"I've made mistakes in the years since I was a boy. I tried to learn from them, but it isn't always enough."
"Get out of my house."
"I'll leave. But first, I'd... I'd like to have a conversation with you. Off the record, of course."
Wilson Fisk and Ben Urich[src]

The Assassination of Ben Urich was an attack single-handedly orchestrated and conducted by Wilson Fisk, who took the life of journalist Ben Urich out of revenge for contacting his mother.


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Wilson Fisk mocks Ben Urich.

"I'm not here to threaten you, I'm here to kill you!"
―Wilson Fisk[src]

Ben Urich returned to his apartment and, after pouring himself a drink, began working on the blog that would expose Wilson Fisk. Little did he know that Fisk himself was in his home. Fisk revealed his presence and asked if he could speak with him. Despite Urich's orders for him to leave, Fisk apologized to Urich for underestimating him as a journalist but then revealed that he had someone at the Bulletin under his pay and started to mock Urich. Fisk asked if Urich was alone when questioning Wilson's mother Marlene Vistain, in which he replied that he was, not wanting to have harm upon Karen Page. Fisk then asked if Urich was responsible for James Wesley's death. When Urich appeared confused by this question, Fisk responded that he never really believed Urich had killed Wesley, as he was a man of integrity. Urich revealed that he was not intimidated as he had been in this situation before. Fisk answered that he was not there to threaten him, but to kill him for getting Vistain involved.


Ben Urich lies dead.

Outraged, Fisk leaped up and brutally attacked Urich with his bare hands. Urich managed to fight back, but his defense proved short-lived when the journalist was knocked down to the ground as Fisk strangled him. Fisk left the room with a broken picture of Urich with his wife Doris next to Ben's lifeless body.[1]


Matt Murdock, Karen Page, Mitchell Ellison and Urich's widow Doris attended Urich's funeral. Doris met Page, who told her that she believed that she was the one who caused Ben's death. Doris reassured her that Ben's decisions were his own and that even dead, he was taking care of her.[2]