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A collection of quotes of Skye's father, Calvin Zabo.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Episode 2.02: Heavy is the Head


"It worked."
"No. It let you live. There's a difference."
"Show me. Please."
"Bring me my daughter, and I'll show the both of you."
Raina and Calvin Zabo[src]

Episode 2.05: A Hen in the Wolf House


"He's a butcher."
"And what are you?"
"I'm a man trying to put my family back together!"
―Calvin Zabo and Raina[src]
"I really wanted to bring you Skye."
"That's not her name."
Raina and Calvin Zabo[src]
"Can you tell me how to use it?"
"Better yet, I'll teach you how to survive it."
"And why would you do that?"
"We share a common enemy. A guy named Phil Coulson. I thought maybe together, you and I could kill him along with, you know, everyone else."
Daniel Whitehall and Calvin Zabo[src]

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"Don't beg. It reminds me of what you were when I found you: hungry, in the streets with just the fairy tales your grandmother told you."
―Calvin Zabo[src]

Episode 2.06: A Fractured House

Spoken About Calvin Zabo

"He's a murderer!... You forgot to mention that."
Skye to Grant Ward[src]

Episode 2.08: The Things We Bury

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"I can help. I'm a doctor."
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"It's always good to look your enemy right in the eye."
―Calvin Zabo[src]


"I know that a special few that can touch it without suffering, but I've yet to figure out how this weapon can b..."
"Weapon! That's so small minded, you know, for someone with such a big mind. It's a key, it can kill sure, but only to protect itself from those it doesn't "Divine", hence the catchy name, to be worthy."
"I'm interested in science doctor not folklore."
"Worthy of unlocking its true power. Ahh I got your attention, there's a place and if one of those special people you speak of takes this Diviner to that special place it won't just kill, it will do something, scientifically speaking, much, much cooler."
Daniel Whitehall and Calvin Zabo[src]
"I've lost everything important to me. And I want to kill those who took it and finally be reunited with my family."
"In the Afterlife."
―Calvin Zabo and Daniel Whitehall[src]
"What are we talking about?Tesseract-level power?"
"Sure. I don't know that is."
"You realize we're talking life and death here."
"I know. It's exciting, isn't it? I mean, both sides racing to the temple, life and death, flesh and blood, emotions! Who knows how it'll shake out? All I know is, my baby's gonna be right there in the center of it."
Phil Coulson and Calvin Zabo[src]

Episode 2.10: What They Become

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"Look at that, the way you nod your head. It's just like...¿is it nature or mature? I promised my self I wouldn't get emotional. It's just... I've waited so long for this moment. Let's start again. Hi, I'm Cal, I'm your father."
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"I worked in a clinic. People liked me. I liked myself."
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"Your mother was special because she had a gift. She comes from a line of people who have gifts. You have a gift. It’s why I brought you here, so you can receive it. It’s your birthright. There’s a transformation... a change that has to happen."
―Calvin Zabo to Skye[src]
"I'll make plenty of time to answer all your questions. But first, now that he's served his purpose, I'm gonna kill the man that destroyed my life. Best day ever."
―Calvin Zabo[src]


