"A change is coming, Danny. Something significant, and I want to be ready. I want my family and friends to be ready. When I heard about what you did with the pricing of the drugs at Rand, I knew we had similar values. The world we live in now is run by corporations, not governments. Oligarchies of the rich and powerful. But that's not gonna last much longer."
―Bakuto to Danny Rand[src]

Bakuto was a founding member and a leader of the Hand, who attempted to manipulate the Iron Fist onto their side by capturing Madame Gao, one of the other key leaders of the organization. When this at first failed, he then used the entire Meachum family as his hostages to blackmail Iron Fist before eventually being killed by Davos during Bakuto's duel against Colleen Wing, one of his own former pupils. Bakuto's body was recovered by the Hand and he was later resurrected, and fought alongside them again to achieve their goal, fighting the vigilante group the Defenders, while also managing to maim Detective Misty Knight before being decapitated by Wing; his corpse was buried underneath the Midland Circle ruins.


Early Life

Forming the Hand

"The Hand has survived this long because we, above all else, have been astute."
―Bakuto to Elektra[src]

Bakuto settled in K'un-Lun and learned how to use Chi for healing. However, he perverted the teachings of his masters with four others, including Alexandra Reid, Madame Gao, Sowande, and Murakami, to gain immortality and was banished as of a result. Together they formed the Hand,[1] using all the bones of Dragons they could find to maintain their long lives.[2]

Iron Fist Obsession

"I've spent my entire life in and around dojos and monasteries, training with masters of all kinds, listening to their stories and legends about immortal weapon. I thought they were fairy tales for children, until I was gifted that film. Once I saw it, I became obsessed, learning all that I could about the Iron Fist, what it was capable of, what it could achieve."
―Bakuto to Danny Rand[src]

While trying to convert Danny Rand to the Hand's cause, Bakuto manipulated the truth of his origins and told Danny that he was raised and groomed by the Hand to become a leader of their warriors. As a young man Bakuto's mother told him the story of the Sack Man to keep him in line. During all his many years of training to become a skilled soldier, Bakuto was told the legend of K'un-Lun and their Immortal Iron Fist whom was said to be the Hand's single greatest enemy. Bakuto did not believe the stories until he was given a film of an Iron Fist fighting Chinese soldiers. As a result Bakuto had become obsessed and studied everything he could about the Iron Fist. Bakuto also later trained and recruited Colleen Wing into the Hand, gifting her with her own Dojo to train Hand soldiers.[3]

Manipulating Iron Fist

Return to New York City


Bakuto is at last reunited with Colleen Wing

"The Iron Fist, it's really him?"
"The way he fights, not just his body but, his heart, it's like a second language to him. It's inspiring."
"It sounds like you truly care for him, you trying to make me jealous?"
―Bakuto and Colleen Wing[src]

Having heard that Danny Rand had now seemingly returned from the dead having been lost in K'un-Lun for fifteen years, Bakuto returned to New York City in order to investigate himself, believing Rand to be the new Iron Fist whom they had seeked to complete their plans. Bakuto went straight to Chikara Dojo where he watched as Colleen Wing trained by herself. Bakuto greeted his delighted former student, teasing her fighting form before commenting that the dojo had been taken over by Rand Enterprises while he had been gone.

Sitting down for tea, Wing confirmed to Bakuto that Rand was the Iron Fist, noting that he fought not just with his body but with his mind, leading to Bakuto teasing her about their relationship. Wing made it clear that she was still loyal to him and the Hand before Bakuto warned her that the Iron Fist could put her in great danger, although Wing made it clear that she had already witnessed Rand's habit of getting into danger. Bakuto then ordered her to continue as she was doing with Rand, promising that he would soon be back in touch with her.[4]

Saving Colleen Wing

"She's dying, help her. We're running out of time. You are the Iron Fist yes?"
"Then heal her."
―Bakuto and Danny Rand[src]

Having learned that Colleen Wing had been poisoned during a battle against another Hand faction, Bakuto then returned to Chikara Dojo to offer her help. Bakuto killed the guards surrounding the Dojo and met with Wing and Danny Rand outside the locked door, much to Wing's great delight. Although Rand was initially fearful that this may be another trap, Bakuto assured him that it was not and Rand reluctantly let him into the room.

