"I will no longer be your slave!"
―Carina to the Collector[src]

Carina was a slave of the Collector, acting as his aide and servant. She eventually grew tired of her master's cruel treatment of her and, in an attempt to kill him, she tried to harness the power of the Power Stone, but was quickly ripped apart by its power and killed.


Presenting the Asgardians

"I present to you, Taneleer Tivan, the Collector."
"Asgardians, it's an honor."
―Carina and the Collector[src]
Thor the dark world 3253

Carina introduces Sif and Volstagg to the Collector

Carina was the aid and servant of the Collector, a position she abhorred due to her master's negative treatment towards her and her predecessors. She presented the Asgardians Lady Sif and Volstagg to her master at his museum when they brought him the Aether.[1]

Carina defended her master when the Asgardians questioned his methodology, which involved the imprisonment of living creatures. After the Asgardians left, Carina and Tivan discussed plans to collect the other Infinity Stones, starting with the Orb. Tivan suggested hiring Gamora; Carina was unsure of that idea given Gamora's connection to Thanos.[2]

The Orb

Dark Elf

Carina working for the Collector

"I don't have to tell you what happened to the last attendant who disappointed me."
Collector to Carina[src]

While serving her master by polishing the cages in the Collector's Museum, Carina was reminded by the Collector that the last attendant who served him became a part of his museum when she disappointed him. Carina worked tirelessly to please her master despite her own growing hatred of him.

Carina Welcomes

Carina greets Gamora

When Gamora arrived at Knowhere in the company of the Guardians of the Galaxy with the intention of selling the Orb to him, she ordered an appointment with the Collector through Carina. Carina chose to make the Guardians wait before calling in the group after Rocket and Drax the Destroyer had broken into a drunken brawl. Carina stood by as the Collector explained the power of the Infinity Stone.


Carina explodes after touching the Power Stone.

Upon hearing about the immense power of the stone, Carina sought to be freed from her cruel employment, grabbing the stone in an attempt to kill the Collector. The stone was so powerful that it instantaneously began ripping Carina's body from the inside, causing a massive explosion and making Carina scream in agony. The Power Stone made Carina's body disintegrate in a purple explosion, which only injured Tivan, but destroyed most of his collection.[3]





  • In the comics, Carina Tivan is the daughter of the Collector, who sent her to seduce one of his greatest enemies, Michael Korvac.
  • Carina is the second "minor servant" character from an earlier film to be killed in Guardians of the Galaxy, the first being The Other.

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