the police a second time.[11][7]
  • Back at the Playground, Jemma Simmons, now working as Jeffrey Mace's advisor, is testing the Framework for Leo Fitz when Coulson and Mackenzie visit them. Fitz gives them new equipment, including an exploding pen for Mackenzie and an update for Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand.[11][7]
  • Later, Coulson and Mackenzie pick up Elena Rodriguez, who starts to flirt with Mackenzie. She secretly steals some pills for Quake.[11][7]
  • Fitz Discovers AIDA-4x01

    Fitz discovers Aida

    Leo Fitz meets with Holden Radcliffe to watch the Scottish League Cup final. However, when Radcliffe steps out of the room, Aida, in her new Life-Model Decoy body, walks up to Fitz to greet him, but ultimately glitches.[11][7]
  • Fitz begins to panic because Radcliffe has built her body without permission and could get arrested.[11][7]
  • Quake continues research into the Ghost Rider in an attempt to find him. She meets Yo-Yo on a bus to receive the pills and briefly catches up with her.[11][7]
  • Jemma Simmons gives Melinda May new Mapping-Action Eyewear software, and when she asks for her to sign for it.[11][7]

    Mapping-Action Eyewear

    May begins to complain about the new color-coded Clearance Level system, now called the "Spectrum of Security". Simmons discovers Coulson and Mackenzie were sent to Los Angeles by May against orders.[11][7]
  • Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie go to Canelo's Auto and Body to investigate, where they find brutally beaten bodies. T. Mitchell, whom Reyes has been torturing for information, is killed by Reyes in order to cover his tracks.[11][7]
  • Investigating the crime scene, Coulson and Mackenzie discover that the crate that was being transported by the Aryans was scheduled to be delivered to the Chinatown Crew that night.[11][7]
  • TG Jemma and May

    May is given a mission by Jemma Simmons

    They decide to operate without authorization. However, Simmons sends Melinda May and her team to stop Coulson and Mackenzie.[11][7]
  • Ambush on the Chinatown Crew: The box is delivered by the Aryans to the Chinatown leader, Chen, who opens the box with Lucy Bauer inside, allowing her to escape and infect him. The infection causes him to hallucinate his co-workers with demonic faces. Melinda May and her team arrive to arrest them, but Bauer infects May before fleeing.[11][7]
  • Duel at El Monte Junk and Salvage:
    • Quake, having found Robbie Reyes' location, meets him at Canelo's Auto and Body to try to get information out of him. Reyes attempts to get her to leave unsuccessfully, and after being questioned, he transforms into Ghost Rider and attempts to kill her.[11][7]
    • Ghost Rider Spares Quake

      Ghost Rider judges Johnson

      Johnson manages to fight back, but Reyes pushes a shelving unit over to topple onto her as she lies on the ground. Johnson struggles to quake it to stop it falling and injuring her. The Rider stands over her and peers into her soul, but then walks away, deciding to let her live.[11][7]



  • Robbie Reyes travels to work and briefly interacts with his co-workers. As he is working, Quake visits him with a made up story of her car engine lighting on fire, forcing Reyes to play along. When they are finally alone, they discuss the Ghost Rider. Reyes claims he is not an Inhuman, but rather something very different, and that he "sold [his] soul to the devil". When Johnson mentions Gabe Reyes, Robbie decides to attack again. They briefly duel, but Reyes knocks her out.[11][12]
  • Meet the New Boss 4

    Coulson and Mace discuss Quake

    As Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz are researching a bizarre invisible material, Alphonso Mackenzie brings them details on Lucy Bauer and the house incident. The three question the existence of ghosts, then Fitz and Mackenzie get a lead and go to find her, without Simmons.[11][12]
  • Phil Coulson and Melinda May talk to Jeffrey Mace, the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., after a two-hour wait. They discuss Quake, and although Mace assures he forgives them for chasing her, he still says she needs to be stopped before they legitimize S.H.I.E.L.D. again. Before she leaves, May hallucinates Mace's face becoming demonic.[11][12]
  • Mace gives Coulson the assignment of leading a tour group, and as he and Coulson lead the tour, they briefly discuss S.H.I.E.L.D. history and Peggy Carter. May hallucinates multiple tour members becoming demonic the same way Coulson's head.[11][12]
  • Piper-ICanDoMay

    May talks to Piper before going to see Chen

    Desperate for answers, May visits Chen in his cell and begs for a way to cure her infection. Chen only says that it is "everywhere", and suddenly bangs his head on the glass until Jemma Simmons comes and knocks him out.[11][12]
  • Lucy Bauer enters Momentum Labs and frees Hugo and Frederick from boxes similar to the one that held her. They blame Bauer for getting them there, and they discuss how the book that locked them away could now be used to help them. They decide to kill Eli Morrow, the one who betrayed them, and continue to free people like themselves.[11][12]
  • Quake wakes up to discover Robbie Reyes tied her up, while looking for an excuse to kill her.[11][12]
  • DaisyRidesHellCharger-Fire

    Ghost Rider gets rid of Johnson

    They begin to discuss the Aryan Brotherhood, and Johnson mentions that Momentum Labs could be involved with the crate that they were transporting. Reyes realizes that this is a lead and leaves, but Johnson uses her powers to escape and follows him.[11][12]
  • Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie infiltrate Momentum Labs, but are attacked by Frederick. He traps Mackenzie in a machine that will turn him into one of them, but when he goes for Fitz, Robbie Reyes intervenes. Reyes transforms into Ghost Rider and murders Frederick, allowing Fitz and Quake to rescue Mackenzie. Ghost Rider grabs a picture of Lucy Bauer and the others before they were ghosts, before he walks out.[11][12]
  • Director Mace stops May

    Jeffrey Mace knocks out May

    Melinda May's infection makes her go insane so she lashes out agains her team until Jeffrey Mace intervenes, revealing his powers, and knocking her out.[11][12]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie discovers Elena Rodriguez has been giving Daisy Johnson pills for her injuries. Mackenzie and Leo Fitz try to convince Johnson to return to S.H.I.E.L.D., but she refuses.[11][12]


Yo-Yo and Friends-4x03

Rodriguez is confronted by the Watchdogs

  • Watchdogs invade the party that Elena Rodriguez is attending, looking for an Inhuman there. Yo-Yo uses her super speed to subtly disarm the Watchdogs, but her friend notices and freaks out, blowing Rodriguez's cover.[11][13]
  • At that moment, Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Leo Fitz arrive and, with, Yo-Yo's help, fight and subdue the Watchdogs.[11][13]
  • Radcliffe and Simmons discover the source of May's hallucinations, and realize the only way to save her is to stop her heart, and then quickly bring her back to life before her body completely shuts down, which would "reset" her brain. They stop her heart as planned, but before they can defibrillate, the power goes out.[11][13]
Resuscitated May-4x03

May is revived and cured of her madness

  • Simmons panics and begins to perform CPR, to no avail. Radcliffe eventually uses Aida's battery to charge the defibrillator, allowing them to restart May's heart, bringing her back to life and curing her.[11][13]
  • Another threat from the Watchdogs comes online, so Jeffrey Mace contacts the president.[11][13]
  • Robbie Reyes and Daisy Johnson, now at the Reyes brothers' home, discuss how Robbie can recover so fast. He explains that his strong healing factor means his injuries do not last long. Robbie then heads out to make sure people are safe, as the Ghost Rider. He uses work as an excuse, not wanting Gabe to know what he truly does.[11][13]
  • Uprising 1

    Gabe Reyes

    Gabe and Johnson have a conversation after Robbie leaves, but Gabe tells her he knows of her abilities and that she is Quake. He says that he believes she is a good person, but he wants her to stay away from Reyes, to keep him surrounded by trustworthy and safe people, threatening to expose her to the public if she does not.[11][13]
  • Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, Leo Fitz, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez find the source of the outages, an EMP device, and reset it to bring the power back on, ending the Blackout Attack.[11][13]



S.H.I.E.L.D. goes public again



  • Daisy Johnson gets injured in a confrontation with the Watchdogs while she is trying to obtain information on how they are managing to find every Inhuman they have killed. She decides to reunite with Simmons in order to get some help.[14][15]


  • Jemma Simmons goes to look at a new apartment opportunity for her and Leo Fitz,

    Quake asks Simmons for help

    only to discover it was a decoy set up by Daisy Johnson. Simmons treats Johnson's injuries as they briefly catch up, before Johnson asks for help hunting the Watchdogs. When Simmons refuses, Johnson pulls a gun on her to force her to help.[14][15]
  • Chase of Robbie Reyes: Phil Coulson visits Eli Morrow in his prison to question him about Momentum Labs. Coulson tells him about Lucy Bauer and that something happened to her and her friends, but Morrow does not say anything. Outside, Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie notice Robbie Reyes driving by, and give chase. Eventually, they trick him into crashing into an invisible Quinjet, and then arrest him.[14][15]
  • Holden Radcliffe tells Melinda May about what happened to her when they cured her infection days prior.

    Radcliffe argues with Fitz

    Leo Fitz arrives and panics when he discovers Aida is helping to treat her, but Radcliffe says that she is becoming so advanced it is easy to mistake her as human. Fitz reluctantly agrees, as May has fallen for it.[14][15]
  • Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson plan to steal information from Elizabeth Albee that will help them track Watchdogs. However, because of her high clearance level, Simmons simply asks Albee for the information, to Johnson's surprise. After they get the info, they find JT James is trying to find information on Inhumans, and Simmons insists that they work together in confronting him.[14][15]
  • They meet James at a fireworks shop, where he works, to make a deal with him. James tells them to meet him on the 2nd floor of a storage base later that night.[14][15]

    Reyes: "I made a deal with the Devil"

  • Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie question Robbie Reyes about the Ghost Rider, and then decide he can help with the Momentum Labs case, letting him out so as to make a deal. They form an alliance to find answers. Reyes visits Eli Morrow for to question him, with a device relaying the conversation to the agents, but Morrow figures out he is working with Coulson. Morrow tells him about Lucy Bauer and what happened to them, and of a book that he calls "evil".[14][15]
  • Lucy Bauer wakes Joseph Bauer from a coma and asks for the whereabouts of the book.[14][15]
  • Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie are alerted about Primed and Ready Fireworks and head out to the situation.

    Lucy Bauer visits Joseph

    Robbie Reyes decides to go with them.[14][15]
  • Aida asks Holden Radcliffe why Leo Fitz is not being honest about what she actually is, having been programmed to be completely honest herself. Radcliffe does not tell her about S.H.I.E.L.D., instead just telling her it is sometimes OK to lie.[14][15]
  • Ambush at Primed and Ready Fireworks:
    • Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons meet JT James at the arranged place. However, they discover it is a trap set by James and the Watchdogs, whom James/"Hellfire" is working with. Surrounded by Watchdogs, Johnson and Simmons manage to briefly distract them and then hide.[14][15]
    • Ghost Rider vs Hellfire

      Ghost Rider vs. Hellfire

      Eventually, Hellfire finds them and attacks them with a fiery chain, when Robbie Reyes suddenly intervenes and takes the chain himself. He transforms into Ghost Rider and attempts to subdue him, but Hellfire knocks them to the lower floor. Johnson and Simmons reunite with Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie, just before Ghost Rider's flames blow up the firework shop. Reyes delivers an unconscious James to them.[14][15]
  • In the Quinjet, Phil Coulson shows Daisy Johnson and Robbie Reyes a photo of the Darkhold, the book that they have been searching for. The three form an alliance in order to find it, using Joseph Bauer as their lead.[14][15]
  • LMSNTYF Coulson May Club

    Coulson picks up May

    Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons visit Holden Radcliffe to pick up Leo Fitz and Melinda May. Although Coulson also believes Aida is a human despite her acting fishy, Simmons does not fall for it, questioning Fitz in private.[14][15]
  • Fitz points out the stakes if Jeffrey Mace were to find out about Aida, and Simmons realizes she will have to somehow lie to Mace during her lie detector test the following day.[14][15]


  • Coulson arrives to see Joseph Bauer, who tells him that Lucy Bauer has the Darkhold, just before he dies from her ghostly infection. Coulson decides to use Morrow against Lucy.[14][16]
  • Simmons Confronts Mace

    Simmons confronts Mace about the "truth" of Vienna

    When Jemma Simmons says she knows the truth about what happened in Vienna, Mace exempts her from any lie detector tests.[14][16]
  • Jeffrey Mace, whose public approval is high after his supposed heroics during the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre, becomes even more popular after he reveals his Inhuman status in a television debate with Ellen Nadeer. Nadeer also mentions that she has heard about recent incidents, one of those involving Hong Kong.[14][16]
  • South Ridge Penitentiary Riot:
    • As the team arrives, Lucy Bauer infects the prison's staff. In order to get to Eli Morrow, Fitz has to unlock all the doors in the prison, which releases a number of criminals associated with the Watchdogs.[14][16]
    • Ghost Rider in Prison 1

      Ghost Rider after murdering Santino Noguera

      Johnson and May fight them, but Johnson is injured. Meanwhile, Reyes and Mackenzie fight and kill Vincent and Hugo.[14][16]
    • Reyes rescues Morrow, but on the way out, confronts the last member of the "Fifth Street Locos" gang who had paralyzed Gabe in a paid hit, Santino Noguera. Reyes loses control, and the Ghost Rider kills the prisoner. However, Reyes' distraction unintentionally allows Bauer the time to kidnap Morrow and flee to an abandoned Roxxon Corporation power plant.[14][16]
  • Lucy Bauer forces Morrow to read the Darkhold, as she herself is not able to.[14][16]
  • ENadeer-CU-Uprising

    Nadeer blackmails Mace

    Jeffrey Mace secretly meets with Ellen Nadeer, who threatens to release footage of Quake helping the agents, and Ghost Rider killing the prisoner while working with S.H.I.E.L.D..[14][16]



Reyes kills Lucy

  • Alphonso Mackenzie and Melinda May investigate the aftermath and discover Coulson and Fitz to be missing.

    Eli Morrow obtains his powers

    However, they are actually right in front of them, just invisible to them, trapped in between dimensions. Eli Morrow, with his new matter-creation abilities, takes down a few S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and builds a wall to escape and block the rest off. Robbie Reyes, who is also trapped between dimensions, sees the whole thing, but is unable to interfere.[14][18]
  • Jeffrey Mace, Daisy Johnson, and Gabe Reyes look at footage for information on the men's disappearances, but are unable to find the slightest clue. Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz, and Robbie Reyes attempt to communicate with them, all in vain. Fitz concludes they are indeed in another dimension, one which is like a backdrop to their main dimension,
    Spirit of Vengeance

    The Spirit of Vengeance takes over Alphonso Mackenzie

    and theorizes they are being sucked into Hell. Mace lies to everyone about where Jemma Simmons is, which leads Fitz, still invisible, to follow him. He discovers Mace's secret alliance with Ellen Nadeer, and that he lied about Simmons. Suddenly, the spirit which inhabits the Ghost Rider, the "Spirit of Vengeance", leaves Reyes in favor of Mackenzie. Mackenzie, influenced by this new possession and power, leaves to track Eli Morrow.[14][18]
  • Jemma Simmons is sent to investigate the brother of Ellen Nadeer, who has been stuck in a Terrigenesis shell for 7 months, arousing concerns that he may be a very powerful Inhuman when he finally breaks out. Simmons manages to comfort him out of his shell, which causes the other scientists to remove her from the room.[14][18]
Mack Rider

Mackenzie as Ghost Rider


The Big Guns

Quake, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and Ghost Rider team up


May and Radcliffe talk about Aida

The Patriot 2

The Patriot introduces Quake as a new agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the public



Johnson deletes the details of the night where Yo-Yo tried to get revenge on her cousin's killer


Shockley talks to Nadeer

  • Ellen Nadeer talks to Shockley about her brother, when suddenly Jeffrey Mace, Quake, and Jemma Simmons arrive to take Vijay with them.[19][21]
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie, with a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, try to find Aida. Phil Coulson talks with "Melinda May" about the Darkhold, trying to get Aida's attention.[19][21]
  • Aida raids Jeffrey Mace's office and finds the Darkhold. Upon arriving at the entrance to the Playground, Rodriguez and Mackenzie are attacked by a Quinjet controlled by Aida, when Holden Radcliffe and Leo Fitz restore the energy to the compound. Coulson and "May" leave, while Fitz, with Radcliffe standing in front, find Aida and order her to return the book.[19][21]
  • BP Aida's Death

    Aida is beheaded by Mackenzie

    She attempts to flee, but Fitz reveals that he has deactivated the energy to the entrances, preventing her escape. Aida is ambushed as Mackenzie cuts off her head with the Shotgun-Axe.[19][21]
  • A member of the Watchdogs crew keeps an eye on Vijay Nadeer. Shockley arrives to kill him, but Nadeer retaliates with his new Inhuman powers. As Quake fights the Watchdogs, Vijay meets with Mace and Ellen. Simmons tells him to go with them, but he decides to go with his sister instead.[19][21]
  • Escaping in a helicopter, Ellen Nadeer betrays her brother and shoots him in the stomach before throwing him into the sea. When he lands in the water, Vijay Nadeer undergoes an unprecedented second Terrigenesis.[19][21]

Radcliffe and Aida discuss how May's LMD will help them to obtain the Darkhold

  • Leo Fitz picks up Aida's head and hides it from the team so he can investigate what really happened to her.[19][21][2]
  • Meanwhile at the Radcliffe Residence, Radcliffe talks to a second version of Aida. He tells her that he is upset at their recent failure to obtain the Darkhold, having programmed the first Aida to steal it for him in secret.[19][21]



Aida Chokes May-4x10

Aida chokes Melinda May to keep her from escaping

  • Meanwhile, at the Radcliffe Residence, Leo Fitz and Holden Radcliffe also discuss the attack. Fitz tells Radcliffe that he should not come to work at S.H.I.E.L.D. for some time after his blunder with Aida led to Nathanson's death, before leaving the home.[27][26]
  • After Fitz's departure, Radcliffe and Aida discuss their plan, and how the Life-Model Decoy they have planted replacing Melinda May is programmed to be unaware of her true nature and of her mission to retrieve the Darkhold. Radcliffe also worries about the fact that they cannot seem to stabilize the real May's condition so that she can remain calm and sedated, programming her a virtual simulation so she can believe she is relaxing on a beach.[2]

    Talbot threatens Zaikin

    May wakes up and tries to escape before being stopped by Aida, who sedates her once again.[27][26]
  • "May" and Quake interrogate Zaikin, who reveals that he was not the only terrorist sent to kill Mace.[27][26]
  • As the team fly in the director's Quinjet, the vehicle is attacked in the air and Burrows falls to his death before the plane crashes, killing agent McCafferty in the process. Coulson, Mackenzie, and Mace are unharmed and realize that the Quinjet's systems were hacked. Figuring out that they are in danger, they decide to leave, but Jeffrey Mace insists that they must first find Burrows' body.[27][26]
  • At the Playground, Talbot and the others cannot locate the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
    The Patriot Quinjet Crash

    The Quinjet crashes

    After Quake, Simmons, and May leave Mace's office, Talbot reports the investigation to the president, telling him that they do not know whether "the package" is safe.[27][26]
  • Fitz returns to the Playground, and reunites with Simmons, but they soon fall out about his involvement in Aida's design. They put the argument aside for the time-being so that Fitz can help her to locate their friends.[27][26]
  • Talbot carries on Yuri Zaikin's interrogation but cannot get any information from him. Shortly after, Simmons discovers that she has access to something called "Project Patriot", and she and Fitz ask Talbot about the significance of the suitcase Burrows used to carry around for the director.[26]
  • GTalbot-Frustrated-S4E10

