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"Welcome Thanos, son of Alars."
―The Stonekeeper to Thanos[src]

Alars[1] was a Titan and the father of the galactic warlord Thanos.


Alars fathered a son, Thanos, with a Titan woman. Years later, during Thanos' search of the Soul Stone on planet Vormir with Gamora, the Stonekeeper greeted him as "Thanos, Son of Alars".[2]




  • In the comics, A'Lars was a scientist and leader of the Eternal settlement on Saturn's real-life moon of Titan, and often went by the title of Mentor. He tried to cure the Kree hero Captain Marvel of his cancer, without success.


  1. Thanos' father is named "Alars" instead of "A'Lars" in subtitles transcript.
  2. Avengers: Infinity War

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