Kneeling beside Wing, Bakuto told Rand to heal her, although he clearly did not understand what this meant. Just as Claire Temple noted that Wing was now close to death, Bakuto realized Rand had not been taught the technique while at K'un-Lun so told him to seat with him. Bakuto then ordered Rand to centre his Chi into his fist before opening his hand to burn the poison out of Wing's body. Rand did as Bakuto commanded and, despite causing them a lot of pain, he successfully saved Wing's life and destroyed the poison before it could kill her.

Bakuto Danny Healing

Bakuto tells Danny Rand to heal Colleen Wing

Once it was clear that Wing was okay, Rand tried to stand only to faint from the power he had used. While the captured Madame Gao mocked Rand's choice to trust Bakuto, he simply ignored her as Bakuto's men arrived in the building and took Wing, Rand and the captured Gao to their cars. As they prepared to leave New York City, Temple demanded that she come with them, however Bakuto still insisted that she was not welcome before then driving off. Bakuto however was unaware that Davos had been watching them closely and was now preparing to follow them to locate Rand.[5]

Introducing the Hand

"I don't need a guard, Danny. I need a partner. With you at my side, no one would stand against us. The Gaos of the world would be destroyed."
"So what do you know about Gao?"
"I've been trying to stop her for a long time."
―Bakuto and Danny Rand[src]

Back at the Hand Compound, Bakuto was teaching students when he was joined by Danny Rand and Colleen Wing who expressed their gratitude for all his help. When Bakuto offered to help Rand recharge his Chi, Rand noted that not many people knew what the Iron Fist was, with Bakuto explaining it had been an interest of his. Rand explained that his training had not been completed and therefore he did not know how to recharge his Chi.


Bakuto training alongside Danny Rand

Bakuto then invited Rand to stand beside him, noting how he had invented his technique for recharging Chi based on his study of the Order of the Crane Mother. Together they performed various moves to help Rand meditate and rebuild his inner Chi. As they did all the movements, Bakuto noted that Rand's body language betrayed an inner sadness and anger, telling him to realize all of that feeling to find the inner peace he needed. Once they were complete, Rand noted that he felt hungry, so Bakuto asked Wing to tell the kitchen while he continued to speak with Rand in private.

When Rand noted that Wing had never mentioned him before, Bakuto explained that they tried to keep secret, noting that they took in damaged people to improve their lives, with Rand comparing it to a cult, as Bakuto jokingly noted it was a lot like the Girl Scouts, although Bakuto never mentioned they were really the Hand. As they walked through the facility, Rand asked what had become of Madame Gao, with Bakuto only saying that she had been taken out of commission, promising that he would have her arrested by the police soon enough.

Rand Ally

Bakuto explains the Iron Fist's power to Rand

Going into his office, Rand asked Bakuto what his intentions were with his soldiers and the Iron Fist. Bakuto explained his belief that companies like Rand Enterprises were running the world, telling him that he could turn it around. Bakuto then showed Rand footage of a previous Iron Fist fighting some Chinese soldiers in the 1940s. Rand questioned why Bakuto was so interested in the Iron Fist, so Bakuto explained he had become obsessed ever since being given that film, promising to increase Rand's own power so they could then work together to protect the world from people like Gao.

While working at his desk, Bakuto was informed by his communications officer that Rand had just completed a phone call with Joy Meachum before also speaking with Harold Meachum. Knowing the names, Bakuto ordered the man to leave the transcript on his desk. Bakuto was then joined by Wing who questioned how Rand had gotten as, with Bakuto noting that he thought Rand was ready. Bakuto noted that Wing's lies to Rand about their true purpose must have been hard for her, promising they would tell Rand the truth about the Hand very soon.[3]

Uncovered Secrets

"I think you'll find I'm much more easygoing than Gao. You see, she leads through fear. I find partnership to be a much more effective method."
"Oh what are you proposing?"
"Everything that is Gao's is now mine. You proceed as you have but with a different goal."
―Bakuto and Harold Meachum[src]

While walking through the Hand Compound, Bakuto inadvertently came across Danny Rand speaking with the captured Madame Gao, who was attempting to twist his perspective on Bakuto's intentions for him. Bakuto claimed that Gao was just manipulating him again, explaining that he had tried to get the truth from her himself. Bakuto then allowed the clearly unnerved Rand to leave the building, locking eyes with Gao on his way out.

Returning to New York City, Bakuto decided to personally meet Harold Meachum in the wake of Gao's capture. Breaking into Harold Meachum's Penthouse, Bakuto greeted Meachum as he was about to have his dinner and invited him to seat with him. Bakuto informed Meachum that he was taking over from Gao, with Meachum expressing his own disappointment that he was not free of the Hand's control, with Bakuto promising him that the Hand's reach was still extensive so escape was never really an option for Meachum under Gao's control.