    Talbot reveals the truth about Project Patriot to Fitz and Simmons

    Glenn Talbot reveals that Mace is not really an Inhuman. Instead, he gained his super strength from injections of a serum inspired by Calvin Zabo's Formula, which Burrows carried in the suitcase to administer to Mace regularly.[27][26]
  • Meanwhile, Coulson, Mace, and Mackenzie discover that the terrorists are using HYDRA equipment. Mace reiterates his insistence on finding Burrows' corpse, but the terrorists already retrieved it, as well as the suitcase. Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie attack the terrorists, but are surprised to see that Mace simply seizes the suitcase and flees, without fighting alongside them. He is stopped by a terrorist who shoots him in the leg, before being killed by Coulson and Mackenzie, who both now realize the truth behind Mace's powers.[27][26]
  • Patriot-ExplosionLight-TP

    Patriot during the battle

    After obtaining the location of the crash site from Zaikin by scaring him with Aida's decapitated head, May's LMD and Quake arrive at the site just in time to help Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Jeffrey Mace to defeat the Watchdogs. The team manage to take down all the terrorists before returning to the Playground.[27][26]
  • May's LMD realizes that she is an android after a wound from the battle opened up her skin and revealed her substructure.[27][26]
  • Fitz downloads the data of Aida's head on his phone to keep working with the data in secret.[27][26]

Project Patriot

  • In his office, Mace apologizes to Coulson, revealing the truth behind his "heroics" at the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre and his work with Talbot in the following months, and he concludes by offering his resignation. Coulson declines, however, and Mace agrees to remain the official director of S.H.I.E.L.D., while Coulson will take leadership of the field operations.[27][26]


  • Aida and Holden Radcliffe discuss May's fate, and Radcliffe tells Aida that he does not intend to kill May unless it is an absolute necessity.[27][2]
  • In the new simulation, Melinda May believes that she wakes up once again and manages to get free of her bonds. She is found by Aida
    Wake Up 12

    Melinda May tries to escape within the simulation

    who chases her through the Radcliffe Residence. Eventually, May discovers that she is still in a simulation where she has been given someone to fight, corresponding better to May's nature than the previous relaxing environment. Aida informs May that she has attempted to escape in this Framework simulation several times and got further and further each time, but that she keeps resetting May's memory every time she catches her.[27][2]
  • At the Playground, S.H.I.E.L.D. decides to have Daisy Johnson sign the Sokovia Accords at the Capitol, while Elena Rodriguez will infiltrate Senator Ellen Nadeer's office - an operation to which Glenn Talbot reluctantly agrees.[27][2]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie receives a text message from Nicole and informs Rodriguez that he cannot join the mission and that he has something else to do.[27][2]
  • Leo Fitz still struggles to find answers regarding the reason behind Aida turning on them and attacking,

    Daisy Johnson prepares to sign the Sokovia Accords

    and talks to "May" about the influence that the Darkhold could have had on her.[27][2]
  • Jeffrey Mace, Glenn Talbot, and Daisy Johnson attend the public hearing prior to the signing of the Sokovia Accords in the presence of Nadeer, while Phil Coulson and Rodriguez try to infiltrate the senator's office. Nadeer confronts Johnson about her Inhuman nature and her illegal activities while she was fighting the Watchdogs as the vigilante nicknamed Quake. She then reveals that she is aware that her office is currently being broken into, just as Coulson and Rodriguez are spotted and arrested, which leads to S.H.I.E.L.D. being put under public investigation. This makes Coulson and the others think that there must be a mole within S.H.I.E.L.D.[27][2]
  • Jemma Simmons and May's LMD discuss the leak, and Simmons confronts Fitz about his work on Aida's first version's

    Johnson, Mace, and Talbot discover that Yo-Yo and Coulson have been arrested

    severed head which he had kept and secretly worked on. Simmons thinks that the footage from the head's eye camera could have provided Nadeer with the intel, but Fitz refutes this, informing the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that he investigated the real cause of Aida's insubordination and finally found it: Holden Radcliffe himself.[27][2]
  • A team is sent to the Radcliffe Residence, where May's LMD had gone first to confront Radcliffe about her own true nature. The LMD realizes that she cannot go against Radcliffe's secret programming to retrieve the Darkhold, neither can she overcome her programming preventing her from attacking Radcliffe or even disclosing her true identity to the others.[27][2]
WU Radcliffe Arrest

Simmons, Fitz, and Coulson arrest Holden Radcliffe

  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team finally breaks in and arrests Radcliffe, who is locked in a Containment Module at the Playground.[27][2]
  • Once he returns, Alphonso Mackenzie tells Yo-Yo Rodriguez about his daughter, Hope Mackenzie, who died 11 years ago, only four days old. He explains that went to see his ex-girlfriend Nicole to support her, as the next day would have been Hope's birthday.[27][2]
  • Fitz later visits Radcliffe and confronts him about lying to everyone. However, Fitz figures out that the person he is speaking to is not human, but a Life-Model Decoy, and he shoots the android in the head, revealing its true nature. The real Radcliffe watches the whole scene through the LMD's eye camera while he makes an alliance with Ellen Nadeer and the Watchdogs.[27][2]
WU Katya

As the first change to the Framework's rewritten history, May succeeds in rescuing Katya Belyakov

  • In order to prevent May from escaping the simulation, Radcliffe reprograms the Framework world to allow her to live a rewritten life: a life where she can look back happily on the Rescue on Bahrain, having managed to save Katya Belyakov instead of killing her, May's greatest regret.[27][2]


HPS LMD Radcliffe

The body of Holden Radcliffe's LMD

  • Meanwhile, at the Playground, Leo Fitz repairs Holden Radcliffe's Life-Model Decoy and interrogates him with Alphonso Mackenzie and Jemma Simmons in order to determine where the original Radcliffe is - though they discover that the android's programming is too sophisticated for them to break into. Radcliffe's LMD then angers Fitz by referring to Fitz's abusive father, stating that Radcliffe knew him. Enraged, Fitz unplugs the android and leaves the room.[28][25]
  • Meanwhile, Billy Koenig is brought into a dark room inside a submarine, where Radcliffe is also being kept, faking imprisonment so as to gain Billy's trust and extract the whereabouts of the Darkhold.[28][25]

The Superior

  • However, as Koenig insists in front of the Superior, the leader of the Watchdogs himself, that he is willing to die regardless of any torture he might receive, Radcliffe decides not to torture him, but to look into his mind using some Framework equipment.[28][25]
  • Daisy Johnson manages to identify Leo Babikov, one of the Watchdogs who attacked the Koenig brothers, proving that Radcliffe has allied with the organization, and thus with Senator Ellen Nadeer. Sam Koenig then reveals that he knows about the Darkhold because Billy gave it to him, and he then gave it to another Koenig agent, LT Koenig.[28][25]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. takes LT Koenig aboard the Zephyr One where she talks to Coulson and

    Holden Radcliffe reviews Billy Koenig's memories

    the others, explaining "Operation Hot Potato": passing the Darkhold back and forth between the three Koenig agents before hiding it in the Labyrinth, a secured S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.[28][25]
  • Since Billy is the Koenig who had the Darkhold right before hiding it, Radcliffe is able to locate the book from studying his memories. Despite this, Ivanov does not trust Radcliffe's methods and orders that Billy Koenig should be interrogated to confirm their intel. However, after a brief confrontation during which Aida beats several Watchdogs and reveals her android nature, Ivanov agrees to head to the Labyrinth immediately.[28][25]
  • While talking to Simmons, Leo Fitz figures out that Radcliffe's LMD does not run on pure computer programming: he is equipped with a Quantum Brain created by Aida with knowledge from the Darkhold.[28][25]
    HPS Quantum Brain

    Quantum Brain

  • Horrified, Fitz, Simmons, and Mackenzie realize that Radcliffe and Aida created another Quantum Brain inside another LMD: one which has replaced Melinda May.[28][25]
  • Kidnapping of Billy Koenig: Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, May's LMD, and the Koenig siblings arrive at the Labyrinth and retrieve the Darkhold right before the Watchdogs attack. When May's LMD finally takes the Darkhold, her secret programming takes over and she refuses to hand it over to Coulson, threatening to kill him. Coulson figures out that he is dealing with an android, and May's LMD is quickly taken down by Johnson, who was warned by Fitz and Simmons. S.H.I.E.L.D. then fights the Watchdogs but lose the Darkhold, which is taken by Holden Radcliffe.[28][25]

Anton Ivanov states that Coulson is responsible for alien events in the last several years

  • At the Playground, May's LMD is turned off and kept in a safe place, as Daisy Johnson promises to Phil Coulson that they will get the real May back.[28][25]
  • Meanwhile, Ivanov reveals that he seeks to kill Coulson, claiming that he is at the center of all the alien-related phenomena which have occurred in the past several years.[28][25]



Tucker Shockley explodes in Ellen Nadeer's office


Agnes Kitsworth

  • Coulson and Mackenzie convince Kitsworth to arrange a meeting with Radcliffe, so that they can find out Melinda May's location and rescue her.[28][29]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. sends a team to investigate Tucker Shockley, unaware of Shockley's true nature. He is arrested and brought aboard the Zephyr One. He prepares to explode again, before being ejected just before he can take down the plane.[28][29]
  • In Spain, Radcliffe attends the meeting with Kitsworth and persuades her that he has a way to save her: the Framework, a whole virtual rebuilding of the real world, built by Aida, thanks to the knowledge found in the Darkhold. Radcliffe, much to Coulson's dismay, takes Kitsworth with him to connect her to the Framework.[28][29]
BOOM Shockley Pod

Shockley is captured

  • Kidnapping of Jeffrey Mace: A field mission is planned to capture Shockley, and the team carry it out, successfully trapping him in a containment sphere designed by Leo Fitz. Mace, however, is taken down and captured by the Watchdogs while ensuring the other agents' escape.[28][29]
  • Agnes Kitsworth's consciousness is uploaded into the Framework. She wakes up in a private place located away from civilization, where she can live completely in peace, even if her body perishes in the real world.[28][29]
  • Phil Coulson resolves to save both May and Mace.[28][29]


TMBTS Daisy v Coulson 3

Daisy Johnson and Phil Coulson train in the Framework

The Man Behind the Shield Wall

Ivanov's investigation on Coulson


Real World
The Man Behind the Shield 12

Anton Ivanov interrogates Jeffrey Mace

  • Jeffrey Mace, who is imprisoned in a naval base in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, manages to break free of his chains and tries to escape, but is soon found by Ivanov, the Superior. Without his super strength, Mace is quickly overpowered by his captor and brought back to his cell, where the Superior interrogates him.[28][31]
  • The Superior then leaves the cell with Aida, and tells her that each one of them has a purpose in life, even "filth" like Mace.[28][31]
  • Meanwhile, Phil Coulson and his team finds the same safe that he and May had cracked in the past, and they discover the skeletons of several SVR soldiers, with one skull containing a ringing cell phone. Coulson takes the call and finally speaks with the Superior, who blames Coulson for the deaths of the soldiers from his unit in 2003.[28][31]
The Man Behind the Shield 8

Coulson talks to Ivanov

  • Ivanov then tells Coulson that Mace and May will suffer the same fate of his former colleagues. After hanging up, he tells Mace about his belief that Coulson having engineered all alien-related events on Earth in the past few years.[28][31]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team returns on the Zephyr One, where they try to locate Mace and May. Using the intel provided by Ivanov, they learn about the Krasnoyarsk Krai naval base. They immediately fly to the base and begin their infiltration, with Fitz and Simmons taking over the communications room while Coulson, Johnson, and Mackenzie search for their captured friends.[28][31]
  • Coulson soon encounters Ivanov, who proceeds to tell him the story of his unit from 2003, and how they were executed for not being able to retrieve the 0-8-4. However, Coulson dismisses Ivanov's speech as irrelevant,
    The Man Behind the Shield 3

    S.H.I.E.L.D. assaults Anton Ivanov's base

    since he only cares about finding Mace and May. He then lets Johnson fight Ivanov while he leaves to continue searching. Coulson and Mackenzie find Mace, who is being beaten up by several Watchdogs.[28][31]
  • Though Ivanov is a tough opponent, Johnson is able to overpower him with her Inhuman powers, and buries him under a pile of rubble.[28][31]
  • Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons learn that Aida is present at the base. Simmons decides to find her with Agent Davis while Fitz remains in the communication room.[28][31]
  • Phil Coulson, Jeffrey Mace, Leo Fitz, and Alphonso Mackenzie are replaced by Life-Model Decoy copies of their respective likenesses, and placed in the Framework.[28][32]
Framework History
The Framework is updated as each of them enter, removing their biggest regret from their lives, and thus altering the Framework's history from those points.
HYDRA Framework

HYDRA within the Framework

The Framework's history is now fully created and updated, including the pivotal Cambridge Incident.[28][32]

Alexander Pierce High School

Real World
  • While their communications are briefly cut, Simmons figures out that Aida fled with the submarine. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents finally regather and Coulson orders them to return to the Playground, despite not rescuing Melinda May.[28][31]
Four LMDs

"LMD detected"

  • Back at base, Simmons struggles to understand the timetable of the mission, feeling that something does not seem right. While sharing these feelings with Fitz, she receives an alert from a Life-Model Decoy detector in the base which indicates that four agents have apparently been replaced by androids while battling the Watchdogs in Russia. Simmons is led to believe that this is Coulson, Mace, Johnson, and Mackenzie.[28][31]
  • Meanwhile, Aida retrieves Ivanov, who is barely alive following his fight with Quake.[28][31]
  • Coulson's LMD reactivates May's LMD.[28][31]
  • Aida proceeds with her plan to have someone protecting the Framework while she tries to make herself human. She cuts Ivanov into pieces, promising the preservation of his mind.[28][32]
  • JSimmons-FitzLMD

    Simmons and Fitz try to keep calm

    Meanwhile at the Playground, Jemma Simmons and "Leo Fitz" try to keep calm after finding out about four LMDs infiltrating the base. Simmons does not know that Johnson is not an LMD, but one of the four LMDs is actually Fitz.[28][32]
  • Coulson's LMD approaches them and tells them that they need to bring all Inhumans to the base, saying that it is to protect them from the Watchdogs. In reality, he is planning to execute them at the request of the Superior and Aida. Mace's LMD comes along with Daisy Johnson, claiming he is healed and ready for the next mission.[28][32]
  • Mack's LMD and Johnson contact Yo-Yo Rodriguez and order her to get ready for being collected.[28][32]
  • Inside the director's office, the recently reactivated May LMD is shocked to find out that Coulson

    Coulson's LMD reveals himself to be an android to May's LMD

    has also been replaced by an LMD copy.[28][32]
  • Late into the night, Simmons and Fitz walk through the Playground, and a hidden LMD detector is triggered. The two realize that one of them must be an LMD, and Simmons forces Fitz to cut his wrist to prove he does not have a substructure. When blood begins to pour out, she panics as she realizes she has just got her boyfriend to slice an artery. She approaches him to help, only for Fitz to turn around and attack her, knocking her out and revealing himself to have been an LMD all along.[28][32]
  • Meanwhile, Holden Radcliffe is brought back to the real world by Aida after spending 24 hours in the Framework, and he asks her why there were changes to the reality of the Framework while he was in there.[28][32]
  • MaceMayCoulsonFitz-Framework

    Aida reveals her actions to Radcliffe

    Aida reveals that the changes happened due to the recent uploading of the consciousnesses of Phil Coulson, Jeffrey Mace, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Leo Fitz, and thus the Framework being adapted to accommodate them. Radcliffe is concerned at Aida's actions, saying that she should never have changed the reality of the Framework with him being inside, because it could have caused him severe brain damage. He worries further when she reveals that the four LMDs she sent to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. are ready to kill in order to complete their missions.[28][32]
  • Siege of the Playground:
    • When Simmons wakes, Fitz's LMD discusses Fitz's desire to marry her and settle down. Simmons is pleased to hear this, but does not fall for the LMD's attempts to bring her over to his side.

      Simmons takes down Fitz's LMD

      She manages to escape by destroying his neck and stabbing him several times to incapacitate him.[28][32]
    • Daisy Johnson accidentally finds several copies of herself in the Containment Modules, to her horror. She realizes that the base has been already infiltrated by some LMDs, but she does not know which of her friends were replaced. Johnson dresses as one of the LMDs and hides herself among the fleet.[28][32]
    • Alphonso Mackenzie's LMD enters the module with the intention to kill Johnson. He spots an LMD with her clothing imperfect, and believes it to be the real Johnson. As he moves to attack, however, the real Johnson assaults him from behind, defeating him and running away.[28][32]
    • Simmons Reunites Quake

      Johnson reunites with Simmons

      Johnson and Simmons meet, and are terrified that the other is lying and is secretly an LMD. Johnson quakes her, proving that she is not one, as they cannot replicate Inhuman powers, and simultaneously proving Simmons is also real as she feels the vibrations of her bones. The two embrace with huge relief, and decide to fight back against the LMDs and rescue their friends.[28][32]
  • Aida shows Radcliffe the new body she is building for the Superior, and tells him how she is starting to know the feelings of human behavior, but cannot understand it with logic. She also explains that her two main orders are to protect the Framework,
    Self Control 9

    Radcliffe is killed by Aida

    and to protect Radcliffe's life, but that that creates a paradox in her programming. She sees them as a contradiction, because he might become a major threat to the Framework if one day he regrets its creation. Aida kills Radcliffe and submits him into the Framework where his consciousness will be preserved, even if his body has perished, to fix the paradox by keeping him safe in a place where he cannot threaten the Framework.[28][32]
  • The base is locked down as Mace's LMD and Coulson's LMD make the agents believe that Johnson and Simmons are LMDs that are trying to destroy the Playground.[28][32]


Real World
  • Simmons and Johnson use sleeping gas to knock out the human agents and prove that they are not the LMDs, but Mace, Mackenzie, and Coulson are. A battle ensues between Mace's LMD and Johnson, who manages to destroy him.[28][32]
SC Daisy vs LMDs

Johnson fights Mackenzie and Coulson's LMDs

  • Johnson is then attacked by Coulson and Mackenzie's LMDs. She uses her powers to attack them, shattering Mackenzie's LMD completely, and escaping from Coulson. Simmons reunites with her and convinces Agents Davis, Piper, Fisher, and Prince that she and Johnson are not LMDs. Together, they prepare to use the Zephyr One to escape the compound and rescue their friends.[28][32]
  • The Hydra Observer newspaper publishes an article titled "The Inhumans Next Door, Are Your Neighbors Harboring Husks?"[28][30]
Real World
  • Johnson and Simmons are stopped by May's LMD, whose orders, given by Coulson's LMD, are to blow up the compound with everyone inside if necessary.[28][32]

May's LMD helps the agents escape by blowing up both herself and Coulson's LMD

  • However, May's LMD realizes that the order goes against her programming to protect them, and lets the agents through to escape. As Simmons, Johnson, and the other agents start to escape from the base in Zephyr One, Coulson's LMD arrives at the exit in pursuit. May's LMD reveals that she let them go, and as he attempts to move past her, she ignites an explosion to destroy the LMDs and allow the agents to get away. The blast destroys the entire hangar of the Playground, but the Zephyr flies out safely.[28][32]
  • The remain agents pick up Yo-Yo Rodriguez and inform her of the situation.[28][32]
Real World
Simmons Connects Framework

