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Reviews of Ant-Man.

  • The cast is better than solid. Directed by Peyton Reed, the action is a zippy pleasure. The more Scott shrinks, the bigger the fun. The visual effects are witty, especially when he begins making allies of various ant colonies.
    - Lisa Kennedy
  • Rudd's charm and an overall sense of silliness make for breezy summer fun. It's also Marvel's most kid-friendly movie yet.
    - Rafer Guzman
  • It doesn't rise to the screwball audacity of "Guardians of the Galaxy." Or "Antz." Or "A Bug's Life." But it's an endearing exercise in style - a playful, small-scale crowd-pleaser that parodies its bombastic Marvel precursors.
    - Colin Covert
  • Everyone involved can proudly declare, "Honey, I shrunk the Marvel Cinematic Universe."
    - Joe Williams
  • The plot's the same old thing. Mad, mad, mad, mad science; imminent apocalypse; parent/child issues; blah blah blaggidy blah. The tone of Ant-Man, however, is relatively light and predominantly comic.
    - Michael Phillips

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