"You! What realm is this? Alfheim, Nornheim?"
"New Mexico?"
Thor and Darcy Lewis[src]

Alfheim is one of the Nine Realms and the home of the Light Elves.[1]


During the Convergence in the distant past, the Nine Realms aligned and the borders between worlds became blurred. One of the worlds in the Convergence was Alfheim.[2]

When Thor was exiled to Earth in order to learn humility, he did not know where he was. After being hit by a van carrying Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Erik Selvig, he asked whether he was in Alfheim or not.[3]

After the destruction of the Bifrost, the Nine Realms, including Alfheim, were left vulnerable to attack without Asgardian protection.[2]

When the Convergence occurred again in present day, Alfheim once again became aligned with the other Realms.[2]


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