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"Do you see an Earth that can be saved? It's too late. It's already been quaked apart."
Deke Shaw to Daisy Johnson[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in the original 2091 before Glenn Talbot was killed by Quake, preventing this future from coming to pass.



  • Phil Coulson quickly finds out they are in space and that time is frozen momentarily for everything but him. As soon as time restores, he questions a man named Virgil, who claims to have known for years that S.H.I.E.L.D. would come and save them.[1][2]
  • Virgil

    Virgil talks to Coulson

    He also explains the existence of Vrellnexians after his co-worker is suddenly dragged away by one. Alphonso Mackenzie arrives and impulsively knocks Virgil out, worried he is a threat.[1][2]
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Jemma Simmons, in a separate part of the station, investigate dead bodies they find with all their blood drained away. Coulson and Mackenzie find them and reunite, and together they speculate on what is happening.[1][2]
  • Deke Shaw floats into the space station from space, then turns on his artificial gravity, dropping to the floor.[1][2]
  • Melinda May, as she arrives on the station, finds a tube stuck through her leg where she has appeared.[1][2]
  • Mackenzie, frustrated with everything that has been happening in quick succession, decides he wants to quit, to which Coulson objects. The group find an old postcard in Virgil's pocket as they tie him up and try to wake him.[1][2]
Vrellnaxian pic

A Vrellnexian

  • Melinda May manages to bear the pain and escape from the tubing. She hears rattling and hides, fearing a threat.[1][2]
  • Virgil wakes back up and as the team questions him, he reveals he knows all of their identities as if they are celebrities, and hints that they have been taken to save humanity. As he promises that everything will make sense soon, he is suddenly killed by a Vrellnexian. The "roach" chases the group through the hallway until they are cornered, when Daisy Johnson finds her friends and quakes the roach apart.[1][2]
  • May watches Deke as he takes a disc from a corpse's arm. She engages him in a fight, which Deke wins, using a gravity manipulating device to make her float, and then gravitate to the wall.[1][2]
Orientation Part One 1

Coulson and Johnson in the Lighthouse

  • The rest of Coulson's team wonder how they got there - whether it is because of the Ghost Rider deal, that they are in the Framework, if magic transported them there, or something else. They decide to huddle together instead of splitting up as they investigate.[1][2]
  • Tied up by Deke Shaw, Melinda May is helpless as he cuts into her arm to implant one of the discs, the same item he retrieved from the dead body: a "Metric".[1][2]
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez scouts ahead as the team roam the corridors of the space station. Meanwhile, Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons discuss the station itself, with Coulson wondering if it were perhaps a Howard Stark project from the 1980s, and now, believing he is still in 2017, has been completed 3 decades later, but also musing that it does not feel right. Finding a computer, Daisy Johnson attempts to get it to work, but it shows a message saying "human access denied". Confused, the team scrutinize the other, alien language on the screens just as three Kree men enter. Mackenzie and Rodriguez attempt to fight back, but the aliens knock out the team with a concussive blast.[1][2]
  • Johnson wakes in a cell and sees Coulson and Simmons, but notices Mackenzie and Rodriguez's absence. She immediately asks the Kree guards where they are, but gets no response.[1][2]
Orientation Part One 11

Deke leads the new recruits away from danger

  • Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Rodriguez wake, realizing they have been hung up to be interrogated by the Kree.[1][2]
  • Deke Shaw arrives at Coulson, Johnson, and Simmons' cell with Melinda May and pretends to know them, whispering and using his eyes to communicate that he needs them to go along with his trick. He says that they were his friends and he had been looking for them, trying to convince the Kree that it is all just a mistake. The team inform him that Virgil has died, which he claims was what Virgil deserved, and, promising the Kree an hour or two in "the gallery", he eventually gets them to leave, letting Coulson's team go free.[1][2]
  • The Kree interrogating Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez begin freezing Rodriguez's hands at an extremely low temperature as a method of torture.[1][2]
  • Deke asks Coulson's team about what happened to Virgil, and the team confirm that roaches got him.[1][2]
  • Orientation P1 Trawler

    The Trawler

    Deke claims that he only cares because Virgil owed him tokens, and tells the team his name. They hear Yo-Yo's screams from nearby, and May suddenly turns and switches his gravity manipulating device to pin him to the wall and get him to answer their questions urgently. He reluctantly directs them to the Trawler spacecraft, and Simmons and May leave to find it. Johnson leaves to save Mackenzie and Rodriguez, telling Coulson to stay behind and grill Deke for more answers.[1][2]
  • As Melinda May and Jemma Simmons descend in the elevator to Level 9, they look out of the window and see the scale of the Kree's operation. Together, they come to the realization that the Kree are planning an invasion, believing that they want to conquer Earth. The duo find the Trawler and board the craft.[1][2]
Kree Symbol2

The Kree

  • Johnson looks for Rodriguez as the Kree continue to torture her, telling her that any time soon, her arms will snap off.[1][2]
  • Phil Coulson questions Deke Shaw about the Kree's potential attack on humanity.[1][2]
  • Daisy Johnson finds Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, giving them the support they need to be able to retaliate. Rodriguez kicks one of the Kree and a fight begins.[1][2]
  • Jemma Simmons finds the key to the Trawler and her and Melinda May begin flying the ship.[1][2]
  • Deke is confused by Coulson's questions, not understanding why he does not know the answers, as the history of the Lighthouse and the Kree's operations are common knowledge among the humans.[1][2]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez fight against their captors and are freed from their chains with Johnson's help. Mackenzie and Johnson each kill one of the Kree, and then attempt to contact the Trawler.[1][2]
May pilots the Trawler

Simmons and May in the Trawler

  • As they fly in the Trawler, Simmons looks out and recognizes the constellations, working out that they are still in the Milky Way.[1][2]
  • Deke informs Coulson that the Lighthouse is over 90 years old.[1][2]
  • Johnson uses a computer to try to find their location, but is confused when she is given longitude and latitude coordinates. As an idea dawns on Mackenzie, he withdraws Virgil's postcard from his pocket to have a closer look.[1][2]
  • As Deke speaks with Coulson, he realizes that Virgil might have been right about the agents coming from the past.[1][2]
  • Orientation Part One 16

    Coulson argues with Deke Shaw

    Asking what year Coulson came from, Coulson discerns his meaning, understanding that the White Monolith was different to the Maveth one - it transported them not just through space, but through time, into the future.[1][2]
  • As Simmons realizes that she in fact recognizes all the constellations around them, May gets her attention, showing her that there is a school bus floating among the debris in front of them. The truth of their location dawns on them.[1][2]
  • Mackenzie shows Johnson the back of the old postcard, and the message it carries, "Working on it - Fitz". They are shocked as they comprehend its significance: 2017 was decades ago.[1][2]
  • Simmons comes to terms with their predicament as she looks out at the destroyed planet, sadly uttering, "No reason to send a message back to Earth... We're already here."[1][2]
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