Jemma Simmons submits herself into the Framework along with Daisy Johnson

Real World

Ivanov discovers his new body

  • Eventually, Ivanov awakes, seemingly finding his body repaired and able to move again. Suspecting her tampering, he confronts Aida and tries to attack her, reminding her that he did not want his mind meddled with. Aida calmly informs him of what has transpired, explaining that his body is mechanical, while his mind is not. She shows him his own severed head and notes that his strength has now been enhanced. Aida explains that she learned how to do this by reading the Darkhold, and tells Ivanov that she needs him to protect the Framework, stating that despite being a machine, Ivanov can still feel emotion from his mind - an ability she intends to find for herself very soon.[28][32]
Aos416 0034

Johnson sees her boyfriend

  • Believing her "boyfriend" is Lincoln Campbell, alive in the Framework, Johnson leaves the bathroom and approaches him, only to discover that it is the virtual avatar of Grant Ward. Shocked, she instinctively tries to use her powers against him, only to realize that in the Framework, she has not yet received her powers. Ward calls her Skye, and asks her who texted,. She attempts to answer without arousing suspicion, giving a vague response, but Ward deduces that it was Pinsky. Johnson sees a picture of her Framework "Skye" self and Ward together, looking happy, then Ward hands over her HYDRA badge, who, in this virtual recreation of the world, took over control years prior.[28][30]
  • HYDRA Statue

    HYDRA statue at the Triskelion

    Johnson and Ward travel to the Triskelion, and the news on the radio discusses the arrest of the Inhuman child that morning. Johnson is shocked at the new reality Aida and Holden Radcliffe have built.[28][30]
  • Johnson uses HYDRA's servers to search for Lincoln Campbell, only to find out that he died during experimentation. She also discovers, to her dismay, that Jemma Simmons has died in the virtual reality years ago. Melinda May then approaches Johnson and tells her that she needs to attend a meeting.[28][30]
  • Jemma Simmons wakes up in the Framework, replacing her avatar, who was buried. She claws her way out of the ground, discovering that in the virtual reality she had been murdered.[28][30]
  • Simmons receives help from a woman driving past the closed off zone of the massacre.
    SHIELD Fell

    Simmons discovers S.H.I.E.L.D.'s demise in the Framework

    The woman lets Simmons into her car for a ride to Washington, D.C., and Simmons beings to realize how the history of the real world has been changed in the Framework. The woman stops the car when she sees that HYDRA's patrols are doing a check on the freeway. She tells Simmons that she needs her ID, and Simmons finds one in her pocket, but when the woman sees that it is a S.H.I.E.L.D. ID, she forces Simmons to leave her car in fear.[28][30]
  • Johnson attends a meeting where they are informed that "Jason Rajan", a potential Inhuman with possible links to the Resistance, has been captured. Johnson recognizes him as Vijay Nadeer from the real world. Melinda May reveals that the assignment has been given to her and Ward.[28][30]
  • Interrogation begins on "Rajan", but he denies everything that Johnson asks.
    What If...15

    Johnson and Ward interrogate Vijay Nadeer

    May texts Johnson saying that she needs to be more persuasive. Because she knows his real name is Vijay Nadeer, Johnson reveals that Rajan's ID is fake, and asks him if there is a mole within HYDRA who helped him obtain such a convincing ID. She also reveals his real name: Vijay Nadeer. Nadeer starts to panic, and before he can reveal that Ward is the mole, Ward knocks him out.[28][30]
  • Simmons enters a coffee shop, but on her way out she is stopped by two HYDRA agents due to her rough and questionable appearance. When they discover that she is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who died some time ago, they attempt to arrest her, but Simmons manages to defeat them and escape in their car.[28][30]
  • Phil Coulson, who in the Framework is a history teacher, teaches his class at the Alexander Pierce High School about why they fear the Inhumans.[28][30]
Self Control 13

Coulson's classroom

  • He states that it all started after the Rescue in Bahrain in 2008, when S.H.I.E.L.D. allowed an Inhuman girl to remain as a citizen in their country as an act of goodwill, but it all resulted in a tragic incident in Cambridge that killed hundreds of students. He explains that eventually S.H.I.E.L.D. was shut down and HYDRA revealed itself to the world, presenting a new world order preventing further Inhuman incidents like the one in Cambridge.[28][30]
  • One of Coulson's students, Burnell, asks Coulson if it is true that HYDRA came from Nazis, but Coulson denies it, saying that HYDRA's true origin comes from centuries ago. He is interrupted when two HYDRA agents enter to take one of his students, Chris Adler, with them. Coulson lets them take Adler so as to show his supposed loyalty to HYDRA.[28][30]
What If...1

The Doctor

  • Meanwhile, May enters the interrogation room to wake up Nadeer, who recognizes her as the one at fault for the Cambridge Incident, having letting the girl live. She orders "Skye" to take him to "the Doctor". Johnson takes Nadeer with her and asks him about the rescue in Bahrain, finding out that in the virtual reality, May never killed the girl. Nadeer distracts her and tries to escape, but is apprehended by the Doctor's agents. Johnson is surprised when Fitz enters, but she notices that he is nothing like the Fitz she knows.[28][30]
  • Simmons uses the servers from the HYDRA agents' car to find Johnson and Fitz, but she discovers that Fitz's data is hidden from the public. However, she manages to find Coulson's details, and leaves to find him at his school.[28][30]
  • Simmons visits Coulson and talks to him, but he does not recognize her.


    She tries to explain that this world is not real, and tells him of his life in the real world, especially after she notices hints of his real life in his office. Simmons brings up the subject of Tahiti, and how it is "a magical place," but he claims not to believe her words, and forces her to leave after she shows him her S.H.I.E.L.D. badge.[28][30]
  • Simmons exits the school and meets Burnell, who is vandalizing her car with graffiti stating "HYDRA LIES". They talk about HYDRA and how Coulson is a HYDRA supporter, but Simmons tells him that Coulson used to fight HYDRA, more than anyone else. Burnell regrets spraypainting Simmons' car, and gives her his car to make up for it.[28][30]
  • Coulson calls HYDRA after Simmons leaves, and reports her as a subversive, due to her S.H.I.E.L.D. ID.[28][30]
  • HYDRA's D.W.A.R.F.s take surveillance photos of Simmons. The pictures are sent to HYDRA servers.[28][30][35]
  • Johnson watches as Fitz experiments on Nadeer in order to discover which latent powers he has, without exposing him to Terrigenesis. They are interrupted by Melinda May, who informs Fitz about a British woman with a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, and how she was reported by a teacher named Phil Coulson. Recognizing the description as Simmons, Daisy Johnson sets out to locate her first.[28][30]
Inhuman testing machine

Johnson and the Doctor watch Vijay Nadeer being tortured

  • Coulson starts to think over all the things Simmons told him. He looks through paraphernalia he has kept over the last few years that he felt had strange significance he could not explain, like the article reporting on Doctor Winslow's capture, a drawing he made of an eagle, a leaflet for a string quartet in the Burkhart Theater in Portland (a glimpse of his beloved Audrey Nathan), a May page from the 2016 calendar, a ticket to Tahiti, and a page on which he had compulsively written, "It's a magical place."[28][30]
Real World
  • Daisy Johnson arrives at the park where she and Simmons were supposed to meet earlier that day. She finds Simmons, who is running from HYDRA agents, but before they can escape, Grant Ward stops them and confronts "Skye" about what is going on.[28][30]
What If...4

Madame Hydra

  • He asks them if they are allies of the Resistance, and Skye insists that they are not. Ward surprises them, suddenly revealing he is a sleeper agent himself, secretly working for S.H.I.E.L.D. within HYDRA (the opposite to his real world counterpart), and he helps them to escape.[28][30]
  • Melinda May informs Leo Fitz that Simmons escaped, and tells him she thinks Simmons received help from the same person that made the fake ID for Vijay Nadeer. Fitz asks May for the images taken by the D.W.A.R.F.s, but May replies that the director herself ordered the intel to be given only to her.[28][30]
  • Simmons and Johnson discuss the history of the Framework, then they try to use the backdoor device they created to escape the virtual reality, only to realize that Aida destroyed their way out.[28][30]
  • Fitz visits Madame Hydra in her office. He asks her for the pictures of Simmons, but she refuses to give them to him, saying that she needs him to finish Project Looking Glass. They share a kiss.[28][30]
  • Johnson approaches Coulson in his car as he is leaving the school. She talks to him about his life in the real world, and he finally recovers some details from his real life, remembering her enough to call her "Daisy".[28][30]



AoS417 C&D

Coulson and Johnson discuss the real world

No Regrets 2

The leader of the Resistance, the Patriot

  • As Alphonso Mackenzie waits with Hope for the school bus, HYDRA operatives arrive and round up the citizens at the bus stop. Alphonso is terrified that they know about the drone, but it transpires that they are, in fact, taking a potential Inhuman into custody. The Mackenzies are relieved, but still horrified at the brutality against the man who is taken.[28][35]
  • Johnson decides to go to the Triskelion and obtain the intel on Radcliffe's location as Coulson and Simmons go to a secret location where they will be taken to a meeting with the leader of the Resistance.[28][35]
  • Leo Fitz reunites with Madame Hydra and asks her for information about the person who is causing them problems. Despite her fear that he might recognize Jemma Simmons from fragments of memories of the real world, Madame Hydra decides to finally show him Simmons' picture. However, Fitz does not recognize her, and assures Ophelia that she will be killed.[28][35]
  • Knowing that Daisy Johnson is the one who has infiltrated the Framework, Madame Hydra orders Melinda May to take Johnson on an assignment to keep an eye on her.[28][35]
  • Johnson goes to the Triskelion and obtains the coordinates of Holden Radcliffe's location, then prepares to leave with Ward. However, they are stopped by May, who orders Johnson to go on an assignment with them. Johnson agrees, but not before slipping the coordinates to Ward.[28][35]
  • Coulson and Simmons are reunited with Jeffrey Mace, who in this reality is an Inhuman and the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mace explains how things are in the Resistance, and that he only trusts them because Ward does. Ward arrives at the base.[28][35]
  • Skye is forced to attend as Leo Fitz holds a meeting telling the HYDRA agents to hunt down Jemma Simmons.[28][35]
  • After school, Hope Mackenzie talks to her father and they prepare to have a relaxed night in.[28][35]
Identity and Change 4

Ward and the Patriot

  • Ward gives Simmons the coordinates of Radcliffe's whereabouts. Simmons convinces Mace to lend them their Quinjet and go after Radcliffe by saying that he is the only one who can help them to defeat HYDRA for good.[28][35]
  • May, Johnson, and a team of HYDRA agents arrive at the Mackenzies' in order to arrest Alphonso and Hope for taking the remains of one of the D.W.A.R.F.s.[28][35]
  • Jeffrey Mace and Grant Ward take Coulson and Simmons to the Playground's hangar. They board a Quinjet the Framework agents had acquired and take off for Ogygia.[28][35]
  • Fitz and Madame Hydra talk about Simmons, and Ophelia reveals to Fitz that Simmons has come through from the "other side," and that this is why she needs him to finish Project Looking Glass quickly. Fitz asks her about her own life in the other world, and Ophelia responds saying that she is their slave, with no free will. Fitz promises that no one will ever hurt her again.[28][35]
AoS417 M&D

Mackenzie prepares to deceive Johnson

  • At the Triskelion, following Madame Hydra's orders, May tells Mackenzie that if he is fitted with a microphone, and subtly obtains a confirmation from "Skye" that she is indeed an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. by pretending to know her from the agency, he and his daughter will be released.[28][35]
  • Mackenzie pretends to know Johnson as he was ordered, and she falls into the trap, revealing her true allegiance. As she tries to escape, she is subdued and knocked out by HYDRA agents.[28][35]
  • Ophelia and Fitz assemble a team to visit Holden Radcliffe, the creator of the Framework, so as to make sure he has not made contact with either Johnson or Simmons.[28][35]
  • MadameHydra-TheDoctor-EvilRedLight

    Madame Hydra and the Doctor prepare to confront Radcliffe

    Meanwhile, Ward, Simmons, and Coulson find Holden Radcliffe spending time playing croquet peacefully on his virtually created island Ogygia. When Simmons asks if there is a way to exit the Framework, Radcliffe answers that there is no such thing, as he believes that Aida must have had already closed it. He tells Simmons that he is dead in the real world, and that that is why he cannot help them.[28][35]
  • Fitz and Ophelia arrive at Radcliffe's residence, where Fitz threatens him at point gun. Simmons, Ward, and Coulson hide as they watch the situation from a safe distance.[28][35]
  • Hope Mackenzie is released from HYDRA custody and is reunited with her father. May approaches and thanks Alphonso for his service and loyalty to HYDRA, shocking little Hope.[28][35]
  • When Aida sees Agnes Kitsworth wandering the grounds, she tells Fitz that Radcliffe intends to replace her with the woman, and HYDRA soldiers bring her over.[28][35]
  • Assassination of Agnes Kitsworth:
    Fitz Kill Agnes

    Assassination of Agnes Kitsworth

    Fitz aims his gun at Kitsworth instead, as Radcliffe begs him not to kill her, saying that he is not acting the way Fitz would act, and is being brainwashed by Aida. Ward aims his gun at Fitz in order to prevent him from killing Kitsworth, but Simmons begs him not to shoot, and he reluctantly backs down. To her shock and dismay however, Fitz proceeds to kill Kitsworth. Simmons screams at him in horror, revealing their presence, but the trio escapes as Madame Hydra and Fitz take Radcliffe with them.[28][35]
Fitz Torture Quake

The Doctor orders for Skye to be tortured

  • Regretting his actions and ashamed, Mackenzie decides to join the Resistance in order to help them to fight HYDRA and rescue Johnson, to make up for his actions.[28][35][34]
  • Meanwhile, Fitz visits Johnson in her cell after discovering she is a potential Inhuman. He takes her for experimentation.[28][35]
Real World


Real World




Real World
WHiH May 2017

Talbot comments on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fall in one of his many May 2017 interviews




Madame HYDRA and Daisy

Madame Hydra talks to Daisy Johnson

  • Alone, Madame Hydra tells Johnson that if she simply divulges where the others are, she can make Lincoln Campbell return, and the two of them can live a life together in peace. Johnson refuses defiantly, knowing it would never be the real Campbell.[50][34]
  • Johnson and Holden Radcliffe begin to speak through the vents in their holding cells, and Johnson learns from Radcliffe that Fitz killed Agnes Kitsworth. She is shocked, unable to believe her friend could do such a thing, until Radcliffe explains that only one sentence altered in Fitz's life could have changed his developmental course entirely, and in the Framework, Fitz and his father remained close over the years.[50][34]
Radcliffe and Quake

Radcliffe talks to Johnson

  • As revenge for Kitsworth's murder, Radcliffe tells Johnson of a backdoor he installed to escape the Framework that Aida cannot disable, though he admits that she likely has it guarded.[50][34]
  • Infiltration into the HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center:
    • Alphonso Mackenzie, having joined the S.H.I.E.L.D. Resistance, gets intel on a repurposed radio, which Mace and Phil Coulson use to infiltrate a HYDRA "Enlightenment Camp" to free an undercover agent, Antoine Triplett.[50][34]
    • May Fights Mace

      Mace fights May

      They are tracked there by Melinda May, who uses an adaptation of Doctor Winslow's super serum to fight Mace, but it soon wears off.[50][34]
    • Coulson attempts to save one of his former students, Chris Adler, whom he sees being held in a nearby brainwashing center, and Mace follows him into the building to help. May authorizes a Quinjet to shoot down the building, and she enters the rubble to ensure that Mace is dead. She finds him stopping debris from crushing the student, with Coulson and Triplett helping other children escape the building. May is horrified to find children being victimized by HYDRA, undergoing the Faustus method.[50][34]
    • Patriot-LiftingEntireBuilding

      Mace sacrifices himself to save everyone

      Mace stays to hold the crumbling ceiling as the others are evacuated. When they have safely escaped, the building finally falls, killing Mace. May realizes too late that in serving HYDRA to make up for the tragedy at Cambridge, she became a blind tool of an oppressive force, and has allowed a true hero to die.[50][34]
Real World


Quake Second Terrigenesis

Johnson undergoes her second Terrigenesis

Real World
  • Aida returns to the real world after being severely injured by Daisy Johnson in the Framework. She is stunned by May's rebellion in the Framework.[50][36]

Ivanov is unable to execute Melinda May

  • When she resolves to work on the issue so that May is no longer a complication, Anton Ivanov offers to simply kill May. However, it soon turns out that he is incapable of doing so; since Ivanov uses a body designed and built by Aida, he suffers from the same limitations as Aida, and thus cannot harm any of their captives. However, Aida tells Ivanov that if one of the agents begin to threaten the existence of the Framework, that overrules their defensive programming - the loophole she found with Radcliffe.[50][36]

Sunil Bakshi announces the attack on Madame Hydra and reveals that Skye was the attacker

  • Simmons and Ward quickly understand that Johnson is probably the wanted Inhuman mentioned by Bakshi. Meanwhile, Johnson and May, now fugitives, make their way to a S.H.I.E.L.D. meeting point.[50][36]
  • Fitz is outraged by the attack on Madame Hydra, especially since it places HYDRA in a moment of weakness. His father Alistair Fitz tells him that he has to lead HYDRA in his lover's place.[50][36]
  • Fitz summons Bakshi to the Triskelion and orders him to broadcast Johnson and May's identities, so as to instill fear against the Inhumans in the people's hearts.[50][36]
  • Ward, fearing for his girlfriend's life, leaves the Playground to find her, after speaking to Coulson about his recruitment to S.H.I.E.L.D.[50][36]
  • May and Johnson are spotted by a civilian, recognizing them as the fugitives on the billboards. She reports them to HYDRA.[50][36]
  • Project Looking Glass

    Project Looking Glass

    Simmons studies the pictures taken by Triplett while he was working undercover within HYDRA. She quickly recognizes a design for Quantum Batteries, with the mention of "Project Looking Glass". Since the design is more complex that Simmons has seen in the real world, she assumes that these batteries are designed to produce something highly sophisticated, and require massive amounts of energy. She and Triplett borrow the Quinjet for a recon mission to Ivanov's naval base in the Baltic Sea.[50][36]
  • Daisy Johnson and Melinda May reach one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s safe houses. The guard reports back to the Playground just as HYDRA's forces close in and a firefight begins. The guard is shot and severely wounded, but the agents manage to get into the building for safety.[50][36]

Burrows in the Framework

  • Burrows finds Alphonso Mackenzie and Phil Coulson to tell them that he has received the call about Johnson and May. Asking where Triplett is, Mackenzie explains that he left for a recon mission. Coulson makes the call to risk going to save the fugitives, even if it might be a trap.[50][36]
  • Meanwhile, Johnson and May barricade themselves in while they await any help.[50][36]
  • Alistair Fitz informs his son that Johnson and May have been spotted, and that a team of HYDRA agents is after them.[50][36]
  • Before Leopold can lead the chase himself, Madame Hydra wakes and asks him to prioritize finishing Project Looking Glass, saying that this will help her to recover.[50][36]
  • Johnson and May are nearly caught by the HYDRA agents, but are rescued by Burrows, Coulson, and Mackenzie. Mackenzie threatens to kill May for having kept his daughter Hope hostage, but Johnson convinces him to let her live.[50][36]
  • On arrival at the Ivanov Oil Platform, Simmons figures out Aida's plan: creating a reactor which will enable her to produce living matter in the real world, and thus become human herself.[50][36]
  • Alistair Fitz informs Leopold that the HYDRA team failed to apprehend the fugitives. Leopold gets angry at his father, who quickly chastises him for his behavior.[50][36]
  • Arriving at the Playground, Johnson confirms Simmons' story of the real world to Ward, which he had previously refused to believe in.[50][36]
All The Madame's Men 5

