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"It's like a candy store in here, go ahead, go ahead. I had to teach you how to hold a gun, do you remember? Eighteen, and you'd never held a piece before. Come on! They call you the Punisher. Prove it!"
Ray Schoonover to Frank Castle[src]

The Assassination of Ray Schoonover was the Punisher's revenge for the deaths of his family by locating and executing his former superior and friend, Ray Schoonover.


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"Alright, they call you the Punisher, prove it, prove you don't need me anymore."
"One shot, one kill, you taught me that."
"You stupid son o-"
Ray Schoonover and Frank Castle[src]

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  1. The Attack on the Hand cannot be much longer than a month before Christmas, December 25th, as Murdock still has cuts and bruises from the battle then, so at the earliest it is mid-November, and this event is the night before that, so at the earliest it is November. However, Just to Get a Rep has to be after the Attack on Metro-General Hospital, which is 2 nights before this event. DWYCK shows the date to be December 1st, and Just to Get a Rep is a while before that, so at the latest as well this is November.