A collection of quotes of Emil Blonsky alias, the Abomination.




The Incredible Hulk

Spoken by Emil Blonsky

"I've run into bad situations on crap missions before. I've seen good men go down purely because someone didn't let us know what we were walking into. I've moved on to the next one, because that's what we do, right? I mean, that's the job. But this? This is a whole new level of weird. And I don't feel inclined to step away from it."
―Emil Blonsky[src]
"Forgive me, sir? Doesn't anybody want to talk about what went down in there? 'Cause... He didn't lose us. And he was not alone sir. We had him. And then something hit us... Something BIG hit us! It threw a forklift truck like it was a SOFTBALL! It was the most powerful thing I've ever seen."
―Emil Blonsky to Thaddeus Ross[src]
"Give me a real fight!"
"You don't deserve this power, now watch her die!"
―The Abomination to the Hulk[src]
"Is that it? Is that all you got?"
―Emil Blonsky to Hulk[src]

Spoken about Emil Blonsky

"I pulled you one Ace. Emil Blonsky, born in Russia, raised in England, and on loan from SOCOM from the Royal Marines."
Joe Greller about Emil Blonsky[src]


"I'm a fighter, and I'll be one for as long as I can. Mind you, if I took what I had now, and put it in a body that I had ten years ago, that would be someone I wouldn't want to fight."
"I can probably arrange something like that..."
―Emil Blonsky and Thaddeus Ross[src]
"How are you feeling man?"
"Like a monster."
―Soldier and Emil Blonsky[src]
"I want more. You've seen what he becomes, right?"
"I have. And it's beautiful. Godlike."
―Emil Blonsky and Samuel Sterns[src]

Marvel One-Shots

The Consultant

Spoken about Emil Blonsky

"They want Blonsky in the team."
"The Abomination?"
"They really don't like when you call him that."
―Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell[src]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Spoken about Emil Blonsky

"What you're doing is against protocol, so if you endanger an operation or if anyone gets hurt, I'll reassign you to Barrow, Alaska, and you'll spend the rest of your years pulling the night shift guarding Blonsky's cryo-cell."
Phil Coulson to Grant Ward[src]