In the meantime, S.H.I.E.L.D. raids the HYDRA Broadcasting Center

Coulson Subversive Broadcast

Phil Coulson on the S.H.I.E.L.D. subversive broadcast

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. then broadcasts a subversive message featuring Coulson, where the former history teacher proudly announces his allegiance to S.H.I.E.L.D., and reveals HYDRA's lies and secrets, thanks to the footage recorded by May's body cam during the assault on the HYDRA Enlightenment Camp the day before.[50][36]
Real World
  • Anton Ivanov informs Aida that his men are on the verge of attacking the Zephyr One, where Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons are, both of whom are threatening the Framework.[36] Aida orders Ivanov to prepare for the final phase of her plan, since Fitz has completed Project Looking Glass in the Framework.[50][47]
  • Piper-ZephyrOne-Waiting

    The team on Zephyr One

    Meanwhile, ten days after connecting Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson to the Framework, the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents aboard the Zephyr One are running out of options - the Framework draws a great deal of the plane's power, forcing them to turn off all the non-vital functions such as heating.[50][47]
  • In order to keep the Framework running, Piper suggests disabling the plane's cloaking. Prince disagrees, as the cloaking is the only thing which protects them from Anton Ivanov's attacks. However, Elena Rodriguez decides to follow Piper's suggestion, and the Zephyr One reappears in the sky.[50][47]
  • Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson reunite following Johnson's escape from the Triskelion and Simmons' mission to the Baltic Sea.[50][47]
  • Daisy and Jemma Discussion

    Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson discuss what to do about Fitz

    Simmons tells Johnson about Aida's plan to create a living body to implant her consciousness into, so as to be a real person with her own free will, and Johnson then informs her of the existence of the backdoor built by Holden Radcliffe.[50][47]
  • The two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents decide to go there to open the portal and get back to the real world with Phil Coulson, Melinda May, and Alphonso Mackenzie. Simmons reluctantly agrees that Leo Fitz is out of their reach for the moment, and that they must leave him in the Framework for now, to get him back later.[50][47]
  • Coulson tells May about the real world, but despite his explanation, she is very skeptical.[50][47]
  • At the Triskelion, Leo Fitz interrogates Radcliffe to find out what he and Skye discussed when the two were imprisoned in adjacent cells the day before.[50][47]
  • Fitz Interrogates Radcliffe

    Fitz interrogates Radcliffe

    At first, Radcliffe refuses to speak, saying that he is already dead in the real world, and that living in such a horrible version of the Framework, without Agnes Kitsworth, means nothing to him.[50][47]
  • However, Fitz seemingly persuades Radcliffe to change his opinion by telling him of the possibilities offered by Project Looking Glass: Radcliffe could upload his consciousness into a brand new body in the real world, and could even have as many bodies as he desires in the future, thus achieving his long-running transhumanist dream of immortality. Radcliffe accepts, but only because he knows that Fitz will now go to the backdoor's location and hopefully be returned to the real world, ending his time as Aida's puppet.[50][47]
  • Simmons talks to May about Fitz, and realizes that his ruthless personality in the Framework is due to his relationship with his father.[50][47]


  • Farewell, Cruel World! 1

    Simmons confronts Alistair Fitz

    Jemma Simmons resolves to find Alistair Fitz in order to force him to help her get Leo Fitz back. Going to his home, when he answers the door, she holds a gun to him.[50][47]
  • Antoine Triplett and Daisy Johnson discuss the plan to escape the Framework. He tells Johnson that Simmons left base an hour ago, concerning her, as this was not planned.[50][47]
  • Simmons' encounter goes wrong when Alistair calls his son and asks him to come and arrest Simmons. A brief fight ensues between him and Simmons, and Alistair's avatar is accidentally killed. Simmons, horrified, flees before Leopold and the HYDRA agents arrive.[50][47]
  • Melinda May reveals to Johnson that Simmons went after Alistair Fitz.[50][47]
  • Fitz Discovers Alistair

    Fitz discovers his father's corpse

    When Fitz finds the dead body of his father, he decides to get revenge on Simmons and kill her.[50][47]
  • Meanwhile, Simmons returns to the Playground. Johnson tells Mackenzie that if he comes with her and the other agents, they have a way of finally defeating Madame Hydra, and does not reveal the truth of why she needs him to come to the backdoor, to get him home to the real world. Johnson, Simmons, Coulson, May, Mackenzie, and Antoine Triplett take a Quinjet and fly to the Framework's exit.[50][47]
  • Understanding that the situation is slipping out of her control with the murder of Alistair Fitz and the S.H.I.E.L.D. rebellion growing stronger, Madame Hydra decides to progress to the next phase of her plan as soon as possible[50][47]
  • Madame Hydra Poster

    Madame Hydra in the Framework

    Madame Hydra activates the reactor she built in the real world, beginning the synthesis of her new human body.[50][47]
  • Escape from the Framework:
    • The coordinates provided by Radcliffe lead Johnson and her teammates to a steel mill, instead of a city park like Radcliffe had originally designed for the location. Aida had indeed discovered the backdoor, and hidden it beneath a bulk of molten steel.[50][47]
    • When the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents begin to argue about what they should do, Mackenzie gets angry at Johnson for not telling him about the real world. Johnson and Simmons then figure out that Johnson could use her powers to reveal the backdoor, but before they can proceed, a team of HYDRA agents storm the steel mill. Several agents are taken down, but Coulson is shot multiple times.[50][47]
    • May goes to his rescue, and he persuades her to push him through the portal, knowing he has nothing to lose now. He asks her to follow, before making it through; May soon follows him, finally convinced.[50][47]
Real World
Coulson AOS420

Coulson about to wake up in the real world

  • May and Coulson wake in the real world, and discover Aida, connected to the Framework. Coulson destroys Aida's android body.[50][47]
  • Fitz, accompanied by Radcliffe, finds Simmons. She apologizes for what happened with Alistair and desperately tries to make her boyfriend regain his real consciousness, but remains unsuccessful. As Fitz prepares to shoot her, Radcliffe suddenly disarms him, revealing his true reason for coming to the backdoor. He forces Fitz to the portal and pushes him through, successfully taking him back to the real world, hoping he has somewhat atoned for his mistakes. Simmons follows.[50][47]
Real World
Simmons escapes the Framework

Simmons escapes from the Framework

  • Simmons wakes up in Zephyr One just as Ivanov's men are about to attack and shoot down the plane.[50][47]
  • Johnson tells Mackenzie it is his turn to leave, but despite her insistence, he refuses to return to the real world, since his daughter Hope Mackenzie is alive in the Framework and he feels he simply cannot live a life without her; even if the life is virtual, she feels too real to him to leave her behind for a world where Hope did not make it. Crying at losing her old partner, Johnson reluctantly returns to the real world alone.[50][47]
Real World
  • Johnson wakes on the Zephyr One and apologizes sadly to Rodriguez for leaving Mackenzie behind. However, Rodriguez does not have time to argue as Ivanov's attack comes.[50][47]
    Fitz Discovers Aida

    Fitz talks to Aida

  • At Anton Ivanov's naval base, Coulson and May try to calm down Fitz, who is horrified by what he has done in the Framework, especially since his actions led to the deaths of Agnes Kitsworth and Jeffrey Mace. While Fitz is still in distress, Aida arrives in her newly created human body. She smiles at Fitz and has him touch her hands, entrancing him again like in the Framework. Fitz, puzzled, is slow to react, and cannot move away, therefore obstructing May from shooting Aida. Suddenly, Aida teleports, displaying an ability similar to the Inhuman Gordon, and takes Fitz away with her, much to Coulson and May's dismay.[47] Anton Ivanov hears the commotion and arrives in time to watch Aida take Fitz.[50][39]
  • Mack and Hope

    Alphonso Mackenzie talks to his daughter

    Mackenzie returns to the Playground to spend time with his daughter, telling her that everything he needs in his life is right there.[50][47]
Real World
  • At the Ivanov Oil Platform, Phil Coulson and Melinda May are confronted by Anton Ivanov, who is now able to kill them since Aida obtained her biological body, lifting all restrictions on killing others. Ivanov attacks May and Coulson, withstanding several bullets and easily knocking May down thanks to his enhanced mechanical body, but is finally destroyed when Coulson uses his Energy Shield in retaliation. However, Coulson and May quickly discover that they will have to deal with several copies of Ivanov around the base.[50][39]

    Piper sees that Ivanov's men are preparing to attack the Zephyr One

  • Aboard the Zephyr One, Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson are finally awake, enabling the crew to restore the plane's power into the weapon system.[50][39]
  • They lock themselves in a room and May uses the time to catch up on all the events she missed, including the final assault on Eli Morrow and the disappearance of Ghost Rider.[50][39]
  • Though the Zephyr One is heavily damaged because of the assaults of Ivanov's men, Piper and Davis manage to get rid of their enemy. The plane then flies to the Ivanov Oil Platform in order to rescue the rest of the team.[50][39]
  • Fitz and Ophelia at the beach

    Fitz and Aida on the beach

    After teleporting Leo Fitz and herself to a beach, Aida enjoys the sensations provided by her brand new biological body. Fitz then confronts her about what happened in the Framework, holding her accountable for manipulating him. Aida replies that she only repaired his relationship with his father, and did so out of care; she confesses that she feels love for Fitz. She then teleports them again.[50][39]
  • On the way, Elena Rodriguez blames Johnson for leaving Alphonso Mackenzie in the Framework, despite Johnson explaining that Mackenzie felt he could not leave his daughter.[50][39]
  • Coulson works out where he and May are from his Framework knowledge about the Cold War, as a history teacher.[50][39]
Seeing News Ep21

Daisy Johnson in the real world

  • Simmons and Johnson learn that S.H.I.E.L.D. is once again considered dangerous by the authorities after the destruction of the Playground, with Glenn Talbot speaking on WHiH about the suspicion that Johnson has something to do with it.[50][39]
  • In an apartment designed to look familiar to Fitz, Aida walks in, fully dressed. Fitz is still highly troubled and worries about his friends. He tries to make Aida empathize and help him rescue them.[50][39]
  • Escape from the Ivanov Oil Platform:
    • At the oil platform, Coulson and May are still struggling to fight their way out. They manage to destroy more of Ivanov's clones. However, the Superior intends to leave the base with his submarine and to destroy the facility.[50][39]
    • The Return 30

      Fitz and Aida successfully rescue Alphonso Mackenzie during the Escape from the Ivanov Oil Platform

      Fitz persuades Aida to help and she teleports into the base and tries to stop the Superior. However, Aida fails and Ivanov leaves.[50][39]
    • Aida returns to the apartment to get Fitz and then teleports back to the oil platform.[50][39]
    • In the meantime, Coulson brings May to the surface and at the same moment, the Zephyr One finally arrives.[50][39]
    • Aida returns to the oil platform, rescuing Mackenzie by teleporting him, and the Framework equipment to which he is still connected, onto the plane. Despite this, Simmons shoots Aida and Fitz with an I.C.E.R. and the team places them in the plane's Containment Module.[50][39]
  • The Return 1

    Coulson after arriving at the Playground

    The team returns to a destroyed Playground and lock Fitz and Aida in one of the remaining Containment Modules, waiting for them to wake. They further discuss what happened in the Framework and how they feel now that they are back,with Simmons fearing that Fitz could still be a cruel and ruthless person, and still in love with Aida.[50][39]


Real World
  • Jemma Simmons decides to monitor the Containment Module's video feed in order to hear their conversations. After waking up, Fitz and Aida also discuss what happened in the alternate reality, with Fitz still traumatized by the evil nature he displayed because of the education provided by a father figure, much like Grant Ward.[50][39]
  • The Return

    Aida gets angry

    He also laments over the fact that his friends may never forgive him and that his future with Simmons could now be destroyed. Aida tries to comfort him, but she mistakenly thinks that Fitz is still in love with her after their liaison in the Framework. Therefore, when Fitz states that he still loves Simmons and only her, it angers her, and with her impassioned new feelings, this anger and heartbreak quickly drives her insane.[50][39]
  • Escape from Aida:
    • Aida assaults Fitz and tries to escape with him so as to force him to be with her, whether he wants it or not. However, her teleportation abilities are blocked by the Quantum Field Disruptors in the module. Simmons tries to go to the module to extract Fitz, but she, along with Coulson, May, and Johnson, are stopped by U.S. Air Force soldiers sent by Talbot.[50][39]
    • The Return 24

      Talbot arrives at the Playground

      While Coulson tries to explain the situation, Fitz is pulled out of the module by Piper, Davis, and Prince. Aida, who acquired several Inhuman capabilities like Lincoln Campbell's electrokinesis, uses her powers to escape and chases them. She kills several soldiers, as well as both Prince and Davis, but Fitz and Piper manage to get onboard Zephyr One. Fitz orders them to take off immediately and Talbot reluctantly agrees to let the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents go.[50][39]
  • Aboard the plane, Fitz remains in the Containment Module. After hesitating, Simmons decides to join him and comforts him. The two of them cry together, traumatized, but finally reunited. In another part of the plane, Coulson and Johnson discover that Rodriguez has plugged herself into the Framework in order to bring Mackenzie to the real world.[50][39]
  • Superior-ThroatGrab-S4E21

    The Superior talks to Aida

    Filled with anger and a desire for revenge, Aida returns to Ivanov's submarine. Ivanov explains that they could use the knowledge of the Darkhold to rebuild the world of the Framework in the real world, thus restoring Aida's domination over everyone and everything. She agrees, stating that she wants her enemies to suffer.[50][39]
  • The details of the autopsy of Jeffrey Mace are revealed to the public.[50][51]
  • Several agencies of espionage decide to hold a meeting so as to decide S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fate, after realizing they lied about Mace being an Inhuman.[50][51]
  • Having been trapped in Hell for several weeks, doing the bidding of the Spirit of Vengeance in the wake of the deal he had made, Robbie Reyes finally discovers a way to return to Earth.[50][39]
Ghost Rider returns

Ghost Rider returns from Hell

  • Several hours after Alphonso Mackenzie decided to stay with Hope, Elena Rodriguez, who has uploaded her consciousness into the Framework in order to rescue him, wakes in the virtual reality to find herself strapped to a chair in a building on fire. She screams in despair at her hopeless situation.[50][39]
Real World
World's End 4

Phil Coulson talks with the team

  • Aboard the Zephyr One, Phil Coulson and his team are still trying to figure out a way to fight and stop Aida, who has become incredibly dangerous since she acquired a human body. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons discuss Aida's powers, which she obtained by assessing various Inhumans in the Framework, such as Lincoln Campbell, Vijay Nadeer, and Gordon. However, they end up arguing about what they have to do next to deal with Aida.[50][51]
  • Meanwhile, Daisy Johnson keeps monitoring the vitals of Elena Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie, who are still trapped in the Framework. Johnson tries to make adjustments to the programming so as to help Rodriguez, but soon discovers that Aida is shutting down the Framework, deleting every element in it and thus threatening Rodriguez and Mackenzie's lives.[50][51]
  • Daisy And Coulson AOS422

    Johnson discovers that Aida is deleting the Framework and its contents

    Johnson and Fitz try to figure out a way to keep their friends alive as long as possible.[50][51]
  • Rodriguez is still tied up to an experimentation chair in the Triskelion when a HYDRA agent finds her. As he prepares to kill her, Rodriguez is suddenly saved by Holden Radcliffe. He explains that he followed a trail of yo-yos, which Rodriguez realizes must have been programmed in by Johnson.[50][51]
Real World
  • Ghost Rider Fights Aida

    Ghost Rider fights Aida

    Attack on Aida: Aida is telling her LMDs that she wants S.H.I.E.L.D. to suffer, just as Ghost Rider arrives. Ghost Rider quickly dispatches the LMDs, and realizes that Aida has acquired a living body thanks to the Darkhold. Before he can seize either her or Ivanov, however, Aida teleports away, but not before being injured by Reyes' Hellfire Chain - a wound that she cannot recover from.[50][51]
  • As Simmons realizes that there are 12-20 hours left until the Framework is completely gone, Glenn Talbot calls Coulson and informs him that an International Intelligence Inquiry Committee session is planned for the following morning, and asks Coulson to attend and explain what has happened since the destruction of the Playground.[50][51]
  • Coulson refuses, claiming that it would endanger the lives of all the people present.[50][51]
  • World's End 8

    Coulson, Ghost Rider, Johnson, and May discuss Aida

    Johnson finds Ghost Rider and brings him onto Zephyr One, where he explains that Aida is made of dark matter, just like the Darkhold, and that the Spirit of Vengeance inside him wants to take them both back to Hell, where they belong. He claims that he might be able to stop Aida once and for all.[50][51]
  • Radcliffe takes Yo-Yo Rodriguez to the Playground to see Mackenzie. Mackenzie is organizing the evacuation of the refugees, though he is worried by the sudden disappearances of many objects due to the Framework shutting down.[50][51]
Real World
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez tries to convince Alphonso Mackenzie to leave the alternate reality and go back to the real world with her, but he is still not ready to give up on a life with his daughter Hope, even when everything in the Framework is disappearing in front of them.[50][51]
Real World
  • Rodriguez talks to Radcliffe about her inability to convince Mackenzie to come home. During the conversation, Hope Mackenzie overhears Rodriguez say that she is not real, upsetting her.[50][51]
Real World
  • Ambush on Aida:
    • World's End 26

      Aida confronts Fitz and Simmons

      Aida confronts Fitz by threatening to kill Simmons if he does not comply to her demands.[50][51]
    • Coulson tells May the reason why he drank the bottle of Haig with her LMD.[50][51]
    • Fitz tells Aida he is ready to obey, but Aida chooses to kill Simmons nonetheless. However, unbeknownst to her, Simmons was replaced by a Life-Model Decoy first. The real Simmons shoots Aida multiple times as she tries to get the Darkhold from Coulson. Aida mocks them, saying that they cannot stop them, when Coulson reveals that he has borrowed the powers of the Spirit of Vengeance and transforms into the Ghost Rider. After a short fight, Aida is finally killed.[50][51]
World's End 19

Alphonso Mackenzie tries to comfort his daughter

  • Destruction of the Framework: Rodriguez decides to stay in the Framework with Mackenzie, waiting for their death together. However, when Hope finally disappears, Mackenzie finally agrees to leave the Framework with Rodriguez by using a backdoor created by Johnson.[50][51]
Real World
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez wake up on Zephyr One.[50][51]
  • Enoch swims in a pool at his home, then chooses to spend a long period of time completely submerged.[50][52]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez discuss their time in the Framework, with Mackenzie saying that even if it did not last long, he is happy to have had some moments to share with Hope, but he is ready to spend time in the real world with Rodriguez, another person he loves, beside him.[50][51]
  • Enoch 5x01

    Enoch prepares to capture Coulson's team

    After his swim, Enoch takes coconut water from the fridge and removes him synthetic human skin to shower in his true extraterrestrial form. Replacing his synthetic skin after the shower, he then dresses and heads out for another job.[50][51]
  • Enoch drives to work, feeling light-hearted. On arrival, a man greets him and offers him potential disguise designs for the side of his truck, which appear instantaneously. Agreeing on Bendeery English Ale, he boards the truck. Having the knowledge from "The Seer" that Coulson's Team would be at Rae's Restaurant soon, Enoch and his men drive to the restaurant and prepare to abduct them.[50][52][53]
Ghost Rider Returns Hell

