"My colleague at Metro-General Hospital was gutted. It was an army of ninjas, and they tried to kill me, too. It was all covered up. Forced me to quit my job."
Claire Temple to Danny Rand[src]

The Attack on Metro-General Hospital was a major conflict between Daredevil and the Hand.


As part of their ceremony to prepare the return for the Black Sky, the Hand kidnapped young people and used them as hosts to incubate organic particles in their blood. Then their blood was slowly and consistently drained to be used in a ritual involving a stone sarcophagus.


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Hand ninjas began to scale the building. Murdock, hearing it, puts on his Daredevil helmet and prepares for battle. Inside, alarms go off, and Temple finds the young patients standing expectantly, with a dead Stan Gibson at their feet.

She returned with hospital police, telling them that one of the patients killed his father with a scalpel. Once they reached the patients, they were attacked by ninjas. Delgado was killed in the attack.

Daredevil arrived and saved Temple, while she was forced to knock one of the ninja's out of a window to his death in self defense, but is knocked out of window. Grabbing on to a grappling line that the Hand used to scale the building, Daredevil saves her. The Hand ninjas escape with Daniel Gibson and the rest of their victims.


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Temple meets with Shirley Benson and a hospital administrator. Benson is concerned about Temple after the attack by the Hand, but the administrator is only concerned with the hospital's image. A doctor begins to examine the body of a dead Hand ninja, but Temple notices a scar on his chest that suggests he'd already had an autopsy. The administrator warns them not to say anything about it.

Benson leaves a meeting with the hospital administration to warn Temple that this is her second strike, the first being when she left her shift to help an injured man. Benson tells her that an anonymous donation was made to the hospital on the condition that the events that evening are kept quiet. Temple, furious, quits.

Soon after that, Claire returned to Harlem where she reunited with her mother, Soledad Temple, and described the events at Metro-General Hospital when the Hand took over and she almost did an autopsy for one of the ninjas who had a huge Y-shaped scar on his chest. She, then, described how her friend got killed by one of the ninjas and that the hospital wanted to cover it up, revealing that she quit.

Her mom asked what would make her happy, Temple told her about saving Daredevil and Luke Cage and their unique abilities, stating that she wants to help powered people. Her mom reminded her that the world was no longer what it used to be after the Battle of New York, but that Temple has, somehow, got involved. She asked her what that means to her, when Temple called it bad luck, her mom stated that it was fate.


  1. The Attack on the Hand cannot be much longer than a month before Christmas, December 25th, as Murdock still has cuts and bruises from the battle then, so at the earliest it is mid-November, and this event is 3 nights before that, so at the earliest it is November. However, Just to Get a Rep has to be after this event. DWYCK shows the date to be December 1st, and Just to Get a Rep is a while before that, so at the latest as well this is November.