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"Alias Investigations. How can we help?"
Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Alias Investigations is a detective agency owned by Jessica Jones. The detective agency only has one employee, Jones herself, and operates out of a run down office, that also serves as Jones' apartment.


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Year Client Case Verdict
2015 Turk Barrett's Child's Mother Obtain Barrett's money for his child Case solved[1]
2015 Man Find out if his wife is cheating Case solved, wife was cheating[2]
2015 Jeri Hogarth Deliver a subpoena to Gregory Spheeris Case solved[2]
2015 Bob and Barbara Shlottman Finding daughter Hope Case solved, but Hope was brainwashed into killing Bob and Barbara on the elevator as they were leaving.[2]
2015 Audrey Eastman Find out if her husband is cheating Case falsified, client wanted to know if Jones was "gifted" so she could kill her.[3]
2015 Luke Cage Finding Antoine Grier Case solved[4]
2016 Joy Meachum Obtain incriminating evidence for blackmailing Rand Enterprises Executives Case solved[5]
2016 Michelle Raymond Finding John Raymond Case solved, but John committed suicide in the Alias Investigations Office to avoid being murdered by an assassin working with the Hand, resulting in the office becoming a crime scene.[6]


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  • The frosted glass in the door of the agency is a replacement for the original which was broken when Jessica threw a client through it at the beginning of AKA Ladies Night, the new glass was paid for by Trish Walker as a surprise gift and the sign on it is in a different font to the original.


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