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"Look, I know that it's been a shitty couple of weeks, but, we're friends again, and I didn't think we ever would be. I wouldn't want to save the world with any other crew."
―Alex Wilder to the Runaways[src]

Alex Wilder is a nerd with a high intellect and the son of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. Upon reuniting with his childhood friends, they discovered that their parents used PRIDE to cover up ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim. He teamed up with his friends and formed the Runaways. Having been framed for Destiny Gonzalez's murder, and with no other choice, they are forced to run.


Early Life

Amy Minoru-S1

Wilder hanging out with Amy Minoru.

Alex Wilder is the sole child of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. Due to his parents being closely affiliated with the members of the charity organization PRIDE, Alex grew up befriending the children of the organization's members. They stayed close friends for several years well into their teenage years, until Amy Minoru, one of their friends and Nico Minoru's older sister, died after apparently committing suicide. The group's relation started to break apart, which finally came to an end when Alex, for unknown reasons, decided not to attend Amy's funeral.[2]


"We were friends because our parents were friends. We were just kids. We were always gonna grow apart."
"Plus, it's kind of hard to stay friends with someone when all they care about is being the perfect church girl."
"Better than the insufferable social justice warrior."
"Or a dumb jock."
"Yeah, or Molly... I've got nothing against you. You're really nice."
Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes, Alex Wilder and Chase Stein[src]
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RSW Battlefront

Alex Wilder plays Star Wars Battlefront while his father talks to him.

Alex Wilder plays Star Wars Battlefront before going to school, as he is approached by his dad, Geoffrey Wilder, and tells him that the reason he has not played it in 2 years is that it is the game he and his friend, Amy Minoru, had played together before she died. Geoffrey tries to comfort him, but Alex rejects the sympathy and goes to have breakfast with his mother, Catherine Wilder. They talk briefly about his attitude, and how his parents gave him space after Minoru died, but that it was time to stop being introverted. His father suggests that he meet up with his old friends, the other children of the members of PRIDE, a small organization which the Wilder parents are also a part of. He tells Alex to value the friendships he has at this age, and not let them slip away.

At School, Wilder watches as all of his old friends now ignore each other before school. He calls his mother and asks her for permission to invite them to their house that night, like how they always used to. Catherine Wilder agrees, despite her husband's reservations about having the teenagers in the house while the PRIDE meeting is happening. Catherine dismisses this, saying that as teenagers, the last thing they would care about is what their parents are doing.

Alex finally finds Nico Minoru near the trophy cases and tells her about the meet-up that night, and confesses that he misses her. Wilder gets home and walks into the meeting, where he talks briefly with his mother, telling her that none of his friends agreed to come over, before leaving the room. The parents agree that since Amy Minoru's death, their children have all been affected. Wilder puts on a record and sits down to play Star Wars Battlefront again.

Wilder finds a photo of all of him, Nico Minoru, Gert Yorkes, Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, and Molly Hernandez all together a couple of years prior. He sends the photo out to the other 5 to attempt to remind them of their good times together. Chase Stein and Karolina Dean, coming from the party, Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez, coming together, and Nico Minoru, coming from the beach, all show up at the Wilder Mansion. Alex is very pleased to have his friends finally reunited.

Runaways Teaser Trailer 21

The group discovers the passageway.

The group of friends ask for suggestions on what to do next. Arguing amongst themselves, and not deciding on anything, Stein decides that if they are going to address the last 2 years of separation, he at least wants alcohol, and heads off to Geoffrey Wilder's office, where he remembers liquor used to be kept.  The group enters Geoffrey Wilder's living room, where they notice that their parents are gone. Wilder reaches for coasters, but finds them stuck together. He twists the stack, and this triggers a mechanism, opening a secret passageway in the dresser which he was not aware of. The group head down the passageway, wondering where it may lead to.


Alex and The Runaways discover there parents sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez.

Stein questions what kind of charity meeting would be like this as Leslie Dean enters with a confused Destiny Gonzalez, and Karolina is shocked to find her mother involved as well. Gonzalez asks Leslie who the people she has been brought to are, not recognizing them from the Church of Gibborim, but Leslie avoids the question.

As Gonzalez begs for PRIDE to stop their ritual, Leslie Dean attempts to continue to reassure her. She tells the group to hurry and finish the sacrifice, as Nico and Gert look on in horror. The box closes as Dean sheds a tear for Gonzalez's loss. Above, Minoru asks her friends what could possibly have just happened, and Molly reaches for her phone, wanting to be able to see what is going on. Before the group can stop her, she reaches out to take a photo, leaving the flash on. The group run to escape as the light catches the eyes of the PRIDE members, who look up, concerned as to what could have happened.[2]

Alex's idea

The group agrees to trust Wilder's idea.

Continuing to flee, Alex tells his friends to head to the guest room while he runs elsewhere, struck by an idea. Minoru tells him that she trusts him and they go ahead. Meanwhile, Catherine and Geoffrey reach the top of the passageway. In the guest room, Dean, Stein, and Yorkes each discuss potential rational explanations for their parents' behavior, but find flaws in each other's theories. Minoru suggests that they need to accept that their parents are murderers, having killed Gonzalez. Meanwhile, Wilder arrives at the mansion's fuse box.

Turning off-ep2

Alex Wilder turns off the lights.