Ghost Rider returns to Hell

  • At the Playground, S.H.I.E.L.D. gives the Darkhold to Ghost Rider, who uses the Hellfire Chain to create an Inter-Dimensional Portal and take the book back to Hell.[50][51]
  • After learning that the authorities are coming after them, Fitz offers to turn himself over while the rest of the team leave in order to make amends for his mistakes. The others refuse, saying that they have forgiven him, and that they must stay together.[50][51]
  • Holden Radcliffe, who still imprisoned in the Framework as he no longer has an actual body in the real world, goes to a beach and toasts the end of the only world he has left, before vanishing, finally deleted, killed entirely.[50][51]
Real World
The team is arrested WE

The S.H.I.E.L.D. team is arrested

  • Abduction at Rae's Restaurant:
    • Coulson's Team leaves for the diner at 20:17, and arrive at 20:54, where they enjoy a simple meal before their inevitable arrest.[53] Enoch then enters the diner at 21:44, leading an armed squad. They freeze the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents using an unidentified device, and take everyone but Fitz away.[51] When a member of Enoch's team check about Fitz, he confirms that he should not be taken, as he is not on "the list".[50][52][53]
    • The team, still frozen, is led to the White Monolith before the "window" closes. As soon as they wake back up, it liquifies and they are swept away to a space station 74 years into the future.[50][52][53]

Fitz is arrested by the U.S. Armed Forces

  • Fitz comes out of the frozen state he was put into and finds his friends gone. The United States Armed Forces arrive and arrest him, confused as to where the other six have gone.[50][53]
  • At Blue Raven Ridge, Leo Fitz is interrogated about the whereabouts of his friends, but insists that he does not know what is going on.[50][53]
  • Fitz is thrown in a cell at the facility.[50][53]


  • The next morning, Fitz is taken for a polygraph test. This shows the army lieutenants and general that he is telling the truth, and Fitz asks to help them in their search.[50][53]
  • General Hale agrees with Lieutenants Lucas and Evans that she will allow Fitz to have papers, pens, books, and a TV.[50][53]



Fitz starts to work on what could have happened to his friends

  • Fitz watches soccer in his cell and has been given some books.[54][53]


  • Food is delivered to Fitz in his cell, and he eats.[54][53]





  • Fitz works into the early hours. His main cell light is turned off, so he turns on a lamp.[54][53]





Fitz draws a 17th monkey face




  • Leo Fitz watches another soccer game, becoming angry at a player's performance.[61][53]
  • He is taken from his cell and asked by the army what information he has for them now.[61][53]

Fitz presents his findings to Evans

  • Fitz tells them that he has been wondering if his previous brain trauma was exacerbated by the Framework, and he may have suffered Prodromal Schizophrenia and done something to his friends without realizing. Evans reassures him that everyone in restaurant had the same lapse in memory, and he is not responsible.[61][53]
  • Before returning to his cell, Fitz asks Evans to have his letter posted to Liverpool F.C. fanzine Ballblaster Hooligan in the United Kingdom, complaining about the Liverpool goalkeeper's performance at the end of the season.[61][53]
  • Evans and Lucas discuss what to do about the letter, but ultimately decide to send it once it has been analyzed for any secret code.[61][53]



Fitz's 28th monkey face

  • Fitz draws his 28th monkey face on the wall.[61][53]


  • 28 monkey faces are on Fitz's cell wall, having not yet drawn that day's 29th.[62][53]
  • Fitz looks at the faces, then the timings from the night of May 12th written on his wall, and works on a formula, all while listening to the soccer.[62][53]



  • Fitz receives the July 2017 edition of Ballblaster Hooligan, shipped over to the United States of America on his request, in which his letter has been published. He continues to write in to each month's issue, hoping to get the attention of Lance Hunter.[63][53]



Fitz does exercise in his cell


  • With a soccer game on, Fitz turns on his light and flicks through his work. He rips out a page and scrunches it into a ball, frustrated at not yet finding an answer to what has happened to his friends.[64][53]
  • Fitz does push-ups again, keeping to his fitness regime.[64][53]
  • Later in the soccer game, Fitz becomes angry about a free kick not being awarded. He shakes his TV, angry at both the game and his predicament.[64][53]


  • Yet again, Leo Fitz does push-ups in his cell to train himself and let out stress.[64][53]



Fitz talks to Evans

  • Fitz draws his 49th monkey face on his cell wall, to mark his 49th morning in incarceration.[64][53]
  • Taken to see Evans once again, Fitz attempts to explain his latest theory, before returning to his cell to continue his work.[64][53]



  • Fitz begins to run out of ideas for what has happened to his friends.[65][53]


  • Fitz is given the August 2017 edition of Ballblaster Hooligan, the second to publish a letter he has sent in.[63][53]




Fitz achieves nothing


DS Post-credits Scene 10

Mordo steals Jonathan Pangborn's power





  • The September 2017 issue of Ballblaster Hooligan is delivered to Fitz, containing the third consecutive letter he has sent in.[63][53]












  • Fitz studies the work on his walls from the last 4 months.[65][53]


  • Ballblaster Hooligan's October 2017 issue is delivered to Leo Fitz, including, for the fourth time in a row, another letter he sent to the editor.[63][53]



  • Fitz bangs his head on his wall, frustrated and feeling hopeless.[65][53]



November 2017 edition of Ballblaster Hooligan

  • A worker delivers Fitz the latest, November 2017 issue of Ballblaster Hooligan - the fifth consecutive edition in which he has a letter published in the inside cover. He checks the letter, then tosses it aside, hoping that Lance Hunter will eventually come to his aid.[65][63][80][53]




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  • Escape from Muspelheim:
    • Thor Ragnarok Teaser 2

      Thor, while imprisoned in Muspelheim

      Thor has allowed himself to be captured by Surtur in order to obtain more information about the Infinity Stones, after not finding anything in the last 2 years. He tells the story of his current predicament to a skeleton who sits with him in his cell.[83][84]
    • Surtur lowers Thor from his cage to hang from chains in front of him. However, Thor only laughs at Surtur, claiming that Odin defeated him thousands of years ago. Surtur tells Thor that Ragnarök has been set in motion, and nothing is going to prevent it now that Odin has been absent from Asgard, to Thor's surprise and confusion.[83][84]
    • Thor is captured by Surtur

      Surtur interrogates Thor

      The ruler of Muspelheim claims that he is going to bring the apocalypse to Asgard once he merges with the Eternal Flame, but he comments that without his crown, he will not be able to do it.[83][84]
    • Thor uses Mjølnir to free himself and battle Surtur and his Fire Demons. He manages to knock his crown off, so he can never merge with the Eternal Flame. Thor believes he has thus prevented Ragnarök.[83][84]
    • As Thor is chased by a Fire Dragon, he tries to return to Asgard by calling Heimdall, not knowing that he has been exiled and replaced by Skurge.[83][84]

Skurge, the new guardian of the Bifrost

  • Meanwhile, Skurge tries to impress two ladies at the Bifrost Bridge, but one of the ladies notice Thor's call and alerts Skurge, who brings Thor back. The fire dragon follows, but is decapitated as the Bifrost shuts off.[83][84]
  • Thor arrives at the Asgardian Palace just in time to watch a play "retelling" Loki's supposed sacrifice, with Loki, still disguised as Odin, watching and enjoying it.[83][84]
  • Thor orders one of the Einherjar to take Surtur's crown to Odin's Vault. He then confronts "Odin", having deduced it to be his brother, and forces him to reveal himself to the people of Asgard as Loki. Loki tells Thor he took Odin away and that, he left them on Earth.[83][84]
  • They both leave to find Odin.[83][84]
  • Thor-ragnarok-chris-hemsworth-tom-hiddleston

    Thor and Loki return to Earth

    In New York, Thor and Loki realize that the care home where Odin was supposed to be has been demolished. As they talk, two women approach Thor and ask him to take a selfie with them, to which Thor agrees. In response to one of the girls' comments about Jane Foster, Thor explains to Loki that their relationship ended a while ago.[83][84]
  • At that moment, Loki is suddenly snatched away through a magical portal in the ground, with an address card left behind, which points Thor towards Bleecker Street.[83][84]
  • Thor visits the address, finding Doctor Strange at the New York Sanctum. Strange insists on knowing why the brothers are in New York, and whether or not they will leave when they are done, having taken Loki due to the potential danger he causes. Thor tells him that they are there to find Odin, and will leave immediately when they have.[83][5][84]
DS Post-credits Scene 1

Doctor Strange talks with Thor

  • Strange, in turn, reveals that he knows where Odin is. He returns Loki from the location where he had left him falling for half an hour, then opens a portal for the brothers to Norway, where Odin is residing. Loki moves to attack Strange, but Strange simply moves the portal to send the brothers on their way, closing it behind them.[83][84]
  • Thor and Loki find Odin, who is nearing the end of his long life. He stands on the edge of the cliff, commenting that Norway is beautiful, and reveals that it took him a while to break Loki's spell over him. He tells them that Frigga was calling out to him.[83][84]
  • Thor Ragnarok 106

    Thor and Loki in Norway, immediately after their father's death

    Odin then laments that Ragnarök is coming, and reveals the existence of Hela, his oldest child and only daughter - his sons' older sister, whom they did not know about. Odin warns them that Hela will be released from the prison he has held her in once he dies. Telling them that he considers them both to be his sons, and that he loves them, he finally passes away as his spirit ascends to Valhalla.[83][84]
  • Upon his death, Hela is finally freed from her prison in Hel, where she has resided for over 2500 years. Hela emerges in Norway, and mentions being sad to have missed her father's death.[83][84]
  • Thor Ragnarok 108

    Hela catches Thor's hammer

    Thor reveals that he is Odin's son, but Hela simply replies that he does not look like him, though Loki does sound like him. She demands that they kneel before her, their new "queen". Warned of the danger she poses, Thor tries to stop his sister by throwing Mjølnir, however, to his horror, she catches the magic hammer and shatters it in her hand.[83][84]
  • As Hela prepares to attack her brothers, Loki panics and calls for the Bifrost, which is under the surveillance of Volstagg and Fandral.[83][84]
  • Thor-vs-Hela-BifrostFight

    Hela attacking Thor within the Bifrost

    They are taken to Asgard, however, Hela follows them into the Einstein-Rosen bridge. Scuffling with Loki, she manages to push him out of the Bifrost.[83][84]
Sakaar - Day 1
  • After being thrown out of the Bifrost, Loki is spat out from a wormhole onto the junk planet of Sakaar, where many stray wormholes open. On Sakaar, time runs differently, with no direct correlation to elsewhere - sometimes the same, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. While less than a minute passes outside of Sakaar, Loki lives for a few weeks on the planet, becoming friends with the leader of the local Contest of Champions, the Grandmaster.[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar
TR Trailer2 26

Hela prepares to arrive at Asgard

  • Still in the Bifrost, Hela engages Thor in a duel. He escapes her grip, but he too is thrown out of the bridge.[83][84]
  • Volstagg and Fandral stand at the Bifrost entrance awaiting their friend, but are surprised when it is not Thor who steps through, but Hela. She swiftly dispatches both warriors, and Skurge, also present, surrenders to her.[83][84]
Sakaar - Day 25
  • Thor falls through another wormhole onto the surface of Sakaar. He is approached by locals Sakaarans, who ask him if he is food. They attempt to capture him, when a woman arrives in a ship to stop them.[83][84]
  • Thor Ragnarok 132

    Valkyrie captures Thor

    She lowers her ramp, and swaggers down it while drinking, but falls off the ramp from her drunkenness. As the Sakaarans continue to attempt to take Thor, the woman, Scrapper 142, gets back up and engages blasters on her ship, controlled by gauntlets she wears. She takes out the Sakaarans, before capturing Thor for herself.[83][84]
  • Scrapper 142 flies Thor to the Sakaaran arena to deliver to the Grandmaster.[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar
  • Siege of Asgard:
    • TR Trailer2 10

      Hogun and the Einherjar prepare to face Hela

      Hela advances on the Asgardian Palace, and is confronted by Hogun, the last of the Warriors Three, and the Einherjar. She declares her lineage and demands their loyalty, but when they refuse, she extends her Necroswords and prepares to battle.[83][84]
    • Hela enters into a fight with the knights, and despite their numbers, she is able to fight back with ease. Hela eventually slaughters the entire Einherjar army, before noticing Hogun, still alive. She takes pleasure from murdering him, beginning her conquest of Asgard.[83][84]

Heimdall leads the Asgardian resistance

Sakaar - Day 25
  • Strapped to a chair, Thor is taken through a tunnel introducing the Grandmaster. He begins to panic when the tunnel ends and he is jolted into a meeting with the Elder himself - an eccentric man in colorful clothing, with an assistant beside him.[83][84]
  • The Grandmaster enjoys teasing his cousin, Carlo, who he has strapped to another chair. Momentarily making him think he will set him free, the Grandmaster then gleefully uses his Melt Stick to kill him.[83][84]
  • Thor reunites with Loki, who reveals that he has been on Sakaar for weeks. He distances himself from Thor so as to maintain favor with the Grandmaster.[83][84]
Thor Ragnarok Oct17 Still 3

Korg welcomes Thor

  • Thor is thrown into the slave quarters, where he meets two of the slave gladiators - Korg, a Kronan, and Miek, an insect alien with knives for hands. Korg introduces himself, and talks to him about the revolution he tried to start, and the Grandmaster's champion.[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar
  • Hela enters the Asgardian Palace with Skurge, and throws her Necroswords into the ceiling of the main hall to bring the murals crashing down. As these fall, older murals are revealed underneath, revealing the true history of Asgard, of her and Odin's conquest of the Nine Realms - the history Odin had tried to bury.[83][84]

Hela using the Eternal Flame

  • Hela breaks into Odin's Vault, declaring the Infinity Gauntlet and other relics in the vault to be fake, the Casket of Ancient Winters as a useless object, and Surtur's crown smaller than she expected. She becomes interested in the Tesseract, but declares the Eternal Flame as the greatest of all. She gathers a handful of the fire, and cracks the floor, descending into the secret cavern beneath.[83][84]
  • In the cavern beneath the vault, Hela observes the decomposed bodies of her old Berserker army and pet wolf Fenris. She hurls the handful of the Eternal Flame into the ground to use its power to resurrect the Berserker army and restore Fenris to full life.[83][84]
Sakaar - Day 25
Thor Ragnarok Stills Loki 1

Loki during his stay on Sakaar

  • Loki sends a conjured image of himself to see Thor, who was mourning his father. Loki attempts to convince Thor to abandon Asgard as Hela is stronger than both of them, and instead join him by the Grandmaster's side, so eventually they can betray him and become the rulers of Sakaar. Thor refuses and tells his brother to go away. As his projection disappears, Korg attacks what he believed to be a ghost, realizing very late that he is gone.[83][84]


Sakaar - Day 26
  • Korg6

    Korg talks to Thor

    Korg takes Thor to choose his weapons. They discuss Mjølnir and then Scrapper 142, who Korg points out is Asgardian. Buying alcohol near the gladiator's quarters, she is approached by Thor, who tells her of the Siege of Asgard and Hela's return. Thor notices a tattoo on her wrist that reveals her as a Valkyrie, exciting him. However, the Valkyrie ignores Thor and leaves to watch the fight in the arena.[83][84]
  • Thor is taken by the Grandmaster's followers to have his hair cut for the arena. The haircut is performed by the Watcher Informant.[83][84]
  • Duel in the Sakaaran Arena:
    • Loki and the Grandmaster arrive at the Sakaaran Arena to witness the fight.[83][84]
    • Thor Ragnarok Teaser 53

      Loki and the Grandmaster during the Duel in the Sakaaran Arena

      Thor enters the arena, putting on his helmet and picking up his weapons as he prepares to engage his contender. The Valkyrie watches the arena from her ship above.[83][84]
    • The Grandmaster introduces Thor, and the audience begins to call out for their favorite combatant, the champion. As the Grandmaster turns to introducing his champion, his call is cut short as the combatant breaks into the arena, revealing himself to be the Hulk, alive after his disappearance 2 years prior, but angered, crazed, and ready to battle. Thor, overjoyed at seeing his former teammate, attempts to talk and negotiate with him, but makes the mistake of calling him "Banner".[83][84]
    • Thor Ragnarok Oct17 Still 2

      Thor prepares to fight Hulk

      As he watches, Loki becomes nervous and uncomfortable after seeing the Hulk, following their last encounter after the Battle of New York.[83][84]
    • Refusing to acknowledge Thor, despite his pleas and attempts to make him calm down, Hulk fights against his former ally. A gruelling duel takes place as both combatants smash and ruin parts of the arena from the force of their attacks.[83][84]
    • Thor tries Black Widow's calming technique on the Hulk, but it fails to work. Eventually, Hulk overpowers him during the battle, when Thor suddenly has a vision of his father, causing his lightning powers to surge.[83][84]
    • Thor Ragnarok 125

      Thor and Hulk duel

      As the fight continues, Thor manages to gain the upper hand. However, unwilling to see Hulk lose, since he is a fan favorite, the Grandmaster cheats and fixes the fight by activating the Control Disk on Thor's neck, incapacitating him. Hulk attacks Thor and leaves him unconscious.[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar


Outside of Sakaar
  • Heimdall continues to help some Asgardians reach a safe refuge, killing several of Hela's soldiers in the process.[83][84]
  • Thor Ragnarok Teaser 62

    Heimdall battles Hela's soldiers

    The previous guardian of the Bifrost takes the Asgardians to the refuge, an old secret hall in a cliff-face, built by their ancestors.[83][84]
Sakaar - Day 27
  • After their fight, Thor wakes up in Hulk's chamber. The two former allies have a conversation, and Thor keeps pleading for Hulk's assistance, but Hulk refuses to acknowledge their friendship, grumpily stating that Thor likes Banner better. He does, however, reveal the location of the Avengers' Quinjet, nearby on Sakaar.[83][84]
  • Thor calls out to Heimdall to help him see what is happening on Asgard.[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar
Heimdall Entertainment First Look

Heimdall helping the Asgardians

  • Heimdall hears Thor's call, and uses his powers to allow Thor to see what is happening in his home. After they talk, Thor tells Heimdall that he is not sure where he is or how to get back. Heimdall uses his vision to inform Thor that he is on a world surrounded by gateways, and he has to take the largest one to return to Asgard.[83][84]
Sakaar - Day 27
  • In the evening, Hulk refuses to return to Earth, believing that everyone hated him there. He and Thor argue again, but manage to reach an agreement as Thor convinces Hulk to help get his sparring partner, Valkyrie, to join them.[83][84]


Sakaar - Day 28
  • Hulk calls Valkyrie into his quarters, where Thor then starts a conversation with her. The two Asgardians talk, and Thor manages to steal the remote for his control disk from her, taking the implant off, and then making his escape toward the Quinjet.[83][84]
  • Hulk immediately follows Thor, not wanting his friend to leave the planet. He catches up to Thor at the jet, and accidentally destroys parts of it. In the accident, Thor turns on Natasha Romanoff's recording left for Banner from the Battle of Sokovia.[83][84]
  • Thor Ragnarok 116

    Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner

    Seeing her, Hulk is subdued and Banner is awoken, and despite Hulk's attempts to resist, he transforms back into his human, Bruce Banner self after 2 years.[83][84]
  • Banner asks Thor what happened with Ultron and Sokovia, being the last thing he remembers. Thor dismisses this, explaining that they won the fight, but it was 2 years ago. Soon, they hear an announcement from the Grandmaster that they are hunting Thor, due to believing that Thor has captured Hulk. The two former Avengers escape from the Quinjet and start making their way through the city.[83][84]