Bakuto explained that while Gao controlled him through fear, he intended to build a partnership with Meachum with a new purpose. Bakuto told that everything Gao had once owned and controlled was now his, and therefore he told Meachum to continue running Rand Enterprises through his son Ward Meachum as he had been, and if he did, then he would be granted a way to return to public life once again. As this had been his desire for the years since his death, Meachum expressed his excitement at the proposition and agreed to work with Bakuto.[3]

Fighting Iron Fist

"Your anger, your hatred, your confusion, it's destroyed your Chi. The fist won't work. You cannot access it."
―Bakuto to Iron Fist[src]

Returning to the Hand Compound, Bakuto witnessed Danny Rand destroying all of their surveillance equipment which they had been using to spy on Rand Enterprises and Harold Meachum, confirming them to be the Hand. Bakuto expressed his disappointment that Rand had discovered the truth, claiming that he would have rather had Rand kill Madame Gao instead of doing this, before saying this was a test that Rand had failed.

The furious Rand the attacked Bakuto, at first throwing a key board at him which Bakuto easily avoided. They then exchanged blows, with Bakuto using his speed to avoid the Iron Fist's attacks and using his rage against him. Bakuto then armed himself with two blades which he began swinging at the Iron Fist with great force. Before long however, the Iron Fist managed to disarm him and when Bakuto tried to do a flip, he knocked him down and made him crash hard onto the ground, however Bakuto's soldiers were already coming to his aid.


Bakuto corners both the Iron Fist and Davos

Iron Fist was aided by Davos' arrival as the pair had attempted to get away, fighting off Bakuto's men. Having armed himself with a blade, Bakuto waited for Rand to be distracted by Darryl and stabbed him in the side before summoning his men to his side. Bakuto watched as Rand attempted to use the Iron Fist, only to tell him that his rage, confusion and hatred had destroyed his Chi, making it now almost impossible for him to use the Iron Fist to defend himself. As Rand and Davos then stormed towards him, Bakuto sent in his men and fight against the warriors of K'un-Lun, thinking their numbers would eventually be enough to overpower and capture them both.

During the fight however, Colleen Wing betrayed Bakuto and opened the gate, allowing Iron Fist and Davos to escape. Despite his soldier's best efforts, Bakuto was unable to stop the Order of the Crane Mother warriors from getting away, with Wing also climbing over the wall and escaping towards New York City. With the battle now over and his men struggling back onto their feet having been subdued by their enemies, Bakuto checked on Darryl personally. When asked, Bakuto promised he did not kill Rand, claiming it was not what he wanted.[3]

Dealing with Colleen Wing

"I don't know if I believe in you. Not anymore. You've let Danny infect you with doubt about our cause, and there's no cure for that."
"What are you gonna do? Bakuto?"
"After all that we've been through, at least we can take some comfort knowing that in your final moments you'll still be giving to the Hand."
―Bakuto and Colleen Wing[src]

Bakuto returned to Chikara Dojo where he confronted Colleen Wing, demanding to know where she had gone. Wing accused Bakuto of attacking Danny Rand, although he insisted that they had merely defended themselves when Rand had attacked them, claiming that his time at K'un-Lun had taught him to hate the Hand. Bakuto tried to convince Wing that he only wanted to Rand to trust them, but Wing insisted he wanted her to lie to Rand.

As Wing began confronting Bakuto over his choices, Bakuto silenced her by ordering her to respect her sensei. Bakuto defended the actions of the Hand by using the examples of Kevin Michener and Becca Yoo as people they had saved, claiming that after the Battle of New York they would have been left to die. Bakuto claimed that they had saved them together by bringing them into the Hand, as Wing tired to insist she could still bring Rand to their side. Bakuto refused to accept this however to order Wing to bring Rand to him when she found him.

