"I thought this was the Anti-Gravity Gun."
"What? No, that's that one."
Adrian Toomes and Phineas Mason[src]

The Anti-Gravity Gun is a weapon designed by Tinkerer by combining salvaged Chitauri tech and Ultron remains with human mechanical engineering. Capable of levitating heavy objects, the item was sold to several parties on the black market.


Robbery at Queens Community Bank

"Yo, this high-tech stuff makes it too easy! Told you it was worth it."
―ATM Robber[src]

An Anti-Gravity Gun was purchased by a quartet of criminals, who used it to steal large sums of cash at the Queens Community Bank. Their attempt was interrupted by Spider-Man, forcing one of the robbers to use the Anti-Gravity Gun on Spider-Man instead. Despite Spider-Man managing to knock out the robber and freeing himself from the Anti-Gravity Gun's effect, another robber's actions caused him to rush to the bodega across the street to save his friend Delmar, thus allowing the robbers to escape.

The use of the modified weapon and its recorded destructive capabilities caused Anne Marie Hoag, the field leader of Damage Control, to personally visit the crime scene the next day.[1]

Chase of Adrian Toomes' Crew

After Jackson Brice threatened to expose Adrian Toomes' actions to the authorities, Toomes wanted to restrain Brice with an Anti-Gravity gun but accidentally picked up a modified weapon and fired it at Brice, instantly reducing him to a pile of ashes. Toomes was slightly amused at his actions and casually asked Phineas Mason whether the weapon he was wielding was the Anti-Gravity Gun, to which Mason replied that the Anti-Gravity Gun was on the other side of his desk.[1]


The gun is able to encase an object in an energy field which is then levitated around using the device.