"Let me emphasize that what I'm about to share with you is tremendously sensitive, both to me personally and the Army. You're aware that we've got an Infantry Weapons Development programme. Well, in WWII, they initiated a subprogram for Bio-Tech Force Enhancement."
"Yeah, Super Soldier."
Thaddeus Ross and Emil Blonsky[src]

The Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project was an attempt to recreate the results of Project Rebirth, started after the 9/11 attacks in order to make Super Soldiers like Captain America. The project was a failure and started Bruce Banner's initial transformation as Hulk.


Two days after the 9/11 attacks, General Thaddeus Ross started up the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project to make Super Soldiers to protect the United States, exactly like Captain America in World War II.[1] In the beginning of the project, the military had been using captured terrorists of Al-Haquid to test out various serums. However, pictures of the project came out and the United States Congress killed it.[2]

Dr. Bruce Banner, a renowned scientist in the fields of Biochemistry, Nuclear physics, and Gamma Radiation, joined the project under the influence of his girlfriend, Betty, who also happened to be General Ross' daughter. However, General Ross told Banner that the project was merely for radiation resistance, refusing to share the classified truth.

After the project had been going on for a few years, it started to lose much of its funding. Because of this, Banner chose to test the project on his own body. Unaware of the project's true goal, he used a serum similar to the one made by Dr. Abraham Erskine in the 1940s coupled with Gamma Radiation to test it on himself. The tests resulted in Banner temporarily transforming into a large, green-skinned being that soon became known as the "Hulk". Hulk attacked everyone in the room on impulse, even killing some and making him hospitalize Betty and break General Ross' arm.

After Banner transformed back into his normal self, he tried to visit Betty, but her father wouldn't let him and he told Banner that the military will be hunting him down as soon as he leaves the building. Banner then went on the run for years.

The project ended after Banner became a fugitive. The last data that was kept for the project is owned by both Thaddeus and Betty Ross. Betty stopped talking to her father after the project, because of the way he treated Banner.[1]