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"Swear to it."
"Upon my family."
"They're better off without you."
Stick and Aito[src]

Aito was a member of the Hand, working for Nobu Yoshioka until he was murdered by Stick.


Serving the Hand

Confronted by Stick

"You have three limbs left, and other appendages no man wants to lose. Where is Black Sky?"
Stick to Aito[src]

Aito attempts to kill Stick

While working in his office in Japan, Aito was attacked by an elderly assassin named Stick. Aito attempted to flee and ran down the stairs; when the elevator opened in front of him, he attempted to kill his assassin by firing his gun into the elevator, only to see it was empty. Before he could reload his weapon, Stick placed his sword under Aito's throat and began asking him where Black Sky was.

Aito attempted to kill Stick but was too slow, allowing Stick to slice off his hand, threatening to cut off more limbs if he did not cooperate. Aito relented and told Stick that Nobu Yoshioka had Black Sky in New York City, swearing upon his family that he was telling the truth. Although he accepted this as true, Stick killed Aito nonetheless by slicing off his head.[1]



  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX: Aito reached for his Desert Eagle Mark XIX inside his safe to defend himself from Stick when the blind man attacked him to question him about Black Sky. Aito shot at an elevator as the door opened, but it was empty, and Stick cut Aito's hand before he had a chance to shoot him.





  • Stick cutting off Aito's hand is a reference to The Empire Strikes Back. Every movie and television show featured in Phase Two has this reference in some form.


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