"Why don't you smile for your Uncle Bud?"
―Bud Schultz to Agnes Cully[src]

Bud had a long term relationship with Agnes Cully's mother.


Joining the Cully Family

"I'll be damned if you don't feel as firm as you look."
―Bud Schultz to Wilma Cully[src]

Bud Schultz allowed Wilma Cully and her daughter Agnes to live in one of his houses in exchange for sex from Wilma. Though Agnes admittedly did not like Schultz, Wilma insisted that she call him "uncle".

One day, Schultz arrived at the Broxton, Oklahoma house and was greeted affectionately by Wilma while Agnes worked on repairing the radio. Schlutz attempted to be playful with the girl by stealing her pencil and asking her to smile, but Agnes refused even to be cordial. Schultz turned his attention back to Wilma, who invited him upstairs to spend a few hours with her.[1]


"I want you out of here by tomorrow."
―Bud Schultz[src]

Years later, Schultz found a new, younger girlfriend, barely older than Agnes Cully, and told Wilma Cully that he wanted her and her daughter out his house by the next day. Though the ex-lovers argued, Schultz left, repeating his demand.[1]