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Brubaker was an astronaut who turned mad on a distant planet while studying the Monolith, leading to his suicide.


Studying the Monolith

While working at NASA in 2001, Brubaker was offered the chance to join a team in going through a portal created by the Monolith and learning to where it transported them. Brubaker eagerly volunteered alongside Will Daniels, Austin, and Taylor. Once they arrived, they set up base and began work while waiting for NASA to figure out a way to bring them home.[1]

Madness and Suicide

One day, the crew decided to explore while Will Daniels stayed behind and protected the camp. During this time, a huge sandstorm briefly swept the land. When they returned, each of the scientists began losing control of their sanity. Before long Brubaker committed suicide by setting himself on fire.[1]


Brubaker's crewmate Will Daniels continued to survive and met Jemma Simmons, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who had also been stranded on the hostile planet. Simmons learned of each astronaut's demise and safely made it back to Earth,[1] where she studied the scientists' killer. With research and evidence to support her hypothesis, Simmons theorized that Brubaker might not have committed suicide, but that he might have been consumed by the numerous parasites of the dark Inhuman Hive.[2]