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"This temple dates back at least 500 years. It's filled with pre-Incan artifacts. One of them is impossible."
―The Archaeologist[src]

The Archaeologist is a Professor of Archaeology that led an expedition to a pre-Incan temple in Peru.


The Archaeologist was the lead scientist of a expedition that studied one previously unknown temple in Llactapata, Peru. While there, he and his team discovered an artifact that predates the age of the temple by a millennium.

He informed one of the ministries of the Peruvian government of the discovery, probably the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Interior, that sent the Policia Militar de Perú squad led by Camilla Reyes to secure and obtain the artifact.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson and his team arrived at the location of the temple, the Archaeologist and his team were ordered to evacuate the site until the risk associated with the object was determined.[1]




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