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"The Border Tribe will not challenge today."
Border Tribe Elder to Zuri[src]

The Border Tribe is a Wakandan tribe tasked with protecting the nation from foreign threats.


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Cultural Traits

The residents of the Border Tribe live in a small village on the mountainous borders of Wakanda, where they apparently live a simple life disguised as farmers and hunters. The Border Tribe's duty is to deceive the foreigners on Wakanda's actual wealth and to push back eventual invaders.

The members of the Border Tribe preserves the nation's cloaking devices, and the warriors of the tribe possess vibranium-based capes with shielding and cloaking features.[1][2]


  • The Border Tribe's traditional color is blue, with wood grain-based textures. The sigil of the Tribe is the Lesotho symbol for "horsemen".[2]
  • The Border Tribe's members are known for breeding white rhinoceros.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • The Border Tribe clothes and traditional huts were inspired by the Lesotho people.[2]