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I F Powers
"Reiki is thought of as a pseudoscience, but there are stories of it healing tumors and curing disease. So, maybe it's more real than I thought."
"You know, chi is the breath of life. It is what powers the Iron Fist."
Claire Temple and Davos[src]

The Chi is a mystical form of life energy that is embodied in every life form. While most of the modern medical institution disproves its existence, some of organizations with mystical knowledge, like the Order of the Crane Mother and the Hand, have learned how to channel chi and used it for both therapeutic and martial art uses.


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Chi Manipulation

  • Iron Fist: By channeling his chi and focusing it into his fist, Danny Rand and others with the title of the Iron Fist can make his fist inhumanly powerful and resistant to injury and pain. With his fist in this state, Danny can exert superhuman strength and force.
  • Chi Healing: Danny Rand is capable of healing wounds by channeling his chi. When a bullet pierced his hand, he was able to regenerate the wound in a matter of seconds by summoning the Iron Fist.[1] Also, by holding his hand over her body, Danny was able to use his chi to burn the poison that was killing Colleen Wing.[2]


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