Thor and Banner walk through Sakaar

  • As they hide, Banner voices his fear that after 2 years spent inside the Hulk, the monster might be taking over, and that if he ever transform back to Hulk again he might not be able to come back.[83][84]
  • Valkyrie and Loki are sent to find Thor and Hulk by the Grandmaster.[83][84]
  • After finding out she was one of the Valkyries, Loki makes Valkyrie recall her fight with Hela. She retaliates, fighting and subsequently knocking out the God of Mischief.[83][84]
  • Thor asks Banner to help him fight his sister, Hela, but he refuses, scared of being taken over by the Hulk completely.[83][84]

Thor and Banner are taken to Loki by Valkyrie

  • Valkyrie finds them and agrees to help, to get revenge on Hela, and Thor names the team "the Revengers". As they prepare, Thor finds her Dragonfang, and warns them not to trust Loki, telling a story of how Loki once turned into snakes to play a trick on him. Loki, not wanting to remain stuck on Sakaar, tells Thor he has the Grandmaster's security codes which will give him control over his systems.[83][84]
  • Thor sends Valkyrie to deactivate the Control Disks so the slaves can help steal the Grandmaster's ship. Around the gladiator quaters, the disks fall off, to Korg's delight. Being provided with a firearm by Valkyrie, he leads a slave revolution.[83][84]
  • Escape from Sakaar:
    • Thor and Loki team up and go to steal the Grandmaster's Commodore, as it is one of the few ships able to get through the Devil's Anus and into space, according to Valkyrie.[83][84]
    • It's humiliating

      Thor and Loki prepare to steal the Commodore

      Thor subtly places a Control Disk on Loki, without him realizing. The brothers enter the hangar and manage to defeat the soldiers by using "Get Help", a technique the brothers have used before, where Loki pretends to be hurt to distract the enemies and bring them closer as Thor then throws his brother at them.[83][84]
    • Loki then attempts to betray Thor, but Thor incapacitates him with the control disk, having anticipated trickery from his brother, leaving him being shocked on the floor. Thor tells Loki that he knows he will always be the God of Mischief, but had hoped that he would have shown some capacity for growth.[83][84]
    • TR Trailer2 22

      Banner pilots the Commodore

      The Revengers use the Commodore to head to the Devil's Anus. Topaz, the Grandmaster's bodyguard, chases Bruce Banner, but is killed when Banner accidentally sets off fireworks on the vehicle, blinding her and thus causing her to crash. The Revengers manage to avoid the Grandmaster's guards and get to the wormhole, escaping from Sakaar.[83][84]
    • Meanwhile, Korg and his companions break into the hangar bay to escape the planet. Korg finds a control disk remote, which he switches off, releasing Loki, and they offer him a way off the planet with them.[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar
  • Thor Ragnarok promo 9

    Hela, the ruler of Asgard

    Under the orders of Hela, Skurge has civilians rounded up to demand the location of the Bifrost sword. When nobody decides to speak, Hela tells him to execute a randomly chosen woman, and Skurge obliges, despite feeling uncomfortable with it. Just before he can do so, a civilian agrees to tell Hela where the sword is.[83][84]
  • The Commodore comes out of the Devil's Anus with the Revengers aboard. Thor informs them he has a man on the ground in Asgard, referring to Heimdall and the plan they have agreed.[83][84]
  • Heimdall tells the Asgardians that Hela has arrived at the fortress and begins to evacuate them. Hela breaks down the doors to the refuge.[83][84]
  • Meanwhile, Thor gives Valkyrie her former outfit to wear into battle.[83][84]
Sakaar - Day 28
  • Rebellion

    Korg leading the Sakaaran Rebellion

    Korg's group then steal a large ship and escape Sakaar, flying through the Devil's Anus towards Asgard.[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar
  • Thor goes to the throne room of Asgard and takes his seat there, awaiting Hela.[83][84]
  • Hela breaks down the doors to the refuge, as the Asgardians use the opportunity to cross the Bifrost Bridge, hoping to escape.[83][84]
  • Valkyrie mounts a gun and prepares to fight Hela's army.[83][84]
  • Ragnarök:
    • Duel in the Asgardian Palace:
      • Thor king

        Thor attracts Hela's attention

        Hela realises that Thor is in the throne room, and leaves the refuge to go to confront him.[83][84]
      • Hela arrives at the palace to confront her brother. Thor uses his father's spear, Gungnir, to engage her in a battle, but Hela overpowers him.[83][84]
    • The Asgardians, led by Heimdall, find themselves trapped on the Bifrost with Fenris on one side and Skurge and Hela's forces on the other. Skurge tells Heimdall to surrender as Fenris approaches them.[83][84]
    • Meanwhile, in the Asgardian Palace, Hela tells Thor he is worth nothing, knocking him down. She strikes him across the face with a blade, slicing his eye out.[83][84]
    • Fenriswolfcharging

      Fenris charges towards the Asgardians

      Despite knowing he may never be able to turn back again, Banner decides to transform to take out Fenris. He jumps from the Commodore to become the Hulk, but when he falls, he simply hits the bridge still in human form. As Fenris lunges towards the Asgardians, Banner belatedly transforms into the Hulk, grabbing the wolf from behind to fight him.[83][84]
    • Hela pins Thor down and tells him she will get the Bifrost sword.[83][84]
    • Battle of the Rainbow Bridge:
      • As Valkyrie, Heimdall, and the Asgardians fight for their lives, Loki arrives with Korg and his Sakaaran allies, enjoying the moment as he proclaims himself to be Asgard's savior.[83][84]
      • Thor Ragnarok 79

        Hela attacks Thor

        Hela teases Thor about her victory and his lack of power without the hammer, asking, "What were you the god of, again?" At that moment, Thor sees Odin in his mind, contacting him from Valhalla. Odin tells Thor that Asgard is, in fact, not a place, but a people, and that the spirit of Asgard will live on even if the location does not. He reminds Thor that he is the god of thunder, revealing that Mjølnir was only a tool to channel his power, but that he still has true power within him. He leaves the vision, reminding his son that he is even stronger than him.[83][84]
      • Thor Ragnarok 82

        Thor's true powers

        Thor comes out of the vision and accesses his true strength to strike Hela with lightning. He leaps at the Rainbow Bridge, attacking her forces with giant bolts of electricity, using the strongest powers he has ever channelled.[83][84]
      • Thor and Valkyrie fight the Berserkers as Hulk wrestles with Fenris, eventually hurling him off of Asgard to fall into outer space.[83][84]
      • Hela arrives at the Rainbow Bridge, and the Revengers assemble to fight her. With his powers in full force, Thor manages to resist Hela and carves through her army, but he realizes she is still too much for him.[83][84]
      • Thor Ragnarok 76

        Hela fighting at the Rainbow Bridge

        He and Loki realize that as long as Asgard exists, she will grow more powerful. With the Ragnarök prophecy saying that Asgard must fall, Thor realizes that they have to ensure it, not stop it, so as to save the Asgardians and take down Hela. Thor orders Loki to go to their father's vault and use the Eternal Flame to resurrect the fire demon Surtur, as it is said that event is destined to take place when he, empowered by the flame, unleashes his rage upon the Asgard and consumes it in fire.[83][84]
    • Meanwhile, Skurge stows away on the ship, hiding among the other Asgardians.[83][84]
    • Thor and Valkyrie hold off Hela while Loki goes to the Odin's Vault to retrieve Surtur's crow. While in the vault, Loki notices the Tesseract on its pedestal.[83][84]
    • Thor Ragnarok Teaser 40

      Skurge makes his final stand for Asgard

      Some of Hela's Berserker soldiers climb on board the Asgardian ship as it tries to leave. Skurge reveals himself, using his guns "Des" and "Troy" to take them down.[83][84]
    • Skurge then proceeds to confront Hela on the Rainbow Bridge. He redeems himself in sacrifice as Hela kills him, but the ship makes it to safety because of his heroic actions.[83][84]
    • Loki secretly retrieves the Tesseract[85], then places Surtur's crown in the Eternal Flame to resurrect him to his full, true power.[83][84]
    • Destruction of Asgard:
      • Суртур (199999)

        Surtur is resurrected

        As Thor fights Hela, she says that he will not defeat her, to which he replies that while he cannot, Surtur can. As Loki escapes, Surtur erupts from Asgard and begins laying waste to the helpless city before him.[83][84]
      • Hulk leaps at Surtur to attack him, but is knocked back to the bridge. Thor and Valkyrie convince Hulk to abandon the monster he so desperately wants to fight and help them jump onto the Asgardians' ship instead.[83][84]
      • Hela attempts to continue to fight as Surtur, as foretold in the prophecy, thrusts his blade straight through Asgard. Hela is presumed dead under the impact and the structures of Asgard come crashing down in fire.[83][84]
    • Surtur Destroys Asgard

      Surtur destroys Asgard

      The Revengers and Asgardian survivors watch on from the ship as Asgard is utterly destroyed. The realm is obliterated in an explosion, reduced to rocks and ashes before their eyes.[83][84]
Sakaar - Day 28
  • The Grandmaster emerges from a hiding spot and addresses the Sakaarans about their revolution. He desperately uses one last remaining trick, attempting to seem clever, and to convince the rebels that they have benefited each other - that they could not have had their rebellion if not for him. The Grandmaster then suggests that perhaps they "call it a tie".[83][84]
Outside of Sakaar
  • Thor wears a new eye-patch to cover his missing right eye. Loki visits him, surprising Thor when he reveals that he has actually come in person, rather than as a conjured image. The two brothers share a moment, acknowledging the maturity and begrudging respect they have reached in their relationship.[83][84]
Thor Ragnarok-ThorSittingintheThrone

Thor becomes the King of Asgard

  • Thor walks among the people he has saved, who make way for him to walk through to the seat at the forefront of the ship. He reaches the chair, serving as the new throne, and finally assumes his mantle as the new king of Asgard.[83][84]
  • The group wonder where the Asgardian people should travel to to rebuild Asgard. Thor makes the decision, and the ship sets off for their destination: Earth.[83][84]


  • Fitz receives the December 2017 edition of Ballblaster Hooligan, publishing another of his letters for the sixth consecutive time.[63][53]







  • Alex Wilder plays Star Wars Battlefront before going to school.[88][89]
  • RSW Battlefront

    Alex Wilder plays Star Wars Battlefront while his father talks to him

    Alex is approached by his dad, Geoffrey Wilder, and tells him that the reason he has not played it in 2 years is that it is the game he and his friend, Amy Minoru, had played together before she died. Geoffrey tries to comfort him, but Alex rejects the sympathy and goes to have breakfast with his mother, Catherine Wilder. They talk briefly about his attitude, and how his parents gave him space after Minoru died, but that it was time to stop being introverted. His father suggests that he meet up with his old friends, the other children of the members of PRIDE, a small organization which the Wilder parents are also a part of. He tells Alex to value the friendships he has at this age, and not let them slip away.[88][90]
  • Nico Minoru gets ready for school. She puts on her makeup, then she tries to put on black tights, which end up ripping. She decides to go to get a better pair from her deceased older sister's room.[88][90]
Nico and Tina Runaways

Nico and Tina Minoru in Amy's room

  • Tina Minoru, Amy and Nico's mother, watches her daughter entering Amy's room from cameras in the house. She goes to confront Nico, reminding her that it is forbidden for her to enter Amy's room. Nico ignores her mother and, on her way out, accidentally knocks over one of Amy's trophies, breaking it. She tries to apologize to her mother, who simply orders her to leave.[88][90]
  • Chase Stein does weight training in his room. He is interrupted by his mother, Janet Stein, who tells him that it is time to have breakfast. Chase asks her if his father is at the breakfast table, which she confirms.[88][90]
  • Alex Wilder drives off to school after breakfast. His parents talk, with his father, Geoffrey, being uncomfortable about the PRIDE meeting.[88][89]
Intimidating Father

Chase Stein is intimidated by his father

  • At breakfast, Chase's father, Victor Stein, reproaches him for only achieving a C in Spanish, acting cold and intimidating towards his son.[88][90]
  • Karolina Dean and her father, Frank Dean attend a church service at the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices.[88][90]
  • Chase Stein prepares to leave for school. He argues with his mother about his dad, saying that Victor is rude and aggressive, and that he is getting tired of him - that he cannot wait to go to college next year and get away from him. His mother, Janet gets a call, which Chase is surprised by, unaware that Victor even let her have friends. She rejects the call, not wanting Chase to know that it was from Nico Minoru's father, her secret lover.[88][89]
Victor on MBox Ep2

Stein works on the Dematerialization Box

  • Chase's father, Victor Stein, works on the Dematerialization Box, but his experimentation fails. He opens the box and is angered to find the rat he was testing with is still there. Janet, Chase's mother, tries to comfort her husband, who is suffering from headaches. She reminds him of the PRIDE meeting that evening, wondering if he could reach out for help.[88][89]
  • Frank Dean leaves after the Gibborim service to meet with his agent, Phil. Karolina then tries to convince her mother, Leslie, to sign a special permission slip for a field trip to San Francisco that evening, but Leslie rejects it, telling her daughter that she has a Vanity Fair shoot, and claiming that she cannot miss it, since she is the millennial face of the Church of Gibborim.[90]
  • Leslie approached Ep2

    Leslie Dean is approached by Aura and Frances

    Karolina expresses her annoyance that her mother pays her little attention or care and leaves for school.[90] Leslie is then approached by two members of the Church of Gibborim, Aura and Frances, and informed that Destiny Gonzalez did not attend the service and is missing.[88][89]
  • Phil meets with Frank Dean outside the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices, where he tells him that he is no longer going to work with him. After expressing his reasons - that he was too busy being the face of the Church of Gibborim to continue his burnt-out career - Phil encourages Dean to enjoy his newfound benefits inside the Church, urging him to talk with Leslie and take a more prominent role in the organization.[88][89]

The Yorkes parents take Molly Hernandez and Gert to school

  • Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez are taken to school, Atlas Academy, by Yorkes' parents, Dale and Stacey, who adopted Hernandez after her parents died in a fire 10 years ago. After an awkward conversation, Yorkes and Hernandez abandon the car quickly.[88][90]
  • Alex Wilder watches as all of his old friends now ignore each other before school. He calls his mother and asks her for permission to invite them to their house that night, like how they always used to. Catherine Wilder agrees, despite her husband's reservations about having the teenagers in the house while the PRIDE meeting is happening. Catherine dismisses this, saying that as teenagers, the last thing they would care about is what their parents are doing.[88][90]
Jonah 1st appearance

Jonah is visited by Leslie Dean

  • Meanwhile, Leslie Dean enters a room with fingerprint security in which someone is terribly sick, covered in grey crust and in a special life-support machine.[88][90]
  • Meanwhile, Alex's parents prepare to set up the meeting that night.[88][90]
  • Nico's parents, Tina and Robert Minoru, discuss the current situation between Tina and Nico. Tina decides to seal Amy's room with the Staff of One, although Robert does not think that that is the solution since, if they continue like this, they could lose Nico due to the conflict with her mother.[88][89]
Old lace

The Yorkeses' Deinonychus' tail

  • After dropping off the girls, Stacey Yorkes, Gert's mother, informs her husband, Dale, of the PRIDE meeting, which he had forgotten about. They express their annoyance at having to go, with Stacey also being bitter at Tina Minoru's insults of her homemade brie. Dale prefers not to go, but Stacey says that if anyone deserved a night off it is her, having taken care of their Deinonychus the night before.[88][89]
  • Gert Yorkes gives a feminist talk in class and proposes the creation of a group, "Undermining the Patriarchy", needing 4 members for it to be officially recognized by the school, but her classmates pay her no attention. After this, Wilder approaches Stein to invite him to his house that evening, but when Yorkes and Dean approach to ask what is happening, tension arises between the teenagers and it becomes clear that a meet-up may be impossible.[88][90]
  • In the construction site of a supposed school being built by PRIDE, a small group of gangsters, led by Darius Davis, arrive and threaten the workers to get them to leave, intending to use the situation to threaten Geoffrey Wilder.[88][89]
Catherine is informedofDarius

Geoffrey Wilder tells Catherine about the situation

  • In the secret passageway in the Wilder Mansion, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder are preparing for the meeting when Geoffrey gets a call from Howard, the head of the construction work, informing him of the situation with Davis. Geoffrey decides with his wife that he needs to resolve the issue in order to keep the construction on its feet.[88][89]
  • Destiny Gonzalez is approached by Leslie Dean, who has discovered Gonzalez's plan to leave. Gonzalez thanks Dean for her help over the last 6 months, and reveals that she has a daughter who is turning 3 today, and she had promised herself that she would never miss another birthday for her. Dean, however, asks her to wait, claiming she has a surprise for her - that Gonzalez will be advancing in the Church of Gibborim to "Ultra" status.[88][89]

Destiny Gonzalez

  • Unfortunately, Gonzalez agrees to stay a bit longer for the ceremony.[88][89]
  • Geoffrey Wilder arrives at the construction site and confronts Darius Davis, threatening him by threatening his grandmother, showing him a camera that is directly recording everything about of her house implying that he could have her killed if Davis continues to mess with him. Davis agrees not to meddle with the construction of the school and returns to his car, where he discovers that his plan worked: while they talked, he managed to clone the contents of Wilder's cell phone.[88][89][91]
  • Molly Hernandez auditions to be part of the of the dance squad, but experiences what seems to be bad menstrual cramps, and is unable to continue the tryout. Hernandez heads to the nurse's office.[88][90]
  • Chase Stein asks his teacher to reconsider his grade in Spanish by allowing him to retake the midterm exam, but he refuses, telling him he simply has to work harder for next time.[88][90]
Agreement R1

Yorkes talks to Chase Stein

  • Gert Yorkes, who has heard everything, approaches Stein. She offers to help him with studying Spanish, and Stein suggests that they meet at a cafe that evening. Yorkes accepts.[88][90]
  • Alex Wilder finally finds Nico Minoru near the trophy cases and tells her about the meet-up that night, and confesses that he misses her. She indicates to him that she has not heard him because of her earbuds, but is lying, only turning on music afterwards as she heads to the girls' bathroom to cry.[88][90]
  • Karolina Dean sees an edit of a photo she uploaded earlier in the day, mocking her with the word "Brainwashed" replacing "Blessed". Dean visits the girls' bathroom to cry as well.[88][90]
Girls Talk

Minoru and Dean talk briefly

  • Dean hears how Minoru enters the bathroom. Both, face to face, pretend to be perfectly fine. Dean suggests her not using makeup to hide, but Minoru tells her not to hide behind a smile, because "it's still hiding".[88][90]
  • Molly Hernandez is given meds at the nurse's office. When the nurse steps out, her powers suddenly emerge as she uses super-strength to accidentally crush her chair. This relieves her discomfort, the repression having been the true source of her pain.[88][90]
  • Frank Dean asks his wife, Leslie, to allow him to move to Ultra position and become her partner in both life and the Church of Gibborim. She suspects that his meeting with Phil did not go well and led to this request. She decides to leave for the PRIDE meeting without her husband.[88][89]
VF Karolina

Karolina Dean's interview by Vanity Fair

  • Karolina Dean is recorded for an interview by Vanity Fair in order to promote the Church of Gibborim, as her mother requested. She is approached by Destiny Gonzalez, who tells Karolina that she is incredibly grateful all the help her mother, Leslie, has given her.[88][90]
  • Back home, Molly Hernandez tries out her powers in the garage. She tries to pull a van but fails, instead going to bend a crowbar, just as the van beings to roll towards her from behind. Hernandez notices and turns. Her powers suddenly activate to stop it, and she cheers at her success, before suddenly becoming very tired and slumping against the wall.[88][90]