"Well, I don't know what you know about me."
"You're a monster, a murderer, a trail of death wherever you go"
"Those are all true. But you need to understand, my little girl was, you, were taken from me, my world fell apart. It was the worst day of my life losing you, but I didn't lose you, I wasn't careless. I didn't forget you were stolen from me!"
―Calvin Zabo and Skye[src]
"If my daughter wasn't here, I would tear you and your men to pieces."
"Well, then, I'll add that to the number of reasons that I'm glad she's here. (To Grant Ward) You are the piece of the puzzle I can't decipher. Why are you really here?"
"Is it really that hard to see? It's love. Agent Ward believes if he helps Skye fulfill her destiny, she'll see him for what he really is."
"(To Zabo) Aww. It's a pity you won't get to fulfill that destiny, or that after all those years, you won't get your vengeance after what I did to your wife."
―Calvin Zabo, Daniel Whitehall, and Raina[src]
"You're welcome. Now let's get out of here."
"Yeah, me too! Come on!"
"It's safer here. And I'm about to do something to Whitehall. I don't want you to see me like that."
"I don't mind... seeing. Hell, I'm happy to help."
"No. I get to do this myself."
Grant Ward, Skye, and Calvin Zabo[src]
"What did you do?!"
"You're welcome."
"You killed him! He was mine and you killed him!"
"And I'll do the same to you if you move. There's no way I'm letting you take Skye into those tunnels to trigger whatever armageddon you believe in."
"You have no right to do that! To take her from me!
"I know the insane way you love your daughter, but I will kill you if you take another step. ¿Now where's the Obelisk?
"You can't stop this!"
―Calvin Zabo and Phil Coulson[src]
"Stop it! Stop it or I'll shoot! Dad!"
"He took something from me."
"No. He saved you from killing more people. Now, get up and get away from him."
"You have to finish what we started."
"No, I don't. I'm not going down there. I'm not gonna change or transform or whatever the hell you think is gonna to happen."
"Why can't you see it's a good thing?"
"Maybe it's all the dead bodies laying around or the fact that HYDRA wants it. I'm gonna make sure the Obelisk never gets down into that city. And you're going to leave. This is your once chance to walk away. Or I will kill you."
"Okay. I'll go. But I'll be waiting for you. After you chance, no one else will understand. They'll be afraid. Change is terrifying. But I'm your father, and I love you. I will always love you, Daisy."
Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]

Episode 2.11: Aftershocks


"After all that time, I didn't quite get the answers I was searching for."
"I'm sorry you didn't find your way to the temple. You didn't get to evolve."
"Oh, I evolved.(grabs him)What the hell have I become?"
"Raina. Let's not lose our heads."
"What happened to me?"
"Metamorphosis, by the look of it."
"I was supposed to become something divine, something transcendent. My grandmother said I'd be an angel, not some gnarled freak of nature covered in thorns."
"You always did like flowers."
"They hurt, and it's all your fault."
Raina and Calvin Zabo[src]
"I can't live as this repulsive creature."
"Then don't."
―Raina and Calvin Zabo[src]

Episode 2.13: One of Us

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"That's the point. We can't forget, we can't just slink away and let them take from us, from me. They took my little girl, they stole her from me, they still have her she isn't safe there. Losing a child, it tears you apart!"
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"I wasn't strong. I couldn't protect the people I loved. So I tried to change, improve myself, with chemistry. Results were... inconsistent. Some volatility issues. But I keep working on a formula. Always tweaking.."
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"We can't stop now. We can't let them make us afraid or make the world afraid of us! They are the criminals, and we're gonna shine a light on that!"
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to welcome you to this historic matchup between the S.H.I.E.L.D. Eagles and us, rivals and underdogs, the... Slicing... Talons?"
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"Let’s welcome Phil Coulson to the field. Here is a fun fact: He killed the man I had been plotting to kill for two and a half decades! Disappointment!"
―Calvin Zabo[src]


"Is this Karla Faye Gideon? Got your name off the gifted Index."
"Uh,I-I'm sorry, are you with S.H.I.E.L.D.?"
"I'll try not to be offended. We are absolutely not from S.H.I.E.L.D."
Karla Faye Gideon and Calvin Zabo[src]
"Turns out S.H.I.E.L.D. not so mighty anymore; a hand full of agents, director is a door-to-door salesman of a man."
"Still, I'm not powerful myself enough."
"None of us are, but together we're a force. So, what do you say?"
"I'm in."
―Calvin Zabo and Karla Faye Gideon[src]
"What do you want?"
"We want S.H.I.E.L.D. exposed for its barbaric crimes against exceptional humanity. We want everyone to know what you do to people like us. And we want you to stop before you do it to her."
Phil Coulson and Calvin Zabo[src]
"You're making too much noise."
"Noise? I'm sounding a battle cry! I'm protecting us from S.H.I.E.L.D.!"
"There is no "us." You're not one of us. You're just a science experiment."
Gordon and Calvin Zabo[src]

