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For other uses, see Black Sky (disambiguation)
"It will be difficult to locate another Black Sky; they are extremely rare!"
Nobu Yoshioka to Wilson Fisk[src]

Black Sky was a mysterious child who was being transported from Japan to the United States of America by Nobu Yoshioka and the Hand before it was murdered by Stick.


"That thing in the container was not a child."

A young boy in Japan known as "Black Sky" was discovered by the Hand. They transported Black Sky to New York City in an Asano Robotics shipping container while Nobu Yoshioka watched closely. Moments after Black Sky arrived the group was attacked by Stick and the man in the black mask. Stick attempted to assassinate Black Sky, but was stopped by the man in the mask once he realized Black Sky was a child. Yoshioka was able to escape with Black Sky, but Stick followed the van they were travelling in and killed Black Sky by piercing his heart with an arrow.[1]





In chronological order:


  • The Hand seems to worship the Black Sky in the same way their comic book counterpart worships the Beast, a powerful demon that teaches them the ability to resurrect deceased individuals.
  • The maps seen by Nobu Yoshioka throughout the series have the radicals 黒空 (Kuro sora, lit. Black Sky) on the city block his organization wanted, the same one where Elena Cardenas lived.
  • Yoshioka referred to "another Black Sky" and its rarity, confirming that the Black Sky killed by Stick is not the only one in existence. This was later proved right when it's revealed that Elektra is another Black Sky.



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