When Wing did find Rand, she did not inform Bakuto and was handed over by Yoo. Having been brought to him, Bakuto confronted the captured Wing. Although Wing insisted that she still believed in the Hand, he told her that he no longer believed in her, noting how she had let her love for Rand affect her own commitment for the Hand, something which he could not forgive. The horrified Wing demanded to know what he had planned, but Bakuto only told her she would be giving to the Hand in her very final moments, sending her to have her blood drained.[6]

Tormenting the Meachums

Bakuto visits Ward

Bakuto makes a deal with Ward Meachum

"This blade has cut down kings, emperors, lords and tyrants. If you would have told me I might use it on a businessman?"
"Well, I wouldn't wanna desecrate the integrity of your blade."
"Hmm. You're not gonna want to move, Harold. I don't wanna have to swing twice. Any last words?"
―Bakuto and Harold Meachum[src]

Bakuto visited Ward Meachum who had been checked into Birch Psychiatric Hospital due to his drug addiction, giving him a drug to counteract Madame Gao's poisonous heroin. Bakuto introduced himself as a member of the Hand, insisting he was no friend of Gao, claiming he was there to help. Bakuto promised to give Meachum the secret to killing his father whom he despised, noting that he had a power of resurrection that the Hand had now come to regret giving to Meachum's highly arrogant father.

As Meachum questioned what he wanted in return, Bakuto made it clear that he wanted a similar level of control over Rand Enterprises as Gao had once had, promising that he would not run Rand the same way as Gao had however, as he promised to hand over the cure to Gao's heroin so they could sell it to all their patients. Bakuto went on to make it clear that in exchange for the cure and his father's death, he wanted Meachum to help him capture Danny Rand, promising that he and Joy Meachum would be safe as a direct result of this favour to him.

Having learned that the Meachum's were stealing his money, Bakuto betrayed Ward as he arrived early at Harold Meachum's Penthouse with his Hand soldiers and took them all hostage. When Ward attempted to confront Bakuto, he responded by striking Ward in the chest and having him men execute Harold's bodyguards, including Kevin Singleton. Bakuto then calmly invited all his hostages to sit down before remanding that Ward stop the transfer of his money, ignoring his request to allow his sister to walk free while explaining his new deal with Ward.

Bakuto then had Harold drugged from his seat and pushed onto his knees, and as Harold promised to come back from the dead and exact his revenge, Bakuto explained that once they removed his head them his would never return to life, much like Nobu Yoshioka. When Ward begged for his sister not to see this, Bakuto instead demanded his phone and called Danny Rand, showing Rand video of the Meachums under his control. Bakuto then shot Joy in the gut and threatened to decapitate Harold if Rand did not come to him before hanging up.[7]

Capturing Iron Fist

"There's someone in our organization who's very anxious to work with you. We're going to change the world. Well, the promises I've made you are still in place. I'll help you realign your Chi so you can access the Iron Fist again. I'll help you become what you were meant to be."
―Bakuto to Danny Rand[src]

While they waited, Bakuto gave the Meachum's blankets and pain killers for Joy's wounds, but still refused to take her to Metro-General Hospital, noting that Danny Rand was running out of time. With time up, Bakuto drew his sword and prepared to execute Harold Meachum, noting that sword had cut down kings in the past. Bakuto then offered Harold his last words, which he used to mock Ward Meachum and confess his love for Joy. Just before Bakuto's blade could drop, Rand arrived and stopped him, allowing himself to be captured by the Hand.

Bar the Big Boss - Rand and Bakuto in the elevator

Bakuto explains his plans for the Iron Fist

While heading downstairs, Rand questioned what Bakuto wanted with the Iron Fist, so Bakuto told him how his mother had told him the story of the Sack Man. Bakuto confirmed to Rand that he wanted the Iron Fist to be the Hand's personal sack man, noting that there was somebody in their organization who greatly wanted to work with him, promising that in exchange for his help he would rebalance his Chi and help him regain his Iron Fist and make him what he was meant to be, although Rand noted he did not even know what that was anymore, a comment which Bakuto then smiled at.

As they walked through the lobby of Harold Meachum's Penthouse, Rand managed to regain peace and used the Iron Fist to break out of his handcuffs, only for it to disappear before he could strike Bakuto. However he was joined by Colleen Wing and Davos who attacked Bakuto's men. Rand noted Bakuto was not allowed to kill him, but Bakuto promised to subdue him by whatever mean necessary, even by cutting him and having doctor patch him up. However eventually Rand and his allies defeated the Hand soldiers, forcing Bakuto to run away.[7]

Final Showdown

"Do you really think you're worthy to challenge me? These two are warriors, you are nothing but a betrayer. You have no honor, I should have recognized you were too weak to be Hand. Deep in your soul, you know you are nothing more than a teacher of children, at a dojo that I gave you."
―Bakuto to Colleen Wing[src]

Bakuto was eventually chased to Central Park were he was cornered and challenged to duel by Colleen Wing. Bakuto mocked the challenge, claiming only warriors from the Order of the Crane Mother were worthy to fight him, while she was a traitor of the Hand and a teacher of young children at the Chikara Dojo. Although Iron Fist tried to calm Wing, she vowed that she would be the one to kill her former sensei in a duel to the death.

