The Assassination of Bill Fisk was the murder of Bill Fisk by Wilson Fisk.


Bill Fisk was a hard, proud man who was running to be councilman. He often drank too much and often abused his wife, Marlene Fisk, and son, Wilson Fisk.

Bill Fisk loses his campaign for the Third District Council. Later, he is told by his son that a young man named Bernie Walker was knocking down the signs for his campaign and calling both of them losers. Fisk takes his son to confront the bully. Once they find him, Fisk asks Walker why he was hitting the signs and insulting him. Walker replies that he was only repeating his father's statements. Fisk then beats Walker with a bat and orders his own son to kick him and not to stop.


Later that night, Bill Fisk makes Wilson sit in a corner and stare at a wall to make him think about his future. As Fisk was about to leave to talk with Don Rigoletto, he is stopped by his wife. Having been drinking, Fisk begins to beat his wife, with Wilson listening. Having occurred numerous times before, Wilson gets tired of these beatings and finally decides to put an end to them. He grabs a nearby hammer and repeatedly hits his father over the head with it, killing him.


Wilson and his mother cut up the body and spend the next week dumping the parts in a river. This incident is the main event that eventually turns Wilson Fisk into the Kingpin


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