Agon was the former King of the Inhumans and father of Black Bolt and Maximus.


Conflict with Royalty

Medusa and Crystal's parents tried to teared down the caste system by over throwing the royal family that had ruled Attilan for centuries. Agon and his wife Rynda later executed them, but spared Medusa and Crystal.

Killed by his Son

"Are you going to use your voice to kill me like you did to our parents?"
Maximus to Black Bolt[src]

Shortly after Black Bolt's Terrigenesis, Agon along with Rynda sat their son down and asked him if he felt any different. When Black Bolt replied, his newly formed powers amplified his words, causing him and Rynda to disintegrate, their remnants being pulverised on the wall behind them.

Powers and Abilities

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  • In the comics, Agon and his wife were killed by a Kree spaceship that crashed on Attilan after it was destroyed by the awakening of his son's powers.


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