Bar the Big Boss

Bakuto fights against Colleen Wing

Stepping out into the rain, Bakuto and Wing prepared their swords and began fighting one another, with Bakuto noting that she had learned well, but was only as strong as her weapon. Twisting her arm, Bakuto managed to cut Wing's own katana in half, however she then responded by kicking the broken blade into Bakuto's leg, noting that it was how she used her weapon that mattered. Bakuto attempted to regain dominance in the fight, cutting Wing's arm, but as he moved to make another blow, she moved aside and plunged her sword into his stomach, much to Bakuto's great surprise and horror.

Clutching his bleeding stomach, Bakuto fell to the floor as Wing prepared to execute Bakuto, but she stopped herself, noting she was never cut out to be a murderer for the Hand. While Davos insisted they should kill him, Wing suggested they call the police and make Bakuto the first Hand leader to be arrested. Bakuto then mocked Rand, noting that his father had not raised him to become an assassin for K'un-Lun. While they argued however, Davos stepped forward and stabbed Bakuto in the heart, killing him. Bakuto's body was then taken by the Hand.[7]

War for New York

Reunion with Colleen Wing

TD105 Bakuto01

Bakuto reveals his survival to Colleen Wing

"Join me Colleen, this time I'll tell you everything. I anticipated this reunion."
"I didn't. I'll never stop, you took my life from me!"
"No I haven't Colleen, not yet. I wish it could end another way."
―Bakuto and Colleen Wing[src]

Having been informed by Alexandra Reid that they were now close to completing their plans, Bakuto was contacted and ordered to return to New York City to assist his allies.[1] Upon his arrival, Bakuto had his men ambush the Iron Fist, while he revealed his return from death to the horrified Colleen Wing. Telling Wing that he had tried death when she and Davos killed him, but he had rejected it, Bakuto ordered his men to stand down, claiming that he and Wing were old friends, which Wing rejected before attacking her sensei.

TD105 Bakuto02

Bakuto manages to wound Colleen Wing

Bakuto easily avoided Wing's attacks, telling her that he only wished to talk, but Wing refused to even listen, claiming that there was now nothing left to talk about. Bakuto explained that while the Hand had sent him to capture Danny Rand, he had personally come for her, even claiming that his past rejections of her had been a strategy to help her unlock her own potential to rejoin the Hand as another great warrior. Rejecting Bakuto's words, Wing attacked him again, vowing to never stop, resulting in Bakuto slashing her across the stomach with his dagger and watching her fall to the floor in agony.


Bakuto is reunited with the Iron Fist again

Before Bakuto could deliver the final blow and execute Wing, he was then attacked by Luke Cage who disarmed him and threw Bakuto across the alleyway. Cage was then joined by Rand and Claire Temple, who were both amazed by his return from the dead, while Bakuto claimed that he recalled their last battle and was looking forward to facing off against him again. Bakuto claimed that it was wise that Rand had joined the Defenders, promising that the Hand would show him his true destiny was more than he was taught at K'un-Lun, before Bakuto then escaped into the shadows.[8]

The Hand Reunites


Bakuto discusses K'un-Lun with Madame Gao

"It is not as simple this time."
"Or you are not as committed. Your judgment has always been clouded when it comes to your old disciples."
"Just because I don't blind my disciples, doesn't mean I'm made weak by them."
―Bakuto and Madame Gao[src]

Returning to their headquarters, Bakuto asked Madame Gao if they were no longer on speaking terms since he had captured her during their last encounter, however Gao insisted that as long as they were still part of the Hand, they would be on the same side. Gao asked Bakuto if he remembered K'un-Lun before noting that the only way they would be able to return would be if they captured the Iron Fist, with Bakuto noting that was why he had come back. Bakuto was questioned why he went after his former pupil Colleen Wing instead of targeting the Iron Fist himself.


Bakuto is told to be quiet with Alexandra Reid

Bakuto claimed Wing could lead them to Iron Fist but Gao claimed that Bakuto had always had a weakness for his own students, to which he argued that he simply did not need to blind his underlings like Gao did to make them loyal to him. They were then joined by Alexandra Reid who promised to confront Bakuto over his failures soon enough, but first Murakami informed the group that the Iron Fist had a new ally in his fight, claiming that Daredevil had joined his side as he had just encountered recently him, and although Gao had still questioned his claims, Murakami insisted that it was the truth.


