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"Politics is where the power is, Cornell. Forget about all this other noise."
―Mariah Dillard to Cornell Stokes[src]

Mariah Dillard is a powerful woman in local Harlem politics. She is looking to bring a new era of change to the streets she grew up on. Her personal life and professional career are thrown into turmoil by both Harlem's newest hero Luke Cage as well as her cousin Cottonmouth's nefarious acts.[1]


Early Life

Life with Mama Mabel

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Executing Pistol Pete

Mama Mabel forced Cottonmouth to shoot Pistol Stokes, but Cottonmouth refused. But Mama Mabel kept forcing and encouraging him to shoot, while Pistol Pete was encouraging him not to shoot. Discreetly, Mariah Dillard watched from the window and she came down. She told Cottonmouth that Pistol Pete deserves to die, so then Cottonmouth shot Pistol Pete twice while watching it with shock.

Political Campaign

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Madame Councilwoman

Mariah stares

Dillard visits Harlem's Paradise

Later, after her studies, Dillard got involved in politics and has nominated herself to represent Harlem. She would occasionally visit Harlem's Paradise, to see her cousin Cornell Stokes and make a few deals. One evening, she visited Stokes at his nightclub. He asked what she thought of his new facility, to which she said that she was always proud of him, but they cannot be seen together. He reminded her of Domingo Colon's donation for him and her real-estate project, which disgusted her that he would make a deal with a drug lord and urged Cornell that that politics was the true form of power. However, Stokes reminded her that whenever it is not politics, it is his method of crime that keeps her stable.

Mariah 5

Dillard listens to Stokes and Colon

Domingo, later, showed up in the balcony and joined the two, along with Tone. Wanting to know what he was doing here, Cornell answered that they were merely celebrating over a deal that should have been done years ago. Colon asked if he made this deal, then Dillard would get him out of jail, much to her disagreement. She tells Stokes that the two of them shouldn't even be seen together, reminding them of the arrest of Wilson Fisk, wanting to not end up like him. Stokes reminded her that if she disagreed with his methods, she wouldn't front him for money. He then described to Dillard and Colon about the illegal merchandise he sells, Hammer Industries weapons, not giving the name of his donor. Dillard, however, disagreed that this deal could not be as easy as it sounds.

Later, Luke Cage, their temporary bartender, came in with bottles of Ace of Spades. After Cage brought the bottles, Stokes stopped him and took notice of his size, with Dillard taking notice of his suit size. Stokes, then, offered him a job as a bodyguard, but he declines the offer. Later, Stokes would get the news of an inside job interrupting the deal, involving Dante Chapman, Shameek Smith and Wilfredo "Chico" Diaz, keeping that information secret from Dillard.

New Harlem Renaissance

Dillard politics

Dillard is interviewed about her campaign

Later, Dillard held a benifit lunch for the "New Harlem Renaissance campaign, where she greeted all the children attending. She spotted Zip and Sugar, much to her reluctance. During an interview with Megan McLaren, she explained her purpose for the Crispus Attucks complex and her vision for a better Harlem. During the interview, Stokes arrives and waits for her with Shades and Tone.

After the interview, she tells Stokes that she wants his thugs away from her and that they will scare people. Stokes claim that they are for security and to pass out pamphlets. Telling her assistant, Tony, to leave, she demands the money from Stokes, stating that federal grants were used to build Harlem's Paradise and the deal with Domingo Colon that went south. Stokes promised the money and Dillard warned him that if she does not get the money, she will face an audit and they will both go to jail. After Stokes reassured her again, she asked what happened in the junkyard, where the deal was made, and who his new accomplice was; Stokes didn't answer and Dillard walked away. Later that night, she began making pamphlets for the New Harlem Renaissance campaign. [2]






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  • In the comics, Black Mariah is the leader of the Rat Pack, a New York street gang. Her name is a reference to the classic nicknamed used for the police van in Harlem.


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