Betty was the nickname of Tony Stark's favorite car.


Betty is the nickname given by Tony Stark to a $200,000 custom car that he stored in his mansion in Malibu.

An intruder managed to break into the mansion in Malibu, but when he introduced a wrong code to enter the basement, J.A.R.V.I.S. announced that if the correct code was not entered within 30 seconds, a complete lockdown of the house would be activated.

Seeing no other way out, the intruder stole Betty, Stark's favorite custom-built car. While fleeing on a highway, the intruder saw Stark, who was convinced by Happy Hogan to wear his Iron Man Armor in order to retrieve the car and capture the thief.

Iron Man managed to catch up the car and recognized the intruder and thief, Lina, his love interest, who couldn't stop the car in time to avoid Iron Man, who was thrown inside a nearby toy store.

Lina fled again with the car, contacting with the Ten Rings, but Stark, seeing no other option to stop Lina before she could endanger a civilian, wrecked the car leaving her trapped inside.

In tears and trapped inside the wrecked car, Lina explained to Stark that the Ten Rings blackmailed her into obtaining the blueprints for the Iron Man armor, having kidnapped her son in order to coerce her to do it. Stark believed her story, being surprised that Lina had a son.

Stark returned to his house with Happy Hogan, explaining to him why Lina couldn't access the workshop, as its code was different to the rest, the name of the love of his life, Betty.[1]