"Tonight's the night you're gonna die, Frank. The third time's the charm. The fricking Punisher? You're pathetic. I almost feel sorry for you. We knew exactly where you'd be. Exactly where to go to get you. You bored your squad shitless talking about your homecoming tradition. Picnic in the park, Frank? You really were your mama's little apple pie, weren't you?"
―Carson Wolf to Punisher[src]

Carson Wolf was a corrupt Special Agent in Charge of the Homeland Security with ties with William Rawlins' illegal heroin-smuggling operations, and had been tasked by Rawlins with ensuring that nobody, including Dinah Madani and Mitchell Ellison, were ever able to learn of the conspiracy and expose it. When Wolf had been attacked by the Punisher, he had inadvertently revealed his own involvement with Rawlins' criminal actions, leading to the Punisher furiously killing Wolf by breaking his neck.


DHS Agent

Time in Guantanamo

"I was always happy being the first one through the door. The problem with rank is they don't let you do that anymore."
―Carson Wolf to Dinah Madani[src]

Carson Wolf was the corrupt SAC of the Department Of Homeland Security with ties to William Rawlins' illegal operations, having been the supervisor of Cerberus Squad. Wolf spent some time in Guantanamo Bay, where he had been involved with interrogations, an experience that convinced him that coercive methods did not work. During his time as a field agent of the Homeland Security, Wolf would claim that he was always happy being the first one through the door, becoming frustrated as he grew in rank and was no longer permitted to be so active and could not personally take part in field missions.[1]

Situation with Micro


Wolf is sent to track down David Lieberman

"Lieberman, get on the ground! Now!"
"Look, this is a mistake, all right? Whatever your orders, I'm not a criminal. I'm an NSA analyst."
"Get down!"
―Carson Wolf and David Lieberman[src]

In the wake of the execution of Ahmad Zubair, William Rawlins learned that Homeland Security agent Dinah Madani recieved a footage of an execution from anonymous hacker, known as Micro. As soon as Mitchell Ellison had someone ready to run a story about Micro to the New York Bulletin, Rawlins ordered Wolf to prevent it. Wolf then personally visited Ellison and encouraged not to publish the article, with the excuse that it would compromise their suspect and their investigation.[1]

The Punisher Oct 27 2

Carson Wolf takes aim at David Lieberman

Later, Micro was identified as NSA analyst David Lieberman who worked on Afghanistan intelligence. To make sure Micro did not expose Operation Cerberus' illegal activities overseas, Rawlins tasked Wolf to track down Lieberman and murder him. Wolf together with several Homeland Security agents hunted down Lieberman through New York City and shot him the the chest in front of his wife, believing that Lieberman died.[2] Wolf then and branded and framed Lieberman as a traitor, and informed Rawlins that Lieberman died.[3]

Recruiting Dinah Madani


Wolf has his meeting with Dinah Madani

"They pulled you out of there before you did your career some real harm. I guess you tick a lot of boxes, because they didn't want the poster girl embarrassing them."
"Wow. That was sexist, racist, and demeaning of my abilities all in one sentence, sir. Bravo."
―Carson Wolf and Dinah Madani[src]

Learning of Dinah Madani's investigation into Ahmad Zubair's death, which Wolf's allies in Operation Cerberus had still insisted on keeping covered up, Wolf ordered Madani to return to New York City from Afghanistan. Wolf entered his office as Madani presented him with Zubair's case as she explained Zubair discovered American soldiers were trafficking heroin out out Afghanistan, which had led to Zubair being assassinated as the direct result.


Wolf listens to Dinah Madani's mission plan

Upon hearing this, Wolf ordered Sam Stein to leave the room so he could speak with Madani in private. Wolf noted that the investigation she was running within Kandahar had been deemed to serve no one, claiming that she was lucky to still have a career for pursuing it for so long. When Wolf claimed that she had been saved due to being the poster girl as she was both a woman and mixed race, Madani called him out for his sexiest and racism, which Wolf dismissed. Although Madani insisted that their government had gotten Zubair killed, Wolf insisted this was not true, suggesting Zubair was perhaps dirty.


