A collection of quotes from the investigative journalist Ben Urich.

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Episode 1.03: Rabbit in a Snowstorm


"You know when I went away to do my ten, every newspaper in town dragged my name through the shit. You were the only one who did it without mentioning my kids, always grateful for that.
"Then give me something, a name, anything.
"Take a pass on this one Benny."
Silvio and Ben Urich[src]

Episode 1.04: In the Blood


"I read every big story with your byline. The VA kickbacks, toxic runoff, the Teachers Union scandal. Hell, you pretty much brought down the Italian mob back when I was in diapers. Whatever happened to that reporter, Mr. Urich?"
"He got old. And a hell of a lot less stupid."
Karen Page and Ben Urich[src]

Episode 1.05: Condemned


"How long have I been doing this?"
"Long enough to be a pain in the arse."
―Ben Urich and Christian Blake[src]

Episode 1.07: Stick

Spoken by Ben Urich

"My experience, there are no heroes, no villains. Just people with different agendas."
―Ben Urich[src]
"What part of don't tell anyone about this didn't you understand?!"
―Ben Urich to Karen Page[src]


"This is the job, researching, gathering facts. It's long and boring and complicated and half the time you still come up empty."
"Well you're just a little ray of sunshine."
"Just giving you the lay of the land. For every exposé I've had published there were a dozen that didn't pan out."
―Ben Urich and Karen Page[src]

Episode 1.08: Shadows in the Glass


"Do you believe that, what they're saying about me?"
"You've been in an awful lot of wrong places at the wrong time lately, but I've heard the other stories, about the man in the mask, helping people. Sounds like there's more than one side to it."
Masked Man and Ben Urich[src]

Episode 1.09: Speak of the Devil

Spoken by Ben Urich

"You seen the news? Everything's changed. Fisk has gotten out in front of being dragged into the spotlight. My editor thinks he's the second coming, hell the whole city does."
―Ben Urich[src]

Episode 1.10: Nelson v. Murdock

Spoken about Ben Urich

"Your name is Ben Urich and you're a reporter. It's not a job. It is who you are."
Doris Urich[src]


"I used to be like you back in the day, good at turning heads, getting people's attention, pissing them off, and that's half of it, but the other half is knowing when not to."
―Ben Urich to Karen Page[src]

Episode 1.11: The Path of the Righteous


"I've been writing about crime in this city since before you were born. The only thing I know without a doubt is you don't get to be the man at the top without making enemies looking to tear you down to the ground."
―Ben Urich and Karen Page discuss Wilson Fisk[src]

Episode 1.12: The Ones We Leave Behind


"Run the article, it'll sell papers, it's sexy."
"You sound like a whore."
"Well I learned how to be one from you. I get lucky sometimes sure, land a story that makes a difference like Union Allied, but most of the time, now, working for this paper, I might as well be wearing lipstick and a red dress."
―Ben Urich and Mitchell Ellison[src]
"I've made mistakes in the years since I was a boy. I tried to learn from them but it isn't always enough."
"Get out of my house"
"I'll leave, but first I... I'd like to have a conversation with you, off the record of course."
"You think I'd believe anything you have to say?"
"I... I promise that I'll be honest with you Mr. Urich. Whether you choose to believe or not, that's up to you."
"Alright. Let's here it."
Wilson Fisk and Ben Urich[src]
"I wrote a lot of stories in my days pushing ink, you know how many times people have threatened me, getting me to keep my mouth shut?"
"But that's my mother that you brought into this Mr. Urich! My Mother! So I am not here to threaten you! I'm here to kill you!"
―Ben Urich and Wilson Fisk[src]