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"I'm enjoying this shit, Carl. Keep running."
Diamondback to Luke Cage[src]

The Chase of Luke Cage was Diamondback's hunt for Luke Cage in order to gain his revenge and kill his half brother.


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"I have to go after him. Help me up. This is my cross to bear. No one else can do this."
Luke Cage to Claire Temple[src]

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"And today's top news, the shootout that occurred in Harlem last night. After an ambulance was forced off the street, it appears a chase led to a women's clinic where gunfire was exchanged. The fight continued to this historic theater where severe damage was wrought. Witnesses described two men at the center of this fight. Although police still have not detained any suspects, this man, Luke Cage, is wanted for questioning in connection with the recent murder of noted nightlife mogul Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes."
Megan McLaren[src]

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