Wolf orders Dinah Madani to leave the case

Although Madani continued to insist that there was indeed something important to discover about this case as Zubair was not only a loyal officer with the Afghan National Police but her partner while she was overseas, but Wolf told her that while he admired her tenacious and energetic attitude, claiming he found these to be attractive qualities, he insisted that he would not allow insubordination, pointing to Stein as an example. Wolf said that the Death of Zubair would be off limits and smiled as Madani seemed to accept this order, noting that Wolf was the boss just before Wolf stormed out of the office.[4]

Dealing with Anvil


Wolf is cornered by his agent Dinah Madani

"You expect me to sign off on sending my team to Brunswick on a getting-to-know-you exercise purely for your benefit?"
"Absolutely not. I thought we could organize something up here in New York, via a private contractor. There's a company, Anvil, that have all the facilities we'd need."
―Carson Wolf and Dinah Madani[src]

As he left a briefing with Homeland Security agents, Wolf was then greeted by Dinah Madani who complimented him on his field team. Madani noted that she knew Wolf had spent a long time as a field agent before moving up the ranks before she requested the chance to get some physical training with their unit. Although Wolf was initially against this idea, questioning if Madani wanted him to send her and her own team off to Brunswick purely for her own benefit, but Madani insisted that it could be done in New York City which changed Wolf's mind on the concept.


Wolf and Dinah Madani discussing Anvil

Madani explained that she had taken a look at a the private military company known as Anvil which she explained would have all of the facilities they would need for a complete training exercise, noting that she wanted Wolf to have confidence in her abilities if she was to be the first through the door in his team. Hearing this, Wolf agreed to consider the concept, telling Madani to put the proposal together so he could take a look at it later in the day. Upon getting the proposal Wolf approved the training for the unit and sent Madani and her team to train alongside Anvil with Wolf still supervising it all.


Wolf goes to introduce himself to Billy Russo

Wolf watched on the monitors as a mock hostage situation was used as Madani led the team, stopping Sam Stein from mock shooting a hostage. With the training complete, Wolf stepped outside of the observation room where he found Madani in deep conversation with the CEO of Anvil, Billy Russo. Wolf interrupted Madani to introduce himself to Russo, complimenting him on all his set ups there before Russo invited him into Anvil Headquarters to discuss their contract, however Wolf reminded Madani not to discuss Kandahar before he then walked away, leaving Madani and Russo standing alone.[1]

Ambushed and Interrogated


Wolf returns back home after finishing work

"We figured if there were enough dead bodies, nobody would really care to look close enough at any given one of 'em. It was a calculated risk. You understand, right?"
"And Lieberman, what about Lieberman? Who's he?"
"We thought you were the one that sent him the tape. Now close your eyes, Frank. I'm gonna do you a favor."
―Carson Wolf and Frank Castle[src]

When Wolf got back into his home from another day in the office, he poured himself a glass of scotch while playing some Dean Martin and went the fridge to get himself a snack. As he closed the refrigerator door, a masked intruder was standing right next to him, and assaulted Wolf. With all of his training skills, Wolf immediately defended himself, throwing his glass and attempting to draw his gun.


Wolf is suddenly ambushed by an intruder

The pair began furiously fighting across Wolf's own kitchen, with Wolf proving himself to be a more formidable fighter than the intruder had clearly anticipated, with all his skills as a Homeland Security agent allowing him to block all the strikes against him. However the intruder began using whatever weapons he could find, including the toaster and picture frame to strike at Wolf, causing him considerable pain, although the now enraged Wolf refused to back down and continued fighting as their brutal fight had moved out of the kitchen and into the dining room where Wolf hit the intruder with a scotch bottle.


Wolf awakes to find himself tied onto his chair

Although Wolf was able to fend off the masked assailant for a short while, he was soon thrown onto the table and, despite still trying to hit his attacker with his candle stick, he was knocked unconscious when the intruder smashed his head hard against the kitchen table. Eventually Wolf awoke to find himself tied to a chair with his intruder watching him closely. Wolf told his attacker that he had made the worst mistake of his life before the intruder demanded information about David Lieberman, who Wolf denied knowing, resulting in the intruder hitting Wolf hard in face the face and stomach.