Episode 2.16: Afterlife


"Where have you been! After all I've done this is how you treat me, locking me up, feeding me like some animal?! I can't have a window, I don't even know what day it is anymore!"
"You are lucky we kept you alive."
"Huh, you found her didn't you? That's why you're here. You found her and she's here. Ok... I forgive you. You must had your reasons, now take me to my Daisy."
"You will not!"
"I want my daughter!"
―Calvin Zabo and Gordon[src]
"I was right, wasn't I? She's here. I told you I would find her and I did."
"You were right Cal. It's Daisy, our daughter. Thank you."
"Can I see her now?"
―Calvin Zabo and Jiaying[src]

Episode 2.17: Melinda

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"I'd wanted so badly to make everything perfect for tonight and suddenly it is. This are for you. I wanna thank you, both of you, for giving me another shot. I know that my actions..."
―Calvin Zabo to Daisy and Jiaying[src]


"Cal, Skye doesn't know when her birthday is."
"I do. July 2 it, it was a gorgeous summer night, beautiful big moon in the sky, 1988. You know your mother she actually cleaned before she told me. You see, there was just one car in the village, and we didn't own it, so I had to negotiate with the man, he didn't speak english and my chinese was terrible."
"Wait, '88?"
"I'm 26. That's so messed up. Ugh sorry. To 26."
"Yes. Here's to 26."
Jiaying, Calvin Zabo, and Skye[src]

Episode 2.18: The Frenemy of My Enemy

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"Oh, it was gonna be perfect. I was gonna drop you off every morning and pick you up, help you with your science fair project. The volcano, because who doesn't love a volcano, right? We'd go to the father-daughter dances together, get ice cream. A life we could have. Should have."
―Calvin Zabo to Skye[src]
"After everything I've done for Jiaying, for our family... Years of searching, the pain, and the rejection!"
―Calvin Zabo[src]


"I told you I'll put our family back together."
"Yes you did."
"Last night was something almost exactly as I imagined. Somethings were different. She's still afraid of me."
"Who's fault is that, Cal?"
"I know, I know. You're right. I wish she could've know me back when we were first married, when I was calm and my mind wasn't so jumbled."
"We've both changed. We're not the people we used to be."
―Calvin Zabo and Jiaying[src]
"So, where you going... China?"
"What makes you think I'll go there? No. God, no."
"Oh, I'm sorry Jiaying said you were going home so I just assumed that..."
"Oh, oh of course. No that makes sense. No, I was in China volunteering for Doctors Without Borders."
"Hard to picture that, right? I was supposed to be there for two weeks, but I met your mother and I couldn't leave. She stole my heart. Agh, no home is Milwaukee that's where we were bring you up. I should take you there sometime, don't know show you around the old house."
"Why not tomorrow? I wanna go with you."
"Ok. Best day ever!"
Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]
"Our first father-daughter date. Ugh, date might be the wrong word. Is that weird? Is this weird?"
"Yeah. It's weird. It's a little weird. So did you had an apartment around here or...?"
"Oh, I didn't lived here, I worked here. My office is, over there."
"Oh-ah, so where we going if you said we were going to grab some of your things?"
"No, I told you I wanted to show you around. Though we get a pastry, get to know each other a little?"
"Sure. Who doesn't love pastry?"
"Right? Oh there's this great little mom-and-pa bakery just around the corner, switish place...suiz. I don't know. I always mix them up."
"What's wrong?"
"You know what doesn't have the smell of buttery goodness walking out your way of work?"
"A currency exchange?"
―Calvin Zabo and Skye[src]
"Johnson, is that your last name?"
"Was. Pretty ordinary, eh? I changed it to something more sinister when I went on the run."
Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]
"I-I had one of this."
"Coincidence? I think not. Genetics. Keep it if you like it."
Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]
"Cal, let me explain. I..."
"No. What an idiot I've been. I see what's happening. You were gonna dump me here like yesterday's trash. You don't wanna spend time with me. This isn't daddy's day out. This is good bye."
"Not forever."
"Skye, no."
"Her name is Daisy!"
Skye, Calvin Zabo, and Lincoln Campbell[src]

Episode 2.19: The Dirty Half Dozen

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"What can you tell me about her?"
"Raina? She's manipulative, dangerous, deceitful. We had good times."
Jiaying and Calvin Zabo[src]
"Ahh! Didn't expect to see me back here so soon, did you, my love? Not after such a well-planned banishing!"
―Calvin Zabo to Jiaying[src]

