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Black Widow's Batons are electroshock weapons, created by Tony Stark for Black Widow. The batons constantly glow with a blue light and being an extension of the Black Widow's Bite, are charged by and stored in the gauntlets.


Black Widow Taking Out An Ultron Sentry

Black Widow takes out an Ultron Sentry

Sometime before the Ultron Offensive, Natasha Romanoff acquired the batons from Tony Stark. During the Battle of Sokovia, she used the batons to take down dozens of Ultron Sentries with a combination of her weapons and martial arts mastery.[1]

She again employed these weapons during the Avengers Civil War. However, these batons were not charged with electricity and were used as just a close combat weapon.[2]

Coming back from their exile, Romanoff, Captain America and Falcon saved Vision from the Black Order. She fought them with her batons. Later, she used them again in the Battle of Wakanda, converting the two batons into a larger staff.[3]


  • Electrocution: Similar to the Black Widow's Bite, the batons can deliver powerful, electrical shocks to incapacitate her targets. The electrocution is powerful enough for Romanoff to take down multiple Ultron Sentries.


  • Black Widow's Batons are based on Escrima Sticks.


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