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Abu Bakaar was a member of the Ten Rings who worked with Raza to organize the Kidnapping of Tony Stark in order to force Stark to recreate the Jericho missile. However shortly after Stark escaped, Bakaar was confronted by Iron Man during a raid in Gulmira, during which Bakaar was left to the mercy of the villagers.


Kidnapping of Tony Stark

Recreating the Jericho Missile

Abu Bakaar was a member of the terrorist group called the Ten Rings who detained Tony Stark in an effort to make him build new weapons for them. Bakaar was the main contact for Stark while another prisoner worked as his translator; Bakaar ordered Stark to build them a version of the Jericho missile. When Stark refused, Bakaar had him tortured until he agreed to help them. Eventually Raza took over Bakaar's role as Stark's contact.[1]

Confronted by Iron Man

Bakaar was among the militants working for the Ten Rings in Gulmira, the small Afghan region that was home to Ho Yinsen. Bakaar led a group of the insurgents that were killing and trucking people out of the region when Iron Man arrived in his newly constructed Mark III Suit. Iron Man killed many of the Ten Ring members there, but left Bakaar alive, turning him over instead to the mercies of the residents of Gulmira.[1]


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