Bakuto discusses the return of the Daredevil

Although Bakuto questioned why this was a concern as they were all as skilled warriors as Daredevil was, Murakami noted that Daredevil had fought against Nobu Yoshioka along side Elektra just before her death and rebirth. While Bakuto listened, Murakami claimed that Elektra had loved Daredevil which was why she had attacked him during the Ambush at the Royal Dragon and even claimed that it was not the Black Sky who had failed them, but Reid for using up all of their Resurrection Elixir to bring back a warrior who was now a threat to the Hand's very existence if she was to betray them.

Hand Leaders

Bakuto questions Alexandra Reid's leadership

Bakuto agreed with what Murakami said, noting that the five leaders of the Hand were always stronger together, with Gao noting that they had lost Sowande which meant they were now already weaker and therefore at an even greater risk. Although Reid had still insisted that Sowande would return to them eventually, Bakuto noted that she could not know this, pointing out that without their Elixir, death was now a possibility for them for the first time. The other leaders all then began to question Reid's leadership, as Bakuto pointed out that even she was still expendable to the Hand's greatest mission.[8]

Losing Sowande

"We didn't even try to find him."
"Oh, please. Let's not pretend to mourn this loss."
―Bakuto and Alexandra Reid[src]

Much to his horror, Bakuto and the other Hand leader were presented with the severed head of Sowande, which had been found in one of his warehouses after he had presumably been killed by Stick. While Madame Gao then claimed that Sowande's death could have been avoided, Bakuto noted that they did not even try to find him, all while Reid insisted that he had gotten himself captured and showed almost no remorse for Sowande's death, even suggesting that they stop pretending that they would be mourning his loss, much to Bakuto's shock.

Reid pointed out that their many years together had rarely been peaceful and that they had all survived several assassination attempts from one another. When Reid suggested they show unity, Murakami noted that they had been unified until Reid had brought the Black Sky into their organisation. When Bakuto demanded to know where Elektra was, Reid insulted him before she claimed that she was being kept hidden under the belief that one of them would try to destroy her, or she may attempt to kill them. Gao stood up for Reid, claiming that they must honor Sowande by continuing their mission.[9]

Elektra's Betrayal

"We will do what is needed to preserve our organization. This is not our first coup."
"It is your first without the substance. Is that a gamble you're willing to take?"
―Bakuto and Elektra[src]

Bakuto was informed that a meeting of the Hand's leaders was happening in the board room and discovered that Danny Rand had finally been captured and was presented to them all. Bakuto watched as Rand was spoken to by Alexandra Reid who explained the Hand's goal was simply to finally return to K'un-Lun, even claiming that they were not so different compared with Rand himself, which he furiously denied before being taken away.

While Reid addressed the others, Murakami still expressed his own great disappointment at Reid's leadership, claiming that little had gone to plan under her leadership. Although Madame Gao defended Reid by noting that they finally had the Iron Fist, Murakami claimed that it was not worth the risk to their own lives in the wake of Sowande's death. Bakuto then spoke up and noted their sole focus from this point onwards must be to finally reclaim the Resurrection Elixir as soon as possible while Gao noted that the Defenders would likely come for Rand and must not be underestimated.

Bakuto then witnessed Reid demanded that they do not underestimate her before ordering Elektra to to hunt down and kill Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, along with Daredevil. Bakuto listened as Reid reminded them of all they had achieved under her leadership, noting that she had been the one to wipe out the Chaste and captured the Iron Fist. However just as Reid was continuing her speech, Elektra returned into the room and plunged her Twin Sai through Reid's back. Bakuto watched in utter horror as Elektra claimed to be the new leader of the Hand before slicing off Reid's head, killing her.[9]

Having watched Reid's corpse being taken away, Bakuto told Elektra that this was not how they did business, to which Elektra informed him that this had now changed. When Bakuto and Murakami vowed to do what needed to be done to protect the Hand, threatening to destroy Elektra, she noted that this was the first challenge they had face without the Elixir to bring them back from death. Bakuto then watched as Gao argued that Reid's death must be explained to their partners, but Elektra showed little interest in this, calling them living underground in hiding the complete opposite of having power.

