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"You need to check these dudes! Everybody heard about what you did in the projects. Don't be a punk and just stand by."
―Aisha Axton to Luke Cage[src]

Aisha Axton is a woman living in Harlem who sought the help of Luke Cage in challenging Cottonmouth control of the area.


"What you got to do with all this shit happening up and down Lennox Avenue?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Zip snatched my daddy's championship ring and hit about 20 other spots all over uptown."
"I don't care why. You need to get my daddy's ring back. You remember what he was like before he got strung out?"
"Eddie's a good dude deep down."
"To me, what's left of him is that ring. The only reason why he didn't pawn it is because I took it away from him. Somebody's gotta protect his legacy. Even if he won't."
―Aisha Axton, Luke Cage and Bobby Fish[src]

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"Aisha ain't like the others. She wants that ring back. You gotta understand. When her father was sick, she came up in the streets all by herself. She's tougher than she looks."
Blue to Luke Cage[src]

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  • Baseball Bat: Though it was intended to be use in defense against Zip and Sugar, Aisha was quickly disarmed and restrained to witness the two destroy property inside the antique shop.
  • Handgun: After Zip steals her father's champion ring and desperate for its return, Aisha arms herself with a handgun in her purse, having shot Sugar and motivated to murder Cottonmouth at Pop's funeral. The weapon was destroyed by Cage before she was able to execute him.