"Schmidt sent out a force to Azzano. Two hundred men went up against him and less than fifty returned. Your audience contained what was left of the 107th. The rest were killed or captured."
Peggy Carter to Steve Rogers[src]

Azzano is a city in Italy.


Bucky Barnes, Dum Dum Dugan and Gabe Jones, among other members of the United States Army, were battling German troops in Azzano when a battalion of HYDRA soldiers sent by Johann Schmidt arrived.[1]

One of the HYDRA Uber Tanks fired upon the German troops, signaling HYDRA's abandonment of the Nazi cause.[2]

Over 200 soldiers battled the HYDRA forces, but less than 50 managed to return to their base camp, with most members of the 107th Infantry Regiment either killed or captured inside the Austrian HYDRA Weapons Facility.[1]


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