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"Alias Investigations. How can we help?"
Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Alias Investigations is a detective agency owned by Jessica Jones. The detective agency only has one employee, Jones herself, and operates out of a run down office, that also serves as Jones' apartment.


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Year Client Case Verdict
2015 Turk Barrett's Child's Mother Obtain Barrett's money for his child Case solved[1]
2015 Man Find out if his wife is cheating Case solved, wife was cheating[2]
2015 Jeri Hogarth Deliver a subpoena to Gregory Spheeris Case solved[2]
2015 Bob and Barbara Shlottman Finding daughter Hope Case solved, but Hope was brainwashed into killing Bob and Barbara on the elevator as they were leaving.[2]
2015 Audrey Eastman Find out if her husband is cheating Case falsified, client wanted to know if Jones was "gifted" so she could kill her.[3]
2015 Luke Cage Finding Antoine Grier Case solved[4]
2016 Joy Meachum Obtain incriminating evidence for blackmailing Rand Enterprises Executives Case solved[5]


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  • The frosted glass in the door of the agency is a replacement for the original which was broken when Jessica threw a client through it at the beginning of AKA Ladies Night, the new glass was paid for by Trish Walker as a surprise gift and the sign on it is in a different font to the original.


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