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Al-Kut is a city in eastern Iraq located on the left bank of the Tigris.


During a conversation between James Rhodes and Tony Stark in his mansion in Malibu, about Stark's intervention as Iron Man in military situations around the world, Rhodes received a call from his superiors to order Iron Man to do reconnaissance in Al-Kut, Iraq.

However, Stark decided to solve the situation himself in order to save human lives, where a group of insurgents attacked an air base, killing several United Nations peacekeeping troops.

Flying at supersonic speed to arrive before any official military response, Iron Man engaged the insurgents, being able to withstand their attacks thanks to his armor and retaliating with his own weapons to kill every terrorist.

Stark then checked the status of a news crew whose work in the area warned Stark of the situation, as the journalists already knew Stark's M.O. to act in these kind of situation. The footage of Iron Man's intervention was sent to Stark Industries public relations department. [1]


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