Wolf is brutally tortured by the intruder

As Wolf was secretly trying to undo his bounds, he told the man that he had spend time in Guantanamo Bay and that torture would not work on him. While Wolf insisted that Lieberman was a traitor who had been killed while resisting arrest, the man just ignored him and instead shot Wolf in the leg with his own gun. The intruder claimed that Wolf was dirty and had been working with Ray Schoonover in taking heroin out of Kandahar, and when Wolf still denied this, the intruder responded by torturing him by pushing his finger into Wolf's bullet wound causing Wolf to scream out in complete agony.


Wolf prepares to finally execute Frank Castle

However, despite all of the torture, Wolf was able to free himself from his binds and overpowered the masked man before he apprehended his gun and demanded that the man drop to his knees and put his hands behind his head. Wolf then ripped off his ski mask, revealing him to be Frank Castle, which shocked Wolf as Castle was believed to have died during the Destruction of the Blacksmith's Ship. As Wolf sat down with his gun still trained on Castle, he began mocking him over the fact that Operation Cerberus had known how to target him before the Massacre at Central Park, much to Castle's horror.


Wolf's neck is brutally broken by Frank Castle

Having revealed that his wife and two children had died to get to him as they believed Castle had sent Micro the tape of Ahmad Zubair's murder, Wolf then got up and prepared to execute Castle once and for all, saying he would be back with his family soon. Just as Wolf was about to shoot Castle, the gun clicked, as Castle revealed that the gun was always empty and another fight ensued between them. The furiously Punisher soon gained the upper hand and threw Wolf to the floor, before Wolf could get up, Punisher put him into a headlock, then snapped his neck as Wolf's corpse dropped to the floor.[1]


DHS Investigation

"Unless Wolf shot himself in the leg, busted his own face and broke his own neck, I think it's fair to say that we're looking at murder here."
Sam Stein to Dinah Madani[src]

Before long, the Homeland Security agents Sam Stein and Dinah Madani investigated Wolf's death at his residence. Stein believed that he was murdered, stating that Wolf could not have shot himself in the leg, broken his face, and snapped his own neck.[2]


"I like tenacious and energetic, Madani. I find it kinda hot in a woman. But I will not stand for insubordinate."
―Carson Wolf to Dinah Madani[src]

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"I know a little bit about this. I spent some time at Guantanamo in torture. It doesn't work. Not really. Any information given is suspect. If you were a professional, you would know that."
―Carson Wolf to Frank Castle[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Wolf was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, enough to hold his own against the Punisher in a prolonged fight, despite the latter being considerably younger than him.
  • Expert Marksman: As a highly trained federal agent, Wolf had enough accuracy to shot at David Lieberman with a bullet into his left chest, that would have been lethal if Lieberman had not carried his phone inside his pocket.




Wolf shoots and almost kills David Lieberman

  • Glock 17: Wolf used this handgun to threaten David Lieberman while appearing he was chasing him for a crime. However, as Wolf's goal was to kill Lieberman, he fired a warning shot and began to say that Lieberman had a weapon, so he aimed at Lieberman's chest and shot at him, thinking the shot had killed him.
    Wolf carried this weapon when he was ambushed by Frank Castle inside his house. Despite he tried to grab it, Castle prevented it and took the weapon right after leaving Wolf unconscious. Castle used the gun to shoot Wolf at his kneecap, but Wolf managed to free himself from his ties and grabbed the gun from Castle, threatening him with it until he realized the gun was empty.

Other Equipment

  • Bulletproof Vest: Wolf wore a bulletproof vest during the hunt for David Lieberman in New York City.






In chronological order:


  • Wolf's autopsy report written by Sam Stein read as follows: "Subject presents with head wound with related oblique displaced fracture of several maxillofacial bones including lacrimal bone, frontal nasal structure, and maxilla. Subject's arms and upper torso have several abrasions, likely from blunt force trauma. Contusion near 4th rib is continuous with fracture of 4th and 5th ribs. Minor pneumothorax had begun at time of death. Subject's brachial plexus has sustained periosteal contusion. Right and left knuckle joints have deep abrasions as well as contusion on the 4th phalange of the right hand. Right metacarpal and proximal phalanges sustained fractures. Right and left wrists have sustained fractures that are typical of repeated blunt trauma. Toxicology report reveals no substances use prior to death."[2]

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