Bakuto then noted that Elektra knew nothing of power, claiming that since her death of Nobu Yoshioka's hands she did not even exist until Reid had given her back her self. As Bakuto noted that the Hand had existed for as long as it had because they remained careful of maintaining themselves and their lives. Elektra however told Bakuto that she did not care anything for the Hand, and instead claimed she only cared about gaining the bones of the Dragons hidden underneath New York City so that she and the others could live forever, promising that nothing, not even death, would stand in her way.

Bakuto and the others watched on monitors as Elektra took the captured Rand underneath Midland Circle in the pit the Hand had been digging. Murakami expressed his deep distrust for Elektra, claiming they should destroy her before she laid waste to everything they had been building. Gao noted that they were closer than they had ever been before, with the Iron Fist being led towards the doorway from K'un-Lun, claiming Elektra not being one of them no longer mattered, as she had the power to bring them a new beginning, while Bakuto hinted a desire to kill her once they had what they needed.[10]

Showdown with the Defenders

"We're not leaving here without him."
"Then I guess you're not leaving."
Jessica Jones and Bakuto[src]

Bakuto and his surviving allies stood as the defence as the Defenders soon arrived inside Midland Circle with the intention of saving Danny Rand from them. As Jessica Jones insisted that they would not leave without Rand, Bakuto claimed his meant they would never leave, leading to a stand off as both teams prepared all of their own weapons for their battle, with Bakuto confidently drawing his sword ready for the fight.

As the battle began, Bakuto and Murakami joined forces and together they attacked Daredevil, who was used his own Billy Club to block and counter their moves. Despite being two of the Hand's greatest warriors, both Bakuto and Murakami both struggled to fight of Daredevil, who used both his strong strikes and remarkable speed to avoid their deadly strikes and kept knocking them back, all while Madame Gao fought against the other two Defenders alone. Bakuto briefly managed to gain the upper hand against Daredevil, forcing him back against concrete blocks and sheets of glass.

Daredevil still however managed to regain control as he threw Bakuto away from him, smashing him into yet another sheet of glass before they continued the fight, managing to knock Murakami away as he then engaged in a fight against Luke Cage, leaving Bakuto to fight Daredevil alone. Becoming enraged that he could not kill the Devil of Hell's Kitchen as easily as he would like, Bakuto's strikes become stronger, smashing his blade into the concrete blocks and destroying them, all while Daredevil continued avoiding every strike until Colleen Wing appeared and managed to block Bakuto's strike.

Bakuto then fought against both Daredevil and Wing singlehandedly, finding himself now suddenly at a grave disadvantage against the legendary vigilante and his own former student, who both managed to land painful strikes against Bakuto in quick succession. Seeing that they were quickly losing this battle, Murakami called out to Bakuto before cutting into a gas pipe, which Bakuto then ignited by grinding his sword over the ground and causing sparks to hit the gas. As the flames separated the Hand leaders from the Defenders, they then made their hasty retreat from the losing fight.[10]

Final Showdown

Bakuto Returns

Bakuto faces off against Colleen Wing

"You disappoint me. As a child, all you ever wanted was to belong to something. That's why I saved you, Colleen, raised you, because that same desire was once in me. Is this your family now, hmm? Well, let me remind you who you really are by taking that away!"
―Bakuto to Colleen Wing[src]

Bakuto followed Colleen Wing into an empty boiler room where he began calmly searching for her, with his sword drawn and ready for a clash. Noticing a bag containing John Raymond's bombs, Bakuto called out to Wing who eventually showed herself with her own sword drawn. Bakuto smiled upon seeing his former student again, telling her that their fates were clearly alined, while Wing claimed that this was not fate but design, as she had come to end their fight and finally kill Bakuto for everything he had done to her.

Hearing someone's phone ring in the room, Bakuto accused Wing of being a follower of the Defenders, claiming he had trained her to become a leader. Unwilling to hear anymore, Wing then attacked Bakuto as the two began clashing swords, with Wing still determined to land a killing blow against her former sensei. The pair continued fighting around the boiler room, as Bakuto mockingly told Wing to not even bother wearing herself out with a pointless fight, claiming that due to training her he knew all of her limits which he proved by landing a hard kick on Wing's stomach, knocking her back.

Bakuto claimed there was no damage Wing could do to him that could not be undone, now that Iron Fist had finally assisted that to reclaim their Resurrection Elixir, which would allow Bakuto to live forever with his fellow leaders of the Hand. Bakuto offered Wing a final chance to join him, but Wing refused, claiming that she no longer needed him before attacking. During their fight, Bakuto attempted to plunge his dagger into Wing's neck, only to miss and get it stuck in a pipe, where Wing took it and assisted Claire Temple by throwing the dagger at the man she was currently fighting against.

