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Attilan was the capital city of the Inhuman kingdom led by Black Bolt.



At some point in history, a civilization of Inhumans decided to leave Earth to colonize the Moon. They built the city of Attilan in a protective dome, protecting and keeping them hidden from Humans and the Kree.

Caste System

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Black Bolt's Rule

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Maximus' Revolution

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Attilan's protective dome had been compromised by Maximus' plan to retain control and eventually collapsed. Fortunately, the royal family was able to arrange an evacuation to Earth to save the people of Attilan, with the help of NASA. Attilan's destruction seemed to send a signal to Hala, or possibly another Kree outpost. This may indicate the oncoming danger that Black Bolt warned Medusa of.

Re-established on Earth

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  • In the comics, Attilan was originally an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, that became home to the Inhumans. It had the ability to be moved and it was taken to locations such as the Himalayas, the Blue Area of the Moon, and even Hala before being destroyed by Black Bolt during his fight with Thanos as seen in the Infinity storyline. It was later reconstructed as New Attilan within New York.

Behind the Scenes

  • Roel Reiné describes Attilan as "a caste system. When you have a good superpower you are at the top of the caste and if you have a bad superpower you are in the lower caste. This makes this world not really good.” [1]


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