Episode 2.20: Scars

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"Let me protect my family the way I couldn't before."
Calvin Zabo to Jiaying[src]
"You know I was always excited to meet you, even when you were a little bit of nothing inside your mother's belly. I had all these ideas in my head of what kind of woman you'd turn out to be. You really are magnificent."
―Calvin Zabo to Skye[src]


"You said Raina is manipulative, but is she dangerous?"
"That depends on how you define dangerous."
"She convinced Gordon and Skye to go after Lincoln even though they knew it wasn't safe."
"Daisy is strong. She gets that from you. But if she's not ok I will personally rip out Raina's little rat heart!...or not. Whatever you want."
Jiaying and Calvin Zabo[src]
"What do you think I'm trying to do?"
"Oh I don't know, create chaos?!"
"Why would I do that?"
"Because you thrive on it!"
"Back off."
"Cal please."
"What you gonna do Cal? Without that concoction that you take, you're nothing. What's in those vials, anyway? Muscle milk?
Raina, Calvin Zabo, Gordon and Jiaying.[src]
"S.H.I.E.L.D.? NO no no no. They cannot come here, you mustn't allow it."
"I don't have a choice."
"Oh, I'm sorry. That looked very old, was it old?"
"Cal, you've met this people, tell me honestly, can we trust them?"
"I only know a few of them. None of whom I've enjoyed, Phil Coulson is my least favorite, but he does care about our Daisy."
"She was telling me about something called the Index."
"The Index? Do they want to?.. No no no... They will brand you, all of you. You have power here, lots of it."
"To do what? Openly attack them? Blast their planes out of the sky?"
"Well for a start."
―Calvin Zabo and Jiaying[src]

Episode 2.21: S.O.S. Part One

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"♪ I'm half-crazy ♪"
―Calvin Zabo singing "Daisy Bell"[src]
"♪ but you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two ♪"
―Calvin Zabo singing "Daisy Bell"[src]
"You were looking for a monster?"
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"Oh. There goes the feeling in my legs"
―Calvin Zabo[src]


"You want to tell me what you're really doing here?"
"Sure. I'm a present, a gift horse, a peace offering from my family. I'm also an excellent Shanghai rummy partner."
Phil Coulson and Calvin Zabo[src]
"I'm not a polar bear, Phil. So why is it colder than bloody blue hell down here, huh? And, uh, what's with the, uh... the doodad on my wrist, huh?"
"That doodad monitors your vitals. I'll get you another blanket if you'd like, or maybe some hot cocoa."
"Are you mocking me? torturing me after I willingly turned myself in?"
"Torture isn't my thing, Cal, and surrender doesn't really seem like yours. Why did Jiaying send you?"
"Do you have children, Phil?"
"I do not."
"Well, then you'll never understand what a father will do for his child, never imagine my pain when S.H.I.E.L.D. stole my daughter."
"We've been over this. It wasn't S.H.I.E.L.D.... it was HYDRA. And didn't you get your vengeance back in the day? My understanding is you single-handedly killed a whole lot of people."
"Oh... I suppose that's true."
"I'm curious how you did it."
"With style."
―Calvin Zabo and Phil Coulson[src]
"Could... could I get a glass of that water? Ohh. May I have another one to drink?"
"That depends on your cooperation."
"They just want to live in peace. Is that such a crime?"
"Your wife assassinated a high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. officer, then staged it to look like we attacked them. Wake up, Cal. She's trying to start a war, and your daughter's gonna be caught in the middle of it."
"I don't believe you. Neither of us would ever do anything to hurt our daughter."
"No. But you'd do anything to protect her. Look at yourself. Whatever was in these killing you. Was getting rid of you part of her peace plan?"
"You got it all wrong, Phil. That little concoction is my own special formula. I took it of my own free will. You see, when my Daisy was stolen, I wasn't strong enough to protect her, so I started experimenting. If I wasn't born with Inhuman powers, then I would make my own. Best-laid plans. C'est la vie. I never got it quite right ...always missing something. Highly unstable. Made me a little moody. Could it kill me? Sure. But it was worth the risk."
"You're here to take out some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents?"
"No, I'm here to take out as many as I can."
―Calvin Zabo and Phil Coulson[src]
"If you hurt anyone here, Daisy will never forgive you."
"Stop calling her that!"
"Sorry.I thought th... never mind."
"She's "Daisy" to me and her mother ...not you, not anyone else."
"Fair enough, but my point is she's been led to believe that you're a monster."
"Innuendos! Lies!"
"Well, you did wipe out an entire village."
"They were trying to hide her from me!"
"It was Jiaying's idea to destroy that village, wasn't it? Just like this was her idea. She told you to take this. She didn't care if it killed you. She's using you to do her dirty work."
"No! No! More lies!"
"You've always done her dirty work. She's the real monster."
"She's not like me."
"No. She's worse."
"She's not a monster!""
Phil Coulson and Calvin Zabo[src]
"Cal, I can take you to Daisy, but you need to calm down."
"This is me calm, Phil."
Phil Coulson and Calvin Zabo[src]