Taking advantage of Wing's momentary distraction, Bakuto managed to slash her across the back. While Wing remained on her feet, she and Temple were assisted by Misty Knight who had arrived on the scene. Upon seeing Bakuto cleaning his blade of Wing's blood, Knight ordered him to drop his sword, and when he refused, Knight fired several shots into Bakuto's chest. Due to the power of the Elixir, Bakuto was able to brush off the gun shots before he managed to subdue Knight while she was reloading before returning to his duel with Wing, claiming that she was always a disappointment to him.

Seeking to emotionally throw Wing off balance, Bakuto reminded her of how as a child, she had only desired to belong to something, which he had provided to her with the Hand Compound before he had given her the Chikara Dojo. Bakuto claimed that this desire within her was the reason why he had saved and raised her when she was young, claiming that he once had the same desire. Bakuto then subdued Wing before holding Temple's throat between his swords, promising to take away her new family. Knight then charged in to aid Temple, resulting in Bakuto slicing off Knight's right arm.

While Knight fell to the floor in agony, blood pouring out of her wound, Wing charged forward and attacked Bakuto. Unwilling to allow any one else to get hurt by him, Wing managed to steal her own sword back from Bakuto before cutting his throat with it. While Bakuto stood in horror at his student gaining the upper hand against him, Wing took her moment to end the fight, managing to slice off Bakuto's head with a single swing of her sword. Bakuto's corpse then fell to the ground where it remained until the bombs planted inside Midland Circle exploded, destroying Bakuto's body.[2]


Bakuto originally appeared to be a gentle and righteous man aiming for overall prosperity. This was shown as his faction of the Hand gave troubled people training and purpose in life, allowing them a change for scholarship and to make more of their life. Unlike other Fingers of the Hand, Bakuto does not use violence as a primary solution to problems, though he still has no qualms about killing innocents who stand in his way.

As he said himself he tried to create a partnership with others in order to achieve mutual benefit. However behind this behavior he was shown to be ruthless in order to achieve his goals. He became bound on making the Iron Fist working for him. To achieve this he extorted and threatened people. When Colleen Wing turned against him he wanted her killed, displaying a lack of tolerance towards traitors. However, he repeatedly gave her chances to rejoin the Hand and be forgiven.

He seemed strongly against corporations that ran society and abused their power. This showed a bit of a contradiction as he himself demanded complete obedience from others as well.

Powers and Abilities


"There's no damage you can do to me that can't be undone. Especially because the Iron Fist has already given us the ultimate gift, life without end."
―Bakuto to Colleen Wing[src]
  • Longevity: Through the use of The Substance, a regenerative elixir created from Dragon bones, Bakuto, along with the other leaders of the Hand, has had his lifespan extended by centuries. He could even have been alive for millennia, as the Hand was believed to be responsible for the destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD. Upon being defeated in a duel by Colleen Wing and stabbed in the heart by Davos, Bakuto died but his corpse was taken away and revived by the Hand.
  • Enhanced Durability: Bakuto has taken bullets fired by Misty Knight, and hasn't even shown the slightest sign of discomfort.


"Do not bother wearing yourself out."
"I'm not."
"I know your limits."
―Bakuto and Colleen Wing[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: As a leader of the Hand, Bakuto is a master in martial arts. He had trained his whole life in monasteries and Dojos and mastered many forms and disciplines. Bakuto was knowledgeable about forms to help restore Danny Rand's Chi. Bakuto was able to keep up with Iron Fist for a while before he was defeated.
  • Master Swordsman: Bakuto was highly skilled in wielding the Katana with great skill. Being able to fight Danny Rand of for a while using the sword. He outmatched Colleen Wing in a swordfight before she was able to turn the tables and impale him. His office was decorated with a variety of weapons which suggests he is skilled with those as well.


"I want the big one."
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  • Katana: Bakuto's chief weapon was the katana, using it to threaten Harold Meachum with decapitation before fighting both Iron Fist and Colleen Wing with the blade, eventually losing his fight against Wing.
  • Knives: Different Hand Ceremonial Blades and weapons were seen in Bakuto's office.
  • Handgun: Bakuto used a handgun to shoot Joy Meachum in the gut.



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  • In the comics, Bakuto was the Daimyo, or leader, of the Hand's faction in South America. He was killed by Angela del Toro during the Hand's plot to lure Daredevil into becoming their leader to corrupt him.

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