"Come on! Let's go! Let's go!"
"Okay! We're coming. Relax, Phil."
Phillip Jones and Brian Jones[src]

Brian Jones was Jessica and Phillip Jones' father. He was killed in a car accident along with his son, with his daughter and wife as the sole survivors.


Early Life

Brian Jones was born in 1954 in Akron, Ohio. A mechanic by trade, he married Alisa Jones and together with her he had two children. A daughter, Jessica Jones and a few years later a son, Phillip Jones. They all lived together in Caldwell, New Jersey.[4].

Brian and Alisa, despite what Jessica believed, began to experience issues within their marriage: Brian felt inferior compared to his far more intelligent wife and Alisa felt stifled by her husband, who wouldn't even allow her to drive a car. Their son eventually witnessed one of their fights and caused him to act out. They were well on the path to a divorce.



Brian and his family before the accident.

"Jessica, why did you–"
―Brian's last words[src]

Brian, along with his wife and children, were going on a vacation. During their trip, his children, in the backseats of the car, got into an argument over a video game. Brian turned around to stop the fight. In doing so he took his eyes off the road and the family crashed with a truck carrying a container of chemicals. The accident killed him and his son, while his wife and daughter's bodies were retrieved by IGH, experimented on and returned to life, gaining superhuman abilities as a side effect of the genetic editing done on them.[4]





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