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"Your sister! Her power comes from Asgard, same as yours. When it grew beyond Odin's control, she massacred everyone in the palace and tried to seize the throne."
Valkyrie to Thor[src]

The Asgardian Palace was the home of the Asgardian Royal Family.


"You're in my seat."
"I would love for someone else to rule but it can't be you, you're just... the worst."
Hela and Thor[src]

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Known Residents


The Asgardian Palace is an enormous structure connected to the rest of Asgard. It contains many bedrooms, chambers, and corridors, as well as other rooms. It contains Odin's Throne room. Below it lies the Asgardian Dungeons.



  • The Palace has an organ shape resembling the Hallgrímskirkja, or Church of Hallgrímur, the Lutheran parish church in Reykjavík, Iceland.