"Mr. Fisk, I am doing everything I can to get you out, but we're talking about a process that could take months, maybe years. In the interim, we need you to keep your head down, avoid trouble while you're in here. The state will jump on any infraction to shoot down an early release, to keep you inside. It's the best move Mr. Fisk, in fact it's the only move."
―Benjamin Donovan to Wilson Fisk[src]

Benjamin Donovan is a lawyer within New York City notorious for representing high-profile criminals. Donovan represented Wilson Fisk, and assisted him in regaining power while he was locked up inside Ryker's Island by managing his money and bribing various people. He represented Cornell Stokes when he was apprehended by the New York City Police Department, managing to dismantle the proofs they had and set Stokes free, and went on to represent Candace Miller during the case regarding Stokes' murder.


Defending Criminals

Assisting Wilson Fisk

"I know what I'm asking for will be difficult."
"I'm not worried about difficult, I'm not even worried about illegal. Your funds have almost been depleted."
Wilson Fisk and Benjamin Donovan[src]

Donovan greets Wilson Fisk inside prison

Donovan's firm was hired by Wilson Fisk when he was accused of running a criminal organisation within New York City. Despite Donovan's best efforts, Fisk was sent to Ryker's Island due to the work of Nelson and Murdock. Donovan spoke with Fisk in jail where he promised that his firm was doing everything they could to get him freed. Fisk then asked about Vanessa Marianna who Donovan claimed was hoping to come see him soon, which Fisk refused. Donovan then recommended that while he was in prison, Fisk keep his head down and not get involved with any criminal activity.


Donovan gets new orders from Wilson Fisk

Donovan continued his work to try and get Fisk freed, meeting him at Ryker's where Fisk ordered Donovan to assist with Stewart Finney's legal case and pay the rent on the Valdez brothers' mother's home in Spanish Harlem. Despite Donovan's objections as he had perviously advised Fisk not to get involved with any criminal activity within the prison in order to avoid any unwanted attention, but Fisk ordered him to get it done and ensure that the transactions were untraceable. Despite his reluctance for Fisk to do this sort of work, Donovan got the tasks completed as instructed as quickly as possible.


Donovan is ordered to collect the Punisher

Finally Fisk ordered Donovan to pay off one of the guards at Ryker's Island in order that he could bring Frank Castle to Ryker's. Donovan had another meeting with Fisk to move his final funds to bribe the guards into joining his side, although Donovan warned that any other money he would need would now be taken from Vanessa Marianna's protection, Fisk, however, assured Donovan that he would not need any more money after this was completed. Donovan asked if he wanted to know what the Punisher would be doing but Fisk did not answer, noting that Donovan likely did not want to know.[1]

Fisk vs Murdock


Donovan gives Matt Murdock a legal contract

"You will refer to Mr. Fisk only as Mr. Fisk, and you will not ask any questions until I personally approve of them first."
"That's a lot of rules."
"Rules are what separate us from the animals."
―Benjamin Donovan and Matt Murdock[src]

When Matt Murdock asked to meet with Wilson Fisk inside Ryker's Island, Fisk asked Donovan to make up a legal contract, in Braille, describing the conditions of the meeting and penalties for Murdock not conforming to those conditions. Donovan greeted Murdock and listed all of their legal demands from him before he escorted Murdock to his meeting with Fisk, who was handcuffed to a table waiting for his arrival.


Donovan sees Murdock and Fisk's meeting

When Murdock asked Fisk if he was responsible for Frank Castle's escape, Donovan advised Fisk not to answer the question. However, Fisk then responded that he was not responsible. Donovan did not interrupt the meeting further, even when Murdock threatened to keep Vanessa Marianna from ever returning to New York City, and when Fisk responded violently by attacking Murdock. Donovan then told Murdock when the meeting was over, and attempted to escort him out. Murdock, however, angrily rejected his help and walked out of the prison alone without any kind of assistance from Donovan.[2]

Defending Cottonmouth


Donovan frees Cottonmouth from the prison

"Next time, it would behoove you to have actual evidence. You know, something besides the dogged harassment of a misguided beat cop."
―Benjamin Donovan to Misty Knight[src]

When Cottonmouth had been arrested for accusations that he had been involved in the murder of Rafael Scarfe, his personal lawyer, Benjamin Donovan arrived to defend him. He showed to the New York City Police Department that there was no evidence presented against Cottonmouth other than Detective Misty Knight and Scarfe's testimonies, both of which could easily be questioned due to one being personally affected by Scarfe's death, as her emotions clouded her judgement.


Donovan walks away free with Cottonmouth

But before Cottonmouth and Donovan left, they were confronted by the furious Knight, however Cottonmouth was unintimidated by her attempts to threaten him and called her dog chasing a stick. But Knight said that she promised Cottonmouth will be seen in the prison where he belonged in the wake of Scarfe's murder, however this merely made Cottonmouth laugh loud as he then walked outside with Donovan, who handed Priscilla Ridley the papers he had filled out before Cottonmouth was driven back to Harlem's Paradise to enjoy his freedom thanks to all of Donovan's successful work.[3]

Defending Candace Miller


Donovan stops Candace Miller's questioning

"Don't say another word, Ms. Miller. I'm representing you now."
"Is this snake your lawyer? Candace, if you're not guilty, you'll answer my questions."
"Nice try. My client isn't under arrest."
―Benjamin Donovan and Misty Knight[src]

Upon hearing that Candace Miller was being questioned over the murder of Cottonmouth, Donovan was called in to represent her, knowing that she had to be kept from revealing the truth that it was infact Mariah Dillard who was responsible. Donovan arrived and pulled Miller away from Misty Knight who was conducting the interview, with Donovan insisting she say nothing else and leave immediately with him.


Donovan takes Candace Miller out the station

While Donovan insisted that Miller must stop speaking as she had not been arrested, Knight was horrified by seeing that Donovan, who she referred to as a snake, was representing her. Donovan continued to try and remove Miller from the station while she was continuing to insist that Luke Cage was responsible for Cottonmouth's murder, as she had been instructed to do by Dillard and Shades. With the law on his side, Donovan then took Miller out as she was not being charged, much to the annoyance of Knight who could now do nothing to stop Donovan from leaving with Miller and delay her investigation.[4]


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  • Expert Lawyer: Benjamin Donovan is an expert lawyer, able to allow Cottonmouth to be released from prosecution.





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  • In the comics, Benjamin "Big Ben" Donovan was a lawyer from Harlem and an acquaintance of Luke Cage, but became a criminal over time.


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