Wilder begins flicking the switches on the fuse box to cut the power. Minoru watches behind Dean as the power in Geoffrey Wilder's office shuts off, putting Geoffrey and Catherine, who have reached the office, into darkness. Alex then switches off the lights in the secret hall, the outside decoration lights, and finally the guest room lights, confusing his friends.


The group playing Twister.

Alex returns, and explains that he cut the lights so that their parents think there was simply a power-cut, and that that is what caused the flash of light. Wilder's parents approach the teenagers, trying to discern whether they had seen anything that they should not have, but find the group playing Twister and acting as friendly as they always used to.

As everyone start to leave the house, Alex goes to find Nico in the bathroom. Minoru confesses that she does not want to go home because of what happened with her sister, and how she always notices her being missing. Wilder promises her that she will never be alone.  After the Minoru family leave, Geoffrey tells his son that he thinks he saw a possible romance between him and Nico. Reluctant to reply, Alex simply shuffles off to bed.[3]

Kidnapping of Alex Wilder


Alex and Nico using The Staff of One.

"Alex, my man... You're about to find out who your father really is."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

Following the death of Destiny Gonzalez, The group all meet on the beach where they discuss how they going to stop there parents. Alex and Nico heads to the Minoru's House which Nico found The Staff of One while exploring her mother's office. She briefly reminisced about her older sister Amy, accidentally making it snow. She had Alex Wilder come over to the Minoru household to stop the snow, hiding the fact from Tina in the process.

Timely Coffee pic

Alex and Nico researching at Timely Coffee.

Wilder decrypted a file related to the Ultra Project retrieved by Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes on Leslie's computer. The file appeared to be the list of all the victims of PRIDE's rituals, further convincing Wilder and Minoru that their parents were criminals. Shortly after the shocking discovering, Wilder was called out by the Coffee's barista when his car's alarm started. Wilder went out of the coffee while Minoru was updating Karolina of their new discoveries, only to be attacked and kidnapped in the parking zone.

Kingdom pic

The Runaways ready to fight Crips Members.

Alex's kidnapper was revealed that it was Geoffrey Wilder's former best friend Darius Davis and Andre Compton. They kidnapped him so they can take out Geoffrey, Davis calls Geoffrey telling him that they have Alex. Nico recruits Karolina, Gert and Molly to help her find Alex, Geoffrey arrives and a shot out happens between Geoffrey and Crips. The group arrive and uses there powers against Crips members when the battle ended with Andre hunt with Geoffrey planning to use him a Sacrifice as Geoffrey leaves Alex saying he taking Andre to the hospital.[4]

Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters

"Okay, we three are Operation Tina Server Room. I'm not great at code names. I'm working on it."
―Alex Wilder to Nico Minoru and Gert Yorkes[src]
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Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

"No. No, we can't disband the group. We never even gave ourselves a cool nickname."
"How about the Runaways? For all the kids we couldn't save or avenge."
Gert Yorkes and Alex Wilder[src]

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Running Away


The Runaways watching the news

"What do we do?"
"We run."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

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"I like hanging out with myself. How many people can say that?"
―Alex Wilder[src]

Alex is an introverted and quiet individual. Spending most of his time playing video games and engaging in traditionally nerdy activities. After Amy Minoru passed away, his isolated behavior began to increase. Nonetheless, Alex later revealed he does desire to become social once again and tries to re-unite his childhood friends, this action indirectly causing the creation of the Runaways.[5]


"He's a Wilder: he's strong, he's smart."
Geoffrey Wilder[src]
  • Gifted Intelligence: Alex is considered to be an intelligent person by many, namely his father and Nico Minoru. The latter called upon him for assistance when she discovered abilities of the Staff of One, believing he could create a solution. She emphasized this by saying "I needed a nerd."[4]
  • Tactician: Alex has a honed sense for strategy from his experience with video games. When Molly Hernandez flash-photographed a meeting of their parents sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez, Alex quickly devised a plan to cut the power to his mansion to make it seem like a circuit blew (covering the flash), in order to confuse them from believing they were being watched.
"On the other side of the screen, it looks so easy."
―Alex Wilder[src]
  • Expert Hacker: Alex was able to decrypt PRIDE's files on their sacrifice victims,[6] and was able to track where PRIDE's cameras footage was being transmitted to by translating it's IP address into a physical address (Wizard Computers).[7]



  • Rock Island Armory 1911: Alex took his father's handgun from the desk in his study, and kept it in his backpack. He used it to shoot Andre Compton and save his father's life, but it was taken back by the latter shortly afterwards.
  • Glock 17: Later on, Darius Davis gives him a new pistol when he is on the run with the Runaways.






Appearances for Alex Wilder


  • In the comics, Alex Wilder was revealed to be a mole of the PRIDE inside the Runaways. After his death, he was eventually resurrected and tried to recreate the PRIDE with Cottonmouth and Black Mariah in New York City.
  • Alex is a fan of the Star Wars and Doctor Who franchises and owns memorabilia dedicated to them; He owns an R2-D2 flash drive, and his license plate says "My other ride is a TARDIS," respectively.
    • Another reference to his interest in Star Wars is his phone's answering machine response: "Hey. Currently training on Dagobah. Leave a message."[7] The Dagobah System is where Luke Skywalker trained under Yoda to fight Darth Vader.
  • Alex's toys collection includes Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

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