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"This android is a match for the Hulk in size and strength. The double-head configuration gives it faster reaction times, enhanced situational awareness and additional sensory capabilities."
Ceres Leader[src]

Bi-Beast was an android created by the Enclave both to aid in their criminal activities in New York and to defeat the Hulk.


"Let's see which of us is strongest."
"Hulk is strongest there is."
"Not if my skull brother has anything to say about it!"
―Bi-Beast and Hulk[src]

Bi-Beast was created by the Ceres Sector of the Enclave after splicing the DNA of the Enclave's soldiers to create the Barbaria proved unsatisfactory, as while they were enhanced they were also unstable. The Bi-Beast was designed to be a match for the Hulk in size and strength, with his double head configuration giving him faster reaction times, enhanced situational awareness and additional sensory capabilities.

Ceres Leader Bi-Beast

The Ceres Leader presents the Bi-Beast

The Bi-Beast was deployed to Times Square, where the Minerva Sector had erected a mind control antennae with enough power to cover all of Manhattan. He was placed in command of a group of Enclave troops, and when the Hulk arrived the Bi-Beast ordered them to kill him while he powered up the antennae. The Hulk easily defeated them and greatly damaged the antennae, and when the Bi-Beast emerged to find out what the noise was, the antennae exploded and the force of it threw them from the rooftop. They battled on the street of Times Square, which ended with the Hulk decapitating the Bi-Beast and cutting off the Enclave leaders' view of the proceedings.

Hulk Bi-Beast head

The Hulk destroys the Bi-Beast

Following his defeat of the Abomination, the Hulk hunted down and destroyed the remaining Enclave bases. When her own base was destroyed, the Ceres Leader faced the Hulk in single combat, wielding an Enclave Hammer which allowed her to summon clones of the Bi-Beast with which to attack him. However, they were no more effective against him than the original.[1]



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