"Our job at the CIA is to identify and contain any dangers to it."
William Rawlins[src]

The Central Intelligence Agency is a major United States intelligence service specializing in foreign operations.


Nick Fury's Past

Nick Fury joined the ranks of the agency and, during the Cold War, he was sent on a mission in Budapest. When he discovered that Agent Escobar is a traitor, Fury's Russian friend Verliecki left a fake CIA identification card with Fury's name and Escobar's image near the unconscious Escobar for the Soviet police to find.[1]

The CIA was one of the agencies that approached Stark Industries, following Tony Stark's capture by, and escape from, the Ten Rings.[2]

While Espinoza's men were beating up Bruce Banner, Espinoza himself accused Bruce Banner of being a spy, naming the CIA as one of the potential agencies that send him into the jungle.[3] Later, while working at the Pingo Doce Bottling Plant, some of Banner's blood dripped from his injured finger and into a bottle, giving his location away to Lieutenant general Thaddeus Ross of the US Army, who requested that the CIA monitor the building.[4]

The CIA was one of the agencies that had intel on the "Mandarin bombings".[5]

Sharon Carter's Recruitment

S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter was recruited by the CIA, following the exposure of that organization's infiltration by HYDRA.[6]

Hacked by Skye

After Skye hacked the NSA satellites for video on the release of the prisoners from the Fridge, Agent Grant Ward killed Agent Eric Koenig and stopped the feed to conceal his involvement. When Skye returned and asked about Koening's location, Ward told her that he was sending the info to the CIA, NATO and Interpol.

Jemma Simmons pretended to be from the CIA when she approached Audrey Nathan[7] after S.H.I.E.L.D. was labelled a terrorist organization.[8]

Questioning Maria Hill

When Maria Hill was leaving a Senate hearing and discussing her feeling about it to Pepper Potts, Hill described how she would rather deal with the CIA than with Congress.[9]

Rosalind Price's Past

Rosalind Price was a member of the CIA using an alias before becoming the leader of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit.[10]

Dealing with Avengers

The CIA stationed agents Sharon Carter and Everett Ross in the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre in Berlin.[11]

William Rawlins' Secrets

Director of Covert Operations William Rawlins spearheaded an unsanctioned black operations task force utilizing Force Recon Marines for Operation Cerberus. [12]


Name Position Status
Marion James Deputy Director Alive
Sharon Carter Agent Alive
Everett Ross Agent Alive
Escobar Agent Formerly/Mole
Nick Fury Agent Alive
Sarah Russell Agent Deceased
William Rawlins Officer, later Director of Covert Operations Deceased


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