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"You one hell of a fighter Lucas, you learn that in the military or during your police training? How'd you like to live like a king, using them fists of yours? We got some bad boys whose pretty good with their hands, they're making money in here, good arse money, I want you to get in on this. Believe it or not it benefits the both of us, I get a little extra coin and you, if you survive, get to be your own man. Untouched, extra rations, maybe a conjugal or two. It's a good offer convict."
"Slavery was always a good offer to a master."
―Albert Rackham and Carl Lucas[src]

Albert Rackham was a corrupt security guard at Seagate Prison who used his position to force prisoners to fight and streamed the content online for his profit. When Rackham recruited Carl Lucas into this scheme, he eventually decided Lucas might expose him so he hired another inmate named Shades to kill him. When Rackham discovered that Doctor Noah Burstein was experimenting on Lucas however, he tried to sabotage to experiment, causing an explosion which killed him and left Lucas with superpowers.


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  • In the comics, Albert "Billy Bob" Rackam continued to work at Seagate after the sabotage of Carl Lucas's experiment, and physically abusing of African-American inmates like Shades and Comanche. After he was fired because of his behavior, he moved to New Jersey and became a foe of Luke Cage. In the series, Rackham does not appear to be openly racist towards African American inmates, however Dr.Noah Burstein seems to be convinced otherwise even referring to Rackham as a "racist prick".



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