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"Your name is Natalie, isn't it?"
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"Come on. Without that fist, you're just another screwed up little kid who won't go where I go."
"I can go there. It's my choice!"
"Oh, but you won't. That's why you're gonna die."
Harold Meachum and Iron Fist[src]

The Battle at Rand Enterprises was the final battle between Harold Meachum and the Iron Fist.


"You owe Danny. He freed you from the Hand."
"Well, I'll send flowers to his funeral."
"You've been messing with Danny ever since he's been back, haven't you?
"Oh, no. Since long before that."
Ward Meachum and Harold Meachum[src]

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"Remember, Iron Fist or not, he's not bulletproof. Let's get ready for him."
Harold Meachum[src]

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