  • The PRIDE meeting begins with the Wilders, Minorus, Deans, Yorkeses, and Steins all attending. They make an awkward small talk.[88][90]
  • Alex Wilder gets home and walks into the meeting, where he talks briefly with his mother, telling her that none of his friends agreed to come over, before leaving the room. The parents agree that since Amy Minoru's death, their children have all been affected.[88][90]
  • Wilder puts on a record and sits down to play Star Wars Battlefront again.[88][90]
  • As the sun goes down, Nico Minoru stands on the beach by a fire, preparing for an invocation seance ritual.[90] The sun sets over Los Angeles.[88][89]

Geoffrey Wilder comments on his discomfort

  • At the PRIDE meeting, Leslie Dean passes the file on Destiny Gonzalez, that night's sacrifice, to all the members. Geoffrey Wilder is uncomfortable with the idea, because their previous sacrifices were all 16-20, older than their children, but now their children have reached the same age as their victim - 17. Despite this, the whole group reluctantly agrees that they have to go ahead. The PRIDE members descend to the hidden passage and change into their ceremonial robes.[88][89]
  • Karolina Dean is driven to a party across the city, and looks out of the window.[88][90]
  • Gert Yorkes waits for Chase Stein at the cafeteria, preparing cards to help his Spanish revision.[88][90]
  • Stein, meanwhile, arrives at the party which he had been invited to earlier that day, right after setting his meeting with Yorkes.[88][90]
  • Dean continues to travel to the party.[88][90]
SW Alex

Wilder turns on the PlayStation game

  • Alex Wilder sits playing Star Wars Battlefront, deeply missing his friends.[88][90]
  • Nico Minoru lights candles.[88][90]
  • Stein drinks at the party, but feels guilty for skipping his meeting with Yorkes.[88][90]
  • Yorkes becomes nervous as Stein has still not arrived.[88][90]
  • Wilder paces his room, looking at his cell phone.[88][90]
  • Karolina Dean sees an advert for the Church of Gibborim outside her window, with her and her parents representing the church. This saddens her, thinking of how it has affected the opinion of her among her peers.[88][90]
  • Minoru lays down the candles around a bonfire she has started.[88][90]
Runaways Teaser Trailer 01

The picture

  • Wilder finds a photo of all of him, Nico Minoru, Gert Yorkes, Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, and Molly Hernandez all together a couple of years prior. He sends the photo out to the other 5 to attempt to remind them of their good times together.[88][90]
  • Dean's driver drops her off and she enters the party.[88][90]
  • Yorkes texts her adoptive sister, Molly Hernandez, asking her to feed the pets at home, seeing as she will not be getting home soon. Hernandez's phone alert wakes her.[88][90]
  • Dean is handed a pill at the party. Wishing to finally break free of her mother's control, she decides to open her bracelet for the firs time. Once it is opened, Dean's arms appear to light up with bright colors.[88][90]

Karolina Dean's powers

  • Karolina stares in awe, before suddenly passing out. Brandon and Lucas, Stein's friends from school, see Dean's unconscious body and carry her upstairs. Stein notices and, concerned, follows the boys.[88][90]
  • Molly Hernandez feeds the pets in the basement. She hears noises from the "Warning: Keep Out" room, and approaches the window. As she looks through, her adoptive parents' Deinonychus suddenly advances on the window, and Hernandez runs, terrified. She calls her sister, saying that she wants to leave the house, and Yorkes decides that she has waited long enough for Stein, leaving the cafeteria to go to pick up Hernandez.[88][90]
Chase party

Chase Stein prepares to defend Dean

  • Arriving upstairs, Chase Stein finds Brandon and Lucas unbuckling the unconscious Karolina Dean's belt, preparing to sexually assault her. Horrified, especially when his supposed friends ask him to help, Stein apprehends them and gets in a fight. The duo give up, deciding it is not worth it, and leave. Stein puts Dean's belt back on and clicks her bracelet back into place. She wakes, and he takes Dean out of the party and to her car. She tells him about the lights, which he attributes simply to drug-taking, and she does not pursue the conversation further. Dean asks Stein to stay with her in the car, and they set off, deciding not to go to her home, but instead the Wilder Mansion. She drops the pill she was given out of her window, having not, in fact, taken any drugs.[88][90]

Nico Minoru starts to cry

Runaways Teaser Trailer 13

Leslie Dean approaches Gonzalez

  • Leslie Dean informs Destiny Gonzalez that the ceremony to go Ultra is about to begin, and takes her to the ceremony room below the Wilder Mansion.[88][89]
  • The group of friends ask for suggestions on what to do next. Arguing amongst themselves, and not deciding on anything, Stein decides that if they are going to address the last 2 years of separation, he at least wants alcohol, and heads off to Geoffrey Wilder's office, where he remembers liquor used to be kept.[88][90]
  • PRIDE's last preparations are made before the ceremony begins.[88][89]
Runaways Teaser Trailer 21

The group discovers the passageway

  • The group enters Geoffrey Wilder's living room, where they notice that their parents are gone. Alex Wilder reaches for coasters, but finds them stuck together. He twists the stack, and this triggers a mechanism, opening a secret passageway in the dresser which he was not aware of.[88][90]
  • The group head down the passageway, wondering where it may lead to.[88][90]
  • Rite of Blood:
    • Arriving at an underground hall, the group are confused as to what is happening, seeing all but Dean's parents in red robes preparing for some sort of ritual. Wilder realizes that their parents cannot hear them, as there is some sort of protective sound barrier.[88][90][89]
Runaways Teaser Trailer 27

The groups witnesses the ritual

    • Stein questions what kind of charity meeting would be like this as Leslie Dean enters with a confused Destiny Gonzalez, and Karolina is shocked to find her mother involved as well. Gonzalez asks Leslie who the people she has been brought to are, not recognizing them from the Church of Gibborim, but Leslie avoids the question.[88][90][89]
    • Stacey Yorkes approaches Gonzalez with a cup, and asks her to drink from it, claiming that its contents will "purify" her. Gonzalez is scared, but Leslie Dean guides her to drink it, just as Karolina recognizes Gonzalez as the girl she met earlier that day. Gonzalez takes it in two hands and drinks, but then stumbles, weakened. Leslie helps her up to drink again, forcing the cup to Gonzalez's mouth as PRIDE surround her and she collapses.[88][90][89]
Runaways Teaser Trailer 28

The ritual takes place

    • PRIDE then proceed to strip Destiny Gonzalez naked to prepare her for the sacrifice. Gert Yorkes notes that the ceremony has somehow managed to become even more creepy, as Victor Stein places his hand on the Dematerialization Box so as to activate it. Yorkes pushes Molly Hernandez back from their balcony, worried that her little sister will never be able to forget the horrible sight of what is going on. The box opens and a light comes out of it, as Geoffrey Wilder and Robert Minoru bend down to pick up Gonzalez. They walk her around the box and place her in, as the group of friends above shield their eyes from the blinding light coming from the box.[88][90][89]
Runaways Teaser Trailer 30

Minoru and Yorkes are shocked by the ritual

    • As Gonzalez begs for PRIDE to stop their ritual, Leslie Dean attempts to continue to reassure her. She tells the group to hurry and finish the sacrifice, as Nico Minoru and Gert Yorkes look on in horror. The box closes as Dean sheds a tear for Gonzalez's loss. Above, Minoru asks her friends what could possibly have just happened, and Molly Hernandez reaches for her phone, wanting to be able to see what is going on. Before the group can stop her, she reaches out to take a photo, leaving the flash on. The group run to escape as the light catches the eyes of the PRIDE members, who look up, concerned as to what could have happened.[88][90][89]
Wilder Investigate ep2

The Wilder parents go to investigate

  • The Wilder parents leave to investigate immediately as the group sprint back to the entrance to the secret passageway and the other members of PRIDE posit theories as to what might have caused the flash. Geoffrey and Catherine undress as Alex and his friends reach the top of the stairs, but find the door closed. Stein suggests that he attempts to open it but fails, just as the Wilder parents finish dressing and head up the passageway. The combined strength of the 17-year-olds still proves to be insufficient, but as Hernandez hears footsteps, she becomes afraid and her super-strength kicks in, allowing the group to escape.[88][89]
Alex's idea

The group agrees to trust Wilder's idea

  • Continuing to flee, Alex Wilder tells his friends to head to the guest room while he runs elsewhere, struck by an idea. Minoru tells him that she trusts him and they go ahead. Meanwhile, Catherine and Geoffrey reach the top of the passageway. In the guest room, Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, and Gert Yorkes each discuss potential rational explanations for their parents' behavior, but find flaws in each other's theories. Minoru suggests that they need to accept that their parents are murderers, having killed Gonzalez. Meanwhile, Wilder arrives at the mansion's fuse box.[88][89]
Turning off-ep2

Alex Wilder turns off the lights

  • Alex Wilder begins flicking the switches on the fuse box to cut the power. Minoru watches behind Dean as the power in Geoffrey Wilder's office shuts off, putting Geoffrey and Catherine, who have reached the office, into darkness. Alex then switches off the lights in the secret hall, the outside decoration lights, and finally the guest room lights, confusing his friends.[88][89]
  • Alex Wilder returns, and explains that he cut the lights so that their parents think there was simply a power-cut, and that that is what caused the flash of light. Wilder's parents approach the teenagers, trying to discern whether they had seen anything that they should not have, but find the group playing Twister and acting as friendly as they always used to.[88][89]
Geoffrey talks Victor

Geoffrey Wilder talks to Victor Stein about the Box

  • The members of PRIDE are disheartened, expressing their sadness at the uncomfortable sacrifice they had to make, with Geoffrey Wilder calling it the hardest yet. They are relieved, however, that it is the last one they will ever have to make.[88][89]
  • The teenagers do not know what to believe, not wanting to admit that their parents are murderers. They take a look at Molly Hernandez's picture, but find it too blurry to clear up any questions.[88][89]
  • Karolina's father, Frank Dean, looks at his wife's calendar at the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices, trying to find anything untoward to explain her recent lack of interest in him. He looks at that day: Friday 8th, and the following days, but finds nothing suspicious.[88][89]

Victor Stein finds out that Gonzalez is still alive

  • Every member of the PRIDE except Victor Stein leaves the hall to reunite with their children. Stein is angry to discover, once the group have left, that Destiny Gonzalez, has not, in fact, dematerialized, and is still in the box.[88][89]
  • All the PRIDE families congregate upstairs, with the parents continuing the pretence that they held a charity meeting and the children maintaining that they had an innocent and friendly evening.[88][89]
  • As everyone start to leave the house, Alex Wilder goes to find Nico Minoru in the bathroom. Minoru confesses that she does not want to go home because of what happened with her sister, and how she always notices her being missing. Wilder promises her that she will never be alone.[88][89]

Geoffrey Wilder tells Alex that he saw sparks between him and Minoru

  • After the Minoru family leave, Geoffrey Wilder tells his son that he thinks he saw a possible romance between him and Nico. Reluctant to reply, Alex simply shuffles off to bed.[88][89]
  • Frank Dean tries to enter Leslie's private meditation room, believing that his wife might be hiding something there, but he is stopped by Leslie's assistant, Vaughn Kaye.[88][89]
  • Nico Minoru watches her mother, Tina, locking away the Staff of One.[88][89]
  • Gert Yorkes sings to Molly Hernandez in bed, as they cannot sleep. Wilder sends out a text to his friends, asking to meet the next day at 10, and Minoru, Stein, and Dean all receive it. Dean texts Destiny Gonzalez to ask if she's alright, and to her surprise, someone starts to reply.[88][89]
Old Lace ep2

The Yorkeses' Deinonychus walks around in her environment

  • The Yorkeses' Deinonychus walks around in her jungle environment in the Yorkes Residence's basement.[88][89]
  • Geoffrey Wilder feels bad for making another sacrifice, but is comforted by his wife, who tells him to go to bed. Before leaving, he stumbles upon Molly Hernandez's hairpin near the entrance to the passageway, leaving him suspicious that the children might indeed have found their secret.[88][89]


  • Molly Hernandez starts looking for her hairpin, which she lost while escaping the Wilders' basement, desperate to find it because it was a gift from her mother. As she searches, she accidentally uses her powers again. Hernandez tries to tell her adoptive sister about her abilities, but before she is able to, Yorkes tells her that she thinks Hernandez is having panic attacks. Hernandez decides she will have to tell Yorkes another time.[92][88][93]
  • Karolina Dean tries to meditate, listening to her mother's relaxation CD. Leslie enters abruptly to talk to her, but Karolina is distracted as she sees social media messages from Chase Stein's friend, calling him a "dead man" after a feud. Dean does not realize that the feud was over Stein stopping them sexually abusing her, not remembering the events of the party the night before.[92][88][93]
  • The group of friends reunite at the beach, and Dean reveals to the group that she has received a message from Destiny Gonzalez. However, it was not about her being locked in the capsule, but a friendly message about being on a trip with the church in London, with a picture of her in front of Elizabeth Tower. The others are confused, sure that they had seen Gonzalez being killed by their parents. Alex Wilder proposes that they investigate and suggests Stein should try to find out more about the light box. Meanwhile, Wilder says that he will further investigate the secret room in the basement, as Nico Minoru states that she will study her mother's magical staff. Hernandez mentions that there is a "monster" in the basement that she discovered the night before, and that they should investigate it, but the others do not believe her. As they leave to investigate, Karolina Dean approaches Stein to ask about what happened at the party, but he assures her there is nothing to worry about.[92][88][93]
  • Victor Stein is working in his laboratory when he stats hallucinating Destiny Gonzalez, asking him to let her go. Caring about her husband's health, Janet Stein asks if she can help, but he only asks her for her to support his work.[92][88][93]
  • Tina and Robert Minoru surprises Stacey and Dale Yorkes with a small party in their laboratory to celebrate the fact that the Synnergy Serum has appeared on the cover of the American Journal of Experimental Medicine. Tina states that she expects pharmaceutical companies to make offers for the serum, but Dale prefers to turn it over to the United States Armed Forces for the reprogramming of terrorists.[92][88][93]
  • As they leave the building, the Minorus decide to have a date together later to discuss their marriage.[92][88][93]
  • Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes explore Victor Stein's laboratory. Yorkes discovers a pair of X-ray glasses before they stumble upon the Dematerialization Box. When they use the glasses to see inside of the box, they find it empty, so Stein suggests that they leave, having the information they need. Yorkes suggests to Stein that her parents may have taken Destiny Gonzalez to the basement that Hernandez had mentioned.[92][88][93]
  • Tina and Robert Minoru invite Nico to join them at the restaurant, but Nico encourages them to go without her and talk alone, to help strengthen their relationship. Nico also has an ulterior motive, however, wanting to be left alone so she can investigate her mother's staff.[92][88][93]
  • Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder discuss the possibility that Molly Hernandez might have seen something of their ritual the night before, and Catherine suggests using the Synnergy Serum on Hernandez as a precaution, because if she has seen something, it will make her forget. Geoffrey opposes this idea, pointing out how Frank Dean, Karolina's father, ended up confused and unintelligent after they used it on him. They conclude to talk to Hernandez first and ascertain whether she knows anything.[92][88][93]
  • Catherine Wilder approaches Hernandez at a cafeteria. She starts to question her and Hernandez becomes nervous, excusing herself to go to the bathroom. Her powers kick in and she breaks one of the walls to escape.[92][88][93]
  • Alex Wilder tries to investigate the passageway in his home while talking to his father on the phone. He manages to get it to open and asks how long it will be until his father gets home, but is surprised when Geoffrey replies that he is already in the house. Alex panics as he struggles to make the passageway close again and has to leave the study, deciding to attempt to slow his father from entering.[92][88][93]
  • Catherine Wilder calls Geoffrey to tell him she is sure, from Hernandez's behavior, that the teenager saw something, and that she wants to use the Synnergy Serum to erase her memory. Geoffrey reluctantly agrees that it is necessary. Catherine goes looking for Hernandez outside, but is surprised to find her easily, asleep against the cafeteria wall.[92][88][93]
  • Geoffrey enters his study despite Alex's attempts to slow him, but to Alex's relief, the passageway has closed again by the time he walks in.[92][88][93]
  • Molly Hernandez wakes in Catherine Wilder's car and Wilder questions her further. Knowing that Wilder is aware she is lying, Hernandez improvises by pretending to reveal the truth: that yes, she lied, but because the truth was that she was in the studio looking for alcohol for the others. Wilder believes her, and Hernandez begins to enquire in return about her deceased parents. Wilder promises to give her more information on them in the near future.[92][88][93]
  • Nico Minoru takes the opportunity to investigate her mother's magic staff, but she cannot open the showcase it is kept in. Looking through her mother's desk for a hint on how to open it, Minoru accidentally triggers the mechanism to open the case and she reaches for the staff. The staff pricks her finger and, detecting Tina Minoru's DNA, activates. Nico also finds her sister's old diary in Tina's desk and begins to read it, and as she does so, she is surprised as snow begins to fall around her inside the room.[92][88][93]
  • At dinner, Tina Minoru excessively tries to flirt with her husband, Robert. He does not react positively, though, feeling strange about her sudden change of attitude, after being so distant over the last 2 years. He abruptly leaves, too uncomfortable with the date.[92][88][93]
  • In the Church of Gibborim, Karolina Dean tries to call Destiny Gonzalez, but receives no response. Staff member Vaughn Kaye finds her and when Dean asks about Gonzalez, he tells her that he understands she has gone to London, reaffirming Gonzalez's text. Dean also tries to subtly ask whether Kaye has had anything strange happen to him after removing his bracelet, but he says he has not, making Dean wonder further about the colors she had seen. Before leaving, she notices a painting done by her grandfather, depicting a colorful woman with a resemblance to what she had seen the night before.[92][88][93]
  • Alex Wilder visits Nico Minoru, who called him for help with the falling snow, which will not stop. Wilder tries to examine the staff but, when it burns his hand, he drops it, finding that this ends up stopping the snow.[92][88][93]
  • While buying some food, the Yorkeses discuss whether they should tell their daughters about planning to move to a ranch, hoping to escape from PRIDE.[92][88][93]
  • Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes walk outside the Yorkeses' house. They talk briefly as they try to discover what is in the basement using the X-Ray glasses.[92][88][93]
  • In an empty apartment, Robert Minoru and Janet Stein secretly meet to pursue their affair together.[92][88][93]
  • Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder frantically clean up the snow to try and finish before Tina gets home. They go to hide into Nico's room as Tina arrives, but Nico sees no way of smuggling Wilder out, so instead has him lie on a bed so she can pretend to be getting intimate with him. When Tina then enters, she scalds the two and tells Wilder to leave, which he does, and Nico accompanies him to his car. As he says goodbye, Wilder leans in and kisses Nico, taking her by surprise.[92][88][93]
  • Robert Minoru confesses to Janet Stein that he feels he is ready to start a new life with her, but Stein is hesitant, not wanting to negatively affect her son, Chase.[92][88][93]
  • Gert Yorkes takes Chase Stein to her basement and opens the door. As soon as they open it, they are shocked when a dinosaur hits them and flees. Yorkes starts talking to herself to calm down, and Stein is surprised to see that this seems to cause the dinosaur to relax too. However, it then runs again when a car noise scares it away, as the Yorkes parents have arrived.[92][88][93]
  • In the meditation room at the Church of Gibborim, Leslie Dean meets with the scaled grey man, and he tells her that he felt nothing from the sacrifice.[92][88][93]
  • Tina Minoru calls Dean to turn on WHiH World News, and the two of them watch as the channel reports that Destiny Gonzalez's body has been found, realizing that Victor Stein killed her after the sacrifice failed. Dean's face falls as she tells Minoru sadly that they will have to make another sacrifice.[92][88][93]
  • Nico Minoru is continuing to look through her sister's diary when she receives a video call from her friends. They tell her about the news reporting how Destiny Gonzalez's corpse had shown up on the beach. Gert Yorkes decides not to tell them about the dinosaur. Some of the group begin to think that their parents might be murderers, while the others feel that they want to wait before judging, hoping for another explanation. Chase Stein suggests that they protect themselves, just in case, before ending the video call.[94][88][95]
  • Alex Wilder goes to check his father's office. He finds that the coaster mechanism to open the secret passage no longer works, so he starts to search his father's desk. Wilder discovers a drawer with a double-bottom and opens it up, finding hidden money and a gun, which he chooses to take for himself.[94][88][95]


