"What is that?"
"It's body armor for your protection."
"It's junk."
Howard Stark and Peggy Carter[src]

A Bulletproof Vest is a personal armor worn on the torso that helps absorb the impact from firearm projectiles and shrapnel from explosions.


Strategic Scientific Reserve

A bulletproof vest saved the life of Dum Dum Dugan when Eva stabbed him during his visit to the Red Room Academy.[1]

Peggy Carter presented Howard Stark with a Bulletproof Vest to protect him during his mock press conference from the advances of Johann Fennhoff; he called it garbage. He went into the laboratory of the New York Bell Company Office of the Strategic Scientific Reserve and located a vest of his own creation.,[2]

Stark Industries Model

Tony Stark went in a business trip to Afghanistan to demonstrate Stark Industries' new weapon, the Jericho Missile. As a precaution, he was wearing a Bulletproof Vest under his shirt. When his convoy was attacked, one of his own company's bombs landed near him and exploded, embedding several pieces of shrapnel in his chest despite the protection of the vest.[3]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Missions

Phil Coulson was also wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. model of the Bulletproof Vest while supervising rookie agent Hendricks during his first mission. After being informed that a Ten Rings cell was operative in the vicinity, both Coulson and Hendricks persecuted the van used by the terrorists with a pair of Motorcycles, until Coulson was shot and seemingly killed by heavy gunfire.[4]

After Hendricks managed to complete the mission, Coulson approached unharmed revealing his to Bulletproof Vest to tell Hendricks that the whole mission was staged, as a way to know how a new agent would act under pressure.[4]

Nick Fury had a briefcase with the Tesseract inside, as he talked with Loki in order to distract him long enough for the building that housed Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. to collapse on top of him. Clint Barton, under Loki's thrall after he was touched by the Scepter, shot Fury, took the briefcase, and escaped with Loki. The Bulletproof Vest saved Fury from the marksman's gunshot.[5]

Phil Coulson wore a Bulletproof Vest during the Raid of the Guest House,[6] and later he and Grant Ward during the hunt after Deathlok.[7]

Brock Rumlow pulled a Taser Rod from inside his Bulletproof Vest as he challenged Steve Rogers with an elevator in the Triskelion.[8]

Phil Coulson used a Bulletproof Vest during the Battle at the Hub.[9]

Agents Phil Coulson and Skye equipped themselves with Bulletproof Vests before invading the Cybertek base. While there, Coulson's vest saved him from an otherwise deadly punch thrown by John Garrett.[10]

Skye shot Grant Ward so she could escape him and pursue Calvin Zabo. He survived because he had a Bulletproof Vest. Agent 33 assisted Ward to leave the scene.[11]

A Bulletproof Vest was worn by Tomas Calderon when he went to the Retreat in pursuit of Skye.[12]

Other Uses

Vladimir Ranskahov wore a Bulletproof Vest as he prepared to go to war with Wilson Fisk over the death of his brother Anatoly Ranskahov.[13]

Briggs from the Watchdogs used a Bulletproof Vest during his search for Inhumans.[14]



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