Episode 2.22: S.O.S. Part Two

Spoken by Calvin Zabo

"Please... let me help you."
―Calvin Zabo[src]
"Oh, no, no. Not you, Phil. This is a family matter. My wife, my responsibility. You just find those crystals and leave her to me."
―Calvin Zabo[src]


"We both want the same thing."
"What I want is to snap your spine like celery."
"See, I don't think you really do."
"Well, let's test your hypothesis."
"Oh, I think you're willing to, but want is a different thing. What we both want is to protect your daughter. You're a family man."
"Who is sick of you sticking your nose in our business."
"It was your devotion to them that made you willing to do those terrible things all those years ago, wasn't it?"
"Shut up."
"Nightmarish acts of violence that you didn't want to commit, did you? Your wife made you do it."
"You don't know her! You don't know anything! Say one more word, and I'll..."
"I'm not saying your wife is a monster, Cal. I think you already know she's a monster. What I'm saying is... you're not. I know you've thought so for a long time. But deep down, you're a good man. I believe that. I do. You got a big heart full of love."
"You wear it on your sleeve. Skye got that from you."
"That's right."
"No, stop! Stop!"
"You were just trying to save her, trying to please your wife."
"No, I was trying to put my family back together!"
Phil Coulson and Calvin Zabo[src]
"Well, his physical changes have improved."
"Careful. I'm a married man. Sorry, Phil. This looks expensive."
"We have a tab running."
Jemma Simmons, Calvin Zabo, and Phil Coulson[src]
"Hiya, honey. What you been up to?"
"You came back here... with them?"
"I know. I know what you're thinking. But I've been thinking some thoughts of my own, like maybe we both kind of lost our heads."
"Get out of the way, Cal."
"No. You need to stop this. This isn't about us or them. This is about our daughter. Think of what you're doing to Daisy."
"I'm trying to protect her from the cruelty of this world like you swore to."
"I know. I failed you. I failed you both. But we can turn this around. It is not too late."
"For you... it is."
"Where's Daisy?! What did you do?! Where's Daisy?! Where's Daisy?!"
―Calvin Zabo and Jiaying[src]
"Please stop. You don't have to do this, you don't have to live with that pain. I will."
"Oh... Cal... what are you doing?"
"Keeping my promise."
―Calvin Zabo kills Jiaying[src]
"I know I'm going away for good, but I was hoping you might come visit, once in a while."
"I will, I promise."
"That would be..."
"Let me guess, the best day ever? You have a lot of those."
"No, just one. July 2nd 1988."
―Calvin Zabo and Daisy Johnson[src]
"Can I help you?"
"Just passing by. Nice place."
"Oh, thanks. Well, we're just getting up and running. It's gonna be a magical place once we get totally moved in. You know, we already have adoption days every Saturday. Tell your friends. Free spaying and neutering too. Just ask for Dr. Winslow. I'm sorry. And you are..."
"That's a lovely name. Remember, a house is not a home without a pet!"
―Calvin Zabo and Daisy Johnson[src]

Episode 3.22:Ascension

Spoken about Calvin Zabo

"I actually wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine, he has a practice near here, I think you'd get along, he likes animals too."
"You're too kind."
"I'm just keeping a promise."
―Daisy Johnson and Polly Hinton[src]

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