  • Having kidnapped a young woman to use as the new sacrifice, Victor Stein drives her to the other members of PRIDE, gagged in the back of a van.[96][88][95]
  • Dale and Stacey Yorkes discuss the whereabouts of the dinosaur, worried about where it could have escaped to. They tell their daughters that the animal they have lost is in fact a hedgehog, not aware that Hernandez and Gert know better, and say they will take a drone to find it. Getting to the car, Stacey suddenly receives a message from PRIDE calling for an urgent meeting, but the Yorkeses decide to ignore it and look for their deinonychus, considering it more important.[96][88][95]
  • Stein arrives at the Wilder Mansion, where Geoffrey Wilder and Robert Minoru await him. When he goes to show them the kidnapped young woman for the sacrifice, he discovers that the back of his van is empty, as she has managed to escape while he drove.[96][88][95]
  • Nico Minoru meets with Alex Wilder before class. She tells him that she is sure that her sister, Amy, cannot have committed suicide, because her diary has shown how happy she was. Minoru proposes going to the police, but Wilder is not sure that this is the best option, at least for the moment. Without his support, Minoru decides nonetheless that she will go to the police alone.[96][88][95]
  • Victor Stein speaks with the other members of PRIDE. He believes that the headaches he is experiencing are side-effects of medicine for malaria, and continues to believe that he is at fault for the failure of the Dematerialization Box. Geoffrey Wilder, meanwhile, decides that his people will catch the girl, but Leslie Dean arrives and says that "he" is very sick and they need a new sacrifice urgently, even if it is a homeless person or a prostitute. Robert Minoru and Stein are chosen to find the new sacrifice. The group also point out the lack of assistance from the Yorkes parents and consider reminding them of their promise from years ago.[96][88][95]
  • Chase Stein tells Gert Yorkes that he does not understand her decision to hide the dinosaur, but Yorkes tells him that it is because she does not wish for her parents to get into trouble.[96][88][95]
  • Chase Stein's peers, whom he beat on Friday night to prevent them from sexually abusing Karolina Dean, approach him, asking for an apology for his actions at the party. He is appalled that they have not considered the severity of their actions and refuses to apologize for doing the right thing. Another fight breaks out between them until Dean arrives and a professor appears, sending them all to his office.[96][88][95]
  • Eiffel approaches Karolina Dean, blaming her for the fighting between the boys and shaming her for what happened to her. Dean does not remember anything from the party after passing out and starts to feel bad, doubting her self-assurance and belief that she had stayed safe at the party, worrying something unwanted had happened to her. Yorkes goes to her to comfort her.[96][88][95]
  • Leslie Dean visits the sick grey man. He asks her to keep her warm and she obliges, deciding to take off her clothes and lie down next to him in bed, naked. When she leaves the room a little later, she is met by her husband Frank, who asks for an explanation of where she has been for the last 3 days. She tells him to trust her and says she has been praying for him, believing he is ready to reach "Ultra" level in the Church of Gibborim.[96][88][95]
  • In the lacrosse bus, the coach addresses Chase Stein and the rest of the team, telling them not to throw everything away because of what happened between them.[96][88][95]
  • Three other students approach Yorkes, asking to join her feminism club. Karolina Dean tries to talk to Yorkes, but the new members of the group show their detest of her and she leaves. Yorkes walks off in search of Dean.[96][88][95]
  • Yorkes reaches Dean and they talk, with Dean expressing her thought that the PRIDE ritual might just be a higher level ceremony in the Church of Gibborim. When they come across Alex Wilder, they tell him about this theory and ask him to join them to go to Dean's house and try to gather more information. Wilder decides to find Nico Minoru instead, wanting to support her, just as Yorkes and Dean support each other.[96][88][95]
  • Victor Stein and Robert Minoru try to kidnap a homeless man for the Rite of Blood, but he defends himself, and the police eventually arrive, taking Stein and Minoru into custody. Minoru calls Detective Flores for help.[96][88][95]
  • Gert Yorkes and Karolina Dean find Leslie Dean's laptop, and looking through it, they discover an encrypted folder called "Ultra". They copy the folder to a USB so Alex Wilder can attempt to crack into it at a later date. The duo are suddenly scared when the doorbell rings, worrying that Leslie has returned, but they are relieved to instead find Chase Stein. Stein asks to talk to Karolina alone, while Yorkes leaves to find Wilder, feeling dejected at being unwanted.[96][88][95]
  • At the police station, Alex Wilder reunites with Nico Minoru to back her as they talk to the police. Minoru is pleasantly surprised at his change of mind.[96][88][95]
  • Chase Stein reveals to Karolina Dean that he has left the lacrosse team, not willing to spend time with the people he previously called his friends after their actions. He also tells her what happened on Friday night at the party, but reassures her that he got there before anything had happened. She thanks him and asks to go back to his house. Arriving at the Steins' mansion, she tells him that she wants to show him something. Dean carefully removes her bracelet and lights up with color once again, this time staying conscious. Stein is shocked, but soon expresses how impressed he is and reaches out to touch her hand.[96][88][95]
  • While they wait to be dealt witch, Minoru notices that Victor Stein, her father, and a detective are also in the station. She takes Wilder to quickly flee the station and, once outside, she explains to him that the detective with Stein and Robert is the same one she saw come to the house when her sister had died 2 years ago. Wilder believes that their parents might also control the police, realizing that it is not safe to report anything to them. He shows Nico that he has his father's gun, and justifies it with Chase Stein's words, that they have to protect themselves.[96][88][95]
  • Tina Minoru talks to her bodyguard Kincaid in her office, discussing the Yorkeses. He reveals what he has found out for her: that the Yorkeses are intending to move somewhere far away. He mentions that they do not look like bad people, but Minoru dismisses this, not wanting his judgment. She pays him for his services.[96][88][95]
  • As the Yorkes parents cannot find their deinonychus, Stacey tries to convince Dale that they should just run away anyway, but he highlights the problems of what will happen if the deinonychus is found, what will happen if they do not get to sell the Synnergy Serum, and what will happen with the girls if they have to suddenly uproot.[96][88][95]
  • Meanwhile, Chase Stein leaves Karolina Dean's house. AS he goes, he assures her that she should not be scared of the colorful lights, because he thinks that she looks beautiful.[96][88][95]
  • Molly Hernandez is writing an email to Catherine Wilder, asking about what happened to her biological parents when, suddenly, she hears a noise. When she goes to investigate, she finds the deinonychus, and it leaps onto her. Her fear activates her powers and she kicks it away with super strength and runs, but the dinosaur chases her. Deciding she has to stand up to it and fight, she readies herself, just as Gert Yorkes comes through the door and orders the dinosaur to stop. It backs down, again responding to Yorkes in the same way it had on Saturday. She practices her connection with the dinosaur until their parents arrive home.[96][88][95]
  • After locking up the dinosaur, the Yorkes parents confess to the girls that they were lying before to hide the dinosaur's existence, but say that they created her to protect the two of them. Tina Minoru knocks on the door and interrupts them. Stacey and Dale reluctantly let her in, and Minoru goes to speak with them in private. She expresses her anger at them for not avoiding the PRIDE meeting earlier that day, and reveals to them that she is aware of the Yucatan Ranch they want to escape to, telling them not to go, and instead focus on their work for PRIDE.[96][88][95]
  • In the Timely Coffee cafeteria, Alex Wilder tries to open Leslie Dean's folder with Nico Minoru. Finally managing to get in, he only finds a collection of files of teenagers and young adults,titled "Runaways".[96][88][95]
  • Chase Stein is working on creating his special gauntlet invention when his father, Victor, arrives. He throws Chase's invention to the ground, angering his son, but Victor is, in fact, curious. He becomes interested in the idea and offers Chase the option that they could work on it together. Happy that his father is not threatening him and that they can actually work together on something, Chase prepares to tell him all about the invention. First, Victor asks him what he intends on calling them, and Chase replies, "Fistigons".[96][88][95]
  • In the cafeteria, Wilder and Nico Minoru look at the files of several of the runaways, including Destiny Gonzalez, searching for a link to Amy, but find that none of the files appear to have any connection with Nico's sister. They come to realize, however, that their parents having been choosing one runaway young person every year to use for their ritual, and that the one who chooses and proposes the people is Leslie Dean, Karolina's mother. A waiter calls out to inform the customers that a car's alarm is going off outside, and Wilder recognizes the description of a silver Prius to be his. He decides to take a look at his car while Nico calls Karolina to let her know what they have discovered.[96][88][95]
  • Karolina Dean receives the call from Minoru as she reads the Book of Gibborim. Minoru tells her what they have found out about Leslie, and Karolina is shocked. She walks outside and watches her mother, horrified to look at her with a new understanding of her true nature.[96][88][95]
  • Kidnapping of Alex Wilder: Realizing Wilder has been outside for abnormally long, Minoru decides to go and check on him. However, she steps outside only just in time to see him being pulled into a car by a stranger, who kidnaps him and driving off.[96][88][95]
  • Alex Wilder sits uncomfortably in the back of the car as Darius Davis, his captor, drives. Davis tells Wilder that he wants to show him the kind of man his father really is.[88][91]
  • Nico Minoru is very nervous about Wilder's kidnapping, but Karolina Dean goes to her and tries to comfort her, while blaming her mother and church for all the bad things that have happened lately. Soon, Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez arrive. Not knowing where to go first, Minoru decides to try using her mother's staff to guide them. She takes it from her pocket and extends it, then asks it to locate Wilder. The staff responds by lighting the heat signature of the car that took Wilder, showing them a path. Yorkes tells them that Chase Stein is not answering her messages, so Minoru decides not to wait any longer, and that they should go to find Wilder without him.[88][91]
  • Chase Stein keeps working with his father on building his Fistigons. Victor apologizes to him for his aggressive behavior, and confesses that working with Chase reminds him of when he himself was young, and had more pure ideas. In addition, he reveals to his son that when he was young, he thought of an invention that he never finished perfecting, and suggests that they could return to that project and work on it together. Chase's cell phone continually rings as Yorkes tries to alert him of the situation, but he does not hear it.[88][91]
  • Davis wants to show Alex Wilder the territory his father, Geoffrey owns. He asks for Wilder's cell phone, and Wilder realizes that he still has his father's gun on him. Getting out of the car, he notices that they are outside Davis' grandmother's house. Davis tells Wilder how, 18 years ago, he confessed to Geoffrey's crime to clear his name, and that in return Geoffrey had promised that he and his grandmother have a settled life - but that Geoffrey had not kept his side of the bargain. Davis then makes a video call to Geoffrey Wilder and asks for $1 million in exchange for his son. He says he will wait for him in the park, and that he has one hour.[88][91]
  • When Catherine Wilder asks Geoffrey who was on the phone, he lies to his wife, saying that the caller was merely mistaken. As he leaves the house, he calls Flores and asks him for three men and a camouflaged car.[88][91]
  • Meanwhile, Karolina Dean drives the group at high speed, following the heat signature to get to Alex Wilder. Chase Stein, still at home, sees the missed calls from Yorkes and calls her back. He agrees to meet with the group and picks up his newly finished Fistigons to take with him.[88][91]
  • Wilder talks to one of Davis' men, Andre Compton, who is only a teenager, the same age as him and his friends. Compton reveals that they found Alex after cloning Geoffrey's cell phone. Suddenly, Geoffrey arrives on the scene and starts firing at Darius Davis' men. Compton takes aim at Geoffrey, but Alex takes out his father's gun and shoots Compton to save his father. Davis bundles Alex back into the car and drives away, but Alex's friends catch up with Davis' car and decide to follow close behind.[88][91]
  • When the cars have to stop at a traffic light, Minoru tries to destroy Davis' car's engine using the Staff of One, but is unsuccessful. Molly Hernandez decides to get out and uses her strength to lift Davis' car from behind and stop them from driving off. Wilder and Davis get out of the car and Karolina Dean uses her powers to momentarily blind Davis, allowing Wilder to rejoin his friends. Darius Davis aims his gun at them when Chase Stein suddenly arrives, using his Fistigons to blast Davis. As Davis prepares to retaliate, Nico Minoru uses the staff to generate a protective field around the group, and as he shoots at them, the bullets rebound off it. Realizing he cannot win, Davis reluctantly decides to escape.[88][91]
  • Alex Wilder reunites with his father and tells him that Darius Davis has fled. Geoffrey asks him to go home by bus and tells him that he will take the seriously injured Andre Compton to a place where he can be treated. Alex does not believe him and yells at him, reproaching his father's attitude and lies, but Geoffrey firmly orders him to leave, scaring Alex away. As Alex leaves, Geoffrey calls his wife, Catherine Wilder, and tells her to gather a PRIDE meeting for that night.[88][91]
  • Leslie Dean tries to comfort the sick man in the bed. She expresses her desire to help him, but is aware that she cannot and is running out of time. He responds, telling her that he loves her.[88][91]
  • The friends go together to a café and celebrate their success. Alex Wilder tell the others about Andre Compton, and how he feels they need to save him, as he thinks that their parents will do the same to him as they did to Destiny Gonzalez. The others are reluctant to leave and change the subject, talking about their superpowers and Yorkes' dinosaur, but Alex Wilder continues to insist on trying to help Compton.[88][91]
  • The members of PRIDE prepare for the upcoming ceremony, albeit without Tina Minoru's Staff of One.[88][91]
  • The group get back to Alex Wilder's home and go to the passageway entrance. Molly Hernandez uses force to open the secret door so the group can enter.[88][91]
  • Meanwhile, PRIDE help Andre heal so he can be more useful for the ritual, then prepare him for sacrifice.[88][91]
  • The group of friends get to the ritual room where they had first seen their parents performing the Rite of Blood, but to Wilder's frustration, they find that PRIDE are not there.[88][91]
  • Minoru tries to comfort Wilder, who blames himself for Compton being sacrificed, having severely injured him when he shot him. He and Minoru kiss, but are interrupted by Karolina Dean, who tells them that Stein has found a hidden camera in the library.[88][91]
  • Stein shows them the camera and wonders if there could be a good reason for their parents' behaviour. Wilder points out that since the camera is not turned on, their parents may have only used it in their rituals. Realizing that the camera would upload to a server, he plans to follow the IP and find out where the footage is stored. However, her discovers that it is impossible to hack the server, as it is part of Wizard, the company run by Nico Minoru's parents and the most resistant network on the planet. She suggests that they need to find a way to get the videos as actual evidence against their parents, but Chase Stein empathizes with his father, believing that he has changed and that there must be a good reason.[88][91]
  • Meanwhile, the members of PRIDE have in fact convened in Leslie Dean's meditation room at the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices. They perform the Rite of Blood, using the Dematerialization Box to transfer Andre Compton's energy to the sick man and revitalize him. After the ritual finishes, Dean asks her companions to leave so she can have a moment alone with Jonah.[88][91]
  • Geoffrey Wilder arrives home, and Alex refuses to let him avoid the subject of Andre Compton, asking his father where he is. Geoffrey says not to worry, but Alex tells him that he is coming to realize he is not a good person. Geoffrey becomes angry and shouts at Alex, but he stops when he sees that he is frightening his son. Alex decides to leave nonetheless, without forgiving him. Catherine Wilder then approaches her husband and tells him that she wants him to get rid of Darius Davis, as he is a problem.[88][91]
  • In her bedroom, Karolina becomes angry at the lies from the Church of Gibborim that she was indoctrinated with her whole life. She throws the books aside and starts to smash framed pictures from her time growing up at the church.[88][91]
  • Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez visit their deinonychus, who remains calm in Yorkes' presence as always. The sisters discuss their parents, and Yorkes says that she believes their parents are just bad people.[88][91]
  • Nico Minoru tries to return the staff to where it was, but her mother catches her in the act. However, Tina does not become angry, instead telling her that they are the only ones capable of using the Staff of One and that she can learn. Nico tries to give back to her, but her mother says to keep it for a while.[88][91]
  • In the Stein Mansion laboratory, Victor Stein shows Chase his completed invention: A machine that bends light back on itself to receive visual messages from the future. When he asks the machine to be shown Los Angeles in the future, it does not respond, and Victor becomes angry, throwing the machine to the ground and then falling to the ground with a headache. He confesses to his son that the headache is being caused by brain cancer, and that he has not told Janet, but he tells Chase he is sure he will find a way to beat it. The father and son embrace before leaving the room, not noticing that the machine has in fact begun to work, and is showing Los Angeles crumbling in an earthquake.[88][91]
  • Frank Dean is informed that despite his efforts, he has failed to go "ultra".[88][91]
  • Leslie Dean returns to the meditation room, where the sick man, Jonah is now healed. Jonah tells her he feels fantastic, as he always does after a sacrifice. He tells her that when he was dying, his greatest fear was not, in fact, death, but rather dying without ever looking his daughter in the eyes. He asks to meet his daughter, Karolina Dean, and Leslie agrees, albeit worried about his intentions.[88][91]






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    With the beginning of the film in "early fall" and the end of the film in "late fall", "a little over a year" later, and the February 2016 car crash falling between the two, this would mean the film begins around early Fall 2015 and ends around late Fall 2016. However, Derrickson also says that Strange recovers for 3-6 months, and Mads Mikkelsen says Strange trains for "9 months" before his clash with Kaecilius, which overall would suggest the film ends 12-15 months after Strange's car crash, thus placing the ending around February-May 2017. This, in turn, using Derrickson's comment about "a little over a year" ("early" one season to "late" the same season a year later would mean 4⅔ seasons, so about 14 months), would, working backwards, place the opening of the film between December 2015 and February 2016 (the latest it can be, before Strange's car crash).
    Overall, using weighted math from all the evidence available, the details of which can be seen here, the result is that the opening is October 13, 2015, the car crash February 2, 2016, the argument with Christine March 29, 2016, Strange's arrival in Kathmandu May 4, 2016, and the climax January 18-19, 2017.
    This would put the opening still in the early part of fall (working with Derrickson's comment), the argument with Christine towards the end of the snowy period and a bit after winter, but enough time after Strange's crash and a good time for the heavy rain (a bit later than Derrickson's comment but realistic), his arrival in Kathmandu 3 months after his crash (just fitting inside Derrickson's 3-6 months comment), the climax another 8.5 months later (just fitting for Mikkelsen's "9 months" comment), and the climax a bit after Fall 2016, instead Winter 2016-17 (a bit later than Derrickson's comment) but fitting as "a little over a year" (15 months) after the opening (fitting reasonably with Derrickson's comment), a realistic time of year for the snowfall at the Ancient One's death, and working with the other comments just described. This also works fine considering Derrickson made it clear he did not want to be fully held to his comments.
    The specific dates of smaller events in between can also be found here.
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  10. The Ghost Rider Found Cell Phone Footage video was released 16 days prior to The Ghost. It is not a fully in-universe video such as the WHiH videos, released through their own channel, but is released as a promo through the Marvel channel with an out-of-universe promo ending, and thus is not released on the matching in-universe date. 16 days prior to The Ghost in the timeline is March 2, 2017.
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