"Are we going to fight or not?"
"We don't have to fight. Why don't you kiss me instead? If you took me for pleasure... how would that make you feel?"
Iron Fist and the Bride of Nine Spiders[src]

Alessa is an entomologist and master martial artist known as "The Bride of the Nine Spiders" who is invited by the Hand to fight the Iron Fist during Madame Gao's Da Jue Zhan.


"I want the big one."
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Da Jue Zhan


Korean doctor

Receiving the invitation from Hand

Alessa was conducting research in her lab on spiders when she was interrupted by the arrival of an invitation from the Hand to participate in Madame Gao's challenge against Danny Rand. Upon receiving the invitation she said to herself "The time has come".[1]

Duel Against Iron Fist

At the Da Jue Zhan, Alessa confronted Danny Rand as his second opponent. Using seduction and playing mind games on him she was able to throw him off balance and distract him which allowed her to stick him with a poisoned needle that clouded his senses.

Brideoftheninespider tattoo

Alessa showing her spider tattoo

Rand tried to fight back but she used her martial arts skills and needles to overwhelm him, all the while questioning and distracting him. As Rand was on the verge of defeat she prepared to finish him off. However Rand was able to recuperate from the poison and managed to knock her out with a kick to the head.[1]


  • Master Martial Artist: Alessa is a superb martial artist using her flexibility and speed to her advantage. Her fighting skills combined with her poison, seduction and mind games allowed her to nearly defeat Iron Fist before she was defeated.
  • Expert Scientist: Alessa is a lab-scientist and an expert in arachnology, studying spiders and related insects. Her knowledge includes perfectly understanding how spiders behave and use their venom.
  • Multilingual: She speaks her native Korean, and English fluently.


  • Poisoned needles: Alessa used an array of needles poisoned with Singing Spider venom to gain the upper hand during the fight with Iron Fist. The venom clouded his senses, causing blurred vision and dizziness.





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