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Captain America: Super Soldier Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the video game of the same name.

Track Listing

  1. "Hydra Battle (from Captain America: Super Soldier)"
  2. "Hero (from Captain America: Super Soldier)"
  3. "Rebirth Prologue"
  4. "Zola Meet Cap"
  5. "Cell Confrontation"
  6. "Above Ground Battle"
  7. "Sticky Situation (remastered)"
  8. "UGI Explore (remastered)"
  9. "Underground Search"
  10. "UGI Suspense"
  11. "UGI Time Pressure (remastered)"
  12. "Scorcher"
  13. "The Causeway"
  14. "Iron Cross Battle"
  15. "Zola-Sleeper Transition"
  16. "Old World"
  17. "Running Out"
  18. "Brothers With Arms"
  19. "Red Skull"
  20. "Zola Reprise - Credits"
  21. "Boss Battle - Iron Cross"
  22. "Boss Battle Zola"
  23. "Underground Battle"
  24. "Hero Guitar"

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