The Assassination of Mister Prohaszka was an attempt by John Healy to kill the mobster known as Prohaszka.


After being hired by Wilson Fisk to execute Prohaszka, assassin John Healy approached Turk Barrett and purchased a handgun.[7]


Healy went to Whitestone Lanes bowling alley where Prohaszka was playing, he first approached the woman behind the counter and politely asked if he could play, she informed him that only Prohaszka could play when he wanted. Healy walked over to Prohaszka and asked him if he could play with him, Healy was rudely refused and pushed away by his bodyguards. Healy defended himself and attacked his bodyguards, causing them to flee before drawing his gun.

Healy then attempted to shoot Prohaszka, telling him he had a bad attitude, but the gun jammed. Prohaszka attacked Healy with a bowling ball and the two engaged in a brief but vicious fight, Healy managed to break his target's arm before killing him by crushing his face with a bowling ball.[7]


The police were called by the attendant who quickly fled the scene. Knowing there was no escape, Healy quickly hid the gun in a pinball machine before the police arrived. He then surrendered and calmly asked for a lawyer as he was handcuffed and taken away.[7]